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charlieisback commented on a post in r/katawashoujo
charlieisback 6 points

Cool survey, I hope my putting Hanako as my least favorite girl doesn't break it.

Destirigon 2 points

Well it asks you to rate the route, not the waifu, soo......


charlieisback 1 point

Ah yes, you got me there. She is my least favorite girl, but I did rate Shizune's route as the lowest.

charlieisback commented on a post in r/DDLC
charlieisback 8 points

I am a long time lurker but I am a little drunk so I want to say hello from the top of the world, Alaska. I may have never posted anything here before, but I love all the posts and pictures and comments and you all seem like pretty neat people. I wish nothing but happiness for all of you.

<3 charlie

Sioell 1 point

Ahoy my Alaskan comrade! It's windy as bejeezus here in Delta.

That will be all.

charlieisback 1 point

Oh, I wouldn't really consider myself a comrade just yet. I only just moved here about three weeks ago. Besides, from what I've been hearing, "Anchorage is nice, and it's just a short drive to Alaska!"

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charlieisback commented on a post in r/TheAdventureZone
Lisyre 26 points

I love when THB unintentionally foreshadow stuff that they don't know about yet. In Crystal Kingdom I remember Clint joking about them being on a spaceship in their backstory, and later make a joke about having lich friends.

charlieisback 9 points

I was listening to the Gerblins chapter just last week, and Griffin had made a joke about how Merle's arm got bit off by one of Klarg's wolves.

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