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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/cripplingalcoholism
Von_Kissenburg 1 point

Tylenol is better on your liver than ibuprofen.

Not true at all. Ibuprofen's not great for you to take too much of, but taking Tylenol with booze can literally fucking kill you.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

I wonder how long you should wait between your last alcoholic drink and a dose of Tylenol.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
disgruntledpeach 21 points

Give the man a damn visa, smh

bladerunnerjulez -3 points

Haha yes lets just give visas to every illegal Wcgw?

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

Im wondering how long he was sitting there, bored out of his mind. to do this

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Kevl17 0 points

So is literally everything. Including water.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

Do some googling on fluoride. Young children and immuno compromised people could get sick just from drinking fluoride treated water. Add into that all of the other sources of fluoride we are exposed to day to day and it could be a real health issue for certain people.

jeremypr82 1 point

This is 100% wrong

bladerunnerjulez [score hidden]
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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/AskReddit
bladerunnerjulez 1 point

A disgusting dirty house. My bf gave me the excuse that it was just recently flooded and he hasn't been able to clean it up...later found out (after he moved in with me) he's just a dirty pig.

Edit: also have had an experience where a guy I was with had a sheet on his bed with period blood stains on it (same guy).

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/Assistance
SassyHail 4 points

Disability is notorious for denials, plus the 10 years was everything culminated, she's only been RECENTLY diagnosed. There IS a gold card in my area for low income families but you have to go see their doctors and it all depends on what they want to charge you.

And I mean, I hope she has been on disability honestly because that'd help her out a ton (which OP, you should def look into) but I've heard from several others that it takes years to just get an answer.

What insurance can you get with no income? I mean, insurance is great but you still have copays and medicines to cover and deductibles and it's all a major headache.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

She could definitely get ssi but it would it would take quite a while for her to get it.

BroghanTaylor 0 points

ive tried i was told i never made enough money to get it (i was a stay at home house wife for 5 years) i havent ever worked a fulltime job in my life only part time where i would be lucky to make 2k a year.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

You can still get the minimum ssdi even if you don't have enough credits.

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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/insanepeoplefacebook
[deleted] 1 point


bladerunnerjulez 2 points

Where are they handing out jobs and housing to homeless people? I've been homeless for almost a year now and the resources here in Los Angeles suck and are incredibly insufficient. If I could just get housing and a job I could physically do half of my problems would be solved.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/insanepeoplefacebook
Elriuhilu 2 points

Yeah, I do that and I had no idea it wasn't like that for other people until I was diagnosed recently in my mid thirties. When I was younger my dad would get shitty with me when he was telling me what to say to someone I was on the phone with and it would just end up with me not having understood what anyone said. I told him I couldn't listen to him while I was on the phone but he claimed I should be able to. He's a shitty person so I figured he was just trying to make me feel bad. I also basically cannot have a conversation with someone in a loud environment. I simply cannot resolve their voice amongst the other sounds. Another related thing for me is reading and listening to music. I can't do both at the same time or they both become gibberish. On the other hand, I can't bear silence when I'm trying to concentrate because I don't even notice that my mind has wandered away for the past two hours. I need to have background noise to ground me. It's another thing I had no idea other people didn't generally experience until a professional told me.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

This happens to me ALL the time. It is extremely difficult for me to be able to concentrate on something important if theres a ton of stimuli going on. There are other issues but unfortunately I've never really been able to afford decent healthcare to explore these issues.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/aww
RIP_Ferguson 29 points

I wish it was that cheap in Sweden. I'm looking at one of the biggest dog adoption websites in the country right now and the dogs in need of immediate homes range from $514-$742.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

I feel like pricing animals who need homes so high is stupid. A $50 fee I get but $300 to $600 makes zero sense. There are poor people out there who would not be able to afford such a fee but would still make good pet owners. The shelter would rather keep these pups in cages or put them down than give them to a poor person? That's just sick.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/ChoosingBeggars
etzefeck -58 points

I have been down on my luck, never to the point of begging, but ran out of gas once when a stranger brought me some without me asking and it turned the situation around completely. I’ve had my luggage stolen while traveling internationally and my Airbnb host let me stay for free a couple of days (which I paid back once I sorted the situation). A small act of kindness that takes a few minutes or a few dollars (of mine, as I work full time and not living “off mommy”) can mean all the world to someone else.

All of those situations are understandably not your fault, and they could obviously verify your "story". The unwashed hobos running around the Walmart parking lot at night begging strangers have no excuse, they are there because they want to be, because begging gullible suckers for change and doing drugs all the time sounds better to them. They didn't just lose their job and go straight to street begging and being homeless, theyve fucked up multiple times and turned down many opportunities to get off the street and get a job. I know because I am a landlord in the shitty part of town and also own a moving and delivery business and have helped many friends and some of my friend's adult kids avoid homelessness and gave them a job, and for most of them it worked out great! But of those that I didn't know super well prior to helping out, they all royally fucked it up as soon as they thought I trusted them.

The people begging on the street had family members try to help them, theyve been arrested and had social workers try to help them, theyve already signed up for and maxxed out their snap benefits/ebt cards, theyve gotten plenty of free clothes and free meals, they dont care.

They dont want legitimate help, they only want more money for more drugs so they can hopefully get higher than they were yesterday. You are naiive for helping degenerate strangers.

bladerunnerjulez 17 points

Omg what in the fuck is wrong with you? We have a HUGE homeless problem here in the U.S. and people just seem to be exceedingly cruel and non chalant about these individuals who are suffering in the streets. Shit, in California its so bad. You have really well off people simply ignoring the suffering human beings who are literally laying, living and sometimes shitting in the streets. We need to stop ignoring this problem and start actually helping people and trying to solve this issue. There is absolutely no reason that such a wealthy country like the U.S. should allow it's citizens to suffer like this. It's easy to say "fuck them, they got themselves into this situation so they don't deserve my help" but most are mentally ill or suffering from addiction..and there are some that are just down on their luck because, like many other people, they live paycheck to paycheck and perhaps had some catastrophy happen. Its abhorrent to me that so many have this mentality of thinking that homeless people are somehow less than any other person.

bladerunnerjulez 13 points

Not everyone has family members to help and the programs that are available are not easily known or accessible to those on the streets. There are people who have either lost their jobs, have mental illnesses that they have no way to treat or have a job but don't make enough to keep a roof over their head and food in their bellies. Please don't be so ignorant as to think that every homeless person chooses to be homeless. If you're an adult with no children the services and programs available to you are very few and far in between. And if there are local, private charities that provide help most have no way of knowing it.

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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/videos
Plantasaurus 1 point

I actually love LAPD. I come from orange county- where it is illegal to be young and of color... apparently. In the sketchiest LA experiences I've had in my life- LAPD saved the day.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

Good for you. Not in my experience tough.

Plantasaurus 1 point

guess you haven't experienced worse PD. Come to orange county, the PD will welcome you with open batons and strip searches.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

Lol I just wrote a mini novel as a response to your comment detailing 2 really fucked up incidents I've had with LAPD but then realized probably shouldn't give so much detail. Bottom lineb I've had several incidents where LAPD cops were extremely unprofessional and used excessive force (also a story about one pulling me over who was clearly fucked up on some sort of drug) and I'm a white female with no criminal record so I can only imagine how bad other people have had it. I've also met cops here and across the state who were very helpful and seemed like decent human beings as well. But the few power tripping mean ass LEOs I've come in contact with in my life have really left a nasty taste in my mouth, so to speak, regarding cops in general. In my experience, its the small town cops that are actually helpful.

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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/thisismylifenow
DoublePumpToChesty 1 point

“To kill you to ensure you starve to death”

Bit redundant...

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

Yeah I realized how stupid that was after I posted it but I'm too lazy to edit.

bladerunnerjulez 89 points

That cat is just trying to kill you to ensure you starve to death.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/science
BoopBoop20 -8 points

.. read the thread. The fact that someone suggested that opioids are taken by clean needles and that the opioids are100% clean is very funny bc it does not happen like that.. at all. I see this shit on the daily and the fact that people are claiming that opioids do not cause organ damage is absolutely ridiculous. Even if the drugs were “super clean” the liver still needs to filter it. Excessive use and chronic abuse, no matter how “clean” it is, will still cause damage.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

Yeah no opiates themselves cause no damage to the liver and kidneys...get educated before spewing nonsense.

BoopBoop20 -5 points

Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or you’re in agreement.. learn grammar and sentence structure before spewing nonsense😘

bladerunnerjulez 3 points

I just pointed out that you don't know what you're talking about. Sorry if I hurt your feelings in the process.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/The_Donald
GweatFwiendInWome 1 point

No, they definitely shouldn't be having children that will grow up in that environment. But the solution to that problem is not to trample the beliefs of other people for the protection of your own morality.

One of the first rules for maturity: you cannot help or save everyone.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

So what is the solution? Irresponsible people having kids will continue to happen no matter what. At least this way they're able to have abortions to minimize the cycle. Perhaps more of a focus on adoption and making it not as hard to adopt American children would help?

GweatFwiendInWome 1 point

The solution is to not force people who don't want to pay for abortions to pay for abortions. Just like you said, irresponsible people having kids will continue to happen no matter what. Ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood is better than forcing people to pay blood money or go to prison.

Making it not as hard to adopt American children? You mean just handing out kids to foster parents with nine other children so the adults can just rake in the cash? That hardly seems to help the children. Now an improvement of adoption agencies, increased oversight of their operations, and increased vetting on potential foster parents? That's a good idea.

bladerunnerjulez 0 points

No I'm not saying adopt kids out to just anyone but it is nearly impossible to adopt a child from the U.S. even iif the prospective parents are able and willing to take care of them. Getting approved to foster a child is much easier and seems like there are a lot of people who abuse that privilege.

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bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut
bladerunnerjulez 23 points

They're claiming that this naked, unarmed man posed such a threat that they had to kill him. This article states that just because someone is unarmed doesn't mean he can be a threat to you life. This is true but why aren't we training LEOs in basic hand to hand combat so they can subdue people I'm these kind of situations? It seems like there is zero training for how to deal with mentally ill people or people who are under the influence besides shooting them. Anyone else remeber the poor guy who got into some car accident and was (I think naked) and severely burned and in shock. the cops shot and killed him because he was coming towards them and they didn't want to get his blood on them? Ugh I just think some of these cops are the biggest cowards ever and have no business being in law enforcement.

CommonMisspellingBot -6 points

Hey, bladerunnerjulez, just a quick heads-up:
remeber is actually spelled remember. You can remember it by -mem- in the middle.
Have a nice day!

The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

bladerunnerjulez 4 points

Bad bot

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/todayilearned
bladerunnerjulez 0 points

Good to know that some actually fought back. I've always been disappointed knowing they allowed themselves to be herded into concentration camps without putting up a fight.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/personalfinance
bcspdz -2 points

It's until he can, one get someone to take over his lease, and two sue her to get the money back. Best case scenario he can use the threat of litigation to get her to pay up. He's obligated by law to pay.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

I mean even if OP sues and wins he still needs to find a way to collect right?

bcspdz 0 points

The courts will garnish her wages if she doesn't pony up.

bladerunnerjulez 1 point

I guess that depends on the state? As far as I am aware here in California there are only a few very particular things that you can have your wages garnished for, such as child support and past due taxes.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/PublicFreakout
notsureifyoucare 1 point

I'm not sure if it was a sense of entitlement, more of a big reaction to a situation not under her control. Her emotions were already high, I mean she was acting very hotheaded and aggressive and well shit was way out of her control the split second she was hit.

bladerunnerjulez 2 points

I'm willing to bet that, at least in some part, her thinking was that she's a female so no guy would dare to hit back.

bladerunnerjulez commented on a post in r/pics
bladerunnerjulez 1 point

Last time I donated blood I got a call saying that my blood helped save the life of several people and it felt so amazing to hear that so this guy must be overwhelmed with the knowledge of how many he saved.

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