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bubbablake commented on a post in r/computer_help
2HornsUp 1 point

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll keep all of this in mind. I see though that there’s a different driver for my card in a desktop vs a laptop. I’m almost positive I have a full size card but I’m not sure which to install?

bubbablake 2 points

If you go to and then hover over drivers on the top right/middle and select All Nvidia Drivers, you can choose option 2 which will scan your hardware and decide which driver you'll need.

2HornsUp 1 point

Thanks for that. As a precaution (and also since I’m completely unaware) if my laptop is using the integrated graphics, how would I go about changing that?

bubbablake 1 point

Honestly, I'm not too certain on how to change that. I know with my laptop it would use the good Nvidia graphics card when it was plugged in and charging but if I unplugged it, it got really slow/choppy when trying to game.

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[deleted] 1 point


bubbablake 3 points

You're gonna need something longer than that.It hurt but it had to be said

mrsvinchenzo1300 5 points

Gotta squeeze hard but it's the only way I get through the dentist without gagging.

bubbablake 3 points

The article mentioned a pressure point that works too that is located just below your mouth and above your chin. I'm surprised dentists don't have an option to have, like, a band that just wraps around your head and applies pressure to that point to prevent people from gagging.

bubbablake commented on a post in r/LogoRequest
bubbablake 1 point

How's this for the black silhouette?

Edit: Not creative but sort of a template with a few ideas that you could try and work off of if you wanted to make your own

kebab-warrior 3 points

What happens if I become hungry and end up eating the bread?

bubbablake 1 point

The bread actually becomes very hard during the process so it would basically be like eating a stale piece of toast.

kebab-warrior 1 point

What happens if I like eating stale bread?

bubbablake 7 points

Then you've probably been smoking a little too much of what /u/Superwilson45 has been using his bread for.

bubbablake commented on a post in r/harrypotter
shankspeare 25 points

I guess it depends on whether polyjuice potion considers sperm and egg cells to be "part of" the person you're transfiguring into. I suppose up until ejaculation/menstruation they're still part of your body. That makes me think of another question. You still think as yourself instead of as them. Does this mean you keep your own brain, or do you switch to their brain, but with your own memories? If you take theirs, does that mean you get whatever differences their brain has from yours as well (higher/lower intelligence, or gaining or losing autism, ADHD, depression, etc)?

bubbablake 6 points

I'd imagine you'd keep your own brain. In the movies, Harry and Ron had to imitate Crab and Goyle's voices because they had kept their own after the transformation.

bubbablake commented on a post in r/computer_help
FurkanOkatan 2 points

This. Thank you for the advice. The vga on the motherboard solved it. I guess i fried my graphics card with static electricity. Or something else but whatever it is the card isn't working right now.

bubbablake 1 point

Well you at least know that there is something up with the graphics card. You could try moving the graphics card to a different slot on the motherboard as well as using a different cable from the power supply to the graphics card to see what exactly is causing the issue.

FurkanOkatan 2 points

I only have one slot but im going to try to hook the grpahics card to my tv's hdmi slot to see whether the vga is the problem or not. I hope its only the vga port.
Edit: hdmi port didnt work either. Also i only have one pci-e cable coming out of the power supply.

bubbablake 1 point

Alright. If you have a cheap graphics card that you can throw in there, you could put that in and see if it works. Otherwise, you could probably buy a cheap one off craigslist or some facebook garage sale group. I wouldn't spend money on a good graphics card until I made 100% sure that it wouldn't fry again similar to what just happened with yours.

Also, it would be a good idea to get some extra case fans so you can have a closed case! Computer cases are designed to have optimal airflow with the case completely closed and intake and exhaust fans positioned in specific areas. I understand that without good ventilation in your case that it is easy to have overheating issues but with a few extra cheap fans you shouldn't have to worry about the heat anymore.

While you have the computer running with the monitor plugged into the motherboard, are you still getting the sound that you were initially trying to fix? Usually the sound that you described is caused by a bad bearing for one of the fans. Not a huge issue, just kind of annoying.

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bubbablake commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
bubbablake 6 points

So this used to happen to me a lot. Here's what I did to fix it:

1. Open Device Manager, click Display adapters, right click NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, and click Uninstall Device (Check mark delete the driver software for this device)

2. Download latest driver for video card from internet.

3. Install latest driver.

4. Installation fails saying it cannot find compatible hardware for driver.

5. Turn computer off.

6. Turn computer on.

7. Open up device manager. Display adapter should now say gtx 1080.

8. Install new drivers again.

9. Perform custom installation.

10. Select only Driver, HD audio, and PhysX.

I have to do this every time Windows 10 updates but it fixes it every time. Not sure what the issue is.

Edit for clarity

bubbablake commented on a post in r/HadToHurt
Throwawayhell1111 -2 points

He would have been better off gasing it. The speed wobble gets worse when you coast after it starts.

bubbablake 0 points

Only if he can get the front tire all the way off the ground

WhitYourQuining 14 points

Please don't do this... Instead, you should:

  • Let off gas
  • Clamp knees on tank
  • Lean forward

All at the same time.

bubbablake 10 points

I had wobbles like this once but less severe. I did what you said not because I knew that would fix it, but because I was scared shitless.

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bubbablake commented on a post in r/computer_help
bubbablake 1 point

From my personal experience of having multiple drives with an OS installed on each of them, I've found that you have to set the right boot order in your bios when you go to start up your computer.

If you have the new SSD set as your first boot option with the OS installed, you'll still have access to all of your data on your second drive but nothing will appear like it's installed. I'm assuming that's going to be the case for your drivers as well and that you'll need to reinstall new drivers for everything because you'll be booting up a new installation of Windows before you plug in your second drive. As far as applications being able to run, I found that it was about a 50/50 chance that the application would run fine off my secondary drive and other times I would have to install the application onto my new drive.

Gamerbot4000 1 point

So could I replace the MOBO and CPU and then add in the SSD, take out the HDD, install windows onto the SSD with a usb media stick, install drivers for everything, then plug my HDD back in and set the boot drive in the bios to the SSD, migrate any applications and files/data over to my SSD that I want for booting faster (browsers, premiere pro, etc) and I should be good?

bubbablake 2 points

Yes, you should be good if you do that.

bubbablake commented on a post in r/funny
[deleted] 2 points

No, no one deserves to be shot for a dumb prank, no matter how dumb you think the prank is. That’s what the legal system is for - we don’t need Reddit armchair vigilantes just murdering people for relatively harmless shit.

bubbablake 2 points

I don't think they're saying that people who do dumb stuff deserve to get shot. I think it's more along the lines of something like, if you have unprotected sex, there's a higher chance of getting an STD so don't be surprised to get an STD if you have unprotected sex. Not that you deserve the STD, but don't be surprised if it happens.

People who do dumb stuff don't deserve to be shot, but the chances of them getting shot when they do dumb stuff is higher than if they don't do dumb stuff, so don't be surprised if you get shot doing dumb stuff.

Wolfiesden 2 points

What? No nix hound pet to go with the ensemble?

bubbablake 1 point

I just finished farming the Dwarven Theodolite pet so I was too proud to put that away haha

howellq 2 points

Why aren't there any spurring sounds from your character when you spur it tho?

bubbablake 5 points

Every once in a while, you'll get a nice slap when you smack dat booty but you're right, the sound doesn't happen most of the time.

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