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AAC is super fun! I'd like to see some info on different types of systems and access methods. I have a lot of experience with LAMP, but wish I knew about more programs and what populations/disorders they would apply to.

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captainwhiskeytits 2 points

I sweat enough to soak through those :-o

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captainwhiskeytits 3 points

Yep, I'll just use all my non-existent extra money to pay for a surgery that my government healthcare would never cover!

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captainwhiskeytits 11 points

You've got the right referral!

I'm not sure what your state regulations are, but if there isn't an educational impact, they may not provide speech services in the school setting. I'd follow up again, but I kind of doubt they will provide the service.

All you have to do is bring her in for an appointment after you get your referral put through and scheduled. They'll ask you medical history, how long have you noticed the problem, etc, any medications, etc. They'll run some tests with her, and then make recommendations from there. Good luck!

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repmaniac 16 points

Ayy lmao I wrote: "the description for your SLP positions states "must be able to lift 25lbs". I assure you, I am more than capable of lifting 25lbs. I will go on record to sat that I have lifted approximately 27.5lbs over my head for a duration of 10 seconds as my personal best record. I do not take my strength for granted." Lol I got hired for the school gig 5 hours after the interview.

captainwhiskeytits 6 points

Will they be impressed by a max squats number? Definitely should put that in too.

miss_wildcat 1 point

I work for a school district on the East side, also an SLP! I’ll let you know if any of us end up leaving or if any positions open up. Do you have a preference on setting? Meaning Elementary/Middle/High school?

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

Hi fellow SLP! I prefer the younger end of the spectrum, but am open to having a mix. Thanks so much!

AngryTeacher42 7 points

Most schools will post to ODE's website. A few schools will post to the ESC. Dublin and Hilliard generally post to their own websites. Some schools will contract out this service. The Ohio School for the Deaf will post their jobs at Ohio's government website. A number of private schools contract this job out to other companies. Columbus Speech and Hearing might be able to help you. There's also another company in Columbus that most of the Catholic schools use, but I don't remember the name off the top of my head. It's not a bad job, but you will end up traveling between a few different schools.

Good luck to you.

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

That was so helpful! Thank you

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captainwhiskeytits 8 points

The only jobs I have enjoyed in this field were those that had positive work environments, administrative support, and reasonable time to complete the non-treatmwnt parts of your job.

I haven't managed to find that perfect unicorn of a position since graduate school internships, so I don't like my job.

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EffectiveWalrus 1 point

I can imagine working with patients who are motivated to get better is not only very rewarding, but they must really make progress! I observed an SLP at a long-term nursing facility. This was just a snapshot, and only one setting, but I felt this kind of setting would not be a good fit for me. It seemed a lot of assessing was being done, but not a lot of therapy. So my interest is in outpatient work. You said you really "liked" it - are you working in a different setting now?

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

I've worked just about everywhere now. I decided to go work with kids 8 months into my CFY because I found all the sick adults to be too saddening for me. I'm still working with kids!

The outpatient experience was during graduate school. My first 8 months were at a SNF and therapy was really slow going, and yes lots of assessments.

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TakeFourSeconds 1 point

This sounds way, way too complex for a first project - you're biting off more than you can chew. I would set your sights a lot smaller. Learn Java fundamentals and build some small desktop programs before you start looking at Android.

Edit: /r/learnprogramming might be a better place to ask

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

I appreciate your response!

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BobSacramanto 8,208 points

An app or website that you input your current height, weight, and goals (lose weight, gain weight, etc.) along with the foods you like and don't like.

Then it gives you a detailed list of recipes that match your nutritional needs and goals along with shopping list and any relevant coupons available. You could do an entire month's grocery shopping at one time.

Edit: Apparently there are a few of these already.

captainwhiskeytits 55 points

I use an app called Mealime that has given me really good recipes so far. You can select allergens and foods you don't like and it filters out those recipes. It creates a shopong list for you too! I eat vegetarian and it's been great for new recipes

Pineapple-Yetti 1 point

I looked at that but it didnt seem like there was a high protein option. I was kinda disappointed as it looked like a really good app

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

You could take the recipes that have high protein items and just make more of those items. They have an easy on the carbs option which might lend to that.

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SLPeachy 3 points

Have you been using any AAC methods?

captainwhiskeytits 3 points

Yes! We use LAMP words for life on an ipad

SLPeachy 1 point

That's great to hear! Sorry I haven't been on here for a few days. I like using floortime and enhanced milieu teaching for this type of client when working on developing play and social interaction. If you're already using those, I'd suggest just keeping it up and being patient. It can be frustrating but pushing too hard can make the child not want anything to do with verbalizing or imitating.

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

That's what I'm using! I'm just into instant gratification and it seeps into my clinical life sometimes. Whaddaya know he had a good session on Friday :)

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captainwhiskeytits 1 point

Sorry this isn't what you're looking for, but I'm taking prazosin for the first time tonight. Did you have nausea and a racing heartbeat at first? How long did it take for the effects to wear down? I feel miserable, but nightmares keep me from sleeping on a regular basis so I'm willing to give this a shot.

invasivemathematics 1 point

No to the nausea.

I didn't have a racing heart beat, I had a pounding heart beat. Maybe it was a bit fast. When you first take it, or play with the dose, your body initially has hyptotension and to compensate, your heart has to work extremely hard to oxygenate you.

It passes. Of all the meds you can take for psychiatric medicine, prazosin is pretty trivial in terms of side effect profile.

Twice over a year, I had a concerning erection that I wasn't sure was going to go down. They both eventually did. if your male, and this happens to you, stepping out into cool air can help bring down a drug induced erection.

Congestion is the most irritating side effect to me. I still get congested most mornings now. But again, this is trivial compared to the effect of not taking it IMO

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

Thanks for the info. And yes my heart was definitely pounding! Got horrible nausea later but felt fine as long as I remained laying down. I eventually fell asleep for 4 hours and had crazy ass dreams, but they were more funny than alarming so that was good.

And yeah from what I'm reading the side effects aren't bad. I've been prescribed many kinds of psychiatric meds over the years, side effects I had ranged from diarrhea to suicidal thoughts, so I'll take any of this over that! Hoping this is my answer to good sleep.

lev0phed 1 point

I’m not sure why you sought a second opinion from a nurse practitioner (a non-physician) when you’ve already seen an endocrinologist (a physician who specializes in, among other things, thyroid disease). Since you have a normal free T4, you don’t have central hypothyroidism (pituitary or hypothalamic). You have high TPO antibiodies which means you probably have chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (but do not have hypo or hyperthyroidism). You are more likely to develop the former, however, and so you should have your TSH rechecked in 6-12 months.

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

That's who was available for the second opinion that day. I got the second opinion because I've been feeling miserable for the last year and still don't have answers. I don't know what else to do.

Lanky_brit 2 points

T3 would have been useful as it's more potent than T4... but if T4 is normal I can't imagine T3 wouldn't be.

Your TSH is either low because you have plenty of T3/4 already, and don't need to produce TSH to stimulate your thyroid, or low because your pituitary can't make enough- but you are producing enough to stimulate thyroid hormones based on your T4 level.

Yeah, your TPO is high, could mean you have non- clinically significant thyroid disease, esp with elevated ANA. But it doesn't really change the fact that you are still making enough T3 and T4, so it's not hypothyroidism.

captainwhiskeytits 1 point

Thanks for the response. Yeah, if it comes back I will update with it. I don't know if she ran it. Is the low production of the pituitary gland something that needs to be checked?

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captainwhiskeytits 2 points

I didn't read in detail, but I've had so many of your symptoms. All my thyroid stuff came back normal from my GP, Endocrinologist, and Rheumatologist.

I almost didn't even go for a second opinion, but did yesterday. The Nurse Practitioner ordered a TSH w/FT4 reflex test. This one had never been ran on my blood before. Well whaddaya know it came back low. This test measures your pituitary gland function - the little guy in your brain that controls your thyroid. I haven't heard back from my medical provider yet, but it looks like I have "hypothyroid" as a result of pituitary gland dysfunction. I have been so convinced that I have lupus for awhile, but after researching the test I was given and my levels this is what it looks like!

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captainwhiskeytits 1 point

It would almost always be be sunny. You could sleep in as long as you wanted and the day would still feel long. The day would be spent going on outdoor adventures with loved ones and all of the laboradors/animals I've owned over the years. You could do any drugs you wanted with no ill effects. You are magically good at everything.

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captainwhiskeytits 4 points

I used to hate veggies. I would recommend using lots of seasoning, and sauteing isn't bad if you're not drowning it in butter!

Also... Just try them as much as you can. Take a bite or two of new veggies when you can. I'm learning to like way more of them, acquire the taste!

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captainwhiskeytits 1 point

Mainly, I'm trying to eat healthier, and most vegetarian recipies I find help me do that.

I am very worried about the way animals are treated in mass production of meat products, also, I don't think we all know the extent of what is going into these animals' bodies. Whatever they consume, we are consuming too. Growth hormones, massive antibiotics use, etc.

I haven't cut meat completely, but I don't buy it anymore. I'm not supporting the industry this way, also another reason!

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