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caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskReddit
MadLintElf 81 points

I'm going with Anime, I just watched a pretty freaky one called Devilman Crybaby.

Holy crap, I started watching it and felt like I was watching hentai anime, then it got even crazier and the ending (no spoilers) just left me with my jaw hanging open and shaking my head.

Definitely recommend it to anime fans, but be warned it's risque.

caityveganbooty 5 points

Gotta watch this! Thanks!

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskWomen
caityveganbooty 13 points

Kinder. Funny, right? People tells you not to be bothered about weight but when u lose a lot of weight they’ll be kind and ask a lot or whatsoever they ask or tells you how many cals you eat and how many hours you workout and how many lbs you are and telling you not to starve or whatsoever idk

SmokiestDrip 2 points

I'm kind of a food noob so bare with me. At first i thought you named it triple layered brownies because you stack three brownies on top of each other. Looks awesome! Enjoy!

caityveganbooty 2 points

I’m crying lol thanks!!!

caityveganbooty 2 points

This is aka slutty brownies! I have my own recipe since I sell it but it is almost the same with this :)

pupafin 1 point

how do those tofu feel, texture-wise? I find most vegan "meatballs" taste so dry and feel like sand.

caityveganbooty 2 points

I think it really depends on the recipe or the manufacturer! So far I just bought this in a resto and it is pretty good “meaty”

ka_ran 1 point

What's the name and where is it?

caityveganbooty 1 point

It’s from the Philippines, BukuBuku Cafe

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/Philippines
thenameisgsarci 4 points

Sa computer, The Garden of Words.

Sa theaters, Fireworks.

caityveganbooty 2 points


caityveganbooty 4 points

Ang mahal mabuhay pansin ko lang pati pag nadeds ka na jusko “Life Well Spent” nga talaga

Gastos mabuhay gastos rin mamatay

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/AskWomen
familiarfaces 19 points

Firstly, I only spend my money for traveling. I lack long-term savings, and only buy necessities when I am back in the US. I don’t spend my money on shopping or any material things. When I do save money, it’s only with my next trip in mind. I also travel to many countries within a short time span. (5 countries in 8 days, etc.) It can be done with the right mindset! After taxes, I have $40k of spending money per year from work.

caityveganbooty 1 point

Aaahhhh!! Thanks for this tip, I really want to go to those places that you enumerated!

caityveganbooty commented on a post in r/EatingDisorders
caityveganbooty 1 point

Food and numbers is starting to control you. I guess you have. I’m on the same boat with you. I’m afraid that I relapsed since during our break I lost a bit and I’m starting to do my old habits again from the time when I was really underweight..

caityveganbooty 1 point

By the way, this is a sweet tomato based pasta sauce since some Filipinos like sweet spaghetti and finds Italian sauce sour! I like my pasta sauce any, depends on my mood lol

eeveefury 3 points

Instead of the tofu, for a bit less work you could probably use a premade beefless grounds. This looks super yummy, I'm going to make it for my family during Veganuary

caityveganbooty 1 point

True! But I’m not a fun of veggie meats 😅

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