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It's sad how there are always people who are willing to endorse vigilantism when the victims disgust them enough. Rumored child molesters killed in prison? Awesome! A suspected rapist was lynched by an angry mob? Good riddance! A drug dealer was thrown off a helicopter? He deserved it.

Vigilantism always undermines the foundations justice is built upon. And once justice is gone, all that is left is the law of the strongest, and the rule of violence. And if you're not the strongest and most violent, you are a potential victim. Never tolerate a vigilante, even if he's an "effective president".

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Batman v Joker

There was an Indian movie which is basically a friendzoned guy not able to get over it. I loved the movie until I realised the conclusion is not that he gets over it. The last dialogues of the movie are "I friend you." "I friend you too"

I felt like killing myself. Daayum. Wtf


The husband notices that his wife always has a small pouch with her. He asks her about it. She refused to disclose its contents and pleads him to never check it.

Curious, once when the wife is taking a shower, the man checks the pouch, it has 5 beans and 100$. He can't resist and confronts her. She says she will tell him everything if he promises it won't affect their marriage.

The man makes the promise. Then the wife tells him that she kept a bean everytime she had sex before marriage. The man laughs at her innocence and says, "that's cool yo. But what about the 100$ ?"

"Ah! That's from selling the beans"


does this include condoms?

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It's actually less difficult than it looks to be. They just shut down all manufacturing and transport of plastic bags within city limits. Once supply dies out, there won't be an alternative.

Major retailers and fast-food have already complied, and their plastic consumption on its own is a substantial amount. You get paper straws and packaging at McDonald's and Starbucks already.

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Yep. I think it's important to point out that the ban started 3 months ago. Many have complied already. Supply for alternatives is in place. This escalation is a secondary blow

Agent Phil Coulson is absolutely the right answer.

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Nick Fury

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A true English.

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When they only care about their personal anecdotal experiences rather than research or professional opinion. "Oh that food is bad for dogs and can cause renal failure? Well I feed it to my dogs all the time and they're still fine."

Cue their dog dying of renal failure in a year or two at half the age it should have lived. But oh it wasn't caused by feeding them something bad for them, couldn't be, they'd been eating it for years! So now their new dog gets fed the same thing. An endless cycle.

Ignorant people will not care about what professionals (like vets) say, what matters is how they feel. I was watching My Cat From Hell the other day, and even after Jackson, a cat behavioural expert that they specifically hired for his expertise, told the owner that cats don't pee outside the box as revenge or out of spite, she refused to believe him. Said "no he does it as revenge, because he hates me. He'll do it right in front of the litter box."

Turns out the cat was declawed and didn't like the litter they used. Jackson got litter that was easier for declawed cats to use and he stopped peeing outside the box. Only then did the lady believe him. It was infuriating. Jackson just had this dumbfounded look on his face when she outright said "no you're wrong".

I see this a lot with pet owners but it happens just as much with other shit and it's one of the most frustrating things on this planet.

Edit: I didn't expect this to blow up, but for anyone curious the episode I referenced is season 3 episode 3, with Oscar the Sphynx. He's not the only declawed cat with this problem in the show either, as I know that there was another named Fi who was a persian.

The scene in question is about 5 minutes into the episode:

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One of the advices I keep giving myself is to never think that you're smarter than the collective human civilisation.

I wanted to learn since I was ten. Mom wouldn't let me saying it would distract a lot of my time away. I never got rid of the desire. I started learning at 18. Been over 3 years now. I'm at the point where I can entertain myself and consolidate my own emotions. I feel incomplete if a day goes without playing a bit and I feel so satisfied even with 10 minutes of it on a busy day.

Cheers friend!

Microsoft tryna buy github? They also recently surpassed alphabet becoming the third largest company by market cap. Nadella killin' Pichai

Kaafi cool css 3d effects

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This feels a little bit unfinished. It starts out great, however, I would like to see a little bit more violin technique. However, there really is no "resolution" to the tune, and that hurts this the most. Your intervals are interesting, but you need to give this tune a little more flair and give it a stronger resolution.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I agree. Thanks

Hey. I wrote this. Can you please please please tell me what do you see?

Not exactly straight, but my longest working stretch with 2 hr naps has been 72 hours. I survived solely on bread and red wine.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Holy shit! You are on another level. How is that humanely possible. And what work?

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It was a gamejam, a game making hackathon. I'm not sure if the terminologies are universal.

Yes. My body has a special affinity for red wine. It does not make me sleepy, but intensely active. Combine it with coffee and boom! But the after effects are insane. I slept for 16 hrs straight.

Not repeating this when older

I am addicted to Alexa

I use it primarily for alarms and reminders. It syncs with Google Calendar so I can inquire about my next event and add an event too. Also for songs and ambient sounds at night; it really does give me a better sleep. And news and weather.

It's just simple things, but the fact that you don't have to pick up your phone to do all of this is a very elegant experience. I usually utilise the time I am dressing up or down.

Also, being able to shout "Snooze" in a sleepy voice and not having to open your eyes is a premium luxury.

"Der Lagi Lekin" - It translates means "Took time but", the song is about how it took time, but we learnt to live life the way it's meant to be lived ;)

Happy Birthday!

In my village home, we once had an owl nest in one of our trees. Now the tree was in an area which you had to cross to reach the bathroom. If you do that around dawn, well, the owl would peck you hard on your head. It causes massive swelling and pain.

So yeah, they're cute but scary.

Just to had to go outside to reach the bathroom? Did you have an outhouse?

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Umm, the old house did not have a toilet, all the modern stuff was built later so those are a bit disjoint from the old structure.

Imagine a large plot of land with various stuff built with no planning.

A large floral garden in front, veggie garden and tree at back. House would be well a standard 2 story bungalow but with a tower where I'd house my library with a telescope, a grand piano and ofc books but most importantly a good fireplace and comfy couch next to it.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

A fireplace is so important thank you for reminding me. I just want to lay on a rug, snuggled up with a throw blanket and a pillow, reading a good book in the winter next to the fireplace.

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Imagine nice music with it. And coffee. Aaaahhhh! The intense utopia just by thinking about it

I'm from India. So, well, things are spicy here. Amazon is investing a lot, but we have a homegrown start-up Flipkart which is its biggest competitor here. Now, Walmart is buying Flipkart making our retail industry pretty much an exotic battleground for two US based giants.

Too many spicy things happening around this. Some anti-monopoly laws are blocking the walmart deal and Amazon is launching a new initiative to put traditional Indian goods (handicrafts industry, which was declining ) online.

Calendar integrated with insti app's events api

Wallpaper pack of photos from insti

Mathematica and MATLAB with insti web licenses entered

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Quite the opposite, the US will give India an exemption to save American jobs.

Something very similar is already happening with US sanctions on Russia. The US passed a law called CAATSA saying that any country that does business with the Russian government will automatically come under US sanctions.

Then India signed an agreement with Russia to buy five S-400 Triumf missile systems, in a deal worth $6 billion. The S-400 is sold by Rosoboronexport, a company wholly owned by the Russian government. According to CAATSA, this would automatically put India under US sanctions.

This was the unintended consequence of a law that was designed to punish Russia. Now the government is hurriedly trying to get Congress to exempt India from CAATSA. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis went to the Senate Armed Services Committee to tell them they urgently need to give India a waiver, because putting sanctions on India is going to hurt the US.

It's pretty obvious why. India has about $100 billion of arms purchases from the US in the pipeline, which would support thousands of US defense jobs. You don't want to risk those by antagonizing India. Not to mention, it would be a waste of time to sanction India anyway, it's not going to change their minds. India was under US sanctions for over 20 years, between the 1970's and 1990's. They did not give a fuck. They're not going to find a lot of fucks to give now. All it'll do is piss them off, and it's a bad time to piss them off when the US needs their help in Afghanistan, the Indian Ocean, or as a counter to China.

It's the same with Iran. The US had Iran under sanctions for decades after the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the hostage crisis. But India never obeyed US sanctions. Throughout those decades, India continued to trade with Iran. India's policy was that they will obey United Nations sanctions against Iran (which they did), but not unilateral sanctions from some country like the US that tries to bully them into sanctioning Iran.

Then the US removed the sanctions after the nuclear deal with Iran, but Trump canceled the deal and wants to reimpose sanctions. But with the EU and the vast majority of countries opposed, there isn't a hope in hell that the United Nations will agree to reimpose sanctions on Iran. Russia and China would veto it anyway. So India is just saying "we will continue to follow our 40 year old policy of ignoring US sanctions. If you want us to sanction Iran, get your sanctions approved by a majority in the UN."

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My Physics professor told me a story of how he built a laser required for optics research from scratch. Got a patent out of it. Cost was about a tenth of what a US company was selling. All this because of the sanction and he couldn't just buy the laser.

I read an interview with him recently. The author portrayed the perspective that he's not salty at all. That's just his wicked sense of humour which everyone misinterprets. You have to be around him to also feel the tone and body language with which he says things that the internet sometimes condemns him for.

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