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calmpositive commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrencies
decentraa 2 points

Also curious if any crypto hedge funds (in any country) posted non-negative returns in March or February of 2018.

calmpositive 1 point

Or at least tried to go into fiat 100% to protect investors money from large mkt corrections.

calmpositive 1 point

Great question, because the reputable US hedge funds like Pantera only accept clients/investors who qualify under the US "accredited investor" rules, even if you are a foreign investor.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/ethereum
decentraa 6 points

Would you and anyone else reading be able to ask the secretary if they can address with an official statement the false rumors so widely circulated by WSJ and all other news outlets? A barrage of calls and emails would serve them a lesson, and cause them to take action. SEC gets paid by your tax dollars, so they should at least disprove anything illegal that is claimed about the SEC by the WSJ and all over the news media. After all, the job of SEC and CFTC is to go after asset price manipulation.

calmpositive 7 points

Yes or tweet from CFTC Giancarlo, the bitcoin dad. Millenials already lost trust in centralized institutions ability to do their job, but barrage of emails and calls and tweets to SEC, CFTC, WSJ needs to be done at least to serve them a lesson if they fail to serve the public as the tax payers pay them too. And WSJ needs to face legal action.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/bitfinex
oldyellowtruck 3 points

Can you verify every single transaction you have ever made since buying your first bitcoin? Do you have tax return from the year you bought your coins proving the money you bought the coins with was from legitimate sources? If not, don’t deposit shit. They can and do freeze accounts with over 10k until this information is provided.

calmpositive 1 point

proof? anyone here uses nonverified bitfinex account without such paperwork? Im sure thousands of ppl. if they froze some accounts, they can be asked and will tell you if other suspicious activity was detected by their algos. same on coinbase.

MaurCensoring 1 point

did it to me. i also sent in my verifying inf and am being ignored. $12k

EDIT: can provide the screenshots if you'd like?

calmpositive 1 point

Yes pls post those screenshots here and on r/bitfinex subreddit. This is smth that everybody should know, and bitfinex does help faster in that case.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/BitcoinMarkets
decentraa 3 points

The spread btw finex and binance was like 150 during the last Tue dip, while 200 btw finex and gdax. Binance was way lower during the dump, and it's liquid enough on btc/usdt. Why wouldn't an arb bot mkt buy on binance and mkt short on finex at the same time to equalize the price? Plenty of whale bot money doing arb? I'd get into the short/long arb myself, but I can't see such arb opportunities lasting for very long as even more pro capital jumps into arb.

calmpositive 1 point

and since spread btw binance & finex is small when price is calm, then tether has nothing to do with it imho. Plus as I understand Bitfinex uses tether not usd, but just calls it USD.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/XRP
calmpositive 1 point

Great question. who were the tokens distributed to. Accredited investors cant sell their tokens for a year.

Cullymoto 4 points

Xrp had no ICO. It was pre mined, roughly 5 years ago.

Initially the company Ripple held 100% of the coin.

Please correct me if I'm wrong

calmpositive 1 point

Thanks! And after premine, who did the company sell their XRP to: to accredited investors in USA and foreigners? Or maybe Ripple deposited some XRP on the exchanges to sell to nonaccredited ppl in USA?

calmpositive commented on a post in r/1Broker
SatoshiReport 6 points

I can’t upvote this enough.

calmpositive 1 point

Agreed! this is why all crypto ppl left 1broker and using other platforms for crypto/usd copytrading. if 1fox has USDBTC now, why not 1broker.

47763cd8-4e43-4a75-8 2 points

why not 1broker

because 1fox has a orderbook while 1broker is a cfd. completely different systems.

calmpositive 1 point

thanks! will there be copytrading on 1fox?

calmpositive commented on a post in r/Iota
calmpositive 1 point
  1. How many people use VPN with Bitfinex and not having any problems? Please post. imho everyone gotta use VPN in crypto to a) safeguard from hackers, and b) a future chance of ISP people targetting you just bc of stupid fears.
  2. How can Bitfinex even tell it's a VPN IP? It would be a lot of work for them to manually collect all IP addresses of all thousands of VPNs servers.
  3. Also I used to work for a company that required all employees to use a VPN for remote login - a common practice.
calmpositive commented on a post in r/BitcoinMarkets
L14dy 1 point

Yeah, you just 1x with your whole stack.

Short the number of contracts that your stack is worth.

I usually short all-in 1x, wait for a move and if it goes down, I leverage up to 100x and withdraw my coins.

calmpositive 1 point

great strategy L14dy! and if it goes up, what are your actions?

RedditIsFullOfAsshol 3 points

Perhaps that dump from 19.5k to 5.8k has something to do with it. Most people do not believe in this shit one bit, just want to make easy money. Easy money is becoming harder to come by. As better traders and tools hit the market maybe they suck cash out of it again and again until more and more people exit. Party might be over. Was a fun ride though.

calmpositive -3 points

the fun is only starting. in the end, majority has to win over the banks as billions of people inevitably get educated. and traders prefer assets with higher and known volatility :)

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calmpositive commented on a post in r/PolymathNetwork
RobbMatthew 2 points

there is a 22btc whale sell order on KuCoin, it keeps moving based on where the price is to keep buyers scared.. I am not sure it is a real order that is intended to get fulfilled...

calmpositive 1 point

Thanks mate, similar happened on VEN prior to their event. How long ago did the wall start?

iXbrian 3 points

Coinnest is a shitty exchange and noone here in Korea uses it.

calmpositive 2 points

Thanks Brian, for VEN and all coins in general, would it be just as easy for Koreans to buy on non-Korean exchanges, such as Binance, Kucoin, etc? Or do Koreans not trust those as much as Bithump, Coinone etc? Perhaps krw fiat pairings are not as big of a deal as claimed sometimes?

Sure any big exchange listing would bring volume, but Coinnest has only 1359btc daily volume per coinmarketcap. Any other problems with Coinnest? like poor reliability?

iXbrian 6 points

KRW fiat pairing is a very big deal.

So there are 3 major exchanges. Upbit, Bitthumb, and Coinone. These exchanges have actual in-person customer service centers where you can go for help, deposit / withdraw $, to do trades, etc. Having a store-front also does wonders for image and the illusion of security so people are more willing to invest without feeling sketched out.

To answer your question, those that are into alt coins already trade on binance / kucoin but it is a very small percentage of the population. Most people stick to the big exchanges because it is deemed more "trustworthy". but again this is pretty stupid to do because the price of coins is much higher in korea. (Currently around 10% premium). If I buy 1 eth here in Korea for $2200, send it to binance it is only worth $2000....

Also you may have heard of the new law that requires real-name verification for exchanges. Essentially the exchanges need to partner with banks, and then create a virtual bank account for each customer to do their deposit / withdrawls. This costs money. ghetto exchanges like coinnest can't afford it.

The biggest problem though?? Coinnest, does NOT allow KRW deposits LMAO. as they were unable to partner with a bank, they cannot get real-name verification, which means customers cannot deposit fiat into coinnest. The only fiat left on coinnest is fiat from a long long time ago (pre-december) that people did not withdraw. A fiat pairing with KRW on coinnest is essentially worthless. If they can get a fiat pairing on one of the big exchanges, we'll be lamboing. but untill then coinnest is absolute shit.

calmpositive 2 points

Many thanks brother, so much great info!

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calmpositive commented on a post in r/VeChainTrader
Crickets1234 5 points

Vechain itself is manipulating the price to specifically keep it low so their partners can buy in. It is in VeChain's total interest to always keep the price low. They will manipulate it like crazy until regulators come in and force the market to react on its own by legislating against p&d and coordinated sell walls. There will be no surge from vechain ever again. This all started the day Breyer took the reigns of the financials of vechian. Watch the next few days very closely, they will allow the price to go up but with big news will come big sell walls to prevent the pump and dump and prevent the price rising too high which would discourage their partners from investing more dollars...they are shaking out all the weak hands. They want corporate money...not stupid redditor money.

edit: this has little to do with bitcoin and everything to do with coordinated manipulation to the highest degree.

calmpositive 3 points

I thought VET/VEN is for voting and staking only, thor is the utility token. Enterprises dont have to buy VET?

calmpositive commented on a post in r/VeChainTrader
altcoinkid 4 points

There are great videos explaining everything YouTube but just imagine VET is a share in a company and VET-P is a dividend for holding onto your VET share and not day-trading in the market (stabilizing the company). VeChain is a technology company that will sell variations of a tracking tag for products but it's their software (blockchain) that is the real game changer. Imagine IBM in 1982 except Samsung, Apple, and Nokia all could have been launched from inside their own company. They have first mover advantage, working tech, working backend, and tier 1 partners who provide trust, assurance, and auditing to 419 of 500 of the global Fortune 500 businesses. The market cap is determined by the amount of VET tokens available and how much money flows in via investors into the VET tokens. This will not effect the price of the VET-P tokens that are sold to enterprises - as the price of VET increases VET holders will receive a higher dividend (in form of VET-P tokens) keeping the price of the VET-P tokens stable for enterprise users.

calmpositive 1 point

I thought VET/VEN is for voting and staking only, thor is the utility token. Enterprises dont have to buy VET?

calmpositive 2 points

Then why did they allow the price rise so much for months? other coins eg xrp dont keep its price stable, no company does.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/Vechain
cryptocrazy55 2 points

No Idea if ticker changes, but it won’t erase books.

If exchanges are doing everything correctly, they should be able to change the ticker shown to the user without the system thinking it is an entirely new coin

calmpositive 1 point

Of course order books wont be changed. Ticker changes happen all the time without any changes to trading.

calmpositive commented on a post in r/PolymathNetwork
rpyrpy 3 points

main take aways:

  1. solving a real problem with no current solutions. polymath doing good job w marketing at the moment. lots of buzz.

  2. actual code and smart contracts on github does NOT look to be overly complex

  3. polymath will need first mover advantage and network effect to maintain lead due to low technological barriers to entry

  4. scalability: i think ivan is confused a bit here. the poly utility token is a erc-20 token but their st-20 security token issued by issuers will be trading on exchanges like tZERO and not on the ethereum network. therefore his concerns on ethereum scalability does not apply??

calmpositive 1 point

I would recommend ppl to watch the video themselves - nothing is confusing if you are a seasoned dev... like Ivan.

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