When you’re all talks by pilot_pilot in funny

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How the fuck is this not titled "all bark and no bite"

CMV: Racial information should be removed from college and job applications. by linuxguy192 in changemyview

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Yeah that's a seriously bullshit reason. Let's say I'm a racist admissions officer and race is not included:

James? Accepted

Patrick? Accepted

Detrayvon? Denied

Now let's include race on applications:

James (black)? Denied

Patrick (black)? Denied

Detrayvon (white. Creative parents)? Accepted

Men’s and Women’s bathroom by apoc3465 in CrappyDesign

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Donkey - cock and balls

Llama - fallopian tubes


From above by Anne1Frank in BeAmazed

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It's exactly like volleyball, except instead of three hits to hit it over the net, you've got three hits to bounce it off the net

Sig Saturday: First day at the range with P226 ASE by lcburgundy in guns

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My dad just got one for $680 on one such gun broker .com sites

ELI5 : Why does travelling make you feel so tired when you've just sat there for hours doing nothing? by this-is-plaridel in explainlikeimfive

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I can't stay awake on planes either, but I live at 9000 ft. I also sleep extremely easily in cars. So it's probably mostly the hum and vibrations

[Rifle] 10/22 compact, wood stock w/ fiber optics, NON-Takedown, NON-threaded - $200 at Cabelas. Will ship to store. by benchwarmer-reloader in gundeals

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I don't think that it should make much of a difference on price, but the fiber optic would be nice. The front sight on the regular ones is pretty big for the kind of shooting you would wanna do

In Saving Private Ryan, a medic gets hit in the canteen. Water first starts to pour out then blood. by Mooseymoose32 in MovieDetails

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Winchester white-box. That is indeed a 2 caliber. As in 2" diameter. They fit one in each box. Pretty good deal when rebates come around

What is something that people think is illegal, but actually isn't? by adaminc in AskReddit

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I like to post this question to friends. You've suffered nerve damage to an appendage (let's say a leg, as everyone loves ham), and are told it will just rot away and fall off if you don't have it removed. It is perfectly healthy in its current state aside from the nerve damage. The doctor offers to let you keep the removed appendage. Would you eat it? It's not illegal. Nobody is being harmed. You've probably bit off hangnails, you swallow dead cells from the skin inside your mouth all the time. So where do you draw the line for what's considered eating yourself? Alternative question, would you eat my appendage if I offered it to you?

My friend randomly met Sansa Stark in the bathroom at a club. by Shaxai in freefolk

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No thank you. I pee on myself in the shower and it's far too enjoyable to share with others

227 gallon teapot above the Oriental Tea Company shop in Boston, Massachusetts, 1934 [2028×2660] by Crowe410 in HistoryPorn

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Yes but exactly how many cubic furlongs is that?

Edit: 1.45306973x10-11 cubic furlongs. According to Google. However, the 8 decimal precision leaves an uncertainty of about 86 pints. So 1.45306973x10-11 cubic furlongs is no more than 86.25 pints

Girl Snack by alittlesuspect in lesbians

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I believe that's called pornography

My friend randomly met Sansa Stark in the bathroom at a club. by Shaxai in freefolk

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I was thinking how cool it'd be if I met her in a bathroom. But then I realized I'm a dude and that probably wouldn't happen

A millipede walking by SlimJones123 in woahdude

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I think there's a peak scaryness somewhere between spiders and centipedes, and then it decreases toward cuteness with increasing number of legs until you reach rolly-pollies and kittens with too many toes

So It Begins. by ExionHD in FortNiteBR

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You could make it from someone else's perspective though and just crop them out