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I would argue that everything you see here between futures, chinese new year, wall street, etc is all bullshit.

If I had to guess it's A LOT of people that made a A LOT of money last year taking losses to reduce capital gains which is forcing the market into a much needed correction. In turn this is causing week hands to sell off cause they are dumb right into the hands of those that can stomach this shit (or didnt put Billy's college fund into crypto).

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Watched some dude(s) buy 300K USD worth at .009 last night, then instantly put a wall up. I feel like whales get in regardless of price just to build bags. Even if they lose a few hundred K during the release, they could potential 10X their loss of the next year having the ability to put sell pressure up and control tempo.

Just a observation while wearing a foil hat

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I actually commented on her twitter post thanking her for the fire sale. Got into a lot of stuff I had been trying to figure out good entry points for that I hadn't planned on getting into for a few weeks.... and for 1.5 X what I was going to get into them for.

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From APPC Telegram

"📢 The unsold tokens were burnt today. Therefore, we've gathered the values to help clarify questions regarding market cap and supply: Circulating supply= 98,481,237 APPC Total supply= 246,203,093 APPC Market cap =Current Token Price X Circulating Supply, ($300M currently)"

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You need to reconfigure unified messaging from on-perm exchange to o365. There is Cisco documentation for this (pretty good).

For the most part you create a user in o365 without a mailbox and give them impersonate as rights. Then you create the unified messaging service in unity for o365 and point it to and use the creds for the user you created.

Aside from that the email attribute from LDAP need to match the email in o365 otherwise you will need to BAT (assuming you have a lot of users) out your users and bat them in after editing the csv to reflect the email used by o365 for each individual users unified messaging.

Drunk post yea!

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Kordeh 4 points

Binance is my favourite

chasingpackets 2 points

+1 just be aware the the $ value you see is not USD, its USDT.

midiguy25 4 points

What is USDT?

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thatVEXEDguy 3 points


chasingpackets 2 points

I'd give you gold but I lost all ma monies in bcash!!!!111

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