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Anything with "---" doesn't exist. "X" means I have it. "*******" means I need it.

If you have anything I need and you'd like a crate in return (or if you'd like to just give it to me ;) ) feel free to message me, comment, or hit me up on PSN.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Did the meaning of skill floor get reversed or something ? As far as I remember, skill floor represents the least amount of experience one has to have in order to effectively play X, while skill ceiling is amount of experience required to master X.

Having high skill floor = It takes a little while to decently play X.

Having low skill floor = It takes almost no time to play X decently.

In the case of Nurse, it is a high skill floor AND high skill ceiling.

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He was probably thinking floor is the starting point instead of it being a minimum needed.

Btw, what does P3 Nurse mean? I just started playing last week thanks to it being free on PS4. Nurse is fun!

2 points · 2 hours ago

Crimson Mainframe and TW Singularity?

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How'd you get the right guess so quickly?

No. If Psyonix warned about Steam login scams, they would warn about Steam misuse. Steam is a product from a different manufacturer. Psyonix probably legally can't warn about the misuse of a product from a different manufacturer. I've written this since the very first comment. Why don't you understand this simple concept?

The other option would be if Psyonix gave unspecific advice about online security. Guess what, unspecific advice doesn't work on those gullible smucks. They literally need to be told "DON'T GIVE YOUR STEAM INFORMATION TO SITES YOU DON'T TRUST" with pictures and warnings and shit, even then it probably won't work on half of them.... And then we're back at the fact that Psyonix probably can't legally warn about a product from a different manufacturer.

I'm done trying to explain it to you.

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Lol you: "Anyone who disagrees with me is stupid and can't understand me." "Idiots deserve to be scammed." Your arguing just makes you seem like a scammer.

I didn't need anything explained. I get that valve owns steam and Psyonix owns RL, but any developer has a right to warn about any scam perpetrated via their own game, no matter how that game is accessed.

You turned my simple curiosity into a debate and you're annoyed with me. lol People must looove you for doing that all the time.

1 point · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

but any developer has a right to warn about any scam perpetrated via their own game

True, and that's why Psyonix has plenty of warning about trade scams INSIDE Rocket League. You mentioned those yourself.

Steam is outside Rocket League, and literally outside Psyonix control. Steam is literally a product by a different manufacturer. And like I've said a gazillion times, Psyonix (or any other game developer) probably CAN'T warn about Steam scams, because of legal reasons. Otherwise they probably would have done it, because Steam scams reflect poorly on Psyonix as well, even though Psyonix literally have zero influence on Steam login information.

You turned my simple curiosity into a debate and you're annoyed with me

I'm annoyed with you yes. Because your simple curiosity was answered in the very first comment. Everything after has pretty much just been re-writes of the same point, trying to help you comprehend the simplest concept. Worst part is, you think you're merely disagreeing. But you misunderstand the entire premise.

Psyonix probably CAN'T do what you want, for legal reasons. There's a difference between a manufacturer warning about their own product, and warning about the product of a different manufacturer. It's as simple as that.

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Bub, if a gas station wants to warn their customers not to leave their keys in the car's ignition while pumping or paying, the gas station doesn't need consent from the car manufacturer.

It's as simple as that.

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My topper town subreddit hasn't lifted off :(

Hot dam man! I didn't realize a computer version existed.

My brother bought me Dominion for Christmas once because he knew I liked board games and I really like it, even if I rarely get to play it and my friends usually want to only play the original 10 cards.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Hot dam man! I didn't realize a computer version existed.

the biggest benefit: not spending 15 minutes setting up all the stacks of cards again whenever you want to play a second game 😄

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Lol That truly is a blessing. I have Settlers of Catan and Splendor on my phone and it's so easy to play another round (and another) because of that.

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I wouldn't count what you believe the market to be via word of mouth and seeing other trades as a spreadsheet in your head. Everyone's going to have an idea of worth based on these and it would vary a ton.

An online spreadsheet didn't exist for the first couple months of trading and we did just fine without them.

To me, spreadsheet creation was all about market control and profits via hosting ads.

Players should spawn on whichever side they were demolished on. So basically, whichever spawn is closer to where they got demoed.

Sizz's posing is the best. What a natural.

Jacob went from creepy stare to haha jk I'm not creepy and back to creepy. lol

Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

Whoops sorry it took so long man. I'll shoot you a friend req now. Reply back so we can figure out a time that works.

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I forgot about this.... Sorry >_<

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Oh no I think I might have traded up the banners because I thought I had gotten to everyone. ;-; I think I have Doughnut eater but that might be it. Would you accept Crimson Yuzos instead of the banners?

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nah nvm. I took too long. I'm sorry.

Not really, it would be worse.

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Yes, worse, but still mixed nonsense.

For me it'd be either "oh god please don't be solo duel, please don't be solo duel"


"Oh god please don't be snow day or rumble, please don't be snow day or rumble"

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:O The only one that would bug me is drop shot. Rumble... at least I'm used to it. lol

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Really disappointed that this team won't be able to show their full potential at LAN because they looked really good in the qualifier :(. With that being said though, you really shouldn't be playing in a LAN qualifier without a passport but I understand that they didn't expect to make it through the monster EU bracket. I know from experience that it doesn't feel great getting beat by a team then later finding out they can't even attend the LAN.

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You would think that it'd be a requirement to show you have a working passport to be able to participate in the final qualifiers if the grand finals are out of the country.

I'm also surprised a duo is allowed substitutions this late. I'd expect this to disqualify them.

Comment deleted6 days ago

People on heroin take a shot and come to life.

You can get shot without dying, so they specify.

I miss his yellow glasses. That is all.

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You have pics of this?

ohhh how did I forget about those? He looks more professional without 'em, but they're so cool.

4.1k points · 5 days ago

True history, I was a software developer making 20% over minimum wage in a high stress environment. Got another job and was invited to a exit interview with the company owner.

"Why are you leaving?"

Honestly, the pay is way too low.

"Are you sure the pay is low?"

The gas station across the street pays the attendants 1.5 times more than you guys are paying me, and I got a offer for 3 times my salary. This is why not only I, but anyone remotely good leaves.

"It is our company policy to pay low wages."

The code base shows. Good bye.

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The gas station attendant was making 1.8 times minimum wage? I was only getting minimum wage working at a kroger gas station. We almost always worked alone our whole shift.

Lush, when we couldn’t say “bathroom” on the shop floor and instead had to ask a manager for “serenity”

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You can't take the sky from me.

I believe most of it's out there at this point, so I'm not leaking anything... but essentially 2/3 player's contracts ended while 1/3 was still under contract. This left the 2/3 players who were out of contract in a tough situation as they couldn't get another org unless that org was willing to buy out the player who was still under contract. That essentially left them with no option, but to re-sign. With the org knowing this, they had that leverage. The players could have dropped the 3rd and NRG would've been out of that RLCS spot, but there was little chance of that happening and NRG knew that.


TL;DR - The business of esports.

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Ugh. That's so slimy to force players to stay with an org. If you want players to stay with you, treat them the right way.

Makes me think of a chick who's afraid to lose her boyfriend so she pokes holes in the condoms.

30 points · 6 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Or maybe give gingers some representation? There's blue and purple hair but no gingers. Pretty ridiculous.

I just had this happen. So I wasn't informed of the number of coins he got. I only got 40 coins today after having 2 get knocked out. The one did show in my news feed with 26 coins, so it's odd that the other would have only gotten 14 in the middle of the night.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me!

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You got an extra 50 from leveling. It was exactly just handed out. The extra 50 that they gave us was from when they increased the number of items that existed.

This is why people are upset. We've been expected to have more different items on us and they didn't do what they did before and give us a manageable amount of space.

10 during closed qualifiers, 25 during regional finals.

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Ah ok. So 25 thursday. Thanks.

12 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Every time Bluey attempts a ceiling shot, our partners over at Soylent will donate 10 meals to the World Food Organization in the United States.

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Wasn't it 25 per goal for the U.S. regions?

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Original Poster176 points · 8 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Before I forget - for those interested, the clip is from a show called Community (season 1, episode 15 "Romantic Expressionism", timestamp ~15:11-17:45).

Edit: thank you for gilding my post, you are far too kind :)

Edit: and a second time, god damn. Thanks!

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I have romantic expressions for your work on my painted goldfish toppers.

Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago

Hahah you’re very grateful for a one-time thing, happy to help!

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I made the crimson one my desktop background. :)

4 points · 9 days ago · edited 9 days ago

SOL is a better pairing, but they get in each other's way so often.

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