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2.0k points · 8 days ago

I'm not even that big into planes but I still think the SR-71 is basically the coolest thing ever I mean just look at it.

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274 points · 8 days ago

I'm big into planes, and work in the industry, so I can give my professional opinion that the sr-71 is in fact the coolest thing ever

Bruh... What do you work on?

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Something experimental


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Touchscreens weer supposef to being balance to technology not destroy it!

1.5k points · 10 days ago

What did this post cost.

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Yeah no kidding. Like these people are getting paid to shitpost. This isn't like gallowboob with sponsored content. These people have a job, and their current responsibility is apparently shitposting

Moderator of r/thanosdidnothingwrong, speaking officially21.0k points · 10 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Hello r/all,

The sub-wide balance will take place on July 9th. This means half the subreddit will be banned, to achieve true balance.

If you are new here:

To have a chance to be banned, remember to subscribe and comment a reply to this sticky comment.

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I'm in

432 points · 11 days ago

Lol I remember the first time on Xbox when someone said they were on PC, I was like what the fuck are you talking about? So I'm right there with you man

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Months and months ago, they accidentally (so I hear) allowed cross play between pc and Xbox, that was crazy

I know it’s not your fault but your department will get a serious talking to because of my complaint. You’re great in person but shame you work for the devil, that was your choice.

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Yep, gotta make it obvious that I don't blame them, but subtly hint that they may take the fall for it anyway

Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

I exclusively use reddit on my phone. This is my first time on this sub on my computer. This is horrifying. This theme makes me physically hurt.

From the Way Back Days.

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The before-time, in the long-long-ago

Honestly this is aesthetically pleasing but it fails badly at communicating information.

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Yeah, earlier comments talking about how you can easily see times of conflict and look at the emperors? No, no you can't. You have to count how many bars there are to find the date, and then try to match that to the colors that are often repeated in very close proximity to each other.

So to summarize yesterday's news: one country legalized marijuana while the other put babies in cages. Which one is the land of the free again? Canada also has a cooler flag IMO.

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Evidence of babies in cages?

I really can’t see this working with my friends either, they take way to much damage in normal fights, I usually play a little safer than them therefore usually not downing, I feel that the teamwork would be so hard to coordinate but once you win you’ll feel like you REALLY worked for it.

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There couldn't be fall damage or self-explosive damage either. That would just bring back team killing in the form of squad killing

32 points · 29 days ago

That’s why I love reddit. No matter how long you have been wasting your life on here there is always more to find.

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In general, I think I've pretty much bled dry everything that interests me up to this point besides when new subreddits pop up. The porn, however, never ceases to surprise and amaze

England is weird

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From what I've heard they don't serve beer cold there. Or at least guinness

986 points · 1 month ago

before surrending and asking some one else to verify there is nothing useful

So essentially, you didn't know what you were doing and didn't find any useful information. What's the point of talking about like like you did something then?

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"Excuse me professor, could you make sure there's nothing useful here before we erase it off the board?"

"... It's literally just a bunch of crude dick drawings"

"Well, we tried! We're basically fuckin Einstein"

What The Fuck. Our schools are incredibly under funded how is it possible there is such a surplus? As parents in my district we have to pay/donate extra to have a librarian, science teacher, music teacher because there is not enough school funding. This is insane....

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Well if you don't actually spend any of the money on improving roads or schools, enforcing the law, solving the homeless problem, or cleaning up trash, there tends to be money left over that you can talk about using for improving roads or schools, enforcing the law, solving the homeless problem, or cleaning up trash

27 points · 1 month ago

I'm pretty sure there's an FAA regulation about where engines can be relative to the cockpit...

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The angle between any point on the prop's radius and a passenger or pilot has to be greater than 5 degrees.

24 points · 1 month ago

I'm betting PhD candidate or grad student. They get paid so little by universities for this type of work.

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Man I must've gotten so lucky for my TA work. I got paid $28/hr as a grad TA for a senior level aerospace class and got paid $24/hr to work in the aerospace machine shop

For some reason I see this as being the last line in a movie.

He winks at his friend at home plate. Winds up...credits.

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Johnny ended up realizing his dream of starting his own hardware company

Eric and Jenny fell in love and had 6 children on their farm in North Carolina

And Chad and Guy remain best bros to this very day.

480 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Yea, if you're gonna rate ducks you gotta know that. Besides, you can't really tell a goose from a duck by the head alone. It's more about neck lenfthm

Edit: I'm leaving lenfthm screw all of you

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Ugh fuck that guy.

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360 points · 1 month ago

As a biker, fuck that guy. If he was in the bike lane going the speed limit, it would totally be on the car if anything happened. But going that fast on a sidewalk through an intersection is just stupid.

1 point · 1 month ago

it would totally be on the car if anything happened.

No. If a vehicle in front of you turns right, and you can't stop in time, you've driven too fast and too close to the vehicle in front of you

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That would be true if a biker was in the same lane as a car. The bike lane is its own lane. Cars can't just turn across lanes of traffic without yielding to other vehicles in that lane

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145 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago


Sharon Stone knows (quote from ABC News in 2001):

“Bronstein was on a private tour of the zoo Saturday when he entered the Indonesian lizard's cage.

The reptile attacked Bronstein's shoeless foot, crushing his big toe while thrashing its body around, said Bronstein's wife, actress Sharon Stone, who witnessed the attack from outside the cage.”


Edited to add quote marks and source.

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They had an exhibit at the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha a decade or so ago where they took one out of the exhibit basically on a leash, and several people, included my dad, got sick just from being around it.

What's mildly interesting about this?

2 points · 1 month ago

Is there a way I can get a pdf or print of this??

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Well it's one of the most widely known and circulated pieces of ww2 propaganda, so probably

If she had been born two years later, that'd include both myself and my mom.

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<2 generations. Checks out

to get more of them spicy facebook likes

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Upvote if you're part of the last good looking generation, born between 1920-2018


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You gotta do two new lines if you're going for this







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