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bongozap commented on a post in r/politics
NEEThimesama [score hidden]

Mr. Trump has insisted he should sit for an interview with the special counsel’s office, even though Mr. Dowd believed it was a bad idea.

Do it, Trump! Sit down with Mueller! Dowd can't stop you now.

bongozap [score hidden]

Something I read about why Trump has such a hard time getting and keeping competent legal counsel. The attorney being quoted said, "Doesn't listen. Doesn't pay."

bongozap commented on a post in r/Impeach_Trump
NounsAndWords [score hidden]

Obviously it’s a little different for military personnel, but I would really like to start seeing more statements like this from people without ‘retired’ in front of their title.

bongozap [score hidden]

For active duty generals, the president is their "Commander in Chief". They work for him. To publicly disagree with or rebuke the president in any way is a serious breach of military chain of command.

Not saying it couldn't or shouldn't happen, but active duty officers would be risking charges ranging from insubordination to mutiny under UCMJ and that would have serious repercussions. They could be forced to retire, they could be drummed out and lose their pensions and benefits or they could even be jailed.

bongozap commented on a post in r/videos
Little_Froto -1 points

I agree that something could have failed on the vehicle other than the driver, but most of the threads beginnings was determining who was at fault, even if the systems all failed, at the end of the day the lady was still jaywalking at night, I am sure Uber will fess up to why the car did what it did, but that still shouldn't put the blame on them.

This woman broke a law, used no judgement in her decision and paid the ultimate price for that.

My 2 year old knows to look both ways for cars and to get the heck out of the way of cars that have the right of way outside of crosswalks.

bongozap 3 points

The dead woman's errors really have nothing to do with this. It could have just as easily been a 2 year old. The reality is that the success of driverless cars as an accepted replacement will depend on them reliably using systems that make them better than people, or pedestrians.

Little_Froto -1 points

There will never be a 100%, look at aviation as an example.

bongozap 3 points

Where did you read that I wrote it needed to be 100%?

I just wrote that they need to be reliably better. This particular case suggests they are not.

The plain fact is that the system, as currently designed and promoted, should have been able to detect the woman and begin braking if not stopped or avoided the woman altogether.

Some part of that system and chain of action failed. That's why these things are tested.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/technology
Foxion7 1 point

Sorry to bring an old post back up. I was busy for a while but im still curious about this.

  1. You do realize that a lack of diversity can also be the result of racism and discrimination, right? Diversity measures are simply a response to that.

Is using racism and discrimination to solve racism and discrimination okay? Your response seems to imply you dont mind.

  1. You do realize that "diversity measures" could apply to a wide range of initiatives, most of which few would consider racist or discriminatory, right?

I cant think of any except maybe hiding names/pictures. Are there more examples?

  1. You do realize that there is a huge complaint across the tech industry - and, indeed, across ALL industries - that there are plenty of women and minorities capable of doing the same jobs and who feel they are not being given he same opportunities as white and Asian developers, right?

There are complaints, perhaps. I dont know. If there are, i dont see why theyre an argument in this discussion. Feeling/complaining isnt the same as an actual proven problem. Though i believe there is one that keeps shrinking luckily.

I can buy that some well-intentioned "diversity measures" are outright "racism and discrimination". Others, are simply poorly thought-out.

Not all of them are well-intentioned though. There are quote a few examples where its just for the reputation or number of 'diverse' people. Though most ofcourse will probably have good intentions

Either way, diversity, as a goal, is a real thing arising from real complaints. You can either pretend it's bullshit, or you can get involved in shaping it.

Diversity isnt bad. Racism and discrimination for diversity is bad. Right now there are too many companies aiming for diversity by being racist / by discriminating.

Also i disagree with the notion that diversity is inherently good, like everyone seems to say. If we are all actually equal, what does race/origin matter? Its neutral if you ask me.

bongozap 1 point

Do you believe that racism and discrimination exist?

Foxion7 1 point

Why bother asking that question? Im just interested in the things i brought up.

bongozap 1 point

Because your questions suggest that you do not...or, at least, not to an actionable degree.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/movies
insanelyphat 1 point

I was referring to the movie that the guys in the article want to make about the kids finding the car!

bongozap 1 point

Read the article.

insanelyphat 1 point

I did read the article never saw the title, must have missed it.

bongozap 1 point

Read the last 2 paragraphs.

Those are the ones where they make clear they haven't even made the movie yet.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/nottheonion
newosis 2,885 points

This cop acted in a way which we wished more cops act. He's been commended and held us an example because of that. I fully support that.

It's a bit pathetic frankly to on the one hand blast cops who act poorly and then on the other ridicule those who are commended for acting well.

If you want to reduce cops shooting mentally ill people perhaps it's useful to hold up and publicise an example of a cop dealing with the situation in the desired way and saying 'look at this, this is how you do it'.

EDIT : To be clear, yes the article headline and writing is absolute pants. But I didn't think the poor writing alone was the reason it was posted, so I saw it as an attack on the content matter itself. If you're just deriding the absolutely atrocious level of journalism than fair enough. I'm glad I put my comment up anyway as it separates out the two.

EDIT EDIT: To be clear it's from a series called 'cop of the week' it's not a news piece like 'oh a cop didn't shoot someone let's write a story'.

They do a little write up on a local cop doing something commendable each week.

bongozap 31 points
ACoderGirl 10 points

Your first link doesn't work. That's just the homepage (the ?utm_term=<id> part is just a form of tracking where people find links). I'm guessing it's supposed to be:

And a slightly more detailed TL;DR for the lazy: Police officer from Weirton, West Virginia says he was fired because he didn't shoot a black man who had an unloaded handgun. Police knew he threatened to kill himself and that he was after suicide-by-cop. Another officer later killed the man.

bongozap 1 point

Thanks..I fixed the link.

bongozap commented on a post in r/Impeach_Trump
andrewlef 48 points

He should’ve used smaller words. Trump won’t understand half of that sentence. Seriously, Trump has a 4th grade vocabulary...

tomrlutong 3 points

It was strange that Trump used "sanctimonious" in the firing McCabe tweet.

bongozap 1 point

I just have this great visual of him tweeting and stopping to ask a poor junior staffer how to spell it.

bongozap 1 point

I think that's the under Trumps radar.

bongozap commented on a post in r/videos
YouMake 11,829 points

If he has the title they can't win. They could just ask him to remove the logos. This is just going to be a bad PR shitstorm for them.

bongozap 1 point

Yeah...I agree the car is his, and this is not good PR.

However, realistically speaking, the minute he drives the car off of his own property, they've probably got a good case to sue for trademark infringement.

I'm not a lawyer, but I've worked for 2 and deal with our media attorneys pretty regularly over all sorts of licensing issues.

The minute he drives off his own property - indeed, out of his garage and into public view - he's impersonating Dominoes and their brand.

Sorry, you can't do that shit.

bongozap commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PhatPat2121 13,484 points

My friend buys stocks high (so he can own the most valuable and expensive stocks) and sells them low when they aren’t expensive anymore.

bongozap 1 point

I'e seen plenty of people do stupid thing with money, but for some reason, that strikes me as the dumbest.

I mean, to trade stocks, you would expect someone to understand the basic concepts here.

I mean, there's no lazy, selfish or immediate gratification reason here. The person is just a fucking dumbass.

bongozap 1 point

In 2007, My brother & sister in law were in Chapter 13 when my 70 year old father in law decided to give them his house provided they build an addition for him and take care of him.

They sold their existing town home for a small profit and then purchased his home. He owed $60,000 on it. They got a mortgage for $180,000. They build an addition for just under $30,000. This left them with roughly $90,000 cash in the bank.

They then proceeded to go spending nuts.

Kitchen Remodel, new AC system, new roof, new carpets. New furniture for them and their kids, new TVs, new everything.

I've never seen two grown adults burn through so much cash so quickly. They continued to spend like idiots - new cars every other year, the latest iPhones, new furniture at the drop of a hat, dinners out all the time...

But no braces for their oldest child or college plans for either. They poor-mouthed for scholarships to the church grade school. It was insane.

By 2014, they were back in Chapter 13 and they still are to this day.

bongozap commented on a post in r/assholedesign
deep_derping 442 points

Don't put the facebook app on your phone. Don't let facebook have access to your contacts, messages, photos and other data. Would you let your family and friends look through every detail on your phone? If you would not let people who love you look at this data, then why let an untrustworthy company who wants to make money off of you have access to this?

bongozap -6 points

Don't put the facebook app on your phone.

Facebook is preinstalled on almost every device, now.

It's almost impossible to uninstall or get rid of.

Oh, can root your phone. Most of us either don't have the tech chops to confidently do that, or we don't want to void our warrantee.

bongozap commented on a post in r/Trumpgret
DontiSC -18 points

so don jr saying things people don’t like warrants someone to send in a possibly harmful substance to him and his family, but it’s justified because you don’t like him. gotcha

thanks for the downvotes fellas really got owned

bongozap 18 points

What the fuck are you talking about? I didn't even remotely write that. I was referring to the reasons his wife might be divorcing him.

DontiSC -12 points

you said he ‘blabs inane shit that attracts that response’. the response of someone sending them suspicious powder?

bongozap 14 points

I realize nuance might not be your strong suit, however, I was agreeing that it (the white powder) was fucked up and adding to the person's point that the white powder probably freaked her (Don Jr's wife) out having 5 kids and all. Really, try reading the whole exchange and thinking it through.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/technology
WIlf_Brim 481 points

Yea, but the bean counters do have to look at the expenses. I would think something like that (very unusual) would have raised some flags.

I'd imagine they have some GIS type software that might could need something like that, but for one or two machines. Not multiple.

bongozap 2 points

Um...ex-tech manager here.

Unless the "bean counter" is familiar with tech, they would see an invoice with a scary sting of letter and arcane descriptions.

If questioned at all, a reply like, "Oh, those are just replacement graphics cards for refurbing some older computers so we don't have to go and buy new ones." would likely end all conversations.

bongozap commented on a post in r/washingtondc
DemureCynosure 7 points

I'm pro-gun. This is anecdotal, but I've never said a bad word about anyone that's out protesting right now. I think protest is as American as apple pie. If people are unhappy, or think they aren't getting their fair share, then protest away. I'm fine with it.

I, personally, don't agree with a lot of the legislation proposals often associated with this protest. But I fully support anyone's right to protest.

bongozap 3 points

I probably shouldn't say "all" of my friends. Some of my more notable conservative friends have been pretty silent.

gillish 96 points

Good! Future generation is loud and about to be voting age.

bongozap 45 points

I think the most depressing thing I'm seeing is all of my very conservative, pro-gun friends using words like "stupid" to describe them and equating all of them with laundry pod eaters.

bongozap commented on a post in r/TrumpCriticizesTrump
overzeetop 57 points

Yeah, if he thinks it's difficult now, come November he could be a lame duck for 27 months.

bongozap 3 points

I think - if November is the GOP bloodbath I think/hope it will be and they lose both houses - Donnie Dipshit will make the fastest turn to liberal policies of any president ever.

And THAT will be what sinks the GOP.

bongozap commented on a post in r/news
Living_Granger 74 points

The SEC said Theranos deceived investors by "hosting misleading technology demonstrations, and overstating the extent of Theranos' relationships with commercial partners and government entities, to whom they had also made misrepresentations."

I'm only surprised it has taken this long. This has been known for years! and y'know, Theranos reminds me of table top Cold fusion. I still don't understand why this company still does business.

It's really unbelievable to me that this company and CEO received so much investment capital. Homes has no medical training or background. Capillary blood from a finger will always have different parameters than direct venous sampling. Current blood assays can already run tests on very small samples. All labs must pass standardized proficiency testing. The fact that they don't run proficiency in the same way they run testing has been essentially fraud.

And yet she's championed as a strong business woman who young girls should look up to. Oh please!

bongozap 14 points

And yet she's championed as a strong business woman who young girls should look up to. Oh please!

Where you're getting that? She was hailed as that 2+ years ago.

As I look up her name now, the words most associated with her are "fraud" and "disgraced".

So I'm not sure where you're seeing that people still "champion" her as I'm pretty sure she's a pariah.

bongozap commented on a post in r/worldnews
Stickly_things 19,894 points

Oooh this shit just got real.

Surprisingly solid response from Theresa May for now, but we'll have to see how the next few days play out. Russia will probably just respond with another snarky comment and expel a few diplomats though.

bongozap 1 point

And here, back in the states, our own Donnie Dipshit is yammering inanities on Twitter and ignoring the whole thing per his pre-arranged "deal" to ease a portion of his debt and license his name on some new hotels.

What a fucking embarrassment.

TokyoJokeyo 1 point

I'll concur and say you need to get the full account statement from the college to see what the deal is.

To add to the confusion, the tax preparer says she's required to ask for a 1098-T and report the info, while several other sources and articles, write to ignore both the 1098-T and the 1099-Q and simply report what we paid to the school.

To claim the American Opportunity Credit, you must have received Form 1098-T, which is why the tax preparer asks you for it. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll use the figures on Form 1098-T to determine your qualified education expenses. You can use any reliable records to figure them.

bongozap 1 point

Good to know.

The school site where we've found some info say something along the lines of they put the info in both boxes so students can use whichever figure they prefer - which makes no sense.

Thank you.

simplytaxing 1 point

I've seen the 529 amount in Box 5 before, not often, but sometimes. It doesn't entirely not make sense as long as the tuition that the 529 paid for is in Box 1, because in the same way as tuition paid for by a scholarship can't be used for an education credit, tuition paid for by a tax free withdrawal from a 529 can't be used for an education credit. It reminds the preparer the 529 money was used, which can otherwise be missed if the student is no longer a dependent.

bongozap 1 point

Thanks for this. I hadn't thought of it from that perspective.

OTOH, It makes equally no sense that they have NOT done this the previous 2 years.

In any case, thank you for the response.

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bongozap commented on a post in r/bestof
firemonkey1313 52 points

Tillerson isn't spilling anything to anyone. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

bongozap 51 points

Good point.

While I'm pretty sure Tillerson sees Trump as probably the worst mistake he's ever made, it's important to remember that Tillerson is a lifelong oil man and Trump is still actively protecting his interests.

Tillerson's entire fortune and power base are tied up in oil and no amount of collusion, treason, pettiness or stupidity will override whatever Trump is doing to cater to oil.


I believe that - despite the Democrat establishment's best attempts to screw it up - Democrats stand a great chance of taking back one (and probably both) houses of Congress. In fact, I would bet that it's going to be an unmitigated bloodbath with a lot of Republicans getting tossed out on their ears.

Once that happens, I think Trump will make the fastest pivot of any (cough) 'conservative' president ever to traditionally liberal positions. Trump is a naked opportunist with no character and no fealty.

I believe Trump's destiny is to destroy himself in the most epic, Greek or Shakespearean way possible. I believe his trajectory is King Lear-ish in it's potential. I believe he will go down in flames too ignorant and demented to understand what's even happening, and I believe he will take a lot of people with him. Jared, Ivanka, Bannon...the list grows daily.

Most of all, I believe he will take the GOP down with him. As they lose and he changes his stripes, the mass of cloying Baby Boomer morons will finally turn on him. They will leave the GOP like so many lost cause, Jim Crow-era Southern Democrats of the 1960s.

Or not.

jleffert 2 points

I wish I had faith like that. I expect low voter turnout and the republicans to at the very least keep the house but probably both senate and House.

bongozap 3 points

Any other year, I might expect the same.

However, the pattern this year has been Dems showing up in record numbers and - in almost every notable case since the election - beating Republicans in red state strongholds.

bongozap commented on a post in r/personalfinance
JarOfFists 2,345 points

Thank you so much! You have taken my fear away and replaced it with a fire. I have called my bank and disputed the charges as well as sent an email to the company requesting to speak with their CEO citing the call I made to my bank, the server error email and that I may get a lawyer involved. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before and I kind of felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, so an immense thank you for your help.

EDIT: The company was Quarterly Co, since they still haven’t replied to my emails or calls. Beware this subscription company.

bongozap 2 points

I'd also suggest posting something on their twitter account (

Their most recent post makes mention of the server error. Try responding to that asserting that you've been charged and no one seems to be doing anything to answer your issue.

Good luck.

bongozap commented on a post in r/politics
PragProgLibertarian 26 points

Though to be honest, we'd likely have seen John Kasich or Jeb Bush. And, either would have likely beaten Hillary.

But, I'd still take that over the Looney Toons admin we currently have.

NauticalJeans 16 points

Perhaps this is a controversial opinion, but I think Jeb Bush would have made a fantastic president.

Edit: I totally understand he ran a poor campaign and Americans are tired of the Bush family, but I honestly think the guy is a good person who possesses empathy. At the very least he wouldn’t have been a shithead when it came to immigration, dude married a Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish! He was far and away the best GOP candidate in that regard (IMO). Not saying I’d take him over a quality democratic president, but he would have been a perfectly acceptable conservative president.

I like to imagine an alternate 2016 timeline with Jeb and Bernie being the final candidates in the most polite presidential race in our country’s history. America would be a better place right now, regardless of who won.

bongozap 2 points

I'm a Floridian and I voted for Jeb. He was a popular governor and was OK, policy-wise. However, his presidential campaign was aimless and had literally nothing going for it - no vision, no purpose and, yes, no energy.

In the unlikely possibility of him becoming president, his presidency would have gone the same way.

So, essentially, "fantastic" is basically not being Trump.

bongozap 1 point

Though to be honest, we'd likely have seen John Kasich or Jeb Bush. And, either would have likely beaten Hillary.

Sorry...I'm not a big fan of Hillary, but she would have mopped the floor with those guys.

Jeb Bush was simply not up for this challenge. I'm a Floridian and voted for him and he was a popular governor. But his presidential run was poorly planned and executed. Trump's "low energy" criticism was spot on. Jeb was running literally as an afterthought and he acted like it from day one.

Kasich was a lot better than Jeb. His staying power against Trump was actually surprising and he had a lot of things going for him. But Hillary was a much more seasoned politician overall. Trump won because he leveraged a lot of resentment and was able to snag a lot of Bernie voters who felt marginalized by Hillary.

If everything else happened like it did - especially the Comey announcement and the Sanders skulduggery - as bad as those things were for Hillary, I don't think Kasich would have had the insticts to leverage those weaknesses for himself.

bongozap commented on a post in r/AskReddit
-eDgAR- 18,897 points

I feel like we are going to have a new type of cable company situation going on. One of the things that made Netflix great was you were able to watch so many different shows and movies, but many of those are leaving now. TV companies like CBS and other would rather have their shows on their own paid service app instead of on Netflix where they only get a piece of the cut. Netflix even knows this, which is why they are pushing their original.content so much. What's going to happen is that if we are to enjoy all the shows we would like to we are going to have to pay for multiple streaming services, basically how it was paying for cable channels.

bongozap 2 points

Of course, there's only so many networks people want to pay for.

I have Amazon Prime and Netflix - on top of cable. I buy HBO to go through prime whenever GOTs is on.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to buy Hulu (and still have to watch commercials) or CBS All Access just for Star Trek Discovery.

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