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156 points · 1 day ago

Yeah... Craig was the problem in Kathryn’s life... sure.

Original Poster7 points · 10 days ago

I agree, when Sonja started crying saying "I thuoght you'd be proud" I really felt bad for her. And seeing Bethenny stone cold was off putting. Idk. If it had been any other woman doing this, I'd understand Bethenny's reaction. But with Sonja it was too much and especially dragging it out for so long.

Lmao. It was such a silly petty thing that only Luann would say.I loved it. I love Luann despite also hating her, you know? Her flaws are what makes her so entertaining. I died with her texting them !!! her texts were so odd, I was cringing.

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The “I thought you’d be proud” moment broke my heart for her. In so many seasons, Sonja has said so many times how she looks up to B and her business and her success. She clearly is trying to make her own money apart from her ex and she takes anything and everything offered to her. She may not be the business woman, Bethenny is (and we are all reminded Bethenny is from her every scene of every season) but Sonja is just trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame. Can’t blame the girl!

He looks less roidy

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That’s what I think too, lost a lot of muscle.

Carole hadn't seen Tinsley crying on the floor over Scott, or going wedding dress shopping and then crying over her eggs. Tinsley lowkey got dragged by viewers for seeming so immature (although I thought both moments were just innocent and cute). Anyway, I think this made cool, smart and mature Carole wanna distance herself from Tinsley's "childish" antics. Also, the two of them kind of have very different personalities. My cynicism believes that Carole might have clung to Tinsley this season because she realized it started to piss Bethenny off. Then when Bethenny brought up Carole and Tinsley's friendship, Carole needed to disprove Bethenny in ANY SINGLE WAY SHE COULD, so she threw Tinsley to the wolves. I think this was extremely immature and petty of Carole, but we saw this side to her already this season when she made so many unnecessary comments about how her "marathon party" didn't show enough appreciation for her?? Egotistical much? Regardless, I think that Bethenny and Carole were both atrocious at the reunion and neither were the bigger person at any point. Same for Dorinda.

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This! 100%! Disproving Bethenny in EVERY THING was all Carole wanted to do, she wanted to claim Bethenny “lied” about everything she said on the show even though we all clearly saw the same thing.. I think Carole used Tins to piss off Bethenny but then tossed her aside when she didn’t need her anymore. Like Andy said, why is it such a bad thing to admitting to being friends?

99 points · 19 days ago

Dorinda is MEAN.

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I’ve been rewatching old seasons and she has had it out for Sonja since day 1! Sonja is crazy but harmless crazy.

117 points · 19 days ago

Hey, remember when Carole said Ramona's divorce was like a death? She doesn't remember that either it seems.

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Yes!! I just rewatched that episode! I actually laugh out loud when she said it!

Carole needs to STOP TWEETINGGGGG. My god! I’m not Team B or Team Carole but her tweeting is the most petty and annoying thing ever. Move on!! She is so bitter and angry.

148 points · 26 days ago

Only thing I have to say about the reunion part deux?

“Wow. That’s a lot.”

Ok...I lied not the only thing.

I love Sonja. Hot mess, crumbling townhouse, mistakes, failed toaster oven, legacy slippers, and everything else.

She actually cares.

I can honestly say it’s taken me 10 years to fall in love with her.

Now that’s a love story...

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Totally agree! I’ve been watching old seasons lately and it’s so interesting to watch while the current season is on. Sonja may be delusional at times but other times she is a very logical thinker but people just over look her. She usually is the one who stands up to Ramona and will tell her when she is in the wrong and for the most part, Ramona listens to her and realizes what she did was wrong

How did we go from Season 9, the funniest, most entertaining season to this? It’s SOOO dark and negative! I’m over it all. I’m over B, I’m over Carole. I’m over the who has a drinking problem story line. Let’s get the fun back!

Instead of hats there will be beer koozies that say "woop it up with coto insurance"

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Okay I might have to buy one if they existed. That’s amazing hahaha

Fuck him and those crazy eyes

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Beady Beador can fuck right off. RIGHT. OFF.

26 points · 1 month ago

There is nothing cute about these three. So much forced "we are having fun" and "buddies for life" going on that it rings a little pathetic.

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Also feels like they are trying to out do RHONY Mexico trip and that’s impossible!

Ohhhh a new (kinda) celebrity for Kyle and LVP to fight over who is closer to who! Get ready for some pathetic social climbing done by other wives!


posts a pic of Shannon on her IG

Girl, bye.

Also, *Tamra. Why does everyone misspell her name?

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Original Poster7 points · 2 months ago

I do have to say it was a video of the scene not a picture of Shannon, just happen to be Shannon when I took a screen shot.

Also.. because no one cares enough about her to try.. and I’m too lazy to correct the auto correct 💁🏼‍♀️

Did she really post a pic of Shannon on her IG? (Or was this a video?) bc that’s shitty, if so.

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Original Poster8 points · 2 months ago

It was a video of the scene of Shannon and Tamera talking about it

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I could see it being either Scheana or Lala

Original Poster28 points · 3 months ago

Scheana seems more likely - Lala has been a bit more positive lately I thought (although I guess only when it suits her narrative!)

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Agreed - Scheana is definitely more likely. Lala is more positive but we know she loves a good story line, and how upset she was not being the one who broke the Faith storyline.

Am I the only one that hates these whole page Instagram layouts for advertising? It’s fine if you only look at their Instagram as a whole, but when I’m scrolling my feed and every picture is just a quarter of a face it’s really annoying.

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Original Poster31 points · 3 months ago

YES! It drives me nuts!

Is that really her handle

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Original Poster12 points · 3 months ago

No, it’s a joke account but they posted that picture from her actual Instagram

159 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Facts are facts. I'm not Bethenny's biggest fan but Carole/Ramona/Dorinda are reaching with this to find something to be mad about in addition to the Adam thing,

Dorinda has in issue with the degree of gratitude she should have received compared to Michael, not the existence of a thanks because B did express her gratitude to her, just not as much as she did to the man who actually got it for her.

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Completely agree, I really think everyone is reaching here. #thankyougate is almost as bad as #glassgate and #pantygate. RHONY is above these petty fights, this is a RHOBH fight.

Team Neither. Their drama makes for entertaining television but I don’t feel committed to either side.

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Another member of Team Neither here! Great entertainment for TV but dear lord are they both annoying!

I mean its scummy to ask to be paid to take photos for charity. If you can't do it you can't do it, but have a bit of tact.

Carole is still going off on twitter and at this point, its erasing the wrongness of Bethenny and making Carole look bad

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Agreed! Carol’s tweeting is looking petty and embarrassing at this point. Trust me, I’m in no way Team Bethenny, they are both annoying me this season. I’m Team Falling in Bushes.

This is coming from someone who hates Vicki... but.. I don’t believe Lauri’s story at all. She literally said she was out to ruin Vicki because of some email from George’s ex MIL. She beat around the bush with every story she told. First that Brooks was dating/sleeping with/seeing her daughters friend (that very well could be true because it’s Brooks) and then that Vicki was in bed with a man and another women but when confronted said I never said they were sleeping together... COME ON LAURI! You clearly were hinting at it and wanted people to think she was having a three some.


Whitney the producer totally stepped in to try and create drama for the show with the Austen/Shep fight at Nico’s and it failed terribly haha he was hoping for more and the guys ended it pretty quickly.

Tamera and Heather were AWFUL towards Shannon. Yes, Shannon is her own level of crazy but that dinner party was disgusting. I totally get why Shannon started screaming you will all see the truth aka wait till this airs. If I was Shannon I would of snapped too, you would feel like you were going crazy if two woman were saying all sorts of things about you and then denying it. I really felt bad for Shannon this whole season.

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