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chasingpackets commented on a post in r/Ripple
chasingpackets -2 points

So what is the true value of XRP if it isn’t needed?

canshred 0 points

Your barking up the wrong tree bud.

chasingpackets -1 points

Or the right one if you can’t explain the value

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chasingpackets commented on a post in r/networking
stazy 39 points

Needs full line of sight, but by far, best bang for the buck at that distance is ubiquiti af24HD. If you don't quite need a gig and 700/700 each way will do, then the regular af24 will save you $3k.

chasingpackets 2 points

This 100%. I detest ubiquity but their AirFiber products are on point.

LemonRaven 74 points


Genuine question though, what does a 1600$ AP do better compared to say a 600$ Ubiquity?

chasingpackets 59 points

Correctly allow clients to roam between cells 😂

The only Ubiquiti that I'll touch are the AirFiber series. Everything else is junk.

chasingpackets commented on a post in r/CryptoMarkets
Zskills 13 points

You are not getting it. Once it becomes common knowledge that the ETH blockchain contains Child pornography, everybody who has a copy of the ETH blockchain on their computer is consciously continuing to possess these files.

Think about it this way. What if some rich person decides to start uploading hundreds of images per day, to the point there is literally just gigabytes of illegal pictures and videos, with more being added all the time.

Hell, let's say that 50% of all the data on the ETH blockchain is now child pornographyy.

Now do you understand? How much child porn would it take for you to see the problem? In the eyes of the law it doesnt matter whether there is 1 image or 1000

chasingpackets 1 point

I understand what you're saying, child porn aside and just talking about the ability to put any form of content on the block chain you cannot just open a folder on your PC to view the content in the block chain, you would have to have some method to view said content. Doing so you proves intent. I agree that their needs to be something to mitigate this however just because it exists, and you know it exists, does not mean you can prove intent.

Tell ya what, go ahead and upload a sensible picture to the eth block chain. When it shows up in a viewable format natively we can talk.

Zskills 1 point

Again you are missing the point here. This is how the law is written:

"Undeveloped film, undeveloped videotape, and electronically stored data that can be converted into a visual image of child pornography are also deemed illegal visual depictions under federal law."

It doesn't matter AT ALL whether it is in a natively viewable format.

Knowingly possessing child pornography is a felony. It doesn't matter at all how it got there. The law doesn't say anything having a method to view the content or intent. The file is on your computer, and it can be converted to a visual image. that is ALL that matters.

I know this is a disturbing possibility and kind of frightening to think about, but you need to get out of denial and see that this is a very serious problem

chasingpackets 5 points


Guess what, if you own BTC then you need to turn yourself in then. There have been URL's that are direct links to child porn in BTC's block chain for the last 4 years.

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chasingpackets commented on a post in r/sysadmin
chasingpackets -1 points

Levis & Ogio Polo w/ leather shoes.

Must be a New York thing, I work for a MSP as well dealing with "big" clients. Only people that where business attire are our C levels. A suit would get trashed pretty quickly imo, not to mention you would need 3-4 unless you plan on having it dry cleaned regularly.

TheMuffnMan 2 points

There's a few things that go into it, if you're considering XenDesktop then super rough numbers I would use:

  • 5:1 vCPU to LCPU within VMware
  • EFD (Enterprise Flash) for WriteCache presented to VMware
  • N+1 for host failover, use the virtual desktop specs, add an extra host or two in there for it

Virtual Desktops:

  • 2vCPU & 4GB memory per virtual desktop
  • ~40GB HDD
  • ~8GB WriteCache (if using PVS)

Management Infrastructure:

  • 2 x Delivery Controller
  • 2 x StoreFront
  • 2 x Provisioning Services (could use MCS I suppose)
  • 2 x NetScaler (remote access/VPN/load balancing/etc)

I have several hospital clients that are not using the nVidia Grid system and are viewing X-rays and such just fine. You'd want to increase the display memory on the virtual graphics card (default is 4MB typically) to at least 128MB and review the SessonPoolSize and MaxLVBMem values and then may have to play around with the HDX policies to get everything going.

You should probably chat with a partner in your area and have them do an assessment to see what all you need. I'd feel funny just randomly throwing hardware recommendations to you without knowing all of the use cases and such. That said, I've done deployments with Nutanix, VCE, Cisco UC, Dell, IBM, etc. As long as you've got the umph you're typically fine.

chasingpackets 0 points

What do you use for GPU? And for that matter, I am not looking for "tell me to buy this and I will", more so the rough numbers you provided. Reason I posted this here, is I know org's do things differently, and I am curious as to what solutions are used.

Could you provide some spec of the deployments you have done with user count in the medical field? Or pm me? :)

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