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Are there any words next to the red light on the mobo in the top right corner?

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No im also trying to figure out what that light means

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I would remove the video card, take out one piece of ram and then move the other stick to the first slot. And plug that power cable back in at the top left.

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The standoff’s screw into the case before you mount the motherboard.

Notice how the standoff’s have a hole on the opposite end of the threaded shaft? This allows you to mount the motherboard to the standoff’s which prevents the back of the motherboard from getting too close to the case. If you have a metal case and the motherboard didn’t have standoff’s, the circuitry on the board would short out through the case causing system malfunctions and potentially damaging your expensive equipment. Also, it prevents any solder or pins that are sticking out the back of the motherboard from being damaged by preventing them from being physically pressed against the case.

The music artist VIP List. I found like one of his songs but can’t find any of the other ones.




Denizens of Earth!

You have been called upon because you have potential to be great friends with u/bubbablake but also because you are probably bored. Either way, you have taken the time to read this missive and without further ado, here are the stats of our candidate...

Name: *********

Sex: Yes, but that seems rather personal... Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Two, four if you count the glasses Hazel

Interests: Fishing, video games, beefy 5 layer burritos, dirt biking, bicycling, Taco Bell, hanging out, late night runs to Denny's if Taco Bell is closed

This concludes the application! If you wish to make further contact with this individual, please send a PM.

Thank you!


Has it ever worked before or is it a new build?

The duck would die in space though

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114 points · 1 month ago

That's because ducks haven't developed spacesuits yet.

You could try this. Not sure if it'll work for you...

Remove the power cable from your computer and hold the power button on your case for 10 seconds.

Remove the battery.

There might be some pins near the battery with a jumper on them. You can look up your motherboard online to know for sure and you should be able to move that jumper to discharge the battery voltage.

The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer!

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Thank you

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1)yes they are heavy, but leave evidence? on grass maybe, not on a road or parking lot

2)yes you can, they come with a driver and are alot more expensive. But this guy must have known someone

3)wrong again. its highly dangerous but systems can be bypassed

4)easily bypassed. reverse alarms are usually just spliced onto the brake lights, easy to disconnect. any alarm horn can be unhooked.

it would take some prep beforehand, but could be done.

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Not sure why people are down voting this person.

/u/CommercialShoe is right, you normally can't operate the boom if the outriggers aren't fully extended and lowered and when you extend/retract them or back the vehicle up there's loud beeping sounds for safety reasons.

However, /u/jimbobbobbybobjrjr is also right. Bypassing the safety measures on crane outriggers is ridiculously simple. The cranes I've used have little boxes with a red and green light on them. When the light is red, the outrigger isn't fully extended. When the light is green you know the outrigger is fully extended. Basically, there's a sensor that is able to measure if the outrigger is fully extended or not and when it is fully extended, a switch closes which allows your operator to control the boom on the crane. Or you can take the cover off the box and put a jumper wire across the switch, bypassing the safety measure. Really quick and easy to put on and take off.

Everything else was explained already so maybe a further explanation for number 3 will help.

What does that mean?

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Probably because the heel of the raised foot is resting on the grave without having the front of the shoe rest as well so all the weight would be on that super thin heel, and at that angle it could break easily.


I'm probably going to get the collector's edition of Summerset so I can get the Mephala statue but I was wondering if there's a way to get the other statues as well, preferably new from the store? (Molag Bal & Dwarven Colossus)

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll keep all of this in mind. I see though that there’s a different driver for my card in a desktop vs a laptop. I’m almost positive I have a full size card but I’m not sure which to install?

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If you go to and then hover over drivers on the top right/middle and select All Nvidia Drivers, you can choose option 2 which will scan your hardware and decide which driver you'll need.

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Thanks for that. As a precaution (and also since I’m completely unaware) if my laptop is using the integrated graphics, how would I go about changing that?

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Honestly, I'm not too certain on how to change that. I know with my laptop it would use the good Nvidia graphics card when it was plugged in and charging but if I unplugged it, it got really slow/choppy when trying to game.

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Comment deleted4 months ago
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You're gonna need something longer than that.It hurt but it had to be said

Gotta squeeze hard but it's the only way I get through the dentist without gagging.

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The article mentioned a pressure point that works too that is located just below your mouth and above your chin. I'm surprised dentists don't have an option to have, like, a band that just wraps around your head and applies pressure to that point to prevent people from gagging.

If you unplug only the cables and plug them back in, everything should be the same.

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How's this for the black silhouette?

Edit: Not creative but sort of a template with a few ideas that you could try and work off of if you wanted to make your own


His initials are SS and the second name is Snow. Just using it for his gaming profile. Any ideas to make it better?

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That just means that you finally caught up to them

What happens if I become hungry and end up eating the bread?

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The bread actually becomes very hard during the process so it would basically be like eating a stale piece of toast.

What happens if I like eating stale bread?

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Then you've probably been smoking a little too much of what /u/Superwilson45 has been using his bread for.

I guess it depends on whether polyjuice potion considers sperm and egg cells to be "part of" the person you're transfiguring into. I suppose up until ejaculation/menstruation they're still part of your body. That makes me think of another question. You still think as yourself instead of as them. Does this mean you keep your own brain, or do you switch to their brain, but with your own memories? If you take theirs, does that mean you get whatever differences their brain has from yours as well (higher/lower intelligence, or gaining or losing autism, ADHD, depression, etc)?

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I'd imagine you'd keep your own brain. In the movies, Harry and Ron had to imitate Crab and Goyle's voices because they had kept their own after the transformation.

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I agree with Corne1, earthquakes don't drop much but you can get 15-20 at once from the roll rats sometimes.

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