Roast my friend by aptitudes in RoastMe

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You must have a hard time telling white people apart because: 1. We all look the same to you 2. It’s hard to see through your squinty eyes 3. Your eyes don’t look at the same place

18 yo camgirl. I've heard it all by narcinym in RoastMe

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Your eyebrows should get couples’ counseling

Nerf double pumpys by Tohka- in FortNiteBR

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One shell is chambered at a time. It must be pumped to eject the last and chamber the next.

Nerf double pumpys by Tohka- in FortNiteBR

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Not having to chamber another shell just because you switch between two guns is not a strat, it's just incorrect.

*Spends $1000 to go heli skiiing by Justin_MAD in videos

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They prerelease off World Cup skiers because the ski is bending like crazy and very quickly loses the bend and the huge camber created just spreads the bindings enough that they just fall off.

I Love the Alliterative Names for Areas, So I Decided to Add Some Labels to Popular Areas Without Any by JDFive in FortNiteBR

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Funny how (afaik) crate and crater both share the same root word but absolutely so actual similarities

There’s going to be a lot of mid-October nuclear scare babies born in Hawaii by bjskifreak in Showerthoughts

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“ hey Danielle, remember when you said you wouldn’t fuck me if it was your last day on earth? Well, funny story, you get that emergency alert?”



Have not seen anyone till the top 19 in solo squads, then got 12 kills in 5 mins by krucifix1999 in FortNiteBR

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Or decrease the sensitivity on the pumps. It would be screwy because it would have different sensitivity from other weapons, but it’s realistic. It’s got tighter grouping because it’s got a longer barrel, which in real life is harder to swing around than a shorter barrel like the tactical.

I can't start the game. I get this error on startup which then closes the window. by bjskifreak in FortNiteBR

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This forum page is on the topic. Two solutions were suggested.

  • Verify game under the "launch" options from the Epic launcher. I tried this, didn't work.

  • If AMD, disable Radeon Chill setting and the framerate target control. I tried this, also didn't work.