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Log_On_Once_Daily 2 points

Where do the seas go after they've drained over the edge?

brockm92 1 point

Down the space between the dome and the Earth. It settles at the bottom and will put out the Earth's molten core until we all get dead. It's like internal bleeding.

EggronTheGreat 1 point

is there like a "save the date" card thing or somethin' cuz i need one

brockm92 1 point

There's an app that will keep you up to date.

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Kensin [M] 2 points

This isn't the first time we've had to remove one of your posts. Please carefully review our rules before posting again, thanks!

brockm92 1 point

Is this to me?

TigerSoze 1 point

Mainstream “news” site. Lol

brockm92 1 point

FOX much?

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brockm92 commented on a post in r/flatearth
brockm92 3 points

That made me cry. Beautiful... just beautiful.

Cold-Drinks 2 points

I eat ass I mean I eat a lot of ass I’ve been thinking about checking myself back into rehab because eating ass has taken over my life but then I realized that eating ass is good

brockm92 1 point

Uhhh... ok.

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Tanshiru 2 points

Choose advanced settings and startup settings...then reboot...choose 4 and uninstall anything that you installed prior to the issues

brockm92 1 point

Thank you so much.

fm369 2 points

Is the hard drive removable and do you have another PC?

brockm92 1 point

No, it's a desktop. I chose the "choose which files to keep and reinstall Windows" option. Thank you for responding.

brockm92 commented on a post in r/flatearth
Rhino2115 2 points

How religious are you?

brockm92 3 points

Who you callin a psycho?!!!

Rhino2115 1 point

It is not a craft, it’s a satellite that- wait have you ever used google maps? Because that’s what this is.

brockm92 3 points

Satellites do not accelerate upwards that fast. No, I've never used moogle gaps... or any other form of witchcraft.

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AnyCampaign -2 points

if my bitch says earth is round i slap her wit my dick she say it flat now

brockm92 2 points

Wait... are you quoting a Nicholas Sparks novel right now?

joship2000 1 point

Well that might be her excited face I guess.

brockm92 3 points

You haven't seen her excited face. If you have, you'd better tell me because I'll file for divorce.

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brockm92 commented on a post in r/flatearth
Mishtle 3 points

Omg. First one is just the guy being grabbed by his belt loop. And the second one is just some guy that didn't take off the harness that they need to wear in order to "sit down" to exercise or use the restroom.

brockm92 4 points

I wear a restroom harness when I know I'm going to have a rough time in there.

brockm92 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
brockm92 13 points

Living in a van down by the river.

MasterBaiterPro 1 point

Damn, so you did afford a van afterall... Rich guy!

brockm92 2 points

It doesn't run and I'm not sure whose it is. It was just down by the river.

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