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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
deathwish_ASR 9 points

He literally named the album “Fuck You Bella” on SoundCloud. Has a whole different cover and everything lmao

breakingbadforlife 1 point

i cant find it lmao

deathwish_ASR 5 points

he must have changed it back 😂

I downloaded it to use in my iTunes, but did a rough paste job of the car from the official cover on top of it because the middle finger wasn't obvious enough. Lost the original but here's the proof

breakingbadforlife 3 points

What a legend

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
TakeCareAintAClassic 3 points

What’s your absolute favorite workout banger? I’ve been listening to hella Meek and Ti and need some variety lol.

Edit: preferably shit that won’t get me clowned for playing on the weight room speaker

breakingbadforlife 2 points

been balling by chief keef and ballout

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
breakingbadforlife 1 point

Dam jus the other day I got into lil baby and his album is great and gunna has great flows too I’m looking forward to this hopefully it has a Thug ft

Tau-9 44 points

okay not to sound ignorant but can someone give me the 101 on lil baby, I've never heard of him before but now everybody seems to be talking about him as if he's been popular for a while now. What's the rundown?

breakingbadforlife 67 points

He’s from ATL been rapping for a year and released like 4 projects and is consistent and is influenced heavily by thugga

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
mrcarlita 16 points

There was already a ton of hype for Drake before SFG. I'll admit I didn't know about him before he started working with Wayne, but tracks I remember from before the mixtape included Ransom, Man of the Year, I'm Still Fly, and the original Forever.

breakingbadforlife 3 points

thanks man, you got a link to OG forever

also if you know any other songs i appreciate it

clayton976 4 points

Comeback season as an entire mixtape is pretty amazing!

breakingbadforlife 4 points

I’ll check it out

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
fhieickrkckvk 2 points

they prioritised commercial success and $$ over quality music, can't blame them but sucks for their fans

breakingbadforlife 1 point

I’m all for them to get money just thought that shit was trash lmao

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

I don't know what the job prospects are like in Lousiville but when I was 15 I worked at a Boy Scout camp so maybe some sort of summer camp might hire you (kinda depends on the nature of the camp I guess). Yard work works too.

You sound like you've got the right idea man, just enjoy summer and try to make some money

breakingbadforlife 1 point

i'll def try that camp stuff, and yea man i dont wanna waste summer have fun and make money

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
ThugginOnTheInternet 39 points

you know you could've had a listening know getting interviewed about your kinks, getting your hands fondled and playing in a gigantic ball pit after a "scientist" forced milk and peppers down your throat...

but do you tho

breakingbadforlife 4 points

and fucking travis scott lmao

[deleted] 1 point


breakingbadforlife 4 points

one of the ppl who were in the box with the balloons

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
MoneyConvo 73 points

I always fuck with new Montana of 300, man has bars for days

Here's hoping this one is a bit less preachy than Don't Doubt The God. I enjoyed that album but damn if he didn't sound like a Christian rapper by the end of it

About to dive in, I'll add my thoughts as I listen

Edit: He's definitely embracing trap more on this release, but he's going for a less mainstream sound and more lyrical approach, especially on Lambo and Dancing With My AK

breakingbadforlife 2 points

i listened to one of his albums and i coudlnt stand the singing tracks, what ones do you recommend.

also is there like a mixtape or something of all his remixes cause i wanna listen to em

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
breakingbadforlife 4 points

like i said in the release thread, this is the first time im hearing this dude and this shit fucking goes dam best release last night if you're not counting .Paak

feautres are great too Gunna and Lil Baby compliment each other so much

overall this is a great project 8/10

breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
ta4lyfebih 1 point

Yo that’s crazy I’m Indian and I used to live in Lexington

breakingbadforlife 2 points

Damn not a lot of indians here tho only like 4 in my school entirely

Doomulos 1 point

gotchu fam

don't let the ratings fool you

breakingbadforlife 1 point

dam thanks fam

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breakingbadforlife commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
Ghost51 27 points

Nightcrawler from Rodeo by Travis doesn't get enough credit for its densely packed production and killer features from Swae Lee and Chief Keef. The outro gives me chills every time especially with this fan made music video.

Company off IYRTITL by Drake and Travis Scott is also a good shout, the bridge to Travis Scott is just so fucking insane if you have speakers with good bass. The production is top notch and literally comparing themselves to dogs(with actual dog barking in the beat) is a funny twist on the generic womaniser theme in brag rap.

breakingbadforlife 4 points

Bro both are great choices

kkeatonthomas -13 points

how do you all feel about g-eazy’s music. I personally feel like his music is pretty damn good and a lot better than all these new ‘ad-libs’ rappers.

breakingbadforlife 8 points

He makes bangers and is overhated

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