What is your opinion on the supposed reversed Satanic messages hidden in songs like Stairway to Heaven? by JoeCool888 in conspiracy

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I have listened to Stairway backwards, and I heard none of those things. I did hear a couple of passages that might sound like something, if somebody told you what it was before hand. I think all that backwards masking stuff was bullshit. I don't think it really holds any merit to listen to a song forward and get some kind of message that was included backwards.

New details on paddock by AlienRainforest in conspiracy

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Congressman Scott Perry has said the hurricane response in Puerto Rico was a "success story". He's also said that the forests around Chesapeake Bay are responsible for the bay's pollution, and said it was God's fault.

His "credible evidence" is probably Infowars.

New Vegas shooting pics leaked by breensy in conspiracy

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Holy shit, that place is a dump. When did they last decorate, 1978?

What is this thing that has a speaker and LED? by RedWarFour in whatisthisthing

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Acctron makes RF and Wifi controlled toys. My guess is this was a store display which would flash a light and make a sound, to attract you to Accrton's toys on the shelf. It sensed when someone was near.

Q put an extra "e" in the word JUDGMENT. This means Q is not legally aware of USA legal spelling of JUDGMENT not JUDGeMENT (extra e)...true? by ToborIA in conspiracy

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Judgement is an acceptable spelling. It usually doesn't trigger a spell checker, and in fact, I spell it that way when I type.

No, I am not Q.

Does Donald Trump want to be president ? by msh0001 in conspiracy

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It makes sense if you believe he wanted to win, but didn't really want to do the job. This, actually, happens a lot in politics. It becomes much more of a contest to simply win, than it does to gain a place in government and work for what you feel is good for the public.

[HELP] How should I address old drywall prior to new backsplash install? by slapshooter90 in DIY

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What you see is both some adhesive residue, and some places where the outer coating of paper came off the drywall with the previous adhesive.

It'd be good to chip off any high spots of adhesive, prime, and then start applying the new backsplash. The skimcoat isn't necessary. The new tile/stone doesn't care if it's perfectly smooth or not.

What is this kind of lighter called? The metal disc in the centre slides down to light the flame. by themoosetheory in whatisthisthing

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I assume it's a piezo lighter, which uses a little "static" shock to light the gas rather than a spark from flint, as in traditional cheap lighters.

Shaped a little different, but the same idea:


Gf and I just moved into an old apartment, this was here when we arrived. Antique fake fireplace perhaps? by splash_one in whatisthisthing

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Yes, its a fake fireplace, electric heater. The top tube is a radiant coil, like this:


I assume the blue marbles are not original.

We need a Junk Mail Tax at the Post Office. by russianbot01 in conspiracy

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Well, if Congress didn't force them to prefund retirement accounts, like they do with ... no other agency ... they'd be making a profit.

Basement stairs by ak8ak8 in DIY

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That, and on mobile, every picture after it is a dick.

We need a Junk Mail Tax at the Post Office. by russianbot01 in conspiracy

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... They are taking advantage of via tax payer funds in the post office. It is a drain on our tax money and resources.

FYI: the post office gets no tax money.