A detailed ABC News investigation into the predatory and misleading practices by the multi-level marketing supplement company Herbalife [15:33] by vrphotosguy55 in mealtimevideos

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Every side is her bad side. Say "sorry" and "thank you" a lot while vaguely declining the offers and don't commit to anything.

I just discovered RC Rallying and it's adorable and awesome by SubcommanderMarcos in theocho

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You can't drive very precise from a distance across the field especially with a bumpy track like this.

Wheelchair without wheels. The best kind of wheelchair. by Xeypax in mechanical_gifs

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Those days when the dancing alien in the Men in Black videoclip was cutting edge vfx.

The winners podium from the Winter Olympics 1984 in Sarajevo by thatguyx2 in europe

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What makes it even worse is how a rich city like London can afford it and get something out of it after as investment, but Rio both can't afford it and then let it go to waste loosing everything (except the bribes)

Why do I sometimes see posts on Reddit where an automod says the post was removed? by AbstractHand in answers

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Maybe another moderator restored it but didn't remove the automod comment.

How does OBJECT element work when it's associated with a form via its FORM attribute? by jcunews1 in html5

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Interesting question. I don't know, but MDN has this interesting but unhelpful glossary entry about Form-associated_content The object is 'listed' and 'submittable' whatever that means.

Here is some more info: https://dev.w3.org/html5/pf-summary/forms.html , like

The object element is also a form-associated element and can, with the use of a suitable plugin, partake in form submission.

And 'form submission' links to details, and the bit about object is:

[..] Otherwise, if the field element is an object element: try to obtain a form submission value from the plugin, and if that is successful, append an entry in the form data set with name as the name, the returned form submission value as the value, and the string "object" as the type.

So apparently some plugins can produce form data to include. This would've been handy back when Flash was still cool.

Planetary Assaults & Invasions [27:31] by brtt3000 in mealtimevideos

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For me it is a signal to get into the zone for 20 minutes of interesting content. The language and music are great so I find it quite soothing.

Ik_ihe by Leglaaah in ik_ihe

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Planetary Assaults & Invasions [27:31] by brtt3000 in mealtimevideos

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Isaac has a speech-impediment but the content and use of language are top notch.

Also /r/IsaacArthur

Samir....You're breaking the car! by Kartingf1Fan in videos

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Not fair, the driver is a mess and navigator can't do his job.

After 5 years and $3M, here's everything we've learned from building Ghost by spmaster007 in javascript

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So the profit motive is reduced but plenty opportunity remains.

(doesn't mean I don't admire their general stance just that we got to be realistic)

Samir....You're breaking the car! by Kartingf1Fan in videos

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Classic story but IIRC this was a fictional article that went viral.

Feature History - Hussite Wars - [14:38] by PoPoDoDoHoHo in mealtimevideos

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I would like a PC strategy game about this age of wagonforts.

Samir....You're breaking the car! by Kartingf1Fan in videos

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"Shut up"

Dude.. his job is telling you where to go.. why bring navigator?