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Pie4Weebl 1 point

Thanks! I will be just a few blocks from Reo, and Galaxy is close to where I work!

brtw 3 points

Pro-tip: Do not order the cheesesteak from the Reo.

Scratchbird 1 point

I also hear Edo Take out is pretty good, they do Ramen. It’s in Edison, less than 10 minutes away.

brtw 3 points

In all fairness, if you live in Woodbridge, almost everything is ~10 minutes away and I love it.

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brtw 1 point

If you want to reach level 85 in a reasonable amount of time, definitely go with the crystals for energy refreshes. It'll allow you to gear up your characters and unlock ones you haven't tried to get yet. Better characters = better arena rank and you can snowball from a good position. Better gear, more characters for special missions, better team. The odds of getting a large number of character shards from a 10-330 pack is impossibly low, go buy a scratch off at your local lottery instead.

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Csantana714 3 points

Does this game really make you rage that much lol

brtw 4 points

You'll learn that people take this game very seriously... especially at the higher ranks... I just like hiding and seeking and stabbing people.

brtw 7 points

Play some survivor and play some killer early on so this way you can see how the game plays from each sides perspective. There's a lot of audio queues in this game, don't play with music on in the background for a while if that's how you like to play games. You also don't need to buy all the DLC to excel in this game, any perks released are acquirable for free eventually.

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brtw 4 points

Got stuck in place with another survivor

PC specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: Samsung EVO 850 256 GB


Walked off of 2nd floor of MacMillan Estate and attempted to heal my swf partner who was self healing. Walked over some fallen bricks, next to her, and both of us got stuck in place. Being unable to move, we got afk crows and were only able to move once the killer found and struck me. Video linked below at exact time of bug, rest of details and time spent waiting included in clip:


Got Stuck:
Got Unstuck:

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Capgasp 169 points

I see this request pretty frequently, so let me chime in here. There are no planned changes for Omega Battles at the moment. That event series is primarily oriented towards lower level and new players. Its one of the reasons why that event series so easy. Elder players have other ways to acquire credits, ability materials, and Omegas (prior to 85, this is the only place to acquire Omegas for most players). We've also begun to add Zetas into other places where the acquisition challenge is appropriate to how valuable Zetas are. There are also no planned changes to the ship or normal challenges at this time.

brtw 2 points

As a new player, thank you for keeping us in mind.

brtw commented on a post in r/Twitch
brtw 2 points

This used to happen to me when I would stream from the official app. What I used to do was force close the app and relaunch it until I actually appeared online. Eventually gave up and now I use the streamlabs streaming app, haven't had any issues with it.

brtw commented on a post in r/Frugal
CaptainHope93 39 points

I have long hair, and bought a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar from Lush last year. They lasted around 5 months and it cost £7 for both.

I've never had a bottle of shampoo last longer than a month, and even that was a huge tub someone gifted me.

As for making the bar last, I have soap tins. Problem solved.

The reason I stopped using them though, is because the bar I had included sulphates. Over time they dried out my hair a bit. Really interested in finding a sulphate free shampoo bar.

brtw 2 points

As for making the bar last, I have soap tins. Problem solved.

I was having a lot of problems using tins with my lush shampoo bars because there would be left over moisture and the bar would melt into the container. I started leaving my bars on these soap dishes so they could dry out between uses and the bars have been holding up much better.

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customname34 47 points

Sounds like a bunch of opportunists looking for a bribe in return for their support.

State Sen. Joseph Vitale, D-Middlesex, chairman of the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, praised Rice's call for more discussion. If he had to vote today, Vitale said he would vote against legalizing marijuana

Yeah I always look to senior citizens for wisdom on divisive social issues. /s

brtw 6 points

I got some free time to protest outside his office if anyone wants to join. His office is a pokestop if that influences anyone.

Office of Joseph Vitale, publicly elected official: 569 Rahway Ave, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

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nobull91 49 points

Almost as if BP/h is higher from dying quickly, unless you're reliably able to get lots of kills

brtw 38 points

If only there were an in game mechanic like having to pick something up to get those first 30 BP... 🤔

Even when you don't find a gun at School, you've probably picked up some ammo or smoke grenades.

[deleted] -2 points


brtw 13 points

You get 30 BP for landing on the ground.

brtw commented on a post in r/television
brtw 4 points

There's arguments that you can add to your searches, so you'd just have to know when the original air date was.

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