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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
breakingbadforlife 0 points

sorry cause ive seen it asked a lot but, this is the YSL album and thugs album is coming soon right, or some kind of solo project from thug?

mtnDrew0 2 points

this is YSL but mainly showcasing thug bc duh he the main dude. He been in the studio but idk about a solo project this year

breakingbadforlife 1 point

thanks man this explains it

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
breakingbadforlife 14 points

cant wait for tillers album hyped asf, this song is smooth asf both of them killed it

drchabs13 8 points

Bro I've been waiting sooooo long for that shit. He's stated how he was unhappy with True to self and its reception and that he's all about making his new tape about summer vibes and happy shit. I'd definitely bet its gonna be more of a progression of TRAPSOUL rather than his last tape.

also check this shit one of his kentucky boys mixed recently of one of Bryson's features:

breakingbadforlife 5 points

yeah man s e r e n i t y or something right? im hyped for it, i frequently browse his twitter, will check the thing out is it on apple music

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/travisscott
NuffNuffHoldTheFluff 6 points

So I have to buy the season pass within 10 hours but don't know if he's coming near me yet? It's only $8 but still..

breakingbadforlife 1 point

Yeah I live in Louisville and I’m willing to go to cincinatti or Nashville what are the chances he’s coming near me

Sky_Hawk105 63 points

I'm kinda skeptical to buy a pass when the tour might not even come close to me

breakingbadforlife 1 point

Same, when do you think the tour dates are coming

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
I_WantABigUsername 9 points

This might be weird but I have a theory. Remember when that astroworld trailer video was going round like 4 weeks before astroworld dropped? Remember how it said all the names of the people who might be featured on it? Remember how thug and future were both on it? Then remember how a couple days later future sent out a bunch of tweets dissing at somebody but he didn’t say who? Idk why but I feel like future was addressing Travis in those tweets. Then thug and future started posting videos hanging out with each other and shi. I think future is mad w Travis over something and thug been so close to future that he turned his back on trav. Which is why there’s no mentions of them two anywhere and no collars being put out.

It’s just a theory but i hope this ain’t true.

breakingbadforlife 6 points

what tweet

kennythegoat 44 points

quan was too good on mamacita. I think Thug was the best on skyfall and pick up the phone. But tbh travis came through on floyd mayweather so its not like thug is always "carrying"

breakingbadforlife 12 points

the Look me inside of my eyes part in skyfall made me fall in love w thug

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
funguineapig4 479 points

This shit is pathetic.

breakingbadforlife 1 point

do you think shes losing money

breakingbadforlife 5 points

lmao fuck i just downloaded 3 albums in FLAC and realized shit, apple music dont even take FLAC

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
wrisn 84 points

''forrest gump, you been runnin on my mind boy (BOI, I DO IT)''

breakingbadforlife 12 points

I look up

HonestlyImTooBig 2 points

The pusha t one because screw Kyle

breakingbadforlife 3 points

damn, i kinda like beautiful loser but i wanna see pusha t cover ignition shitd be fire

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
SheenEstevezzz 259 points

Meek and Drake started because of Drake not tweeting about Meeks album.

Em vs. ICP

The Game vs. Meek is a personal fav in contrived beef for album sales

breakingbadforlife 5 points

whats the em and icp thing

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
illusiveab 1 point

Why do people not talk about Retch more? The dude has killed every single project he's released since 2011. Easily one of my mainstay favorites in rotation.

Also, for you Roc Marciano stans, what's the best place to start and progress?

breakingbadforlife 1 point

what retch project on streaming services would you recommend, something with hype bangers

ToySoldieriiV 10 points

What are some things about hip hop you wouldn't believe at all if someone told you in the past. For example, if you told me Kid Cudi would release his best work imo (KSG) the day after SB2H was released I would've laughed really fucking hard.

breakingbadforlife 8 points

astroworld selling 500k

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
bigswag69wastaken 7 points

The song is cop me a foreign by gunna ft Young thug...smh u/breakingbadforlife

breakingbadforlife 1 point

shit my bad

Alt-Ginger 1 point

lmao i was listening for the cop me a foreign part and was confused

breakingbadforlife 1 point

my bad lmao fuck

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