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freelibrarian 5 points

What skills do you have? What kinds of jobs have you been applying for? Does your family support you and are they willing to continue helping you?

butbutwhyy 2 points

I've mainly worked in customer service, from food service to beauty consulting, and childcare. I was involved in the medical community as I went to school for nursing (did not graduate), but only volunteer-based stuff. I have been applying to grocery stores, local and chain restaurants, department stores, call centers, and health-care cooperatives. My family is as supportive as they can be! My parents recently went through a divorce last year and I am the oldest of 7 so there's lots going on, but they are willing to help me for as long as I need.

Billysmith007 2 points

Are you good with numbers, are you willing to learn code for computers? There is such a huge demanded for coding you no longer need a 4-year degree a community college will work fine. Nursing jobs are high demand that will almost guarantee a job that pays good. Take a test to find out what you are strong in, this will help you guide to a community college. A good trade pays good too, with some school or training you have a broad selection of jobs. That may require to relocate to a big city.

butbutwhyy 1 point

I am not too shabby with numbers and I love the thought of that! Thank you so much for the advise, I will inquire at our local tech and put some skills under my belt!

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butbutwhyy commented on a post in r/nottheonion
butbutwhyy 1 point

 He added: “It was fun … it will be on the DVD extra" Why is no one commenting on this??

HermitPrime 3 points

Because the context doesn't mean what you think it means.

butbutwhyy 1 point

Could you further explain?! I hate falling prey to things like this.

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