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Really beautiful, and your dress is gorgeous, too. Congrats!

Question. What were you drinking?

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OP must be a heavy drinker.

What was that Elton John song? Like A Handle In The Wind?

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That handle is definitely not knowing who to cling to.

Okay, I chuckled.

142 points · 9 hours ago

I wore that same outfit to a recent job interview.

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Was it for a yodeling job?

Prolly the dead body of the person who threw the bottle in their

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In their...trash bin?

sigh... subscribes

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We need a subreddit for people like us who can't stop subscribing to cat subreddits.

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They’re definitely lying on their backs

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Not just one but two people using lying instead of laying. I'm stunned.

Edit: Thanks for all the downvotes. The reason I was stunned was because people always use laying which I know to be incorrect, so it was very unusual to find not one, but two! people using lying correctly.

Today you learned something!

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Nope. Reddit just misunderstood me. Them's the breaks.

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Or gemeronomy, whatever you want to call it

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Isn't that the guy who likes to jump off high places?

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was in the store the other day and this woman was doing this same thing.

im waiting behind her in line to check out and she mumbles something and the guy she's talking to goes 'why are you whispering', she instantly goes back to yell-talking and goes 'BECAUSE THATS CONFIDENTIAL AND IM NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYONE, EVEN YOU, AND IM IN LINE TO CHECKOUT AT THE STORE'

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That's both hilarious and infuriating.

I think that there many people who aren't religious or a believer that are heads of churches. Shit can be lucrative.

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Some preachers become atheists but can't get out because they don't know how to do anything else to earn a living.

The Clergy Project helps them so they can move on to other professions.

After Wiwi

Hugas Titi

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It's just a cutesy way of saying "naman". Replacing all the vowels with /e/ is a fairly common way to sound cutesy or make fun of Daniel Padilla's accent (e.g. "ano ba naman yan" --> "ene be nemen yen")

In your specific example, it's a contracted and cutesy way of saying "hindi naman"

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Is this a fairly recent thing? Is it like the Filipino version of ermagherd?

That's pretty funny. XD

Bad or food. Sounds about right.

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Is it food only if you swallow?

Not the asshole. There are these things called "Love Languages". It's how people display and receive affection. Sounds like yours is more verbal. His, not so much.

You guys need to communicate if this really is something that's bothering you. Make sure to be open, frank, and understanding with eachother. Maybe he just doesn't know.

I find most relationship problems can and should be worked out through effective and direct communication.

Good luck!

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I would also suggest trying to focus not so much on how you want him to express his affection for you, but how he does express his affection for you.

I think Pickles is relishing the attention

There's an interesting podcast episode about why the US sided more with food aid instead of financial aid.

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Sounds interesting, added to my playlist. Thanks.

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If the country was prosperous that time, why were the citizens suffered from malnutrition? That's not made up because the proof is the nutribun.

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Careful. Logic like that might lead you to the truth.

That’s why you always have one really good friend who knows where you stash your porn, so if you die, they can clear your history and all your porn, before your family discovers what kind of weird shit you were into.

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Not quite porn, but I kept a journal from age 10 to my late 20s. I made my brother promise that he would burn all of them if I died before he did, so nobody would read my secrets and cringeworthy thoughts.

I lugged those things around in a box for years even after I stopped writing in them. At age 38, I was moving yet again and finally decided to burn them myself. No more evidence!

It was therapeutic. I took pics of some notable pages, but other than that, good riddance! No regrets.

I took pics of some notable pages

Well you know this is Reddit, anon. Show us your stupid thoughts!

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Ha. Nothing exciting.

Everything that was cringeworthy or embarrassing or incriminating is lost forever, as it should be.

The second pic I took just to share with my brother.

Killing The Majority is a good band name imo

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Sounds like a Rage Against the Machine song.

Whatever you're doing to him just off-camera, Steve is reeeeeally liking it. I know because one of mine will do air mlems if I scratch his armpit or just under his leg.

Original Poster21 points · 2 days ago

Wasnt doing anything. He was wearing a cone for weeks and I took it off for a couple of hours and he just got stuck in a licking loop cause he was used to wearing that cone all day. He loves snuggling and scratches all over his body. Hes not shy.

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My bad for making assumptions! I should've known nothing was too silly for a kitty to do.

Was she on board with that idea?

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No, but maybe he can skate by on his charm.

Para sakin, kailangan isama ang topic ng mental health sa mga PE and Health subjects. Dapat mapagusapan to as early as elementary, para naman people would become more aware of it.

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Absolutely this, and also commercials run by mental health organizations that talk about it and offer a help line "if you or someone you know suffers from mental health issues." It needs to become normalized.

I'll be the Debbie Downer and say that all I can think of is all the hotel guests who grab that door handle after using the other part of the bathroom without washing their hands.

Fun story:

My wife is Hungarian, she grew up bilingual so she understand and speaks English perfectly, although every now and then I have to explain the origin/examples of some slang words/phrases.

Depending on the type of slang, I sometimes take this opportunity to fuck with her.

In this instance, we were all getting ready for a party and I had just stepped out of the shower with a beer in my hand. My wife noticed and said "ohh shower beer!!". Then as she was on her way the bathroom for her shower with a glass of champagne in hand, she asked my friend and I what it's called when she brings champagne into the shower.

We both immediately said GOLDEN SHOWER, and then never bothered to correct her until 2 weeks later, we were playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of friends. It was her turn to pick the winning card, and after 'A Golden Shower' was turned over, she exclaimed to the room "OOOH I LOVE GOLDEN SHOWERS!!" not knowing that it is the sexual act of being pissed on, some questioned her knowledge of a Golden Shower, some looked a little excited.

We still get a laugh about it whenever we're pissing on each other.

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That ending was... golden.

I was thinking you could just cut a perfect square hole from the angle where you sit so it sees your, or simply enough microwave a hot pocket and put it in front of it, it'll stay on forever.

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Or knock down that cubicle wall like Peter Gibbons, gangster-style.

Excessive drinking. I have cut out alcohol all together after a couple of bad incidents that happened while I was drunk. It really opens your eyes to how much our culture ( American at least, I can't speak for the rest of the world) embraces alcohol and it's excessive use.( ex Happy Hours in the business world ; Wine-o-clock/ Rose All Day mom wear; "this is probably vodka" water bottles. etc)

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I stopped drinking and man, it's really tough when you're out in a group. They don't just let it go if you say no thanks. It's not good enough that you just don't want to have anything alcoholic. I'm not in AA or anything but I've considered lying and saying I am just so people would shut up about it already.

20 points · 4 days ago

What did you hallucinate?

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In case you hadn't seen it, he answered this question here in response to a pro after you posted your comment.

1.5k points · 4 days ago

It does do some damage and you could lose the tree if you don't know what you are doing.

My city has one of these and I saw it being used while I was working in the city planning dept. We lost a few trees while using it. Turns out the trees you can transport are a lot smaller than what you'd expect. Basically the root structure is roughly the same size as the crown, so if the crown wouldn't fit in the scoop you will likely kill the tree. One remedy is to trim the crown to reduce the nutrient requirement so the reduced root structure could cope. Also you still have to be careful of the season of the relocation and you also need to preserve the North-South orientation of the tree in its new location.

The ground preparation is also much more involved than I expected. Just digging a hole with the scoop is not enough. The ground must be roughened and aerated, it must be correct composition and sufficient depth. It helps to apply root growing hormone to the severed roots and there are some fungi that live in the roots that help with nutrition. Quite involved stuff actually...

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Does this mean the tree in this gif is probably going to die? :/

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