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Fun fact: the French cut the cables to the lifts in the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler could not pose for a photo at the top unless he walked up the stairs.

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That's a pretty obvious advantage for things like missiles where you may need to launch at the drop of a hat.

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Britain was developing a liquid- fuelled ICBM in the 1960s but it was scrapped on realising that the 15 minutes fuel up time was too long.

It makes sense that it was different in each country, since before we joined the EU, we all had different currencies. I'm pretty sure Germany still used the German Mark back then.

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I'm old.

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I don't remember. I think it was adopted with the Euro. Before my country joined the EU, I remember it was different. So it wasn't necessarily switched, just that the standard is unusual. For a place praised for its metric system, they sure messed up with this one.

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It predates the Euro by a lot.

It seems France used a comma in place of a dot when publishing book by John Napier, who used a dot, in 1614.

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Some of us are deep sleepers bro. I've fallen off the top of a bunk bed before and kept sleeping through the night only to wake up on the ground floor.

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In the submitted green text he puts it on before she sleeps.

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With all those camera cuts, he was 100% breathing in between maneuvers. Still 100% amazing, though!

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Freedivers go deeper. It takes physical suitability and skill.

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The deeper underwater you go the more the oxygen in your lungs gets compressed, and the faster you start sinking. Also, it's very easy to equalize the water pressure in your ears by plugging your nose and gently trying to exhale. Both of these things are taught in scuba diving classes.

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Freedivers go deeper I believe. It's nit something everyone can do. The pressure on your lungs can cause physical bruising and tearing. (Thoracic squeeze).

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As a world-class antitheist, Chris Hitchens is pretty much against anything or anyone of a religious nature.

Edit: For those in denial or disagreement who are downvoting, I leave you with this quote from Hitchens himself: "I am not even an atheist so much as an antitheist; I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful. Reviewing the false claims of religion I do not wish, as some sentimental materialists affect to wish, that they were true. I do not envy believers their faith. I am relieved to think that the whole story is a sinister fairy tale; life would be miserable if what the faithful affirmed was actually true.... There may be people who wish to live their lives under cradle-to-grave divine supervision, a permanent surveillance and monitoring. But I cannot imagine anything more horrible or grotesque.”

Edit: Downvotes by those in denial or disagreement (or disgruntled Hitchens FanBoyz) neither refute nor impugn either the statement or Hitchen's own words, which substantiate it. They also do not constitute a cogent rebuttal.

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In Hitchens' later life he was one of the world's most famous atheists and antitheists. That doesn't weaken his case against MT. In fact MT was one of the issues which informed his antitheism.

His book God is Not Great: How religion poisons everything is an accessible read.

It’s bad in China, but not like this. I will say though, I lived in Shanghai for about a year a couple of years ago and within two weeks I had gray boogers and a smoker’s cough... I didn’t actually see the sky the whole time I was there.

When I got back and touched down at Dulles-Fort Worth, I didn’t realize how much I missed sunshine and plump booties — both a rarity there.

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One gets back bogeys in London today.

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Without her 'hospitals' those same sick people just died on the street. It's not like she was diverting them away from better care.

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Instead of dying on the streets they died in a bed. So maybe she made their death better, but there were cases where she could've prevented it completely and didn't. So its like helping when no one else it, but doing it pretty badly. Almost like adopting a foster kid because no one else is, but raising them neglectfully. Someone on fb claimed as a baby they were helped by her org; don't remember exactly but they sent her somewhere to get her leg repaired. So it wasn't all bad but we can't ignore it.

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On the other hand the hospices could have had some way of triaging terminally ill people from treatable ones, and providing some basic care for those who could be saved. Also they could have had painkillers for those who were dying, but despite potentially large funding, they didn't offer those things.

They refuse to publish their accounts, apparently.

It's not like she was diverting them away from better care.

Yes she was. There was one case described where a young boy was allowed to die from a treatable infection because they didn't want the bother of trying to save anyone. If they did it for him, they would have to for them all.

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36 points · 2 days ago

Yeah, no ones even trying to defend him on this.

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I might. I think Musk is a geek with clumsy social skills. He must be under massive stress trying to get Tesla production to quota. The Spacex submarine was probably well-intentioned and Musk would want to defend its technical suitability. I find it unlikely that a fault as simple as not fitting though the cave would have been missed by the makers.

I could identify somewhat with making a sarcastic reply to somebody who is accusing me of a PR stunt, and of not having a good technical device. I think Musk most probably needs a few weeks holiday and to make some heartfelt public apologies.

10 points · 2 days ago

why are you sucking his dick?

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I don't like the about-turn of this, whereby universal praise for Musk has turned to universal condemnation. There is something wrong with it. Life is more nuanced than that.

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I don't understand the "pedo" comment. Did Musk just accuse him of being a pedophile out of the blue? Or am I missing something else here.

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-14 points · 2 days ago

My guess is that Musk has been under massive stress lately trying to get Tesla up to speed and keep the finances etc on track, that he genuinely wanted to help with the submarine and has been feeling wounded by criticism, and now he has over-reacted badly.

He probably needs a few weeks off to chill out and to send some heartfelt apologies, before be gets back to saving humanity.

Lets not have him burn out or get distracted.

Jesus Christ, dude. He's not "saving humanity." This slavish devotion to random asshole billionaires is killing us, if anything.

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There was a little bit of tongue in my cheek there. However Elon does more than most for humanity with the type of industries he operates. Then there is the Mars thing. If he does establish a Mars colony, and something does happen to Earth, then he might have saved humanity.

This slavish devotion to random asshole billionaires is killing us, if anything.

That's an intriguing thing to say, what do you have in mind?

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Alright guys, sit down and learn you a thing or two.

Maybe you've heard of object permanence and maybe you haven't. It's the understanding that just because you can't currently see something, you still understand it exists.

Let's say you lost your keys or your phone. You keep looking around for it, because you know it exists, it's just not locatable at the moment. That's object permanence.

Thing is that not all animals have this understanding. Human beings, thankfully, do. But we're not nlborn that way. Rather, we're born not having an understanding of the concept and as we grow up, we slowly start develop this ability, right around when you turn 4 to 8 months old.

So, as far as this kid is concerned, it's watching a colorful thing be created and destroyed right in front of his very eyes.

Imagine seeing the destruction and creation of the universe, being displayed right before your very eyes, and that is all you can see, all you can conceive.

That's what's happening to this kid right now.

His face makes a lot more sense now, doesn't it?

Edit: holy shit, my first gold thank you kind stranger! Idk what it does

Edit 2: messed up the timing of it and looked up what gold means

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Does he know he has arms if he isnt looking at them?

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He can probably feel them. Even that must take time to understand though.

I think the ball gadget looks quite engaging even with object permanence though.

I wonder when kids realise images on TV are different in terms of their permanence than local objects.

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Yay. Thanks for noticing. Nobody ever notices my ones :(

12 years though...

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I love your wording choice

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This title makes a vast deferens.

What annoying composition. Step back a few feet and re-frame to get the leftmost tower fully in shot!

This isn’t a recent photo.

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Yes I am being figurative, or something.

7.3k points · 3 days ago

Good thing OP keeps a mycologist on call. I used to but the retainer fees are crazy.

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You joke but mycologists are the most enthusiastic biologists who get seemingly way too excited to talk about essentially mold and mushrooms.

Send this picture to Paul Stamets on instagram. He’d confirm.

Actually just search mycology on instagram and you’ll find a lot of people who’d be happy to tell you all about that. And psilocybin.

Also, /r/mycology

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I am surprised you don't mention /r/mycology.

Of course reddit does have some on hand. Just do your best to follow their submission rules

If a guy did it he would of been arrested for indecent exposure

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Not if it was in Nudie-Bare Town.

I believe they stuff drugs into the baby doll heads and bodies, reassemble the dolls, and re-package the dolls. Bring one or two at a time across a country border and make a profit. You could probably get away with four or five during the Christmas season.

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This actually explains why the baby heads look so realistic compared to mannequins

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'they'? Do you mean this person?

Welp, that’s what i suspected. Maybe it’s better for me not to figure out what he said exactly, will find more of these idiots on the internet anyways.

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I had a look. It's not interesting.

I've heard it be called "Diamorphine" before but didn't know whether or not it was still widely used since we have stronger synthetic opiates. It still kinda shocks me that like 90% of Americans have no idea that Heroin and Cocaine used to be sold in the back of the Sears catalogue and marketed to housewives. I tell people that and they just look at me slackjawed and are like GTFO you're lying! Until I show them the old Bayer ads....

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Surely they know that Coca Cola originally contained cocaine?

I thought it just contained some kind of extract from the plant cocaine is derived from and not cocaine itself. Can you even absorb cocaine through eating it like an edible?

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It wasn't added as cocaine but was present from precursor ingredients, yes.

It was in other medicinal products for oral use, so I guess that does work in sufficient doses.

Do you have any more like this? It's dope

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Here's Dreamtime in Lake Jackson by the KLF which is an ambient track using Tuvan throat-singing samples. The whole album is great IMHO.

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