Anyone else fear Guardians of the Galaxy ride? by 0penlyGinger in Disneyland

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I adored ToT, it was maybe my favorite ride in either park. I'm not a huge drop fan, but ToT was tolerable and I knew what to expect.

I just recently rode GotG for the first time and I was SHOOK. My girlfriend was laughing at me, I was gripping her knee the entire time like a big baby. I had heard they had "heightened" the intensity but I feel like that's a huge understatement. I laughed all through it too and I'll probably go on it again, but it really is at the upper limit of what I enjoy in a thrill ride for me.

McDonald's "McRobots" transforming food toys (late 80s) by MillionDollarCheese in nostalgia

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Everything was better. Fries in beef tallow. Playgrounds that could conceivably kill you. And I just found out I can't even get Orange Drink anymore if I ever wanted it again

Favorite Menu Customizations by RealTacoBell in tacobell

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Beefy 5 Layer + Grilled + Double Beef + Creamy Jalapeno.

What is the worst videogame you've ever played? by ChibiWaffle_ in AskReddit

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I think the greatest thing about the invention of the internet is finding out that, yes, everybody else thought it was a terrible and impossible game too. Otherwise I would have probably grown up thinking I just sucked at it

Padres won't feature brown uniforms until 2020, at the earliest by HeadleysHobos in Padres

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"As Tony used to say"

That was low. I like Fowler generally but it's amazing to me how opposed he is to the fans on this.

I didn't know Tony (although I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and I feel like all of us who grew up watching him knew him somewhat), but I'd go out on a limb and say I think Tony would want to give the fans what they freaking so obviously want.

Never forget this shot. by Jamtonisalon in gifs

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"Steamed Hams....that's what I call hamburgers!"

Balloon eats baseball bat by hate_mail in oddlysatisfying

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We all know baseballs are not made of green cheese

"Based on a true story" movies are all part of the same series. by yetanotherAZN in Showerthoughts

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Totally genuine question: How do you get your news then, if I may ask?

History Channel is honoring Martin Luther King Jr. today by playing 10 episodes of his favorite show, American Pickers by frankgrimes_sr in television

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I thought you were kidding

"My 600 lb. Life"

"The Boy with No Brain"

"Dr. Pimple Popper"

"My Legs Won't Stop Growing"

"My Baby's Head Won't Stop Growing."

Crime in San Diego by br34kb34t in sandiego

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God there are some shitty responses here. A guy sincerely asks for help and so much snark.

Generally OP, same advice as any major city -- however I will say one of our cooler areas, Downtown/Gaslamp, has seen some stabbings lately, seems to be a general uptick of unpleasantness downtown lately (although still better than many places in other large cities). My advice is check out downtown and Gaslamp during the day, and spend your nightlife in Little Italy and North Park.

*edit, phrasing, and also to add, really you'll be fine here. It's a great town. Welcome. :)

how to make the kids appreciate disneyland? by Westrunner in Disneyland

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This. They need a few more years of hearing about how awesome it is from their friends -- then they'll be dying to go.

I'd wait til Star Wars Land opens -- then a wait another full year. ;)

We all do it, you hoard Taco Bell sauce packets in your fridge. But what do you put them on? by ILikeCrinkleFries in tacobell

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As someone who can often enjoy a good Hot Pocket, what flavors work best? I'm thinking a Croissant-Crust Ham and Cheddar would be sublime

Delta IV NROL-47 Live Launch Broadcast - YouTube by JohnnyZZZZ4 in space

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I'm in Southern California and the sun is setting...hoping these delays lead to a small repeat of the amazing show we got with the Falcon rocket a few weeks back

We finally got a HD shot of this scene from The Last Jedi! by IRHNLL in StarWars

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If this had happened somehow, I'm pretty sure I would have been sobbing and cheering at the same time.

Golden Globes 2018: Coco wins Best Animated Feature! by weewhomp in disney

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...I kinda don't like it. Feels somewhat spoiler-ish.