[Game Thread I guess] San Diego Padres (41-60) @ Philadelphia Phillies (54-43) 7/*22* Game 2 of 2 by ty04 in Padres

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I believe they're back on the 27th here at home, on the last broadcast before the break they said they would be off for 10 days, doing some traveling. "Separately," Don made very clear haha.

Anyone watch this show with someone who lived through the 60's? by mote0fdust in madmen

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I FINALLY convinced my parents to watch it and as I suspected, they're absolutely loving it. My mom is continually stunned by the details. "We had that same phone!"

What's the best Cheesesteak you've ever had? by Weltall548 in fastfood

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Gaglione Brothers in SD is pretty legit. I preferred it to Geno's in Philly actually

My friend is at Comic Con and is planning on eating at the Demolition Man Taco Bell. She sent me this picture last night. by MonkeyPunchBaby in tacobell

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I tried to go tonight, rushed over as soon as Conan finished taping. It had just opened and was approaching a two hour wait. I've often wondered if my love for Taco Bell knows no limits ...well, I found that 2 hours is my limit tonight.

What should I get by GreendankersFl in tacobell

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Add a side of creamy jalapeno for dippin and baby, you got a stew goin

Just got back from seeing Conan. A few tips/thoughts if you also get to go... by bossgalaga in comiccon

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I'm honestly not sure...I guess if you're worried about it you could ask in the morning when you get your tickets. The Conan staff is super friendly.

Just got back from seeing Conan. A few tips/thoughts if you also get to go... by bossgalaga in comiccon

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This dumbfounded me. I arrived just before they opened the doors at 3:15. There was a pretty long line so I ended up near the end. I could see no discernible reason why everyone lined up so early, the seating is assigned! I say once you've got your ticket just show up around 20-30 before showtime and you should be a-ok.

Does anyone need a ride to SDCC? LA to SD by mylittletiffie in comiccon

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Yikes, you just learned manual?? Be prepared for lots of stop-and-go traffic tomorrow, it's Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack in addition to the Con so it will be crazy. Best of luck!

(I am currently learning stick shift for the first time too, so this is a message of empathy haha)

Accidental 911 call leads to showdown with police by TooShiftyForYou in gifs

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I'm not usually a fan of prank videos, but that was super charming and wholesome. I loved their reactions.

GAME THREAD: 2018 Home Run Derby - July 16, 2018 by Natstown in Nationals

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Do you watch football? It happened a shit ton in the NFL broadcasts this year. I hate it.

Grant and Orsillo offer welcome frivolity in Padres’ TV booth by AbideMan in Padres

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Have you ever had the chance to meet him? I did, and was happy to find he is the genuine article. 😊

I'm Zachary Quinto, host of the new HISTORY show In Search Of, Ask Me Anything. by THEREALZACHARYQUINTO in IAmA

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I just realized there are probably tons of newer users now who weren't here when Victoria was around and have no idea how much better the AMA's used to be

PHOTOS OF TOUR INSIDE LAIKA LIVE AT SDCC 2018! by housecatspeaks in comiccon

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Yup, had dinner with the lady tonight and dropped by this afterwards. IT IS AWESOME. Nothing huge, but a fun little pop-up and you really get to see the detail that goes into making the models and films. I really encourage anyone to drop in.

SDCC : consider avoiding the smoking Gun by Richsii in comiccon

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I don't know the place you're referring to per se, but if you'll be in town (I'm a local!) this year I IMPLORE you to check out The Taco Stand for amazing tacos. The shrimp is the best you could possibly ask for, and all the tortillas are handmade!