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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/streetwear
UncleJoesMintBalls 0 points

From what I know about AI they make really high quality garments that are reasonably priced from what you get. I think bomber jackets in general are played out except for certain iterations of it such as the stampd bondage one, or an oversized bomber, etc. From your personal favorites I think most of those are pretty ok looking the ones that stand out to me are most definitely the N2B and for sure the M65 construct. Those are some pretty interesting looking jackets that kind of shake up the typical bomber jacket. as for the ones that you question I think both the Fusion Field Coat, and the outlaw biker are both mallcore af but the Trench Coat dosent look too bad.

I would say a generic bomber or a milsurp bomber will work just as well. Overall not bad though.

c01dz3ra -8 points

Their quality isn't good. I just bought an 8 dollar longline bomber from China its as good as my friends alpha

UncleJoesMintBalls 1 point

Then wack

c01dz3ra 1 point
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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/FashionReps
awkwardwildturtles 5 points

can you point out the flaws so people with zero knowledge can learn? like me :D thank you!!

c01dz3ra 1 point

Just look up bape hoodie. It looks retarded

a18417231 1 point

thanks for saying nothing.. instead of just saying "it looks retarded" can you tell us the specific flaws with it?

c01dz3ra 1 point

Are you blind? Look up shark hoodie.

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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/FashionReps
Kersallus 15 points

Honestly if youre over 18 w a shark hoodie Im judging

c01dz3ra 1 point

There's some low key ones though

ranqual 1 point

Like what? Im honestly looking for a low key shark hoodie

c01dz3ra 1 point

Nbhd one I guess? PONR? All the ones that aren't loud camo.

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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/FashionReps
c01dz3ra 1 point

Lol like theyre gonna have cashmere

jacobgh 2 points

A supreme goretex with 3m flags.

c01dz3ra 1 point

Shit are they supposed to be 3m? Guess I gotta return my budget batch one

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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/bmx
c01dz3ra 3 points

OK so I'm 6'4 and just started riding a little while ago. I got a 21 inch subrosa Salvador. I found that doing even bunny hops on flat would make my wrists hurt a lot. Like more than expected from picking up a new thing. Moving my 9.5 bars forward a bit helped. Though I can't bunny hop as high. Also helps getting the back end up I guess.

oceanbrah 2 points

I'm the same size. How do you like the Salvador? I've been looking at them a ton for my first bmx. Have you had any issues with the single-wall rims as a bigger guy? I'm tempted to get one. Seems like a sweet bike.

c01dz3ra 1 point

I haven't had any issues with the rims tho mostly I've been bunny hopping a lot and I just tried ledges today. If anything I can always get new ones. I really like it so far. If you wanna know anything specific lmk!

c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/bmx
PotOPrawns 3 points

Rise doesn t matter as much as width.

Wider bars are a little more awkward to throw them (I have 30" and no matter how far back my feet are I hit my legs with the spin. Need to trim down little by little to find a sweet spot and then conquer the massive mental blocks and 'pinching' issue.

c01dz3ra 1 point

Yeah I'm gonna cut mine down a bit when I start learning. They hit my legs by a few mm when I try throwing em on flat.

c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/Futurology
warjoke 0 points

Its only a matter of time before big countries will start to weaponize the damn thing.

c01dz3ra 1 point

Uhhhhhh no

windsynth 7 points

Plastic eating bugs finish the garbage and move on to attacking every other form of plastic, including those having plastic surgery and implants

c01dz3ra 1 point

It's an enzyme. Not a fucking bug.

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c01dz3ra commented on a post in r/FashionReps
Steeze_On_Toast 7 points

I bet you mall grab lmao

c01dz3ra -1 points

I ride bmx

constantdisplay -1 points

tbh I don't think I'll cop any thrasher until I actually read a copy of it or become a skater, but then that's my general consensus for everything fashion related (ie listened to life of Pablo before thinking about copping a tour shirt)

c01dz3ra 1 point

Exactly lol

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