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First obligatory I am on mobile so please excuse the format. A little background: I am from a small town in Wisconsin, a few years ago, my then boyfriend, and I decided to move in together. Which meant a long move to west coast Canada for me. We struggled financially as I did not apply for permanent residency prior to coming, so could not legally work in Canada. After a few months of hardship I took on a nannying position which helped some, but we still didn't accumulate much savings. Fast forward a year and a half of basically living pay check to pay check we decided I would move back home to work for a while, little did we know we would also be expecting a baby. So now I feel like I am on this timeline to get things prepared for my first little one to come. I have been home about a month, with no luck finding a job (have been applying since I got here). I have been thinking about moving back to the Twin Cities, where the job market is much better, minimum wage is higher, but it would also include rent. With literally $75 to my name right now I'm just really at a loss. I know it's not an option to feel sorry for myself, I have an obligation to fulfill, but I can't ignore this clock that seems to be ticking away at me. I am expecting at the end of June, and my husband is set to get here in March. He is Native American, if he enrolls full time he can get funding (including a living expense) from his band. I know I could apply for housing and such, what worries me is signing the affidavit of support and this impacting my ability to sponsor him to move down here. So I guess that's where I'm at. Is it worth staying with my parents rent free and waiting for something to come up or do I take the risk of moving knowing I can get a job over in the Cities? Thank you in advance for reading through my scattered thoughts and any advice you might have for me.


What skills do you have? What kinds of jobs have you been applying for? Does your family support you and are they willing to continue helping you?

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Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

I've mainly worked in customer service, from food service to beauty consulting, and childcare. I was involved in the medical community as I went to school for nursing (did not graduate), but only volunteer-based stuff. I have been applying to grocery stores, local and chain restaurants, department stores, call centers, and health-care cooperatives. My family is as supportive as they can be! My parents recently went through a divorce last year and I am the oldest of 7 so there's lots going on, but they are willing to help me for as long as I need.

Are you good with numbers, are you willing to learn code for computers? There is such a huge demanded for coding you no longer need a 4-year degree a community college will work fine. Nursing jobs are high demand that will almost guarantee a job that pays good. Take a test to find out what you are strong in, this will help you guide to a community college. A good trade pays good too, with some school or training you have a broad selection of jobs. That may require to relocate to a big city.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

I am not too shabby with numbers and I love the thought of that! Thank you so much for the advise, I will inquire at our local tech and put some skills under my belt!

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I know that this isn't the point, but I really like that lipstick color.

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Tbh it is quite nice.

 He added: “It was fun … it will be on the DVD extra" Why is no one commenting on this??

Because the context doesn't mean what you think it means.

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Could you further explain?! I hate falling prey to things like this.

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