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I laughed too - when you said $100 is a lot to spend on this game.

I'll put my $3k+ foil legacy deck away (any vintage players in here? lol)...

But that said - if you're interested in playing magic on a budget with your friends, and EDH is your thing - try building what me and my group have dubbed a "Shittymander" deck. $50 budget (at time of build) - you must use a deck service like tapped out or the like to prove the value of your deck once built. Take a screen shot to prove the price (and because of price changes and some arguments of "that card is too expensive"). And then play! Building the decks is rather hard but fun at the same time - and its sometimes silly going into a shop looking for obscure old cards which are strictly worse versions of different cards.

If the play group can agree to this, and enjoy brewing decks, this sounds like an excellent solution to power escalation.

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Sadly no. Rules on protection follow DEBT (Damage, enchanting, blocking, target) so it can't damage it. Best way to deal with a TNN is to use some edict effect or a wrath effect because you're not breaking any of the rules of DEBT. I could be wrong on the wrath effect, but the spell in question (Blazing Volley) does damage - which is explicitly stated as "Damage".

I think they would assume sets or compatibility based on border color. In that they would assume gold, silver, black, white to be all different 'sets' or iterations of the game.

Anyone have any thoughts on using lands as rip proxies for cards like chaos confetti and blacker lotus? As far as rules go they technically can't be ignored, and I don't really want to tear my copies of those cards to bits hahaha

Love it!!! I've been thinking of doing the same for some time now... your placement is also awesome.

I don't see Miracles on the list and that is a much better deck than both Enchantress and High Tide in a Leovold world.

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This the new topless one with the monestary mentor? They're now folded into UBx Control - but I agree there should be some representation there. I played against it in my LGS's last big legacy event - and its still a deck, just not as OP as it once was.

As a suggestion - if you're going to proxy up the cards (and know them well enough) you can use to create a single proxied deck with multiple decks on a given card, print them out, and then you pick which deck to play... its pretty neat - but does require card knowledge.

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[[Life from the Loam]] is the best card to beat Czech pile imo. The amount of card advantage that you can generate is insane.

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As someone who has played 4CC vs Loam/Leige decks... I agree with this statement. Only way to deal with it is to eat the loam with DRS - and if they get loam + wasteland and you DON'T have a DRS - it makes for a much much harder game.

I ran a mono-black variant this week at my local shop - it was casual night (we run a more serious tournament every other week). The archetype is real, I enjoyed having a mono coloured land base, and boy can it be efficient at tearing opponents apart. Not familiar with Reid's list.... off to the Google machine I go!


So if you examine the full art basics (link) - they ALL have the Bolas horns in them at what we can see is rather close - even if they were gigantic they would still be at most a few kilometres/miles away. Each land's section of what we can only assume is a 'town' (ruins in the case of the Swamp) points the viewer to the horns and all almost at the same angle.
I thought, well maybe the Island/Forest/Mountain could be opposites of each other in some way and that Plains was really just messed up - but then I realized there are two "Sun's" (like Tatooine), which would (presumably) have different positions throughout the day, allowing for different viewing angles from this planet making up for my issue of sun placement (forest/plains look morning/mid day) where island & mountain look dusk.

So I think this place is like Disney's EPCOT in that all the basics are around a common point and the viewers perspective is on a common set of horns. I'm sure a mathematician will examine them and say I'm full of shit (with proof), but I thought it was a fun idea.

Yes - there could simply be multiple instances of the 'horns' but wheres the fun in speculating about that....

Happy Spoiler Season!

Edit: Removed unnecessary comment based on peer pressure haha
Edit 2: Comment regarding orbiting


but then I realized there are two "Sun's" (like Tatooine), which would (presumably) have different orbits around this planet making up for my issue of sun placement

Planets orbits Stars. A Star with planets is a sun.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Yes - wording was incorrect. But solar systems with two stars tend to have odd orbits and orbit each other. It is also possible for there to be two distinct systems which could both be visible. I was simply referring to how it would be possible for some of the images to have a single sun and not always have two.

When were the lands announced to be full art?

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Original Poster3 points · 1 year ago

Not ALL of the lands are full art - I believe its in some packs theres a chance for a full art.

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Just beautiful work. People would pay $$$ for this kinda stuff.

Holy shit ballz thats amazing... I thought I was cool foiling my Reanimator deck out... you sir have the coolest versions. Are all your cards done like that? or is that the intention?

My complements to yourself and the artists, beautiful ideas & work.

Original Poster3 points · 1 year ago

I am allways happy when people like my cards!

The other alters.

I got my list foiled out some month ago. I am still looking for two german Needles from Kawigama.

I started the altering 1 year ago and expect to be done in nearly one year.

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Please post the whole thing again when you're done - this is just awesomesauce!

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to buy my first mechanical keyboard. I don't want to spend a lot of money, and Im a TLK kinda guy. I'm looking at the Redragon K552-RGB KUMARA RGB LED (I'm aware that its over $300 Canadian - I'm going to the US next week and plan on getting it while there delivered to an Amazon box). I know there's a budget intro guide to mechanical keyboards - its where I found this one.. link to guide for interested parties

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I know I could go RGB-less and get it for WAYYY cheaper but... rainbows...

I also looked at the Mechanical Eagle Z-77 but its just fixed color LEDs - but the plain no led one is REALLY cheap...


2 points · 1 year ago

Look for a major brand like Corsair with real Cherry MX keys like on a K70 LUX which I love : Or the RGB version for 55$+ (if you absolutely need rainbows 🌈) :

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Those are sadly both not TKL and outside of my price range. I was hoping for sub-hundred dollars... Thanks for the response though

Good video - terrible deck. Honestly though, there's really nothing wrong with it, it plays well and is (as the video says) a midrange deck with an 'oops I win' built in.... I'm just tired of losing to it :D

blackmagicmetal commented on

Shin pain is common - a little soreness is probably just the pain we all get at some point. The best thing you can do for that stuff is massage it, use a roller, or apply hot/cold to it. If the pain is really bad then it could be shin splints, or worse - stress fractures.

From what I've gathered in my readings online - there's the 'one foot' test - if you can stand on one leg (the bad one) and there's no pain then its likely not a stress fracture.

That said, I think shin splints are unavoidable if you've never done running before. Make sure you have proper footwear, running form, adequate stretching, and most importantly listen to your body - if it wants rest let it rest. Take a break for 2-3 days - if the pain doesn't subside at all go see your doctor.

As for ways to overcome/prevent it, I find stretching and massage work well for me, as well as making sure I get enough nutrition and sleep so that my body can rebuild/repair. Good luck in your runs!

Week 4 was my worst week - three tries for W4 D2 if I recall correctly. It took me two weeks to get through W4 because I had some leg issues, then some breathing issues (I have bad asthma)... don't give up!

As for advice - I'd suggest to listen to your body, but know your mental limits. I find that my body wants to give up all the time - 5 minutes in even - its the minds job to tell your body not to be foolish, to keep going, and not give up.

Just curious- what criteria do you use to determine if you should repeat a day or not. I do 4 days in a week instead of 3 (I usually just repeat whatever workout I did on day 3) so I'm usually pretty solid whenever I start a new week. Still, W6D2 kicked my ass and I'm wondering if I should repeat it.

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my criteria are simple: Did I stop to catch my breath or give my body a break? If no, then I passed - otherwise its a fail. My asthma kept me back a good amount at the beginning - I think I did W4D3 (I think) for a full week because my lungs wouldn't let me do it... Also, its not so much a 'fail' because I tend to at least try to keep going and do the work aloted for the workout, I just don't feel accomplished until I finish without stopping.

Hm- this is helpful to read. I stopped a lot more during my run yesterday than I would have liked, but I'm going to move forward anyway. I do 4 days in a week instead of 3 by automatically repeating the 3rd day's workout twice. I think my run yesterday was crappy since I had bad sleep and shitty cramps due to a bad electrolyte balance.

I'm gonna push ahead but repeat certain days if absolutely necessary.

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Honestly, this is a program that you get out what you put in. If you put in 4 days a week, you're only going to find it easier to continue onwards. Also it helps to just do your own thing and do what works for you. It's an "8 week program" - nowhere does it say that it needs to be completed in 8 weeks.

Just remember that if your body is pushing back beyond normal then stop and listen - injuries put you back much more than the day or two off we call rest days.

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This day was huge for me as well. Gratz on crushing worlds!! You are a champion!

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