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i've learn many things from AI, but top three are....

  1. After all corners are taken, center = most important, not side extension.
  2. Sacrafice anything below 10-12 points for positional advantage is good.
  3. Nobi wins game, never let a string of 3 or less stone alone if opponent can hane.

These three rules alone have boost me 0.5 to 1 rank.

No need to do anything else if u dont have 1000 games under ur belt

Bouldering. just as addicting and infinite progression.

nothing weird about that, if ur ogs 3k expect to hit dan atleast.

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1 d at 1 year mark is far from stuck.

prob best to reinforce the top as black. a split there would be a painful game controlled by white.

Even if it considered outdated, the thought process behind the move is still good to learn so you can apply such thought process in your own game.

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Online, I wouldn't worry about it. It happened to me a couple times already and I figured it is what I signed up for. No game is lost until the counting begins or one of the players resigns. Besides, what better scenario to study trick plays?

Over the board, in a casual setting, just ask. Maybe there are some local positions that your opponent can help you understand better.

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"No game is lost until the counting begins" <- this is how u build bad habits. when you win off blunders. but that's just MHO.

Problem is, if it's really obvious you are losing, the opponent does not need to take the endgame seriously, and then you may not learn so much. I think it's better to use the time on the next game.

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yep, when you don't resign in a obvious losing game, can be quite annoying and then they stop paying attention. not sure how much u can learn then.

Joseki, what is this 2016? its all about reading now.

as bot gets stronger and stronger, u will see different metas. from what i can understand is, alphaGo isn't the strongest bot out there anymore.

sounds like u just got rekt.


Hey peeps of rbaduk, I am putting together a tsumgeo sgf, I was wondering how those SGF are formatted where you have alternate branches if white play certain moves?

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I've figured it out guys! Thank you for your help. I was pretty much asking about the syntax of branching and auto responding for tsumego so i can build a library for a site to load.

Depends on what you mean by successful. But if u are trying to make a living, then no. There's no money in go.

Best way I found for me is to use it to go over the game. It usually gives u 3 or more better moves most of the time. Also if you have L0, she give can give u all the variation also.

i ad trouble putting my whole position on the other day. Try smaller orders.

it should be listed in your account page, but just deposit 150? that seems more important to close out.

why do people act like you can only play one or the other? both games are fun but Go is def more superior. Kappa.

same part of the brain, just different tactics. I suck at chess though, but I do find my reading ability is decent in chess bc of go

corner magic is the saying

So you never heard of Tengen.

Correspondent games? Or Blitz.

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