Advice on Wireless Full-Duplex Gigabit Backhaul by freshtechs in networking

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This 100%. I detest ubiquity but their AirFiber products are on point.

Sorry Mr Client, I can't RMA your $1600 Access Point because of water damage. I told you it was internal use only! by chasingpackets in techsupportgore

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Correctly allow clients to roam between cells 😂

The only Ubiquiti that I'll touch are the AirFiber series. Everything else is junk.

What suit brands do you wear? by clink51 in sysadmin

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Levis & Ogio Polo w/ leather shoes.

Must be a New York thing, I work for a MSP as well dealing with "big" clients. Only people that where business attire are our C levels. A suit would get trashed pretty quickly imo, not to mention you would need 3-4 unless you plan on having it dry cleaned regularly.

I am a new tech at an MSP with no experience. My boss has dumped a huge (to me) Juniper project in my lap to be done by Monday at noon. Can anyone please help? I have no idea what I'm doing. by [deleted] in networking

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So I do this to new hires. I know they have no idea what they are doing. When they look at me like I just kicked them in the fun bits I only say “A message to Garcia” ( USMC reference, google it).

I am not being a dick, I want someone that isn’t afraid to ask peers for help if they are stuck. Working for a MSP is all based on escalation points. The lower tier dudes are not supposed to spend a lot of time on thing over there head, when they get stuck the get the assistance of a higher level engineer or they need to escalate. Higher level engineers at an MSP are there to hammer at things, not the low level engineers.

I can’t speak for your specific situation, for all I know your boss is a narcissist... How ever, he may be tossing you to the lions to see how you handle it. Doesn’t mean he expects you to handle it all yourself, may mean he wants to see how you use the resources available.

Unable to ping 2950 from 3750 via trunk by clipbinder in Cisco

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specify the native on both side of the trunk?

Recommended hardware help? by chasingpackets in Citrix

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What do you use for GPU? And for that matter, I am not looking for "tell me to buy this and I will", more so the rough numbers you provided. Reason I posted this here, is I know org's do things differently, and I am curious as to what solutions are used.

Could you provide some spec of the deployments you have done with user count in the medical field? Or pm me? :)

Inter-VLAN Routing by hombre_lobo in networking

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telnet to the switch and use _cmdline-mode on then paste your sanatized running config

ISP admins, what kind of monitoring services are you guys running? by pavs in networking

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Not and ISP engi, however we use Orion a lot for monitoring multiple clients infrastructure.

We need some support for LAG on MX appliances by [deleted] in meraki

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It's not that you couldn't theoretically LAG multiple interfaces, its that LAG is a method to prevent STP negotiations and forces the devices in use to see a single interface. Most firewalls do not look at STP BPDU and just pass them along.

In regards to router on a stick, MX works perfectly fine handling the routing between vlans with a single link. You just need to create an ACL that allow the networks to speak to each other.

Final list of entrants for "Christmas XRP drop!" by CuriousZerper in Ripple

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Can't be over 9000 if you picked 9000. Should of gone with 9001.

Hey folks... there's nothing wrong with using the GUI by The_Packeteer in networking

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ASDM? Only time I touch that crap is for creating a CSR, and importing the cert chain.

Who wants to brush up some theory? (network layer and data link layer) by [deleted] in networking

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So you are looking for someone to do your homework?

You want Ripple to get big and increase in price? Spread the word. by Nobody-Man in Ripple

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Not sure why you were down voted, you're 100% correct. You can see this happening in the candles & RSI.

Everything you need to know about VLANs for CCNA by erh_ in ccna

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Missing VTP. Do they teach VTP V3 now in CCNA?

When VEN is suddenly bigger than your XRB and REQ stack by eetaylog in CryptoCurrency

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I wouldn’t be surprised if VEN is hovering around 10 by Monday...

Screw coinbase by awk736526 in Bitcoincash

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Woke up about a dozen times last night to check ripple. The struggle is real.

Quietest fabrics for camo? by airlocksniffs in bowhunting

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I mean how difficult is it for someone that questions my comment to google “bamboo hunting clothes” only to realize it’s a thing.