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What kind of sorcery is this?

I mean that’s cool and all but the lion has “locked off” the rope by creating that angle. Same concept used when repelling.

I will be there

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This is incredibly helpful. Been reading the SRN on and off for a few months. A lot of great info.

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SRND is our bible, can't even tell you how many times I read it (painfully) for CCIE Collab.

I've heard nothing about NA/NP changing, IE is for sure changing mid-July to v2. Honestly, for study materials... When I went through NP Collab I used the OCG + 10.X SRND for most everything. Hand-on you can get NFR kits as long as you're a devnet member (free) or partner for like 300 bucks which come with licenses for the UC Suite which can be found here:

Comes with the following (this is 11, but 12 is now out as well):

  • Supplement to Cisco End User License Agreement for Collaboration 11.0 Partner Bundle Offer Software
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 11.0.(2)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition Version 11.0
  • Cisco Emergency Responder Version 11.0
  • Cisco Unity® Connection (Including Speech Connect) Version 11.0(2)
  • Cisco SpeechView
  • Cisco Prime™ Collaboration Deployment Version 11.0
  • Cisco Prime License Manager Version 11.0
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration 11.0 (via separate download) including:
    -- Cisco Prime Collaboration Advanced Provisioning 10.6 (11.0 coming soon)
    -- Cisco Prime Collaboration Advanced Assurance/Analytics 10.6 (11.0 coming soon)
  • Cisco WebEx® Meetings Server Version 2.5
  • Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard 11.0
  • Cisco Expressway Version 8.5
  • Cisco TelePresence Server on Virtual Machine Version 4.1
  • Cisco TelePresence Conductor Version 3.0
  • Telepresence Management Suite (via separate download) 14.6
  • Cisco MediaSense 11.0
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CCX) 10.6(1) (11.0 coming soon)
  • -- NOTE - Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise is no longer included in the 10.6 Bundle
  • Cisco Jabber desktop clients
  • -- Cisco Jabber for Mac
    -- Cisco Jabber for Windows
  • Jabber Guest
  • Cisco Jabber mobile clients Jabber mobile client software can be downloaded directly from the respective application stores for no cost. You can download software from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
  • -- Jabber for iPhone and iPad
    -- Jabber for Android and Android Tablet

Honestly packet tracer is free (or was), GNS3 is free, EVE-NG is free, all the documentation you would purchase in books can be found in Cisco documentation. If you really want toe OCG's and stuff you can pay for a safari books subscription and have access to every book you would ever need. If you want to do this on the cheap, you can if you're resourceful. The only additional cost would be your time.

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I'm a bit confused, you mention cloud but also a BE4K which is on-prem. Can you clarify? Do you have premise equipment that your partner manages? I ask because I work for a partner, and with our Cisco cloud platform, you would still have access to CUCM where your admin rights would allow you to administer self care portal. The link you shared looks like you have end user rights only to the portal?

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BE4K is a locked down version of CME/CUE that is cloud provisioned & controlled.

You can use "authy" which is on both IOS & Android. Authy is a secure 2fa that has all the capabilities and more to google auth. You can have the same Authy account on multiple devices all in sync.

I did this when I was studying for written. Breaking it down into 4 sections is what I did, make sure you get a vinyl front/back and use the spiral binding if you're doing it at like kinkos.

Protip: any site you go to (like MEW, Binance, etc) you should hard code the domain name to IP address(s) in your host file on your local PC. Why rely on someone else when you can rely on yourself?

that might fuck you over later tho... what if they change servers/hosts? someone might even conveniently host a phishing site on the old ip

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When I deal with money it's not a "set it and forget it" situation, yes, if they move hosts, or add new load balancer, etc, you're right. However just like you should regularly check for malware, you should make sure these types of safe-guards are up to date as well.

It already uses html5. They probably want someone to redesign it. If it wasn’t using html5, we wouldn’t have a live ticker

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Incoming redesign

You should know this because it is 'expected knowledge' [it's covered in CCNA], although specifically SWITCH only looks at DHCP snooping, that's easier if you understand DHCP.

ROUTE covers DHCP is more depth, so it's not like you would spend time 'learning something useless'.

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Yea this. DHCP is basic CCNA knowledge.


Yesterday I had an issue with a buy order. My order history showed I was filled on an order but the currency never hit my account. Within 4 hours of the incident support had fixed the issue and apologized for the inconvenience. Blows my mind that in our unregulated world there are companies like this that make regulated industry support look subpar.

Kudus to the Binance team. You’re the real deal.


The "mooning" and "lamboing" isnt localized to crypto. Might want to venture over to /r/options or /r/wallstreetbets where those phrases, and many other you would be familiar with, are commonly used.

Its less of a sector, and more of an age thing.

I thought the creation of API keys involved having to enter the 2FA code again, and that you couldn't re-use the same 2FA code more than once because the system should say "wait for the next code".

I can't 100% remember now if Binance followed those basic security rules.

Perhaps it's other exchanges I'm thinking of that has those requirements. Which would be quite an oversight on Binance's part, if they did not.

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You’re right, can’t use the same 2fa you used to login to create the API keys. Good point.


I get this over and over on the login page. The login button just spins for a few seconds and says "Network unavailable,please refresh and try again". I've tried two separate internet connections and no dice. Just me or happening to anyone else?


So confused... must down vote for moon post, but must upvote because i wish I had that high-res for a desktop background... what to do what to do...

All it needs is Vechain logo in the top left corner

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semi-transparent V over the earth

RIP weak hands

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I bought back at 48k sat :p

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unfortunately i have no idea what im doing and im already all in so...

Thy would accumulate VET to generate their own thor

I’m not vegan because I think meat is murder. I’m vegan because I just really, really, hate plants.

I haven't worked with CUIC as much as I did with the old historical reporting client. From what I hear from my customers it's gotten better, but sounds like it's still a bit difficult to navigate/understand, would you agree?

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There is an initial learning curve but no worse that anything else UC wise.

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