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cahaseler commented on a post in r/gmu
cahaseler 4 points

Thanks for letting everyone know. Are you a Mason employee behind that account?

MasonPatriots 4 points

Indeed I am / we are!

cahaseler 2 points

I'd like to give you a flair so people know you're official. Any particular department you'd like me to tag you ask?

cahaseler commented on a post in r/nova
DisgruntledPOG -7 points

You forgot all of the immigrants who just got their licenses. They've never driven until now and have no idea what they're doing in a very busy area. Plus, they don't care about anyone else but themselves.

cahaseler 13 points

have no idea what they're doing in a very busy area. Plus, they don't care about anyone else but themselves

They'll fit right in here!

cahaseler commented on a post in r/AMADisasters
MisterSeabass 104 points

3 of the last 4 submissions you made here are all about 'fake accounts', and this one - just looking over it - is not a disaster. I think you need to pump the brakes a bit on submitting these types of AMAs; if you have to run analytics on the users involved to build a flimsy case instead of just reading the AMA as-is, I don't think it should count IMO.

cahaseler 28 points

IAMA Mod here - exactly. People who are here trying to promote stuff typically spam the link all over social media. So a lot of these people are new to Reddit. It's part of why the admins like us - we introduce people to the site.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/IAmA
disposable-name 22 points

Friendly banter. I'm an industrial automation technician, and I deal with engineers "ideas" all damn day.

In my dream company, for every engineer I hire I would hire a normal person to watch of their every move and provide them with feedback they have to take on board, overruling them if necessary.

"See, what we're going to do is put EVERY cabin control on a touch screen on the centre of the dash! No buttons! No knobs! No levers! Touchscreens are sooo cool!"

"So, you can't even adjust the AC without taking your eyes off the road?"

"Um- well- it'll have voice control! Too!"

"Vetoed. On both counts. The first one will cause crashes, and the second never fucking works."

cahaseler 8 points

It's not the engineers putting everything on a touchscreen because it looks pretty, it's the designers.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/politics
_vrmln_ 1 point

Why can't we vote online yet? That would make all of this so much easier. They could even make it that you have to include your state id number and your social

cahaseler 5 points

Because it would be even easier to hack.

_vrmln_ 1 point

Even with needing to verify ID's to cast a vote?

cahaseler 1 point

How would you verify that stuff over the internet? Keep in mind stuff like your SSN and all your personal information is already out there thanks to equifax and the like. The only thing stopping someone else voting as me right now is the difficulty of arranging for someone who knows that information to show up at my polling place. (could be done, but not on a large scale).

cahaseler commented on a post in r/modnews
bluepinkblack 5 points

Thanks for the endorsement! Washington DC was one of my personal favorite locations last year! I hope you come back and see us in another city this year.

cahaseler 1 point

It's a long drive to NYC!

adeadhead 2 points

Wanna carpool?

cahaseler 1 point

maybe... will get back to you.

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cahaseler commented on a post in r/skyrimvr
juliopix 7 points

And if you go walking, you may appreciate the true distances in the massive map of Skyrim! It took me 1h 30m to go from Solitude to Whiterun! (Maybe I was a bit distracted looking around, but it stills impressive)

cahaseler 3 points

I never appreciated how steep the walk from Whiterun back up to Riverwood is. Throat of the World is going to be quite the hike.

juliopix 1 point

Currently, you have to point your controllers to the direction you wanna go and move them in that direction. We are working to combine the direction where the controller is pointing with the direction of the movement you are making.

cahaseler 2 points

I wasn't even paying attention to which way they were pointing, which is why I couldn't figure it out. :)

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cahaseler commented on a post in r/announcements
AskAboutMyDumbSite 304 points


How good, legitimately, do you think the reddit user base is at identifying suspicious accounts? These don't just include Russian bots/accounts but also marketing accounts etc.

As such, if as a whole, we're bad at it, what can we do to improve?

cahaseler 24 points

As an IAmA mod, I'd just like to say you all are terrible at IDing astroturfers and shills. When someone shares their AMA with 2 million Twitter followers, of course a ton of them create reddit accounts and ask stupid easy questions. That's how Twitter works. Stop being dicks to them.

Awayfone 1 point

When someone shares their AMA with 2 million Twitter followers, of course a ton of them create reddit accounts and ask stupid easy questions.

Isn't that brigading?

cahaseler 4 points

Not when they don't ask for upvotes. Inviting people to contribute to your AMA is considered perfectly fine.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/truegaming
Vhin 71 points

I'm convinced that's actually the case.

There are three possibilities with the nukes. Either Joseph is responsible for setting them off, it's unrelated to him but he was able to predict them, or they're a hallucination.

Remember that the nukes only go off if you choose to confront Joseph. This makes no sense whatsoever if the nukes going off are independent of the cult's activities - they would have went off anyway - implying that either Joseph is directly responsible or it's a hallucination. Joseph being able to get his hands on multiple nukes on American soil is too unbelievable for me, which leaves only the hallucination option.

Beyond that, there's what actually happens in the ending. Everything is on fire and being destroyed because of the nearby nuclear blasts, but you and your car are magically impervious? Or, for that matter, that middle of nowhere Montana is considered enough of a high priority target for it to get several nukes dropped on it?

cahaseler 10 points

In the ending the american flag behind Joseph has been replaced by a cult version of it in the same place. I choose to take this as evidence it's a hallucination.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/politics
SkulltheBob 74 points

Fire and Fury convinced me that Trump himself never conspired with Russia, but I'm just as convinced that Kushner did, and didn't realize that was a bad thing until like, six months ago.

cahaseler 3 points

Probably never actively conspired, but probably encouraged it on a small scale since he didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/farcry
VandalOfSteel 1 point

$7200 or 400 silver bars

cahaseler 2 points

Weird. I went in with about $9k and it wouldnt let me buy without silver. Guess maybe a glitch.

VandalOfSteel 1 point

Maybe an update fixed it? But I definitely haven’t met the helicopter chick and it doesn’t say and, just says OR

cahaseler 0 points

Not sure. Glad to see it's not a hard moneygrab though. In game cash is easy enough to earn.

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cahaseler commented on a post in r/politics
Revelati123 69 points

Bush 2 was worse than both of them.

600k+ dead brown people and an infinite war in the middle east that will be killing our guys and theres for generations.

CIA blacksites freely using torture.

The fucking patriot act, warrentless wire taps, etc.

All for middle east oil, which now nobody cares about...

So unless Bolton actually convinces Don to nuke east asia, I think Dubya will keep his crown as the most murderous and despicable wannabe autocrat with fascist tendencies, whose actions will probably be killing people for another hundred years.

Ohh yeah, and I almost forgot his send off to Obama, The Great Recession...

cahaseler 2 points

Yep. While obviously he's still got plenty of time, I don't think Trump and his team are competent enough to get to that level of evil. Bush's team wasn't stupid by any means. They knew exactly what they were doing. Hard to say the same about this administration.

Revelati123 2 points

I never said the chances of him nuking east asia were low.

cahaseler 1 point

Not disagreeing. =/

cahaseler commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
KingOfTheCouch13 230 points

There have been several times where I miss my exit and I have to go down to the next exit that just happens to be like 20 miles down. It's frustrating as hell but I have no one to blame expect myself (or possibly my GPS telling me to exit 3 lanes over in 500ft). I'd rather be late than potentially kill some people.

cahaseler 2 points

Yep. It's just 20 miles of me cursing myself for being an idiot.

cahaseler commented on a post in r/AskReddit
redditbait82 17 points

my phone has a crappy microphone and i have to yell into it from a certain distance while its on speaker phone to be any kind of audiable on public transport, i rarely do this tho

cahaseler 16 points

Don't use your phone on public transport. Just don't. It's not that important.

acountno3747284 -1 points

Because you know. No such thing as time sensitive matters. Family member is in hospital very ill? Nah can't answer, might upset cahaseler

cahaseler 12 points

Emergencies are one thing, but if they're happening frequently enough you've had to invent a new way to hold your phone, you probably need to get a car.

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vee_vee_vee 1 point

Any recommendations for remote management software?

Logmein or

How can I keep the users from screwing stuff up?

If they have to be admins, you can't.

Is there a way I can automate re-imaging these systems each month?

Just a thought, maybe partition the drives with your own bootable image, if they fuck anything up, or you need to re-image, use that.

What do you recommend for drive encryption?


cahaseler 1 point


firebane 1 point

One thing about Bitlocker is that you need to store the key for the drive somewhere. There is a way to do this with AD and I have been researching this myself.

cahaseler 1 point

Thanks. Someone else was recommending LAPS for both admin password management and Bitlocker keys.

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cahaseler commented on a post in r/announcements
Watchful1 61 points

Moderators don't have the luxury of deciding to opt in or not. Once a sizable number of people are using the redesign, they have to support it in their subreddit. Things like more than a hundred flairs and an API for sidebar widgets should have been released before this happened.

cahaseler 17 points

I know my default subreddit has no intention of supporting the redesign until they add the core functionality we need. Any user complaints will be redirected to the admins, and if we need to we will sticky a post telling users not to opt in for the best experience.

flounder19 10 points

Since the header image is distinct to the redesign or legacy version you could also use that to tell users to use the old site instead.

In that case, the fact that users can't disable subreddit styles in the redesign actually works in your favor.

cahaseler 5 points

Not a bad idea, will do that if needed. For now I just stuck a variation of our usual social media branding up there.

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