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I'll start: had the first physics exam for that summer class I'm taking. I think it went better than I expected going into it, so that's nice.

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you da man

if i join the discord can i tell my mom i finally made some friends

why tf do i have one follower on reddit i barely even post shit idk im drunk greetings from alaska everyone just waiting on that purist mod tbh then im out

Is this a doujin? If so can we get a link?

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I just finished Ibitsu and I'm horny for more character death. I'm looking for a horror and/or thriller where beloved characters are picked off one by one. Kind of like a Friday the 13th movie, or maybe just a non-supernatural murder mystery. Something where I fear for the characters' life just as much as they do! Either an ongoing or finished series. Any recommendations? Thanks!


<Killing Morph>

<Tomogui Kyoushitsu>

<This Man>

<Pumpkin Night>


<Shibuya Kingyo>

<Dead Tube>


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Your recommendations are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, thank you.

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I've been a part of this sub for a while, and after a whole lot of inactivity over this past month, I decided that it deserves to be a bit more active, Ruri is best girl after all. So, for a year, I'll be doing some daily Ruri images. And the moment you've all been waiting for, source

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Bless this post

Definitely looks worth the drive


I like to use Google Play music for my podcasts. Is there any reason this week's episode isn't there yet?


Try downloading Google podcasts, it's on there for me and has been for the past two days

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Original Poster2 points · 10 days ago

Thanks! Didn't even know this app existed.

Fuck Lupe fiasco, I do not listen to his music because he is black.

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Surprised to see this at the top of my queue this morning, I had completely forgotten that I was even following it

He's going to FL for the first time in years... AFTER I move out of the state. AHHHHHHHHH.

When vampires go to the dentist, how do the dentist see their back teeth? Wouldn't the little mirror tool not work?

When vampires go to the dentist, how do the dentist see their back teeth? Wouldn't the little mirror tool not work?

Kinda curious to know where most people on the subreddit are from..

I'll start off. I'm from India but grew up in America and am currently studying in Russia.

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Currently living at the top of the world, Alaska

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the signs are a bit weird in perspective, but it spells KS. I'm assuming for katawa shoujo.


could be for kenji x shizune

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Shizune wouldn't use ASL, so likely not

Almost certain I've seen this art on a custom playmat

I always like doing these surveys because if I don't, who else is gonna put Hanako as their least favorite?

I just finished the series for the first time last week, finished all the manga two days ago, and now there is new art and announcements for more manga. Guess I chose a good time to pick it up.

I'm new to anime and I was hoping I could get some recommendations, and I'm glad I don't have to make a new post. I've only watched eleven series, picking at random and going in almost completely blind, and I've only been disappointed once.

Preferably looking for a series or movie that will just absolutely wreck me emotionally. I also like fantasy, action, and cute bullshit (didn't know I liked that before I started watching anime). Thanks.

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Cool! I still have one of Jack's from the Cult tour.

I like to imagine the music videos are an alternate reality where the girls actually take it seriously


just fucking kill me
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