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chuckdee00 3 points

What is in it?? Tell me more!!!

nadalumen 1 point

Yes please ! Looks like pineapple and jalepenos so that's my kinda burger but what's the burger made of?

caityveganbooty 2 points

The burger patty is made out of jackfruit, beets, and idk what other veggies 😅

caityveganbooty 2 points

It have their mayo, then cabbage, the burger patty, that yellow square is cheese (I LOVE THEIR CHEESE), pickles! Everything in their resto is vegan!

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskReddit
caityveganbooty 0 points

Other than spiders, what insects or any other animal that suddenly might be inside your home?

IgamarUrbytes 1 point

Cockroaches, ants, mosquitos, little skinks (like 10cm nose to tail tip), moths, flies, sometimes bees. But they mostly come if you leave a door or window open that doesn’t have a flyscreen. Or they follow you in when you open a door.

caityveganbooty 1 point

I’ve never heard of skinks...

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caityveganbooty 2 points

I had a dream where there’s a half horse half human who was raping and whipping my legs, I was trying to scream but no words came out until I voiced out “fuck you” then I woke up in the middle of the night having bruises on those places

MichiganGirl2005 1 point

Omg! Did It Ever Happen Again After This?

caityveganbooty 1 point

Fortunately, no! I’m it didn’t happen again!

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskReddit
caityveganbooty 22 points

(Some) Tourist spots. Irresponsible people who leaves trash everywhere daaaamn.

BjornIngi21 10 points

Well come to Iceland!

The place where (some) tourists think it's ok to shit in public and destroy moss (which takes like 70 years to grow back).

caityveganbooty 1 point

YIKES here, people litter EVERYWHERE ugh sick

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/sex
ooo-X3R0-ooo 6 points

The testicle issue should be looked after, you can have serious issues if they stay inside.

Penis size... Why are you concerned about it? I'm assuming it's because you are comparing yourself to what you see online and in porn. Don't. Just stop.

You can't change what you have. I have a very small flaccid penis. I spent years avoiding women for fear of ridicule. I couldn't comprehend why when I did have sex I wasn't laughed out of the bed. I would constantly self sabotage relationships. I look back on all the possibilities that I spoiled and I hate it. Women are amaizing, they don't put as much weight on a man's penis size, we do. We are obsessed with it. From my experience women want a man that makes them feel good, happy, safe and alive. You have nothing wrong with you.

Go get your testicle looked at, that's a big one and can cause you problems. Don't worry about your penis, work on being a good man who cares about people, the dick is just a tool, and it works just fine.

I know it's hard to do, it's going to be one of the hardest things you'll have to do. You'll be happy you did in the end.

caityveganbooty 4 points

Agree! I guess porn made (some) guys insecure with their size since most of it are too big (in my opinion). With sex, for me, as long as you know how to make the girl turn on, specially during foreplay, sex feels greaaaaat.

ooo-X3R0-ooo 3 points

My wife only orgasms with clitoral stimulation. She enjoys PIV, but she has never gotten off on it. So what we do is a lot of foreplay, I spend time with PIV, then I go back to clitoral play, then PIV and we finish with clitoral.. We have a great sex life, and we barely use my dick.

Porn is all smoke and mirrors.. Get super skinny guys, pair them with very tiny women. Only a few guys in porn are truly monsters.

caityveganbooty 6 points

True. Clitoral stimulation is the best and also fingering! PIV is also amazing (and tiring) but I always feel like cumming when it’s clitoral stimulation or when he fucks me really fast and hard. Oh!! Doggy makes it feel bigger!

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/sex
caityveganbooty 1 point

I love butts, so much. I could just look at it and fantasize about it the whole day. Not kidding.

My boyfriend keeps telling me he doesn’t have butt but I really appreciate his and I love squeezing it everytime I give him blowjob. And sometimes playfully biting it.


caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskReddit
johnwalkersbeard 10,267 points

My ex wife asked for a divorce on Christmas day. I was jaded about Christmas for years. When I met the woman I fell in love with and remarried, it was just before Christmas. My kid was going to be at his mom's that year, my mom was out of town and I had the whole day to myself.

My then girlfriend now wife invited me to have Christmas with her. "Um I planned on just sleeping in and getting drunk" - she was genuinely confused and looked real sad. I didn't realize it but she almost left me over that.

She came by anyway and brought me a present. The next year she told me that as long as we're together I can never do that again, and proceeded to wind up my kid with Christmas. She went absolutely mental on decorating my house. They both did. It's been ten years and I love the holidays again. Fuck my long ago divorce. I love the holidays.

She sings along with every Christmas carol, loudly and off key.

She accepted my kid as her own, and loves him completely and unconditionally. She calls him her baby. He left to join the army and she wept openly and unashamed. We're both so proud of him but she misses him and has written several letters while he's in boot camp.

She cries at children's movies and showed me it's ok to cry again as well. I'm unashamed to cry now at films like Up, or Inside Out, or Coco.

She's a fantastic mother. She puts all of her heart and soul into being a mother. She Google's things. She joins support groups. She researches. We don't wing it or freestyle with our two youngest, we do shit with purpose and knowledge.

When we first got together, my ex wife tried to take away my visitation. She testified about what a great father I was even though we were just barely dating. She didn't have to do that. She was terrified. But that's how loyal she is.

No. I lost my job during the 2008 recession. I was out of work for six fucking months. The future looked grim. She could have left me, she should have left me. She said "I know you'll bounce back" and woke me up every morning before she went to work, urging me to keep looking and trying. She's that loyal.

No. We once watched a tv show about some cheating husband or whatever and I was like "damn we'd be through if that was us" and she looked at me deadpan. "No. No.. no, we'd go to counseling. I married you. This is serious. We need each other and our kids need us. I'd be mad but I'd try to fix it" .. she made me rethink my entire ethics when it comes to that. Not that I'm a cheater I'm not but just knowing that even cheating wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker. She's that loyal.

She still giggles during foreplay. And she gently caress/tickles my ribs in the after glow. It feels phenomenal.

We've been together ten years, from dating to engagement to marriage. We still haven't run out of things to talk about. I love road trips with her.

She laughs at my stupid jokes and she makes me laugh every day.

I was resigned to working in a mediocre job, barely seeing my kid, and climbing into a bong and a case of beer when I retired. Now I have genuine goals, and they grow loftier every year.

She probably saved my life.

I love this woman to death.

caityveganbooty 1 point

I’m so happy you met her! I always believe that there will be people who will break us, and there are people who’ll make us whole again. Without the divorce, you won’t met her, and I guess everything that happen to us really have a reason.

M16andKnockedUp 12,971 points

She is the only woman who didn't walk away from me when I'd have panic attacks in public (they're fairly frequient). Not only does she not leave my side, she helps me look her in the eyes and recites, "everything will be ok, this doesn't last forever, but forever I'll be here."

Yup, I'm one lucky fella.

caityveganbooty 2 points

I’m starting to believe there’s forever aaahhhhh sweet! My hearts fluttering for you two!

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yoloforfroyo 1 point

Gotta share the recipe!!! 😍😍

caityveganbooty 1 point

Sadly, I don’t have their recipe!

Shadewood 2 points


caityveganbooty 1 point


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TheGoodChoicesPh 2 points

The Good Choices Longganisa is perfect as the meat alternative for these kinds of recipes too!

Check out all our products which are good if not the best choice for meatless alternatives!

caityveganbooty 1 point

Oh yeah I buy to you guys mostly every week ahaha

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/UnsentLetters
All_Your_Base 40 points

This entire opus is respectfully dedicated to all those who have loved unconditionally only to have their hearts unanaesthetically ripped out: Base not your joy on the deeds of others, for what is given can be taken away.

No hope = No fear.

-- Peter Steele, Type O Negative

caityveganbooty 4 points

My heart is crying

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