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mingnguyen 7,466 points

Young sir. I dont think you realize how much we hate the Eagles. I would rather Tom brady bang my wife then watch the Egales hoist a Lombardi. I would rather Belichick take a pass at my mother than watch the Eagles have a SB parade. I would rather the entire Patriots team, including that Bendeict Arnold fuck Patrica train my first love then watch the Eagles at the White House in March. I myself would drag my nuts across a field of of hot New England Clam chowder than watch the Eagles drop a banner next year saying "Super Bowl Champions." Truthfully, I would kill you if it meant I could stop the Eagles from even playing in the Super Bowl and I like you.

Fuck the Eagles. Fuck Philadelphia. I hope that entire city burns to the ground by the crotch of Carson Wentz's firey pubes. That ginger fuck is so fucking good I hate him and the entire state of Dakota because of him. I dont even know which Dakota he is from but fuck them both.

And dont get me started on that visor wearing fuck Doug Pedo-son. His hair looks like I'd need a wedge just to get my ball out of there. That loser POS. Bring back Fat Andy, at least with him, there was always the chance he'd die during the fucking game. We haven't beaten the Eagles in like 4 fucking years. Fuck you for asking this question. But fuck Philly more.

Go Pats.

bongozap 1 point

Oh my god...this is amazing...

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table-leg 29 points

If your kitchen can't handle the timing correctly they're shit. Train the kitchen staff or remove that item if it's causing that many issues.

bongozap 12 points

...remove that item if it's causing that many issues.

Former server, bartender and manager here.

That sounds good, believe me...and in a perfect world...

However, stuff gets left on menus for all sorts of reasons - well-liked, inexpensive (stuffed mushrooms can be super cheap cost-wise), volume (not only are they cheap but they look big on the plate).

As for the kitchen timing, in some restaurants, you may be correct. However, in a corporate chain, they may have little control over HOW items are prepped and cooked.

It sucks, but that's the way it is.

kabflash -1 points

Pretty sure Ramsey would call you a fucking idiot here.

bongozap 3 points

Except I wouldn't be the fucking idiot here. The guy making rules from a board room in Kansas City is the fucking idiot here.

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crawlerz2468 328 points

Imagine making George W. Bush look well spoken.

Watch his gubernatorial debates in Texas. He is actually well spoken. He isn't a cretin. I'm not defending him because I know full well he started 2 wars for bullshit reasons that cost 1000s of American lives.

What the GOP perfected was that there's always much more "poorly educated" people than smart people with critical thinking skills. They pander to that more and more with each election cycle. It's the ultimate trolling in a way. Like arguing with a flat-earther or creationist. They groom their candidates quite well, just watch the cancer that is Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix. He's proud of each and every Clinton Rape protest he organized.

bongozap 0 points

Unfortunately, this doesn't explain why so many well educated Republicans with critical thinking skills keep falling for this shit too.

RazorRush 1 point

I get emails that my Pay Pal account had been limited due to suspected fraud. Wants me to click or call number in email . I probably should just ignore this obvious phishing attempt but did once reply " Fuck Off ".

bongozap 1 point

It's all I can do NOT to reply to some of the brazen garbage I get.

newlifeC13 1 point

When you are denied a credit line, the bank or credit issuing institution often sends a letter. If she does not recall applying for PayPal Credit, she should go to and reach out to them for information.

bongozap 1 point

Good to know. Thank you.

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NapClub 3,030 points

the problem seems to be that for the repugnant racist portion of the population, having a black guy as president was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen.

to them, literally nothing a white man could EVER do could EVER compare to the audacity of obama being president while black.

so trump is not that bad in their eyes, no matter what he does.

bongozap 1 point

The problem is, Trump is not successful at not being driven out of remaining in the presidency for anything he's actually doing.

His ability to continue his status as the worst fucking moronic dipshit president in history is completely due to 3 decades of Republican shenanigans.

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TrapperJon 1,742 points

And that is how HOA can lower property values. I sell real estate and we have a development with an HOA that is known to be out of control. There are currently 7 houses for sale as part of this HOA, and they are just sitting. There are only 15 houses total. There was an attempt to dissolve the HOA. So, the board passed a rule that if your house is for sale, you don't get to vote. It's tangled up with some lawyers right now, and the police are being called because of loud arguments and even fist fights over this. My favorite rule this HOA instituted would have to be the "No cutting trees down" rule which became "no removing trees" rule when people pushed/pulled trees down with equipment, which became the "no damaging trees rule" when people knocked trees over and left them laying there. I mean, it's really crazy.

bongozap 52 points

So, the board passed a rule that if your house is for sale, you don't get to vote.

No surprise there are lawyers involved. HOA boards can't pass "rules" that dismiss the rights of paying members who are still living there. As long as they're paying HOA dues, they get a vote.

I'm surprised their own lawyer didn't warn them how this was going to blow up in their face, because they're likely going to lose.

The legal fees alone may be enough to get the board ousted and the H.O.A. dissolved.

Not an attorney, btw, but I worked for a real estate attorney doing default work and spent another 5 years working in real estate investment. Yes, H.O.A.s are often ridiculously powerful, but over all in the U.S., the law is pretty firmly on the side of homeowners in non-mortgage-related cases.

BTW, I've seen a lot of shit on the legal side and I will NEVER live anywhere that requires an H.O.A. For all intents and purposes, in the majority of land owner issues that confront most people on a regular basis, H.O.A. simply get needlessly in the way and create more misery than any conceivable good.

envisionandme 1 point

A lot of HOAs are run by old folk who dismiss anything they don't agree with. So if a lawyer said "hey you can't do that", they'd ignore them and do it anyways.

bongozap 1 point

And look who's president!

bongozap commented on a post in r/worldnews
Bedouin85 5,293 points

They have been falling out of Canadian favor for a while. A recent study showed them at the 4th choice for coffee for Canadians.

McDonalds did a really savage marketing campaign and gave away tons of free coffee. Basically making Canadian change their routine. Once they did that they were able to get to keep coming back.

Tim Horton has also made some major mistakes in the last few years. One being no more fresh baked donuts and have them all shipped in from factories. Their coffee is pretty sub-par now because places like Second cup and Starbucks offer easy and more sophisticated coffee, which was not as easily accessible 10/ 20 years ago.

The only reason Tim's is still hanging on is because they have been a staple of our country for so long that it's hard for people to change their opinion of them. However, if they don't shape up soon that brand name will only last for so long.

bongozap 1 point

Corporate Thinking 101:

  1. Identify a great brand that is poised for growth because it's popular with it's core customers for quality products and services.

  2. Buy controlling interest in said great brand.

  3. Increase profits by expanding market reach.

  4. Further increase profits by making changes to reduce costs that ultimately destroy everything people liked about the brand.

  5. Leave once-great brand a hollowed out husk of its former self.

  6. Sell off the assets.

  7. Find another company to destroy.

bongozap commented on a post in r/politics
enjoytheshow 2,490 points

This isn't simply an ethics violation, it's a violation of federal law. You can't just alter an on-record discussion between members of congress and the fucking President.

bongozap 1 point

Yes. We all get that.

You're not the lone voice crying in the wilderness here.

However, from what we can tell, Trump himself has lied over 2,000 times since taking office and he's under investigation for a treasonable offense.

Pretty much weekly, he does something that breaks some sort of law, policy or precedent. Daily, Trump generates a literal deluge of noxious, idiotic shit with some level of corruption, graft, theft, bribery, etc. attached to it.

Every single attempt to bring him to any sort of justice on any single point is cock blocked by a lazy and equally corrupt Republican congress or incompetent (and equally corrupt) justice department leadership.

Anyone outside of the press who might be compelled to investigate is cowed due to what would undoubtedly become an unrelenting shit storm of conservative media assaults and possible death threats from Trump supporting alt-right cranks.

Being that's the reality of the world we're currently living in, what do you expect?

bongozap commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Theige 1 point

While smuggling did occur the numbers were tiny. Nearly all the slaves were imported during colonial times by the British

bongozap 1 point

Nearly all the slaves were imported during colonial times by the British

That's not accurate. France, England, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands as well as Sweden and Denmark all brought slave to North America.

Theige 1 point

They did, but the British brought nearly all of them. The British had a monopoly on trade with their American colonies

bongozap 1 point

but the British brought nearly all of them.

Well, now you're just playing with words and dates.

The Colonies in North America were British until America declared its independence.

However, you original statement was, "Nearly all the slaves were imported during colonial times by the British" and that's simply not factual as I just pointed out.

The British had a monopoly on trade with their American colonies

Not exactly.

The slave trade to North America lasted over 300 years, from the 1550s to the Civil War in 1860. During that period, starting in 1651, England managed to create and enforce loose monopolies on certain goods and with certain classes of people.

Yes, British companies did a large part of the importing of slaves in the beginning. But so did the Portuguese and later African-based companies contracted with England to supply slaves for plantations in the Southern states.

Ultimately, the phrase, "British brought nearly all of them", doesn't really make much sense in this context.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/technology
kormer -3 points

You know "Romneycare" was written by a veto-proof Democratic majority in the Mass legislature right? Romney only embraced it because opposition wasn't an option, so might as well try to get as much changed to your liking as possible.

bongozap 1 point

You know portions of "Romneycare" - specifically the individual mandate - were originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation and promoted by Newt Gingrich to counter the Clinton Health Care proposals in the mid-1990s, right?

kormer 1 point

Yes and it absolutely carries some weight, but there's a huge difference between a loosely worded white paper from one organization and an actual piece of legislation. In the Massachusetts example, Romney did not write the legislation, the legislature did. He did what he could to get provisions he wanted in there, but ultimately it was more their doing than his.

Unless you're arguing that Massachusetts Democrats and later Obama were taking their directions from the Heritage institute, which I don't think you are because that'd be absurd.

bongozap 1 point

No...not arguing that at all.

But now we're down a rabbit hole, as my original point was that Obama made a mistake trying to give Republicans what he thought they wanted so he could avoid a rancorous fight.

As for your point, since Newt Gingrich actually floated the idea for an individual mandate in congress and since Romneycare actually implemented it and since Obama actually pointed this out in his address to the Republicans when he addressed them during the debates over ACA, I'm pretty sure I'm not out on a limb here.

Let me know if I got something wrong there, but that all adds up to a little bit more than "a loosely worded white paper".

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bongozap commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
Racxie 1 point

Where are you based? UK or US?

bongozap 1 point


Racxie 5 points

When I was taught the phonetic alphabet in my last job we were told it's "Indigo" in the US (whereas we use India here in the UK). Not sure if that's true though.

bongozap 1 point

I learned it as "Indigo"

bongozap commented on a post in r/videos
SUMBWEDY -36 points

Weren't the Nazis left wing?, they gave workers a lot of power and gave them subsidized holidays. They were just Fascist which people from both the left and right can be, just look at antifa inciting violence against people who disagree with them ignoring the first ammendment.

"The Nazis were left-wing socialists. Yes, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, otherwise known as the Nazi Party, was indeed socialist and it had a lot in common with the modern left. Hitler preached class warfare, agitating the working class to resist “exploitation” by capitalists , particularly Jewish capitalists, of course. Their programs called for the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, and other major industries. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen. They encouraged pornography, illegitimacy, and abortion, and they denounced Christians as right-wing fanatics. Yet a popular myth persists that the Nazis themselves were right-wing extremists. This insidious lie biases the entire political landscape today."

oh and We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system! - Georg Strasser and official for the nazi party.

edit: instead of downvoting could you please have a discussion with me about how these facts are wrong, if i was a devils advocate downvoting without debating proves that you can't fight these historical quotes with facts.

bongozap 14 points

Nobody wants to discuss this with you or anyone else. This topic is tired, disproven nonsense. And right now the suspicion is that you are nothing more than a right-wing troll. Maybe your desire for discussion is sincere, but whether you realize it or not, this is a very old debate in Internet terms. The flat, plain reality is that the Nazis we're not Socialists in any conventional sense of the word. Attempts to describe them as such are usually nothing more then garbage heap crap from people determined to drag intelligent discussions into a stupid gutter.

bongozap commented on a post in r/AskReddit
MyWifeDontKnowItsMe 7 points

You made the right choice, dude. All my friends are 150k+ in student debt. I'm one of the lucky ones because I have a job (lawyer), but I'm still making 14k less than my brother is making as a high school teacher. Lawyers make terrible money and are forced to get in a bunch of debt.

bongozap 6 points

That's what happens when you dump 40,000 new lawyers into the economy every year to only roughly 15,000 job available each year.

Supply outstrips demand and the compensation drops.

bongozap commented on a post in r/movies
olddicklemon72 8,251 points

I’d imagine they are just staying out of the way of TLJ. Once it’s Box Office has slowed I’d imagine we will start seeing stuff.

bongozap 830 points
bongozap commented on a post in r/esist
000000000000000000oo 943 points

Here's the video. I had trouble playing the one in the article on mobile.

bongozap 1 point

As much as I despise Trump, I feel that going after him for stuff like "He doesn't know the words t the National Anthem!" is just weakening liberal positions rather than strengthening them.

bongozap commented on a post in r/AskHistorians
Salami_On_Rye 527 points

Wasn't Napoleon warring with England at the time? Why would an English bank provide financial aid to an enemy nation?

bongozap 193 points

The bonds Napoleon sold the bank were financing the Louisiana purchase, which was handled through the previously mentioned Scottish bank (Hope & Co., btw). The purchase meant eradicating the native population (Native Americans) and importing and expanding the slave trade which both Barings and Hope were involved in financing for powerful British and Dutch merchants.

In other words, it was a once-in-a-lifetime awesome deal for the banks to finance the biggest land deal in history with an astonishing rate of interest and return and that would continue to prime the bank's pumps for decades.

All of this while completely blessed by the British, French, Dutch and American governments.

bongozap commented on a post in r/Trumpgret
Narnia4ever 6 points

And yet they seem to think a lack of humility is the problem.

bongozap 9 points

They've been told for years by the right wing talk show guys that they can't speak their minds because of political correctness...and maybe, to a certain extent, that's true and they can't.

Along comes a guy who puts a brash spin on the things they think and feel and who poudly says things they don't feel they can get away with.

I'm not saying they're right, because I don't think they are. But that's what's going on here.

EDITS: A couple. Here and there.

Narnia4ever 7 points

Agreed. Although I'm confused about why they would want to cut down the rainforest, but I guess, hey it will upset the "libtards" , so that's a plus.

bongozap 10 points

I read on here a few month's back, a description that pretty much nailed it for me and it went something like this...

"They'd let Trump shit in their mouths if they thought a liberal would have to smell it."

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bongozap commented on a post in r/science
blackpink777 1 point

I don't know guys I've worked at a lot of different schools seems to me like it's a hell of a racket honestly

bongozap 2 points

Some schools - especially for-profit institutions - are an obvious racket.

Bearsworth 11,805 points

I buy into the theory that the availability of student loan credit is behind this. The money is "there" so they're raising prices and budgets to gobble it up.

bongozap 1 point

Whatever the reason, I don't really trust a study by the American Enterprise Institute to give an honest read on the issue.

bongozap commented on a post in r/todayilearned
SoF4rGone 164 points

I saw John Mayer in Charlotte before he blew up, and his guitar skills are unreal. Not a huge fan of some of the stuff he's done, but dude can play.

bongozap 3 points

I saw him both before room for squares came out and then again after. First was just him at a bass player in a small venue with less than a hundred people. It was amazing and he was a great performer then even in such a small room. The second time he had a five-piece backing him and he was just as amazing. During the solo set, he went over and sat on the outside of the drummer's drum kit and banged on the Tom and a ride cymbal right along with him. To this day one of the best concerts I've ever seen. And yes his guitar skills are Next Level unreal

bongozap commented on a post in r/Music
Semper_Gnarlis 280 points

Vertical integration is when one entity owns multiple aspects of one business, giving them a firm grip on the market. For example, if I own oil fields, I might also own gas stations that exclusively use my oil. I might also manufacture cars, and maybe this car only runs on the gas that I own which is made from oil that I own.

bongozap 1 point

Vertical integration is when one entity owns multiple aspects of one business...

Sort of. On the broad stroke you're accurate.

If I can add to that, Vertical Integration is more accurately when a company owns all or most of the steps of production as well as the Point-Of-Sale and licensing access to a product.

It's not so much "firm grip on the market" as it is a method of controlling costs and creating exclusivity and control over who can sell their products and how.

Although many oil companies are vertical - Exxon being a great example - the oil industry itself is a lousy example of this as there's still a lot of competition in the industry. Plenty of companies buy their oil on the market.

Fashion or highly desirable tech products are perhaps better examples. Think Nike, Apple, Nest, etc. They control access to their products and either own or heavily control the means of producing them.

Contrast this with Amazon or Walmart that are more 'horizontal', which is where your "firm grip on the market" comes in.

When you have companies like Amazon or Walmart who are broad, horizontal companies that dominate the market, one solution to competing with companies like that is to service a niche in a way those companies can't.

Verticality then becomes a way of controlling the production as a way of controlling licensing and access to the product.

DISCLOSURE: I work in marketing for a vertical company.

Virge23 15 points

But the only reason they're so popular is because they're expensive. Can't really blame a company for cashing in on faulty human psychology.

bongozap 1 point

In fairness, I love my Ray Bans.

They hold up, they look good and they're polarized. Yes, I can buy similar for $20, but my Ray Bans are much better overall than my glove box full of cheap knock-offs.

EDIT: The only thing I don't like is the logo on the inside edge of the lens of newer models. It's a little too desperate-looking for me.

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sketchy-writer 1,081 points

If anyone cares. The book is less than 200 pages. Pretty good read so far, I am on page 107.

bongozap 1 point

I read it last month. I'm on the second book now. It's very different, but related.

bongozap commented on a post in r/politics
19Kilo 717 points

My favorite whirling hellmaw of Blind Trumpism had this quote:

Yes, but being easily manipulated into behaving in a manner that conforms with the media's plan is NOT a strength.

It is a strength, just at that moment that strength has a vulnerability, his strength is sometimes a weakness. Its like the US military, our creation of a finely tuned conventional military, with a great logistics system is a strength. Until some crafty insurgents figure out to attack our weak points. But because they attack support convoys doesn't mean our system is weak, because if it was actually weak we wouldn't be occupying their country to start with. If Trump was weak, he wouldn't be president.

I'm not happy Trump falls for this shit, in my eyes its pretty obvious what appears to be happening, but sure enough he does fall for this stuff too often for my tastes. His hamfisted responses, he's done them on the campaign trail and in the White House, some of the shit he says makes me cringe sometime. It sure as shit isn't what I would do or say, or recommend. But there is no way someone like me could ever get elected president either, let alone succeed at it. And nobody is hiring me to advice them either. Meanwhile Trump is still kicking ass. I initially supported him because he wasn't Hillary and I thought he might actually have a chance of winning. And because I hoped he followed through with 1/10th of what he said. And now it seems like he's still doing most of what he said he was doing, he's just blocked by the usual suspects, most of whom are responsible for this mess in the first place. So I'm going to take the good with the bad, Trump is a fucking maniac, maniacs act like maniacs, but that's why I like him! He's my maniac.

See? Even when the president is led by the nose, it just shows how strong he is! So strong!

bongozap 1 point

Who said this?

bongozap commented on a post in r/movies
greenw40 7,619 points

Iron Man would never be able to maneuver like that without passing out or dying.

bongozap 1 point

In Iron Man 2, if he hit the stage in real life like he does in the film, his pelvis would be shattered and his internal organs would be leaking out of his asshole.

bongozap commented on a post in r/politics
3peasuit 203 points

The quick solution would be reestablishing the Fairness doctrine. Ronald Reagan got rid of it and it is what led directly to the rise of types like Rush Limbaugh on radio and eventually allowed agencies like Fox, RT and Breightbart. Republicans still lose their shit over how "unfair" this rule was but, if you think about how much of an echo chamber these agencies have created, I'd be willing to go back to that rule just because it would force these agencies to give equal time to a counterargument that would be, according to the rule, "HONEST, EQUITABLE AND BALANCED".

bongozap 2 points

...reestablishing the Fairness doctrine.

The Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcast. Even if you could manage to bring it back (not bloody likely), cable outlets like Fox News would be immune without some sort of legislation broadening. Good luck on that, as well.

Here's what I don't think a lot of people understand - Reagan chucked the Fairness Doctrine 35 years ago - almost 2 generations have passed. When it was dumped, not a lot of people even understood what it was, and even fewer understand now.

As a country, American's understanding of news is hopelessly warped by the last 22 years of Fox News and Right Wing Media chipping away at the entire institution of credible journalism.

Honestly, though, the institution of American journalism has done a poor job of defending, defining, explaining and repackaging itself across that same period of time.

Sadly, I think it would be impossible in today's political and social climate to institute the Fairness Doctrine - or anything remotely like it - without a massive number of Americans seeing it as a curtailment of civil liberties. Most Americans are simply too ignorant, unenlightened and fearful to allow it.

bongozap commented on a post in r/Impeach_Trump
Jas175 1 point

Who the fuck likes golf that much

bongozap 1 point

Narcissistic con men?

travisimotheruthless 2 points

I actually prefer him there

bongozap 3 points

Well, I might as well...

Except, what's actually happening isn't golf, but rather off-the-books meetings with foreign business connections showing their...loyalty, by joining his clubs and putting up their own dough to do it.

This guy's a first class sleaze from the word go. Taking him out of the office only makes it easier for him to get away with shit in a way that can't be reported on, effectively.

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