Need help. Do I need to line the inside of a stud bay for a cold air return? by stinesstines in DIY

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FWIW, I have a stretch of return between some floor joists and it's unlined. House is 37 years old and still standing. :)

Found this old pc monitor, think it's worth anything? by AboveJester in whatisthisthing

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As the bot said, try /r/whatsthisworth. The answer, however, will be no its not worth anything. There are likely dozens on Craigslist free section at any given time.

Just moved into our new place & these were left in the backyard, anyone know what they're for? by p_i_z_z_a_h in whatisthisthing

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Heh, looked at the new pics and was coming to say they were washer and dryer pedestals. But I see people beat me to it.

Found in my great grandfather's things. He was a plumber. by wetpoohstain in whatisthisthing

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Its a souvenir thing that was made in a machine where you selected the letters to be stamped into the soft metal. Often at carnivals and so on.



Two-way dimmer switch by Rybeast7390 in DIY

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Please reformat the text by removing all leading spaces. Also what country are you in? Pics would help.

Someone tell me what this jacket is called? by [deleted] in whatisthisthing

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Try /r/helpmefind for brand or model questions

Diy Fairy Mushroom house at home by paper clay making video by [deleted] in DIY

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Your submission was removed as it belongs in /r/crafts.

Any idea what this plant is by Coganaut in DIY

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Your submission was removed. Try /r/whatsthisplant

TIL that you should NEVER feed ducks bread! by maudiestirling in todayilearned

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A duck loves bread, but he does not have the capability to buy a loaf.

Car Crusher by [deleted] in WTF

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I aint believin' it.

Is this for smoking? by josingle in whatisthisthing

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For Mate, a kind of tea. That's a kind of straw.

[Help] Sliding Glass Door Handle and Lock Replacement by bjake85 in DIY

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The handle I linked to (and I just added more) will cover the entire opening. Yes, they screw to each other. As I just added, if the lock won't work, you could always fill the center with a block of wood cut to size, and that would keep the handle from moving around, and you can use a pin lock.

[Help] Sliding Glass Door Handle and Lock Replacement by bjake85 in DIY

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There are lots of handle/lock sets at Home Depot that are the right size to cover that opening. Why don't they work?


Even if that particular lock won't work, you can use the handles, and get a lock that is like a pin.


I have had one of those as the sole lock on my sliding door for about 17 years.

Keep existing granite side splash or remove to make way for subway tile backsplash? by HelloWorld5609 in DIY

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