It gets worse the more you zoom in... by TheGreeneArrow in techsupportgore

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I legitimately want to vomit. The hell does that persons passenger floor in their car look like, hell their house?

RLC an Hour After Hitting Binance by brockm92 in binance

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Watched some dude(s) buy 300K USD worth at .009 last night, then instantly put a wall up. I feel like whales get in regardless of price just to build bags. Even if they lose a few hundred K during the release, they could potential 10X their loss of the next year having the ability to put sell pressure up and control tempo.

Just a observation while wearing a foil hat

KFC Canada accepts Bitcoin!!!! by BitcoinReminder_com in Bitcoin

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Ok sir that will be 67 dollars.

What!?!? 67 dollars for a 2 piece?

No sir it’s 7 dollars for the 2 piece, 60 for your transaction fee.

My letter to CNBC about the article that exploded last night. Feel free to use it if you'd like. by HamlnHand in CryptoCurrency

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I actually commented on her twitter post thanking her for the fire sale. Got into a lot of stuff I had been trying to figure out good entry points for that I hadn't planned on getting into for a few weeks.... and for 1.5 X what I was going to get into them for.

Stay away from Binance, they keep your coins hostage(pretty much theft) by Dazzyreil in binance

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Or you can buy a few BNB get 50% off fees and have the fees come out of the BNB instead of BTC or the coin/token you're buying.

When VEN is suddenly bigger than your XRB and REQ stack by eetaylog in CryptoCurrency

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I wouldn’t be surprised if VEN is hovering around 10 by Monday...

The Dark Side of the Moon by boasbane in whalechasers

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Have you ever looked at the pink sheets? These tactics and mindless investing into shit has been around for years.

APPC NOW LISTED ON CMC. BUCKLE UP! by Tofu_Fried_Rice in AppcoinsProtocol

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From APPC Telegram

"📢 The unsold tokens were burnt today. Therefore, we've gathered the values to help clarify questions regarding market cap and supply: Circulating supply= 98,481,237 APPC Total supply= 246,203,093 APPC Market cap =Current Token Price X Circulating Supply, ($300M currently)"

They just shared this on the Telegram group to clarify APPC Market cap. by redddiablo in AppcoinsProtocol

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That means the correct ranking on CMC should be 110 right now. when that gets corrected it could be an eye opener for others looking at relevant tech vice shit coin pumps.

Connected to 5ghz but can't connect to 2.4ghz by Madmarty in HomeNetworking

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Ignorant of your AP’s capabilities, some use what’s called band steering. If configured it will force 5ghz capable devices to that spectrum.

Unity issue - exchange/office 365 configuration by ToryAndAbedInThemorn in Cisco

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You need to reconfigure unified messaging from on-perm exchange to o365. There is Cisco documentation for this (pretty good).

For the most part you create a user in o365 without a mailbox and give them impersonate as rights. Then you create the unified messaging service in unity for o365 and point it to outlook.office365.com and use the creds for the user you created.

Aside from that the email attribute from LDAP need to match the email in o365 otherwise you will need to BAT (assuming you have a lot of users) out your users and bat them in after editing the csv to reflect the email used by o365 for each individual users unified messaging.

Drunk post yea!

Not looking good by MarkPadgett in Bitcoincash

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Eh... if you look at the hourly chart were actually forming a bullish pennant...

Screw coinbase by awk736526 in Bitcoincash

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Woke up about a dozen times last night to check ripple. The struggle is real.

If you think you're losing out whenever the price drops investing in cryptos is not for you. Just sayin' by [deleted] in Bitcoincash

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If you're shit posting on reddit, I suspect you're making money and trying to scare others out of theirs. Who buys/sells based on a reddit topic? That is ridiculous!

If you think you're losing out whenever the price drops investing in cryptos is not for you. Just sayin' by [deleted] in Bitcoincash

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If you're investing in cryptos with money you cannot afford to lose, you're doing it wrong. There are no guarantee's in life other than you dying some day.