185g reward for a 12 hour mission. Why are these even a thing? by Lathira in wow

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So I've been under the mistaken impression that there was a fifth follower at some point. Whoopsiedoodles.

Unequipping Heart of Azeroth and trinkets lowers your TTK on open-world mobs in BFA. by MrDysprosium in wow

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I feel like they can find a middle ground here. Have it continue to scale, but on a curve so that you're still not one-shotting stuff, but you're not sweating a big pull if you're not ready for one.

Underrot is the most disgusting, threatening, creepy place in WoW... by l0te in wow

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Putting a mailbox in the crafting area would make it a lot better, because 95% of travel after you've done the quests there is just back and forth from the seal to the crafters.

What Class are your Horde Leaders by Rimefang in wow

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The IE NPCs have some awesome classes. That void elf team has some pretty neat spells and abilities.

Probably Unpopular Opinion: I Enjoy Not Flying This Expansion by jshaffe1 in wow

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I enjoy it every expansion personally. I take some solace knowing there's a good chance they'll pull another Argus and stick us in place where flying doesn't work after they open up flying for Zandalar/Kul Tiras.

Underrot is the most disgusting, threatening, creepy place in WoW... by l0te in wow

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Waycrest is pretty neat. I love the Cthulhu mythos, and this expansion is really scratching that itch. I also get a strong Darkest Dungeon vibe (which itself draws upon Lovecraft for inspiration) in Waycrest. It's the pig men.

Also there's that little quest hub in southeast Stormsong, the Lost Estate, that is basically Darkest Dungeon.

Underrot is the most disgusting, threatening, creepy place in WoW... by l0te in wow

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It's extremely stark and striking. When it goes all grayscale except for the red I got chills.

BFA treasure chests by phasedwhite in wow

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I was happy when I found that tortollan quest for a helmet in a chest, and picked up the scrolls from other random chests. Sadly it was the only one. Was hoping there'd be a bunch of em to collect.

Thanks Blingtron, YOU'RE A LITTLE LATE THOUGH by Hezorath in wow

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Jerk still hasn't given me the knockoff blingtron pet :(

[Spoilers, I guess?] A rundown of what Blizzard will announce at Gamescom by Valessra in wow

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I hope the daily quest hub is substantial in size, and not just some small space.

I believe you op.

Reminder: you can buy access to War Missions at Honored & Revered with your War Faction that reward outposts on the other factions continent with additional flight paths. by Vorcion_ in wow

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Anyone know what the Wolf's Den upgrade is? I mean other than having wolves running around in the outpost, which is nice, I suppose. But the Drustvar one gives you two 30min buffs.

[Grand Worldwide Giveaway You Can’t Miss] r/WoW is teaming up with DREVO to give away unlimited r/WoW-themed custom keyboards! by DrevoGlobal in wow

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  1. Since vanilla beta, at maybe the detriment to my personal life :p.

  2. I've always owned the kind of mass produced Logitech-type keyboards with all sorts of extra bells and whistles. The minimalist approach of the BladeMaster is intriguing.

Leaping Veinseeker dropped off trash! by cadhoit_ban in wow

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Is it any mob or just blood trolls? I think just blood trolls.

New Endless Spell by ITSmangoLiT in ageofsigmar

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My gut reaction is chaos dwarves, it looks exactly how I'd picture Shadows of Hashut, but it can't be that. It'd be crazy...

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault announced! by Chapmander in WarhammerUnderworlds

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Beat me to it! ;)

And before anyone asks, we don't know anything beyond they're calling it a new season. I personally think this is a bit of a branding nightmare on their part because when people in the hobby hear Shadespire they know what it is instantly, but Warhammer Underworlds is less known. So I guess expect to say "It's Shadespire, just a new setting!" a lot when people ask what Nightvault is.