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adrianlambertz -2 points

Exactly this! I know everyone is here because of the money - me too... but money isn't everything. Think about the whole project and what it can achieve. People in other countries experience censorship and can't access the whole internet or it's contents. Tron/ the whole blockcahin technology could change that! Decentralization is the key! For me this is a really big thing! Get the power back to the users and not to single centralized companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple etc.

And of course... earning some money with it is really nice.

[EDIT] and to achieve this we need time! think about it - tron is about 4 months old. ripple needed almost 5 years to get where they are.

brockm92 0 points

Good point but money is the most important thing. Let's not kid ourselves.

adrianlambertz 5 points

Yeah 99,9% of all people here doing this for money, of course! But I just wanted to remind that money isn't everything.

brockm92 1 point


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brockm92 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
A_Blind_Alien 438 points

this is retarded. Everyone wants to blame wall street because its the big scary nameless monster.

truth is if you short a position, you need someone to long it. since wall street would be the ones also longing it, they would break even if you look at them as a whole.

Also the volume is laughable for these futures. There would be more money pumping into it

Also these markets are actually regulated. Manipulating futures is a felony, and the CME CFTC is very good at enforcing these felonies.

brockm92 1 point

Big $$$ have committed many felonies before... and look what the banks and Wall Street did to us leading up to the '08 market crash.

nigjtwulf1974 2 points

Then sell, simple. Sounds like you already have planted the seed of doubt. If you are losing faith, sell. You are an adult and can make your own decisions. It's OK to question whatever you want, but trying to get reassurance on the legitimacy of your concern in a Reddit forum isn't going to help either way I'm afraid. Personally, I love the constant updates. To each their own, and I'm not invested in Justin's Tweets. Couldn't care less, because despite what anyone thinks - they are NOT connected to any swing in price. That's just pure hyperbole. and nonsense.

brockm92 1 point

Then what has caused the recent price increase... that started soon after his last tweet?

dacryptokeeper 1 point

Correlation is not causation ....are you a freshman or sophomore?

brockm92 0 points

You know, when you've watched it happen about 10 times now you can pretty much start to rule out coincidence. Are you in grade school or junior high?

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AmbitiousSingh -1 points

Shitcoins are only fun when the market is doing well.

brockm92 3 points

The term "Shitcoin" is borderline FUD. You may want to consider deleting this comment, your Reddit account, your name and moving. I doubt it will do any good but it's worth a try. God Bless you.

ferdinandastair 3 points

What's the link for the ICO want to sell everything I own and invest only in this coin.

brockm92 10 points

You can contact him personally regarding his ICO at

brockm92 commented on a post in r/CoinBase
st4rbug 2 points

Who would you recommend instead?

brockm92 2 points

Binance... they are getting better with working out the bugs, their deposits and withdraws are quicker and fees much lower.

brockm92 1 point

No exchange is perfect but Coinbase scares the shit out of me. My first and only small deposit with them took forever.

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brockm92 commented on a post in r/Tronix
brockm92 1 point

TRON was all the rage and the best thing since sliced bread until it hit 31 cents and didn't hold even close to that. What we saw at 31 cents was pure FOMO... and I actually think it hurt TRON. If it didn't didn't have that massive buying surge and we were at 9 cents like we are now it would still be all the rage. People tend to forget what the price was a few months ago.

brockm92 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Camacho1 21 points

What happened to all the TRX shills?

They should be hyping this 70% off sale. /s

brockm92 0 points

They don't even have a working product yet. Every price surge it had was FOMO due to good news. They have one of the strongest teams and product in all of crypto now and eventually the price will reflect that... who knows how far down the road. The insane gains that we have seen with TRX have actually hurt it. Everyone wanted to watch their money double every few days.

Cryptofeliac 1 point

Because you didn’t have any BNB so you paid your fees in EOS

brockm92 1 point

16 bucks? And if they are fees why is it showing up in my "funds" as EOS?

TheJamMaster 3 points

No. You paid .047 EOS as a fee for the trade leaving you with .953

brockm92 2 points

Ah yes... makes sense now. Thank you.

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Karma_z 1 point

You wouldn’t gamble with your child’s future college fund on a single crypto. That’s beyond idiotic.

brockm92 1 point

HOLY SHIT for the gazzillionth time no one is going to and it's a hypothetical scenario that would never happen.

StellaSadistic 0 points

I love when children talk about banks.

brockm92 1 point

Like piggy banks?

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hey_i_tried 2 points

Hey let's hope so, I'm on his team, bought in at 0.03, so I'm just waiting for the fud to clear up

brockm92 1 point

The white paper did this to the price... plus everyone's high hopes for an Alibaba partnership. If they didn't hear Alibaba, they were selling. TRON holders became extremely spoiled and they act rediculous when the price goes up. They annoy the living shit out of me.

hey_i_tried 7 points

Even as a tron holder this was hilarious

brockm92 0 points

I am too... just bought in again.

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gemnyc 2 points

I signed up like a month ago and got verified. But it took like 3 weeks! Anybody thinking of jumping ship has to take that into consideration. And now that crypto is more popular than ever it can take even longer.

brockm92 1 point

Ok so let's all just lose money while we patiently wait for them to finally get it right. Sure do wish I could trade out of Bitcoin right now... as I watch it continue to drop.

gemnyc 2 points

IS Bittrex any good? I'm thinking of moving my business elsewhere too. These constant timeouts are inconvenient to say the least.

brockm92 1 point

Yes... not perfect but MUCH better.

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