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I have an intense fear of looking through windows to the outside into darkness. When I was little, we'd go to my aunt's for Passover Seders and the youngest (me) had to open the door to let Elijah in. I hated doing it because I was afraid I was going to open the door and someone would be there. So, if I were you, I'd have shit myself. You're justified in this fear.

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I check every night if there is someone on the other side of the window. So far, no one has shown up (for more than 6 years). I do not know what I would do if someone actually showed up.


[Help] My progress is weird and stalling

Ok so hello everyone, I'm a mid-time lurker of this sub. 7 weeks ago I started lifting on Phrak's variant of the Greyskull LP introductory program and lately, I've hit some weird plateaus. I have missed only one training.

I'm not sure what you're going to need to help me, so I'll include all I know.

I'm 5'11 and 139 lbs (181cm, 63kg) right now. I began at 62kg (my first measured weight in my log, was lower before). Also, a boy of 18 years.

My progress is as follows:
* T-bar row1 : 66lbs101lbs (30kg46kg)

  • Bench: 2x79.36lbs and 1x66lbs1x92.6lbs and 2x84lbs (2x36kg and 1x30kg1x42kg and 2x38kg)

  • Squats: 62lbs>>1x120 and 2x106 (28kg >> 1x54, 2x48kg)

  • Chin ups: 70lbs2x93lbs and 1x84 (32kg2x42 and 1x38)

  • Overhead press: 22lbs53lbs (10kg24kg)

  • Deadlift: 62lbs136lbs (28kg62kg)

1 : I started with Barbell rows and switched to T-bar rows because of lower back problems.

My diet is in shambles. 50% of days I'm on maintenance, the rest I'm eating 3000 calories.

What I'm curious about is whether my diet is the reason for my plateaus. The reason I'm confused is because I read (on this sub) that at my age (18) you can gain muscle at maintenance.

So, here's where I'm stalling:
* Bench: I can only lift a set of 42kg ONCE. After that I reduce the load by 10% to avoid dying. This has been happening for 3 training already.

  • Overhead press: Although I started at 10kg, the next training I made a jump to 18kg as that was more challenging. I completed it easily, as well as the 20kg training. At my first 24kg training, I did one set of 24kg (five reps) then switched to 22kg. I remember that I had to take one week off because I had overfatigued my muscles and felt a different kind of pain. I'm now at 24kg, but I am concerned about dying next time I train.


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Agree with what the other guy said. Eat more, be more consistent.

Your shoulder pain is likely because you hurt yourself with bad form. I'd recommend doing a form check video or have someone in real life help to check form. You also mention lower back problems so Im even more inclined to believe it's bad form.

I wouldn't be worried about your 1rm, just stick with your program. If you can only bench 42kg once, you need to reduce weight.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 hours ago

I enjoy doing T-bars more than barbell rows. I hope it's not too much of a big deal.

I'll do a form check video for my overhead press during my next training.

I can bench one set of 42kg, that being 5 reps. My 1RM might be more, never bothered to find out.

And thanks, just now I come back from dinner. Drank some sweet, sweet olive oil.

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Employers that control both where a worker lives and works can underpay an employee or even give them less hours so they cannot pay of the debt they have owed to the employer, making the employee reliant on the employer at the rate that the employer decides.

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This shit is what happens when, I quote, "Psychopathic characteristics of a personality are advantageous in business". Stop fucking glorifying apathetic morons.

Alright boys, bet everything on the black team winning.

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Genuinely thinks he’s going to try it on with that blonde Croatian

edit: cheeky bit of hand holding, although judging from her interactions with other people I think she’s just one of those girls that’s very touchy feely

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edit: cheeky bit of hand holding, although judging from her interactions with other people I think she’s just one of those girls that’s very touchy feely

She's not touchy feely, that's how the Balkans are. People hug like teddy bears when they meet each other, even if they aren't close friends.

edit: forgot to include source

Source: Am from the Balkans

Yeah same for me

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We did it reddit!

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Lmfao who gives a fuck how fucking mad can you get dude... SUCK IT


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C'est la malédiction...

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France being gifted this Final..

Edit: I don't think it was a penalty. Everyone saying "100% Pen", "Clear Penalty" must be better than a veteran-elite world class Referee, as it took him several re-runs of VAR and even then he seemed unsure (he walked away then went back for another look).

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Fuck this referee

214 points · 2 days ago

r/soccer users still memeing

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You have now been banned from participating in /r/soccer.

Not the only case of moderator abuse. I've been banned from /r/astronomy for breaking a non-existent rule.

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Run from it

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why would I, I need to mark him

On my way back from my 9 month long exchange in Finland an older Finnish lady sat next to me on the plane and we had a nice, casual conversation. I felt so proud of myself. Of course I was faaar from perfect but I felt good about my performance.

As for English: every time I speak to a native speaker and I shock them by telling them I'm not native: it's the warmest feeling in my heart. :)

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Same with my English. Just yesterday I spoke with two English natives, an American and an Englishman and they were fascinated. It's a byproduct of the Internet :) :)

"Basically Shakespeare" I love that :D

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hehe thanks :D

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Sent 3 months here for an internship. Ljubljana and Slovenia are so beautiful. Much love from France

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On t'aime aussi !

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If you're asking me, just practice one example of each concept. Disregard the rest.

Edit: hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

Romania joined the EU 6 years before Croatia. Let's see the graph in 2027 again :).

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Plot twist: (North) Macedonia joins in 2020 and tops the list in 3 years.

Luxembourg, Germany, Macedonia and Moldova were the only ones who kept their position. That's an odd group.

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"Can't lose it if you don't use it."

-Macedonia on natural resources, 2017

Nope, no problem. Your goals are your own, and if you are satisfied with your current level, it's okay.

And about a language being useful - just today a German pastor told me about how he once went to visit a partner congregation in Russia. Once there, he realized that none of the locals spoke German or English. However, the the sub-pastor was a man from a former socialist African French colony (the man who told me couldn't remember the name). So, being in eastern European Russia and having French as the only way of communicating with the that's one helluvan experience.

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There is a genetic aspect to everything. While language learning is not basketball or other sports where specific body-types have obvious advantages, two people with the same motivation but one having better working memory and executive control (both of which are at the least highly influenced by genes) will have a clear advantage. There are also genetic components to things like ADHD which, as a person diagnosed and medicated I can attest to, can be an impediment to self-learning almost anything.

The problem is that people will overstate the advantage. Time and dedication are the great equalizers. But it doesn't change the fact that some people will have to put in more effort due to genetic factors like memory and others will be able to achieve better results with less effort compared to others. For the vast majority of people in the average zone, though, none of that is a real factor. Practice (how you practice, when you practice, how often, etc) is all that matters.

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True, I completely agree with the second paragraph.

Edit: spelling

Coming home status: ić

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Doesn't ić mean "Not at all" in Croatian?

12 points · 5 days ago’s an ending used in a few Slavic languages. If it’s used with names it formes a patronym e.g. Kovačić= descendant of the/a blacksmith

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Very well, so it only has that meaning in Macedonian.


Iščem eno pesem

Živjo /r/Slovenia, potrebujem vašo pomoč.

Moje znanje slovenščine se konča tukaj.

I'm looking for one Slovene song, sang by two singers, a man and a woman. As far as I remember, the video is filmed in a studio and it's a love song. I found it initially here on this sub, but I cannot seem to find it again!

Any ideas?

Najlepša hvala!

Do you remember antyhing else about the video? Hair color or age of the singers, or what period their clothing is from?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

Pesem je bila moderna. The female singer was a brunette.

That's amazing! Congratulations!!!

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Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

Thank you! <3

Which country?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago


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The Jews did this!

EDIT: Oops, I didn't think about my flair. Welp, that looks kinda bad.

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