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The entrance to the ruins of Valyria.

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I was thinking it looked like the river from one of the GoT books where Brienne did her acrobatic thing when Jamie Jaime was her captive on the boat and some lords were chasing after them on faster boats.

Edit: I always mess up his name. In my head "Jaime" is high-meh like in Spanish.

🤘🏽 this dude reads.

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Am chick, but yes. Used to read a ton more when I was younger. The Thrones story captured my imagination enough to reignite the desire to read as an adult. There is so much more story that I wish the show had covered.

It would have been super cool. Or some GoT Style Cloaks.

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Sansa's wedding dress. Minus the sociopathic rapist groom.

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Thanks! Here's what she looks like normally (fun fact: she has an extra toe on each of her front paws!)

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She's so beautiful!

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Man, I have crates and crates of yarn scraps and giant granny square is my favorite blanket to make. I’m gonna do this for my local rescue over winter! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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Is there a specific type of yarn that's ideal for cat blankets? Do some of them shed/fray too easily and could be a problem for the cats?

That's my all time favourite word, but to this day I still dont know how it's pronounced

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Like rough.

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If my boobs did this I would be making bank.

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I once saw a video of an exotic dancer with tassels attached to her nipples doing something very much like this with her breasts.

Edit: I had no luck finding it, but I'm on mobile so maybe tomorrow. I just remember the woman was from a different era and the video was in black-and-white.

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I didn't find the card, I'm simply reposting the information on behalf of a friend for visibility. If you have a lead, please e-mail Jane at

Original post:

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Has your friend checked out

It was already posted there, but the pic here shows more of the murder.

I like how the dog starts barking after everything is done. Like he wanted to say something but not be directly involved.

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Can't bark when your mouth is full of popcorn.

You get a pass due to correct use of the apostrophe with “parents’ pets”.

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Plus correct use of "whose." You don't see that one very often.

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Alcohol equivalent of medium build white dude with short brown hair wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans.

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Default Sim?

Since no one has, I will.

I worked at a bar, bar backing, 10 years ago, when Bacardi's ad campaign made the mojito popular again, somehow... I mean, it's a great fucking drink, don't get me wrong. Anyway, one of the bartenders was telling me at closing that he hated the fucking drink because process- all the muddling and it sucked when everyone wants a Jack or Bacardi and Coke, gin and tonic, vodka-soda- y'know one step, two part drinks and then you have to stop, muddle, muddle, muddle, muddle, and mix- especially when we would be four deep at the bar, both bar tenders busting ass, I was running ice, washing glasses, and pouring beers, and then someone would order a mojito. The guy who hated making them would act super excited to make them, pulling out all of the Cocktail lines, flipping bottles, smiling- chatting up the person, it was really disingenuous to me, but really funny, I swear he threw so much hatred into that pestle while muddling the lime and mint... So naturally, after we closed, I'd ask for a mojito.

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Customers probably told their friends to order more mojitos because the bartender is great and puts on a show for it.

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What my mom said about me🤷🏽‍♀️

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Do you get a lot of buttscratches too?

I have this shirt! Cousin got it for me as a gift because the pic made me so happy. 😁

I've had this t-shirt for years! It's cute when you're wearing a zip hoodie and the spines smiley face is poking out!

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I love it! That's exactly the kind of thing I would be giggling over, zipping it up and down and making silly noises. I'm over 40 and don't act my age. :/

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Bring on the downvotes, but this is why I refuse to be an organ donor. Everybody in the whole process profits, either financially or as the recipient, except the donor?


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Not actually being altruistic is a good reason not to do something altruistic. Funny how that works.

Wasn't it mostly the whole Alder Hey incident?

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I just woke up and I first read this as "the most holy Alder Hey incident."

I once told a guy that I was into astronomy and he tried to trick me into exposing that I was lying. Except I wasn't lying.

Carlos Feratú was actually the name of the former president of Guatemala. So Los Feratu is pretty on point because 'Los is a nickname for Carlos.

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Whoa, found a weird kernel of truth in my bullshit.

Sorry man, I also made that shit up

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Haha, well played.

Or how about standing in line for the pencil sharpener, and accidentally stabbing yourself in the hand with the pencil after you sharpen it and still have that graphite visibly imbedded under your skin today? That's some nostalgia for ya!

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You're getting so many stories about embedded pencil leads. Here's mine. My brother still has a dark spot on his arm from when I stabbed him with a pencil when we were kids, must've been about 35 years ago. He was armed with a screwdriver at the time.

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Use past or by, not both. Not sure why the lol either, was it a joke? Are you not going to actually try this place?

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I was with you until the 'lol' bit. You can correct people without being a jerk about it.

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It looks more like an optical illusion or photo edit than a real dwelling, but this hundred-year-old halved townhouse really stands out on the streets of Toronto.

This house in Toronto, Canada was built in the early 1890s as part of a set of six homes with shared walls. Starting in the 1950s, owners of the neighboring units started to crumble under pressure from a developer, slowly selling their domiciles one at a time.

As a result, each of the other structures was torn down with surgical precision. When the occupant of the final house in the row refused to sell at any price, they cleaved off the other half of the building and the shared structural wall running down the middle was reinforced and covered in concrete. The neighboring building- Village by the Grange opened in the 1970s.

A current assessment on file with the city for the split house lists the value at $648,000.

Here's some more pictures:

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Thanks for sharing these. I was so very relieved when the last pic finally showed the concrete wall angle.

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R5 please?

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The starting location is rich in resources, has two nearby natural wonders, and is a good defensive position to boot. There's also the boost to sailing tech for founding your city on the coast.

And he’s Australia which gives another boost for a coastal city. This is so good I’m curious what settings / luck could produce it.

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Oh wow, didn't even know that. I've never played as Australia. I guess I know what I'm doing in my next game!

Original Poster1.8k points · 11 days ago

I think because it’s time consuming mostly. I know a lot of hobby farms keep this type of breed.

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I want to see a pic of the sheep that has been half-peeled because the person doing the peeling really needed to pee.

They definetly are. Still the thought of moonstones beeing horribly sharp due to the fact that there is no wind/water smooting them like sand on earth makes me anxious seeing astronouts tripping over them.

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In Superman II, those space suits ripped so easily. They looked like they were wearing that paper used to wrap meat.

By c. 1939 you mean c. 1945, then yes. Seeing that Liz would be only 13 in 1939.

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It makes me wonder how much leeway "circa" gives us in general. Maybe the closer the date is to the present, the smaller the room for error is.

As long as we’re being perfectly honest, you’re sucking in here, right?

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Thought your username said badpussy and I started having bad Game of Thrones writing flashbacks.

Badussy is actually a combination of a few things. A Sexual odor. Usually after rough and sweaty intercourse. Smells like Butt, Ass, Dick, and Pussy.

Copy pasted from urban dictionary

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Nice. TIL

I'm in the minority but I prefer more cookie and fewer chocolate chips.

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