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I’m no dildo connoisseur, so forgive me for my ignorance, but why does it have genital warts?

So it reminds her of you

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I always thought he liked Jim so much because Jim was the only normal person who worked there so at least David had someone to call on for help. Jan also liked Jim a lot I think for the same reason

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What about Oscar? Or was he still on his gaycation?

The saddest part about the water situation is there’s literally billions of gallons of water just under the surface of Africa but nobody wants to help them drill for it and irrigate the land. Maybe because everyone is planning on getting it later for their own countries in about 40 years, call me a cynic I guess:)

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Ah first anxiety attack of the day

No, not at all. It hinges on other things, like the fact that the FBI had raided the offices of the Austin Police Department the day before the Yogurt Shop Murders, kicking off an investigation of department corruption that lasted almost ten years and resulted in a near complete purge of the APD.

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What does that mean for the murders though? I’m really interested, thanks for the info!

If you had just called him, personally.... the taxi company wouldnt have known someone was with him.

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God that’s terrifying

This guy completely misunderstood his right to bear arms

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Is it different than a regular spoon?

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It’s a bit bigger

that's a shovel

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That’s a paddlin’

159 points · 2 days ago

Given the fact that she had no ID on her and that she's not a citizen of Canada, I can see how something like this becomes way more complicated.

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92 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Who goes jogging with their ID? I definitely don’t, but mostly bc I don’t go jogging.

Trooper Finley said he learned there is a kangaroo farm west of Dodson(, Montana).

That what you wanted to know, right?

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That photo is not a 29 year old man! He looks 40! Am I missing something here?

Solved but still fucks with me - the murders of Joan, Michelle & Christe Rogers by Oba Chandler

link to beautiful longform

I’ve read this so many times and cried and I don’t cry over cases often if at all.

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Just wanted to come back & say thanks for posting that. I read that article every time I had a free minute these past few days. It’s really great.

So they can tell everyone at once. And answer questions from everyone at once. Thereby reducing the manpower and man hours required to disseminate the info.

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They could at the very least make a Reddit account and just tell only us first

20 points · 4 days ago

Went from friendly to self righteous real quick

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Real fucking quick

My old dog did this but with only one piece of food at a time.

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That’s dedication

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-79 points · 6 days ago

When you get hit up by dozens of drug addicts a day, it tends to harden you.

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This was the attitude of the staff members at Temple Episcopal hospital in Philadelphia. They were the worst, most unprofessional and unempathetic group of people I’ve ever met.

Who hasn’t engaged in mutual combat with their sister?

Cody Legebokoff’s truck was pulled over almost immediately after murdering/disposing of Loren Leslie.

He and a number of items in his car were covered in blood.

“When questioned about the blood on him, Legebokoff purportedly said that he was poaching and had clubbed a deer to death because: "I'm a redneck, that's what we do for fun." The truck did not contain a deer carcass”

Another really good example in Cody’s case is just his fucking face in general.

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just his fucking face in general.

I like you lol

Escape plan:

-Get out of my chair

-Run out of courtroom

-Gymnast my way over obstacles

-Paint the rest of my fucking owl freedom

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Why am I seeing slashes before hyphens now? Very off topic, but I’ve been wondering this for days. Ex. “-“

I know the thumbnail photo is probably his drivers license photo and not a mugshot, but god that face makes me sick. How can you be such a terrible person? How could you live with yourself after doing something like this?

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