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When the first trains were being experimented with in the early 1800s, scientists weren't sure that people could survive going those speeds. Even 30mph in a train car was considered risky. Kinda like how people were afraid of electricity when it was first implemented in homes and businesses. People railed against it and only the brave would actually ride the first trains.

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My great grandmother firmly believed that if you went faster than the speed a horse can run, air wouldn’t be able to flow freely in and out of your lungs and you’d suffocate

Oh shit, I didn’t even think I was going to need to address the crowd as a whole. Getting married in a month.

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8 points · 3 days ago

Thank god for this thread

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It's a bit dead during the summer as well as any major U.S. holidays. I'm averaging around $15 a day but I really have to scrape and do everything I find.

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I’m glad that’s not just me

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Yep! And whenever I feel like my house is messy I start thinking about investigators being disgusted by my place and it motivates me to clean 😆

Wait a minute, you can't milk almonds?

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You can milk anything that has nipples

Why not say you don't like alcohol?


I know that seems hard for others to understand, but I think it's a perfectly acceptable reason for you to not drink. I don't generally like spicy food myself, the taste just isn't my thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe other people would be willing to accept that alcohol just isn't something you enjoy.


Wish you much luck in life my friend, stay true to yourself, and when you can to others. :)

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47 points · 7 days ago

In my experience, this actually has the opposite effect. Rather than leaving you alone, people begin insisting you “just haven’t tried <drink> yet, you’ll love that!” Then it seems like your liking alcohol becomes their personal project/mission.

This has been solved. The socks have run away with the Tupperware lids

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2 points · 10 days ago

No no no. The socks become lidless tupperware containers. That’s why you have no socks and a million containers

My grandparents used to grow turkeys,

Grow or raise? Makes it seem like they're a plant.

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63 points · 16 days ago

Everyone knows turkeys grow on trees

It's saying I don't meet the qualifications, but I did vote in the 2016 Pres elections. Is there somewhere I can add that information and qualify?

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I got into a twitter fight with one of my friends because she argued with my tweet about how I was enjoying the beautiful day by having all my windows/back door open and doing spring cleaning. In her mind, no one should enjoy a beautiful day unless they are specifically hiking in the mountains or laying on the beach.

I love having all windows open while cleaning, if it's nice out. Especially after a long winter, it's nice to air the house out

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Me too! Fresh air and warm spring breeze are the best after a long cold winter

A lot of it has to do with demographics too. People don't realize this.

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There are so many things I'm apparently "not qualified" for, and I don't know why - I almost never see qualification surveys and clicking "Request Qualification" does not seem to do much. How do I qualify for more things?

How do you look for HITs? Do you use script/extension? If you answer that, maybe we can guide you a little bit.

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I’ve been using MTS’ Hit Finder but I’m still trying to figure out how it works.

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I've said this. I moved overseas away from my family and friends, and when I get down and lonely on american holidays, I look through videos and pictures I took when I was still living in the US.

Is this how a vegan plays where’s Waldo? With fruit and carpets

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5 points · 20 days ago

Why a vegan? It’s not about eating, no one eats Waldo when they find him

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If you have a specific project in mind, feel free to message me. I have a lot of writing and editing experience and would be interested in helping out.

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Honoring your commitments. When you say you’re going to attend a party or function or game night, then GO. Don’t stick it in your back pocket in case nothing else comes up. You said you would go, so you go. Hosts depend on rsvp’s for reservations, food, space, general planning. And don’t think “oh well it’s ok if i skip, everyone else will go so they won’t notice I’m gone.” I guarantee you’re not the only one thinking that, and let me tell you, it suuuucks when you invite 20 people to a party and 2 show up.

So no party pics? I just don't get this one.

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6 points · 20 days ago

I think pictures from the event are one thing - just your straight up invitation ahead of time is something else. Whats the point of sharing that except to announce you got invited to something?

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Being happy working a 9-5 office job. I couldn’t get my brain around that as a kid and now it’s fine.

More like what I didn't experience. I never really found my "passion" or "dream" or whatever. I always thought one day I would stumble across my perfect career or life goal that I could spend my life aspiring to, but nope. Here I am, 26, and still just... iunno, existing I guess. Which is... fine. It doesn't suck or anything, but it's a little anticlimactic to realize that I'm just gonna drift from one thing to the next until I die, never really excelling at anything. It's fine, though. Really. Yup.

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Yeah, I get this. It turns out I’m not a Special Next Big Anything afterall. Not a prodigy. Not gonna do Great Things. All the So Much Potential has led me to just a regular life. I turn 32 this month and honestly I’m still a little sad about realizing this.

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This was a bad decision even if you didn't feel like finishing a medical degree, objectively speaking.

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Yep. "Passion" comes and goes. There are phases where you're not going to like what you're doing no matter what it is - it gets tiring and tedious just because you're doing it all the time. Making a big life decision like this on the basis of what is essentially senioritis is a colossal mistake.

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I was the person in front once, totally by accident. I was out for a drive with one of my friends, windows down, music up, that kind of thing. The sun was just starting to set. We were enjoying the windy country roads when I noticed someone had pulled in behind me. Since we were just meandering around, I took the next left just to get out from in front of them. They turned left, too. I took the next right. They turned right, too. By the third turn, my friend and I started getting freaked out. We turned the music down and I started being more intentionally evasive - first left, third right, second left. This car stuck with me the whole time. Now it's dusk and the road is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until it finally ends in a driveway. I'm panicking - they're right behind me - so I pull all the way up into the driveway and swing around in a frantic 3 point turn to get the hell out of there before they can get me. As we screech past them, I see it's a regular looking family - concerned looking man, scared looking woman, and two very confused looking kids. My friend watched in the rearview mirror as we drove away and said they went into the house.

I also caught a $6 HIT that related to image categorization. Part two will be posted tomorrow. Kind of long, but I enjoyed it.

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Holy cow, that HIT made me so sleepy! Glad I snagged it though

Part of the time you spend turking is unpaid as you look for HITs to work on. I'd say if you can only commit 1 to 2 hours per day, you're going to fall short of your goal. Realistically count on $25 to $40 per week if it's a slower summer, so closer to $150 a month. There are too many variables to accurately predict if you can do this or how much time to reach that mark. Since you're starting out, you won't have some qualifications such as >1000 approved or >5000 approved. Be prepared to be burned out if you absolutely have to take in $300 as a minimum.

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Realistically count on $25 to $40 per week if it's a slower summer, so closer to $150 a month.

When do things start picking up again for Fall semester - August?

Annoyed that a "possible $4.50" hit got shut down to 70 cents because no one showed up for me to play the game with.

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Mine broke partway through. I sent them a message but who knows if they'll get back to me.

5.8k points · 1 month ago

In the event of an accident they will all die having a great time!

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In the event of an accident they will all die having a great time!

-Brasil’s national motto

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Today's work is brought to you by: "Hit found! JK, no more of these hits are available!"

Seriously. I've been trying to get these surgery clips and click on them the second they pop up, aaaaaaaaand they're already gone. Hit catcher isn't pulling them for me, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong =/

Be sure to do the peter burke HIT's Those are the easiest $3.75 you'll make today. They limit you to 25 HIT's

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They're not showing up for me, are they gone already?

Only if you don’t go into CrowdSurf to get them. Besides that, if you’re doing batches to get your numbers up, $.05 is still a hell of a lot better than $.01. I mean, it’s no Pinterest, but it ain’t copying mile-long receipts, either.

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2 points · 1 month ago

I can't get pinterest to even work for me, it tells me there's no work available. It's been up for three days though...

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