CNN's World's Untold Stories: Dementia Village [23:47] by Zapruderroller in mealtimevideos

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We also have fake bus-stops near certain hospitals, as a decoy for demented people taking a walk and "going home".

Meet Elizabeth Swaney, the American skier who scammed her way to the Olympics by n0ahbody in apocalympics2016

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Boring maybe but not as embarrassing as making it there and then wiping out.

Goats Eat Weeds [27:36] by chefranden in mealtimevideos

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Excellent video.

If a fence doesn't hold water it doesn't hold a goat

Goats and border collies, quite a brainy operation.

The Unreasonable Efficiency of Black Holes [6:21] by Nanguele in mealtimevideos

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I don't think the "converting cats into energy to power Norway" gimmick adds to the subject.

“I have awoken” by George Vostrikov by NinjaGible in ImaginaryWarhammer

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Momentum. Try walking with your feet apart far, you kinda bob left and right and use momentum to swing about.

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers [7:23] by Chii in mealtimevideos

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You think any anti-vaxxer will see this?

Man sues Verizon when his intimate photos show up on stranger's phone by speckz in privacy

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How did it happen the cloud backup service mixed data from different accounts?

Does anyone else feel like humanity is reaching a point where we will either destroy ourselves, or push past a barrier into a new age? by Pantsuit_Emporium in Futurology

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But that wealth doesn't have to be distributed equally, we know those extremely rich that buy governments don't care about environment or the masses and they'd have us sick and in debt if it is good for short term.