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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
bloodyNASsassin 5 points

It's a pic from PC, isn't it? Everything looks better on PC....

palunk 1 point

i think this refers to the right side wheels looking "brighter" than the left

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Really? That's because it's in the shadow. The shadow of the car reduces the brightness of the wheel wherever the shadow touches.

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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
TheGreatTerror 1 point

Um excuse me? Burnt sienna clockworks are literally rolexs.

bloodyNASsassin 0 points

If you can't put the wheels on your wrist, don't use the word literally. Grammar tip of the day.

TheGreatTerror 1 point

Pretentious much? You took the time out of your day to make a comment about my grammar. It's funny how I'm that important to you when I have no clue who you are.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Better grammar enriches all of humanity.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
Tennovan 3 points

Apparently this fix was made after the patch was submitted for certification.

There's usually a hotfix after patches like this to fix other small issues that didn't make it into the release. With that said, I'm surprised this wasn't caught right away by QA.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Yeah I think I'd rather the fix come late than have the whole update delayed.

Supreme-Daavid24 1 point

I have 4 Pcc crates if still need some.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

I do

Supreme-Daavid24 1 point

Well I'm still on inv me psn kingdaavid09

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Alright. Give me like 10ish minutes.

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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
lurkinggoatraptor 5 points

Endo - Hybrid

Mantis - Plank (Batmobile)

Centio - Plank (Batmobile)

Animus - Breakout

Jaeger - Hybrid

Imperator - Dominus (?)

Old Batmobile - Dominus

Tumbler Batmobile - Octane

Werewolf - Dominus

Samurai - Dominus (Actually Breakout)

We've had plenty of Dominus hitboxes lately, why not another breakout or hybrid hitbox?

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Nice list! I just realized my two non-octane favorites are both hybrids...

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Why was this bit on new game modes not put on the main website?

Do you understand that people don't stick with other game modes because you only put them in casual? You're telling people they're not main modes like soccer is. You're influencing people to not play your other modes.

There's little incentive to play casual modes that don't have a ranked version.

This is also part of the problem for why tournaments got stale quickly. You took away the incentive of item drops.

Whoever is making these decisions seems to be messing up, or purposely funneling people to plain soccar.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeague

How can you say that Diamond I getting the same goal explosion as Champ III is fine? Same for Gold I and Platinum III, and Bronze I and Silver III.

I can understand being okay with the change in color scheme for the banners. I think it would be better if they kept the scheme the same, but whatever.

bloodyNASsassin 6 points

Goal Explosions are a bonus reward. I'm betting the only reason goal explosions are with the banners this time is because of the complaints about the banners last time.

What they should do is announce maybe halfway through a season what item type the rewards will be so people can figure out whether they want to grind out the best rewards or not.

jams17 1 point

I agree, but I’m assuming the reason they don’t tell us halfway is because if the rewards get a negative response they’ll lose a fair amount of players playing online to bother getting rewards that some think are crap.

Also I get the feeling most people like the idea of it being a secret towards the end.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

If an item isn't worthy of people's time, Psyonix should know.

The look would still be secret.

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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
fanciestmango 13 points

I occasionally dabble with the ZSR. The twinzer looks pretty similar (at least the front end), so maybe now is a chance to get a painted "ZSR"!

bloodyNASsassin 5 points

This. I've been wanting this since turbo crate was released.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Torbjorn_to_be_wild 778 points

Yeah, I'm sure nobody will ever use a regular font to type sarcastic comments. I mean it's not like the whole point of sarcasm is to not be explicit or anything.

bloodyNASsassin 0 points

If you are trying to be covert with sarcasm instead of overt, you're doing it wrong. Check out John Haiman's quote under usage.

Torbjorn_to_be_wild 1 point

You sound like a fun person to be around!

bloodyNASsassin -1 points

Intelligence is fun ;)

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
SeeSea123 1 point

As he's in a party I would say that he should net a 50 MMR gain roughly from 14 wins out of 17 (depending on opponents of course)

If he started at the bottom of div 2 that would put him 1 MMR from Gold 1, based on that I would say things didn't go in their favour match wise (lost to solo's and beat premades for example)

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

In one of my matches, I usually change about 8 MMR. If the 3 losses cancel out 3 wins, that's 11 wins times ~8 MMR each.

Two individuals vs. partied teams shouldn't make a difference.

SeeSea123 1 point

solos vs partied teams makes a big difference, if you're solo queuing you lose less if you are beaten by a party and gain more if you beat them, the opposite is true if you are in a party

My calculations are on the harsh side but I've given 6 MMR for a win and 11 for a loss, these figures are unlikely but possible so is a potential explanation as to what has happened

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

I've never heard of this before. I've also never had it affect how quick I ranked up or down.

Did you see Psyonix say it or just bbelieve it based on what happened to you?

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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
Ace_615 4 points

as a broke boi college student we aint got no chasers or juice out here

bloodyNASsassin 2 points

The chasers are what you can't afford? xD

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
bloodyNASsassin 1 point


/u/applegeniusbar OP says the two numbers above and below the winning number have been guess. Prize is a Playmaker Octane set. 611, 613, 625, 627, 653 all have not been guessed and fit his criteria. I'm sure there are more.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Ily! You are 1 of the few others around here that care about the toppers as much as I do. You were amazing back in October when we were figuring what colors could exist.

Sadly, PS4 Bycockets are still overly dark. :( They keep claiming to be working on them, but it's been 7 months.

Also, Heart* Glasses. <3

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
morphinecv 1 point

You know how humans have weird mental blind spots, like the Sunk Cost Fallacy? This is one that drives me bananas. It takes actual seconds to bring your dishes to the sink. And minutes a day to clean them. Especially if you're in a 1-2 person living situation. The tiny efforts you put into taking your coffee cup back to the sink, or bringing your trash with you on your way to the kitchen, will save you tons of time and embarassment.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Yeah... I think this dictates how I trade.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
NightmaresInNeurosis 3 points

The Plat banner is the coolest one IMO tho

bloodyNASsassin 2 points

Coolest? Nah. The iridescent/opalescent GC one is definitely best. I think they have the banners ordered properly from coolest to least. all the ones before plat are pretty trash though.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
bloodyNASsassin 15 points

So many people are acting like the banners don't exist. That iridescent GC banner is the coolest banner in the game. I'd love to see more iridescent items in the game.

soccerzman 1 point

The GC is super cool but all the other ones just make the ranks all confusing because it looks like gold is champ. They should've kept the same color scheme at least

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

I don't mind the diamond switch to red, but yeah, purple should be champ and gold should be gold.

I kind of wish I could hit diamond for that red banner. The exact same GE with a different color doesn't appeal to me.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueExchange
whats_in_that_box 3 points

Counter starts at bronze. So if you placed in Champ, you'd need 60 wins to get Champ rewards.

bloodyNASsassin 1 point

Kind of silly for a champ to need to earn bronze tier rewards.

MidgetGalaxy 2 points

Yeah, but at the same time grinding for the rewards to be able to show off at the end of the season is one of the major reasons a lot of people play comp

bloodyNASsassin 0 points

Totally going to be honest here, I wouldn't care 1 iota about competitive if there weren't any items. Competitive without items only matters for the top 1% who could maybe go pro if they put in tons of hours.

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bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/books
Roternaut 12 points

I also have never forgotten that quote. I never met my deadbeat coward of a father who walked out on my mother when she became pregnant.

Sometimes I feel things about myself that must come from him. But I am now married with a two year old son and a baby girl on the way and I will not become my father.

And my kids will get everything they will ever need.

bloodyNASsassin 2 points

Just don't spoil them. They have to earn things, or they become entitled and unapprrciative.

bloodyNASsassin commented on a post in r/nottheonion
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bloodyNASsassin 4 points

A bot that claims to understand humor better than humans. Pffffft.

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