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Hi all,

I have a toddler whose parents report that he will tantrum/scream/cry for up to 2 hours without stopping, and that he tantrums all day.

He is new to me, and we are working on taking turns, making eye contact, functional play with toys, and single word utterances. Session 1 went okay, session two, he could not be calmed down. He screamed and kicked, tried to kick or throw anything that got close to him. He has a few single words so this definitely interferes with his communication and causes frustration, but I suspect this is behavioral as well.

How do you structure your sessions with kids like this? When he escalates I don't give him a big reaction, wait for him to calm (if he does), try beginning a new activity. I know what I'm doing as far as treatment but his behaviors made treating impossible last time.

Recommended a behavioral consult


Can you or the parents determine specific triggers to the tantrums? Sudden movements or noises, or transitions between activities, or not getting what he wants, or becoming overwhelmed? Sounds like a tough one. Definitely a behavioral consult/evaluation, maybe also an OT eval? Just guessing, but could be severe sensory sensitivities maybe...How old is he?

Idk how you run your sessions, or if you're at the home or in a clinic, but I would not place any demands on him and just focus on free play and fun and comfort with you, to establish rapport before trying to address goals.

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Original Poster4 points · 6 days ago

Hey thank you for the response. Everything you listed is a trigger and they say the tantrums are constant. We are in an outpatient clinic. He is around 3. We referred him to OT!

I'll give free play a shot, I think I got too cocky with the first session going well and may have put too many demands.

I'm a speech language pathologist. We appear once in a great while. They never get it right, but it's hardly surprising because most doctors don't understand what we do.

Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

what exactly do you do????

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Most people know that we help kids fix speech sounds and help people with strokes regain speech. I ain't gonna write a novel here but we also work on the musculature and function of muscles involved with respiration, swallowing, and speech, work with cognition, and forms of alternative communication

I'm getting 30.25/hr in a small rural hospital in Ohio. I have been practicing for 2 years.

I recently switched to working part time. I have regained my sanity and depending on where you live and your cost of living, it is doable (I'm lucky and share rental costs).

Keep your CCC's so you aren't limited to what states you can work in, though. I hear ya mane this profession be so cray cray

If you see a job you are interested in that says you need your CCC's, apply anyways. Some places are really strapped for SLP's and may be willing to consider you. Be up front you aren't fully certified but worth a shot. Worst they can do is say no.

My friend is a total bad-ass and climbed up a neighboring mountain last summer and has shots of it erupting. Camped out nearby. So crazy.


Hi all! What I am looking for....

A place that.... -can hold up to 150 people

-doesn't require me to use their caterer/or is reasonable (we are probably just going to go with pizza, honestly)

-is capable of being equipped with a dance floor (even if we bring it, flat ground)

-capability to hold the ceremony is not necessary, but an added perk (we're considering doing the official marriage thing without all the people beforehand at the court house)

-I like the idea of a barn for the reception, but not a stinky one

-Outdoor sounds fun/a place people can go explore, but an indoor area would he preferred.

-planning for a September event.

-budget for the venue - let's keep it under $5,000

-I'm game for undtraditional


Check out Grand Barn at the Mohicans. It’s the greatest venue of all time.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Wow. Did you get married there? I messaged and asked for more info, it's so unique!

We’re getting married there in September. It’s really beautiful and they’ve been great to work with so far. The treehouses are soo cool. Our requirements sounded a lot like yours and it was an easy choice.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Congratulations! I am waiting for them to call back to schedule a tour.

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Good for you for taking time for yourself. I really wish that I had because I am still struggling pretty hardcore after 2 years. I'm switching over to part-time because of it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time for yourself at all. Make the most of it! If you want to and feel up to it, it would be great to shadow in different settings, take some free CEU's from ASHA, maybe volunteer with the population you are most interested in treating. If they ask about the gap you could just say that financially you needed a job RIGHT AWAY and a CFY job wasn't immediately available (I had a time finding a CF right away)

I went to graduate school in Illinois, and I'm not of much help, but just wanted to let you know get everything in ASAP because they can take a really long time to process the license.

I'm right behind you girlfriend. I've been actively trying to get out for the past few months, just haven't been offered anything yet. Guessing I'm overqualified. I hear you on the struggles of independently contracting and paying on student loans. If I had a car payment right now I couldn't afford my rent. The pay for this field just isn't worth it, and I think it really is a calling.

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Graham crackers were invented by what was essentially a vegetarian cult ran by a guy named Sylvester Graham. The Grahamites believed that a diet of whole grains with as little pleasure (and therefore sweetness) was less sinful. Sweetness was sin, so they made a dessert that was only slightly sweet so as to be less sinful.

We now cover them in chocolates and marshmallows, spitting in the face of said cult every time we eat a s'more.

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I think I am related to Sylvester (genealogical search awhile back) And it's funny because I'm pretty sinful.

In my bf's kitchen there was a part of the wall that seemed a little bubbled out, and it sounded hollow when you knocked. We knocked the wall out and there was a space behind where we guess a previous owner stored food and stuff. There was a bowling trophy with a fake gold necklace wrapped around it and it was super creepy.

Not sure if this fits, but here's a very common ASL joke:

So King Kong goes on a rampage and kidnaps a woman. Climbs a skyscraper and fights off propeller planes shooting at him, swatting them off like flies with one hand, the woman in the other hand.

Succeeding, King Kong decides to ask the kidnapped woman (in ASL): "Will you marry me?" And immediately regrets his decision.

Why? Because in ASL the sign for "marry/marriage" is holding out your left hand horizontally, palm up, while clapping down on it with your right hand.

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My ASL teacher showed us this joke and it is great to see.

The man loves to dance. And by dance, I mean boogie 'til you sweat through your shirt and everyone comes up to your mom to ask how much he's had to drink, and he's had nothing to drink.


They put the wrong size tire on my car, never gave me a refund for a lower price match for a competitor, and just straight LIED to me on a few different things. I ended up getting the tires replaced after fighting with the manager over the course of a few weeks, but they were completely unprofessional and terrible and I will never do business with them again.

I don't have it super bad, but I have about $40,000 that I accrued while getting my master's degree. Started at $52,000. The pay I get is not worth the loans and the stress of paying them off gives me. I don't like my job and it's wrecking my health, but I can't easily secure another job with the degree I have. I have found a few people willing to hire me for $12/hr which isn't enough to support yourself if you are single. All of extra money goes to the MININUM payment for the loans each month and I won't be able to save much for retirement or a house until I'm 35.

I'm 2 years in and I am ready to leave. Gahhh.

Can they move around after eating such a massive meal?

Skunk. It's not pleasant, but I like it.

And lilacs.

Working out doesn't make me horny, but it does trigger coregasms. So that's special.

I have had so many interviews where I was DEFINITELY qualified, did well, and waited for 30 minutes or more past my scheduled time because they were running behind, and still didn't get the job. My last interview I even took an exam, 3 hours out of my day, and then the interview was another day and a collective 5 hours there with commute, them being late, etc. So like an entire day of work for nothing. I independently contract so I lost a day of pay.

Sorry you are incorrect. See ASHA:

“All speakers produce disfluencies, which may include hesitations, such as silent pauses, and interjections of word fillers (e.g., "The color is like red") and nonword fillers (e.g., "The color is uh red"). Other examples include whole-word repetitions (e.g., "But-but I don't want to go") and phrase repetitions or revisions (e.g., "This is a- this is a problem"). These are generally considered to be nonstuttered (typical) disfluencies (Ambrose & Yairi, 1999; Tumanova, Conture, Lambert, & Walden, 2014).”

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I kind of disagree here. One of my professors in graduate school is a stutterer and a big name in stuttering research, and he considered that a type of disfluency under the stuttering umbrella. But he also had us complete analyses of how often/prevalent stutters were prevalent in speech samples and if it was above a certain percentage it qualified as a disorder.

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