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btnt8888 commented on a post in r/anime
btnt8888 3 points

Sorry random query

Where can I find non-lewd dakimakura, all the ones I find are half SFW half hentai, which is not preferred

semajdraehs 3 points

What kind of music is this: ?

Like what would I search to find similar pieces?

btnt8888 1 point

"Sad orchestral soundtrack"

"dark orchestral soundtrack"

Most movie with space/loneliness/etc will have a similar songs in their OST. You may try search for this

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btnt8888 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
titantron91 2 points

Noob questions here. Answers will be appreciated.

  1. Is there any crypto exchange company out there that has licensed offices (for business operations) in multiple countries?
  2. Is this type of crypto exchange attractive to crypto traders at all?
btnt8888 1 point

Licensed offices meaning what? They are registered in multiple countries? Yes, for example, Binance is registered in China Mainland, and that's how its employees are paid, but it has other registrations in HK, Japan, and then Malta, and these are technically legitimate operating centers.

Or do you mean something different?

mustachechap 1 point

Predictions for EOY Marketcap?

btnt8888 1 point

What is EOY? Is it a typo of EOS?

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btnt8888 commented on a post in r/9anime
TheKiwii 4 points

Well, just purging caches and updating didn't work. After I unselected Adblock below Regions, Languages everything is ok.

btnt8888 1 point

^ This work for me.

btnt8888 1 point

And the adblock workaround seems not working now...

Does anyone know of good alternative?

btnt8888 commented on a post in r/russian
btnt8888 1 point

Катюша from "Girls Und Panzer" hahaha

I think Crunchyroll has anime with Russian, you can click Русский in the footer, there is also sites like this: in addition to other mentions.

When I learn English, I found that watching movies with English subtitles was slowest way. I just watched movies and thought I study, but it didn't do anything actually. Especially since it is sub, I hear no pronunciation.

btnt8888 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
logan343434 -8 points

You realize r/cryptocurrencymemes exists for all your pleasure?

btnt8888 3 points

For some reason, the dedicated sub has much lower quality memes than the ones used to be here.

btnt8888 commented on a post in r/anime
btnt8888 4 points

Everytime I watch anime, and they say "souka", am I the only one who thinks сука (suka, bitch in Russian)?

btnt8888 1 point

Does anyone know where to find the complete CD ost for Legend of Galactic Hero? I hear there is 700 songs on there wow

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btnt8888 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
btnt8888 2 points

I stop watching the markets for about a week and we sit at about 8.7k .... can someone give me an "explanation". Is there the big event? or is it just markets being random

phil917 2 points

If you're wondering why sentiment might seem positive, I actually just made a video about this:

btnt8888 1 point

Thank you, I will watch

btnt8888 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
PhysicsVanAwesome 5 points

Ravencoin gents. RVN.

btnt8888 1 point

I keep seeing RVN being talked around here. I read the whitepaper and it appears to be a simple currency which is also ASIC-resistant. Is there more to the coin, am I missing something?

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