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24 points · 7 hours ago

I did genuinely enjoy the movie, but after finishing it, my roommate and I just looked at each other and at pretty much the same time said "that wasn't as good as people said."

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I had the same reaction. I watched it a second time wuth a friend and almost couldn't watch it a second time. I got so bored and the bad cgi and everything stood out more. It's definitely the last time i saw that movie.

This is one minifigure, right?

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Lego is wildly overpriced.

Probably burnt or dumped.

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Man we are a garbage species

2.5k points · 12 hours ago · edited 12 hours ago

I once commented during some live stream event that I never knew Elon Musk had a slight stutter, and someone quickly responded by telling me that it's because the human body is incapable of keeping up with a mind like Musk's—that he's too brilliant and his stutter is the result of his articulatory system overloading. The only reason I made that comment in the first place was because I thought it made him seem more human and relatable. I really don't understand why some of his fans need him to be some perfect transhuman prophet.

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I don't understand why people warship celebrities at all. That's why i have no interest in twitter. I don't care what some Kardashian eats for breakfast. I don't care what kanye political viewpoints are.

79 points · 1 day ago

Going to tag onto this: I switched to a triple monitor setup a few months ago, one vertical, one ultrawide, and one 16:9. While I do game, I find myself using the ultrawide and vertical for productivity often, it's extremely useful. I love having three, but I could definitely get away with just the UW and vert.

Also, if you haven't already, OP, check out r/ultrawidemasterrace

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Ultrawide is still not working for all games, right?

105 points · 1 day ago

Reddit 2019:

"I asked a man to grab a box of cookies in the grocery store because I couldn't reach it. When he gave it to me, his hands touched mine. I didn't give consent for this and I just called a lawyer. AMA."

9.3k upvotes | 42983 comments | 4x Gold

Top comment (9328 points):

"This is rape. I'm so glad you were strong enough to call a lawyer yourself. I don't have any questions but wish you the best with this case. I hope he suffers in jail."

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Most redditors are americans, so i can see that happening.

Ive always liked lacoste as a brand

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They have the only polo shirts that fit me and i don't look like a twig or a sausage.

112 points · 1 day ago

She's getting more annoying the more it's getting posted. Maybe she learned a thing or two about the i ternet.

Where do cops have the authority to let you run a red light willy nilly? If something happened, they'd be fucked. Why would they risk that?

It's Europe. We don't really mind nakedness the way the US does.

I'm pretty sure the reactions would be mild

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A naked man? He shall be stoned to death. -murica

How is that even possible? I have a vintage coca cola fridge from around that time, and it consumes energy like crazy. It's getting a bit too cool even on the lowest settings, but it shouldn't matter THAT much.

237 points · 1 day ago

When your belief structure is so weak that you'd rather your child get raped than hear another opinion.

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First you have to make up a weird situation in your crazy mind, to win an imaginary argument with no one.

38 points · 1 day ago

Nah you usually need maximum 1 heal if you fight with units like these

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True, i like to stack the so they all transform at the same time. It speeds the rest of the game up.

Yeah, for over 800 levels... really? The fuck is that shit..

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He's not even challenging enough for it to be fun.

Hey at least i know what game not to buy.

This 'saving time' excuse is getting really old and lame. If you feel that people don't want to grind for your game, you can let them activate cheats(and disable trophy/achievement). Such a poor attempt to suck more money from their fans.

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It works fir fortnite. People always say: stop shitting on fortnite, but the people who support fortnite are creating the future of gaming, and it's gonna be expensive.

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That's making an easy task pretty complicated

I could see this being used by a homeowner who’s doing some diy tile work and it being a pretty cool little deal for something like that

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Yea sure, or you could mesure from the bottom tile up and from the wall or last tile to the right.

Only people who like the biggest movie franchise in the world can see it. What an elite club is that, and how do i get in?

People watch other people watching patch notes? What a world we live in.

At least they’re up and dancing/learning new moves and not snorting glue.

Some kid might discover they have a love of dance from this.

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Untill tthey find out that dancing is more fun on glue.

No it's not.

I remember the day after the election that TD were posting "CONSTRUCTION BEGINS TODAY!!!!!" type posts. Oh little edgelords, it's been nearly two years and not a shovel has touched the soil.

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I remember browsing t_d and almost everyone knew a guy who worked on the wall and sends them snapchats of the progress. Of cause they couldn't post them, but they exist. Believe me

109 points · 3 days ago

Never understood lining up for a freaking phone launch. BF at least makes sense as its just cheap fucks trying to take advantage of limited deals. Pretty good stunt by Huawei.

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I watched a video the other day of some guy who was testing a speaker that i was interested in. He seemed kinda knowledgeable so i kept watching. Somwhere in the middle he said: there will no more videos this week because he's gonna line up to buy the new iphone, yes i'm a fanboy, lol. At that point i turned it off because i couldn't take him serious anymore. There is just something about that "culture" that i just don't get.

That's why they should have bigger batteries

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But people want paper thin phones.

You deserve gold for this even though most reddittors won't get it.

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