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BoneHugsHominy 1 point

I'm physically disabled and I try to park a good distance from the building because walking a ways helps get me straightened and stretched out a bit before getting into whatever store, where I'll have to grab things at weird angles, and also to reserve the handicap parking spots for people in worse shape than me. But there are days when I just can't take the pain of walking very much, so I'll park close even if that means waiting for a few minutes.

blalohu 2 points

That is entirely reasonable. I'm mostly referring to the millions of perfectly healthy people who are just criminally lazy.

lil_mattie 1 point

Oh, you don’t live where it’s cold do you. I usually love finding a wide open spot at the back of the lot but nope not when it’s -10 F

blalohu 1 point

I live in Buffalo. Plenty cold enough.

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JDGumby 3 points

Ok ok ok Tim Hortons IS NOT A CAFE!

It serves coffee and light food (mainly pastries and sandwiches) in a sit-down setting. That, by definition, is a café, even if it is a chain.

(dunno what the UK equivalent would be, but for the US folks here, think of it as pretty much being Dunkin' Donuts in terms of menu items and quality)

blalohu 1 point

Don't you dare compare Timmy Hos to Duncan Donuts. DD is a shithole.

blalohu commented on a post in r/PvZHeroes
A_Wild_Bellossom 11 points

Astro Shroom: Bad. One health dies to everything and dealing face damage isn't that important in the early game

Planet of the Grapes: There is a card similar to this is hearthstone that costs one mana that never sees play, and this one costs 2 mana. Bad

Going Viral: Garbage

blalohu 6 points

Yep, you're new alright...

blalohu commented on a post in r/PvZHeroes
blalohu 2 points

Citron is more defensively oriented. That said, BC is no slouch and she definitely has a few outs (2 - or 3 depending on how you look at it - of her powers spawning dudes can bail you out of some bad circumstances). Root decks are definitively the best under BC, and certain kinds of tempo function better with her.

Don't let the Fry fanclub negativity hold you down, experiment with her and find out what you like.

tghy71 1 point

Such a shame people are like that in multiplayer. In Gauntlet it can be fun to mess around with the AI or try to get the max damage achievement, but you shouldn't waste your opponent's time online.

blalohu 6 points

I mean, I could have conceded at any time. There was absolutely no way for me to win. I just decided to see how far he was willing to take that pissing contest.

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