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Ants normally weigh 1-5mg and can lift 10-100 times their weight depending onthe species. Therefore, a small and weak ant could only lift 10mg while a large strong ant could lift 500mg. If the average human weighs 70kg, it would require 140 thousand of the strongest possible ants to lift a human body, or 7 million tiny sugar ants to lift it. That's a lot of ants.

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If I were to roll those ants into a ball, about how big would it be?

My coworker’s story: 5th grade A girl came with her grandma to school early and asked if she could put a big tubaware bowl into the classroom. It was the thick colored plastic with a lid kind. The science teacher saw nothing wrong and let her in.

Class starts and the girl keeps going to the laundry basket (large plastic bin with handles) they keep to hold lunch boxes. Finally the teacher follows her and is completely startled. After everyone had put their lunch boxes away, the girl had opened the lid of the bowl so her pet snake could breathe and simply let it hang out in the basket.

The fun part is that she had lied to her grandma about having permission and the science teacher felt embarrassed for letting her into the classroom early.

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(ETA this very very loosely if at all fits your question but I hope it’s allowed anyway) This isn’t for show and tell but I’ve had kids come in with a few weird things (I teach preschool). The parents bring them in with their weird toy and laugh telling me “It’s what got us out of the house...” Memorable ones are:

A spray paint can lid (1 yr old) found in the garage on the way to the car. Dad had dropped off and mom gave me the most WTF look when she picked up that night and I handed it back to her.

A hair tie, a hot wheels and a handheld bubble machine that was broken (3 yo)

A little bubble wand necklace (3 yo) with no bubbles in it.

A bag of marbles (I think he was 3)

A 24-pack of cheap dollar store crayons (2 yr old)

$1 and some random change (2 yr old wanted lunch money in a baggie like his big brother).

The best one though was a 2 yr old who found a rock at the beach over the weekend and he would not let it go mom said. His nickname was “pickle” and so I come into work to find a plain gray rock sitting on my counter with “PICKLE :)” written in pretty letters by mom.

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I had a five year old autistic kid who was obsessed with belts. Not wearing them. He likes to shake it and listen to the metal on metal clink from the buckle.

My cats have a weird relationship with the ghost of my apartment. It started out as they staring at the corners of the ceiling where there was nothing. It wasn’t even shadowy. It slowly escalated from them watching it bounce around the ceiling to chasing it and trying to paw up the wall at it.

One night I’m lying in bed. It was a full (just below a queen). With me and my cats, I often ended up with just a side of the bed. Tonight was me lying on my back on the right side of the bed.

Something reached up and grabbed my arm in a tight grip. It started dragging me to the side of the bed. Right before I was going to topple over the side, one of my cats jumped on my chest and pawed at the grip on my arm. It let go and she chased it under the bed.

I had severe bruising on my arm afterwards. Two additional weird things: yes, it was bruised but it didn’t hurt. I’m always desperately looking for a logical answer first, so I spoke to a CNA (certified nurse but not the full schooling and not working in a hospital or anything). After some research, she said that mold can cause weird bruising. She didn’t have an explanation for the handprint shape. Secondly, it has been 4 years since the incident, but you can still see where the fingers had been. It’s not predominant or outstanding, but I could trace the outline with a sharpie easily.

My cat didn’t act weird afterward and that is my only experience that has been violent toward me.

Keep a ouija board in the restaurant. Next time she comes in, and says she’s going to call the owner’s mother, pull it out. Offer to wait until after the seance to take their order.

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Keep a ouija board in the restaurant.

Next time she comes in say that there has been a call waiting for her from the mother.

Honestly, have him scroll through a few of the dishes wars here. Better safe than sorry. Locking away your things is reasonable. Update us if they throw a fit!

Tell me more, tell me more

Did she put up a fight?

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Tell me more, tell me more Was she quite a fright

Not a NA, but I prefer my taser over pepper spray.

Pepper spray should be tested/cleaned every 3 months. Plus, you hear more about accidents with pepper spray than you do with a taser.

Finally, my battery (with minimum use; not nothing because I like the sound and use the flashlight) lasted 3 years before I recharged it for the first time.

See, that's her problem. She's just worried about their being snow leopards on her box. What an idiot. Everyone knows that's not how you make that decision. Now sharks on the other hand guarantee quality. That's why I only purchase items with sharks on them. They are way more badass than some stupid cat.

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Snow leopard weakness: boxes

Shark weakness: snow

New Mexico House Rabbit Society will come out to your house and catch them for you.

We married because I was pregnant and I was young - only 19. He cheated, got another girl pregnant (dont know what happened to the baby) and so I walked out.

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How is your baby doing?

Shes amazing. 26, married to a wonderful man and a nurse.

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Good job!!

Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromine. Bromine is used to break down soft tissue, such as your tongue and cheeks. That’s why you get sores from eating too many.

Technically, if you’re eating pineapple, it’s trying to eat you.

I’ve got one for you.

My hair is super thick. I can’t go to any salon without it being pointed out a minimum of four times. I’m getting it colored and every ten minutes, my stylist exclaims loudly how thick it is.

It’s whatever. I laugh. I agree. I move on with my life. EXCEPT this time. I’m done and walking to the front to pay. This random stranger reached out, grabbed my huge chunk of my hair as I passed, pulled me toward her BY MY HAIR, mumbled “oh it is thick.”, and walks off.

I feel your pain.

I’ve tried answering, “no, I’m just fat.” (Even though I was maybe a 100 pounds if I was soaking wet)

That didn’t work. Instead she started saying that I shouldn’t wear loose fitting clothes and complained the entire interaction about everything she could see of me.

I hate adults.

I live in Albuquerque. Idk about anywhere else, but you will not be able to use the vertical or temp at a gas station.

That said, this is the land of tomorrow where nobody really cares and (as long as you aren’t rude or way too obvious about it) you can likely just go somewhere else to find someone who doesn’t care.

(Avoid Giants. They are pretty serious about policy there.)

When i was about 12 I woke up covered in blood, I screamed and ran downstairs to get my Mum. She checked me over and was confused there was no apparent source. We go upstairs and there is my Cat, who I thought was male, in the middle of giving birth. Horrifying at first but I thought it was sweet she felt safe and comfy enough to give birth on me. I don‘t think Mum was too impressed we had to get a new bed though.

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I'm so disappointed that this isn't real.

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Sorry! Here is one that is: /r/awwtf

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Every morning they’ll wake up singing a song from an artist they hate, and it’ll be stuck in their head all day

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Or their favorite song from when they were seven repeating in an endless loop.

It’s the song that never ends

And it doesn't normally?

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Here's the SECOND worst thing about living here

There's a juicy one in my bedroom somewhere I can't find it but I know it's in here *shudders*

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Omfg how big is it?! What is it?!?!!

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I wish I could go around telling loud kids to shut the fuck up. I'd lose my job though.

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I had a dream like that.

I looked down at a paper and said, “wtf?” Suddenly the paper was gone. One of my kindergarteners was looking up at me. “What does that mean?” “Um, well that’s fantastic!”

Then we were in the cafeteria and all the kids from kindergarten to 2nd were chanting, “WTF! WTF!”

The strictest teacher in the school appeared. “Where did you hear that?”

They all pointed at me. Luckily, I woke up.

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Was at the Vancouver Aquarium with a school field trip for my kids and a few other families. One family thought that their shit didn't stink and would do everything to push their way to the front, not pay for things, etc. Their kids had heelies. The park was pretty busy. Fucking brats would run into people and just skate away without a word.

We were sitting and waiting for the Beluga show to start and one of the kids comes buzzing in from stage left on his stupid heelies and hits a wet patch and his feet go flying out from under him and he lands flat on his back in a giant puddle in front of the entire crowd.

Everyone started to laugh. It was glorious.

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You reminded me of a story.

I am a special education teacher. I was teaching summer school and one of my kids was in a wheelchair with very limited verbal and motor skills. Just for context so you can get a good picture: 8 years old (3rd grade), in diapers, communicates with babbling and screaming (not pain, just attention or saying no), and is making gains in walking with a walker.

We went to a museum that encourages kids to explore science with hands on activities. He loved the bubble room, where I would make giant bubbles over his head for him to pop.

We are following the group and general kids kept shoving themselves in front of his wheelchair whenever I tried to engage him in the few activities he might like. Finally, I got mad and explained it to the kids that he deserved a turn too. A couple laughed. Some shrugged. A few eye rolls.

After that I stopped trying to maneuver and we set a goal: run over five kids. We got to three before they learned to not jump in front of the wheelchair.

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Nice guy said he was doing me a favor by trying stick his hands down my pants, because he was "the only one that would give me experience" being the "size I was". Jokes on him, I lost 65 pounds after that and turned my life around completely.

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Not sure how many other straight dudes are going to have a response to this Ask, but I've been a witness to some of these interactions firsthand. I can't tell you how often I've been completely flabbergasted by "nice guys" "trying" to talk to women online while playing videogames, but it pretty much goes the same way.

The "nice guy" (or boy) finds out the other player is a woman (or girl) and immediately begins a horrific attempt at trying to woo her, even though they don't actually know anything else about her outside of her gender (and the fact that she is trying to enjoy playing a game online). What usually ends up happening is the guy, who is desperate to force information out of her, will inevitably ask her where she lives. Understandably off-put by the incredibly sudden and incredibly creepy change in behavior, the woman decides that feeding information about her location to a potential stalker is not a great idea and wisely declines to answer.

And then it happens every time like clockwork.

"Why won't you tell me? It's not like I'm going to rape you."

The weirdest and most uncomfortable time I have witnessed this happen was when the "nice guy" continued to ignore/not believe the fact that the other player with a feminine voice was actually a young guy (and just as disinterested as any lady would rightfully be). The other player had repeatedly mentioned this fact and tried to correct the "nice guy" of his clear misconception and incorrect pronoun usage, to no avail.

Usually there's no real danger to the "nice guy"'s target, so everyone continues to play together— with the "nice guy" feeling increasingly frustrated and everyone else increasingly uncomfortable.

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“If you have to say ‘I’m not going to rape you’, you probably just did something rapey.”

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So I've been told that they are still working on figuring out who took the money. They will be reimbursing me for the money i lost out on! :) hopefully they catch the scumbag anyways. Glad i know that im not totally fucked over

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I got in touch with the owner. He said he is looking into it. Still no guarantee i will see the money from them. Most likely going to gave to pursue other action but I'll give it a couple days. It really sucks though. My entire mood has changed about working here now. Sucks to know youe belongings aren't secure anymore.

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Update us, please

I soak my baby face in water when I'm not wearing it. Keeps it soft

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"watch" your vehicle so it doesn't get stripped or stolen.

Not police doing it, but I've seen in a few sketchier neighborhoods guys who will point out parking spaces for you. If you do take the space, it's just understood that you pay them something. It's unlikely that they'll break into your car if you don't pay, but they can't speak for their friend...

Edit: I should add, this is in large US cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

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Happens in Dallas, Texas.

My “take care of my car fee” was $20. In the spirit of petty revenge, they got sweaty shoe money.

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I spoke to my AGM about it later today to ask what she decided to do about it. She's placing blame on me for not going to to the room to talk to the employee at any point (despite trying to call more than once) and basically saying I allowed it to get out of hand.... The AGM will be speaking to the GM tomorrow, but said that the housekeeper won't really be facing any consequences other than not being allowed to stay on property again because she's maintaining that her kids never left the room until they came to get breakfast. Ok, I didn't see them, but we also don't have cameras in the hallways. Those boys got in somehow and it wasn't the only unlocked door. I'm likely to face a lecture about how I should have handled things, but of course, there's nothing new there.

I was promised day shifts back in December, to stop working audit. Now they criticize any decision I make and make snide comments behind my back or give me stupid lectures about it. So why am I still working audit if I can't be trusted to make sound decisions???

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That’s messed up. 😕

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