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Score hidden · 29 minutes ago

I know people that just started renting a condo in downtown Toronto a few weeks ago, they fronted 6 months rent to secure the place.

What super left leaning ideas? He’s pretty firmly in the centre.

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I mean he did comprise his cabinet based strictly on people's genitalia... It's hard to regress further into radical left identity politics than that, and particularly pathetic considering he's the leader of a country

He's been doing a great job all things considered. The fact that people compare him to Trump and say he's doing worse is laughable

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Which specific Trump policies do you find are so terrible?

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-10 points · 14 days ago

You guys are so adorably desperate, I feel so bad for people who take this sub seriously :(

64 points · 20 days ago

Won't someone think of the Islamic oppressive states!

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the Islamic oppressive states!

Which is actually all Muslim majority countries

US intelligence themselves are saying this. Its the same exact style of propaganda that was done to the Democrats. Its everywhere. Its on facebook, twitter, reddit, youtube. Its almost like its not human.

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He's right though, you sound like Alex Jones. You list a bunch of websites that millions of people use, and assert that because people on those sites disagree about politics, it must be because of russia... like sweet lord, how insane are people going to get? I don't know if it's because you're all too young to remember politics before 5 years ago but NOTHING has changed. People have been yelling at each other over politics for decades, get over it.

Im wondering if this is happening in Canada. There were a lot of similar vile hateful things in social media going on during the Ontario election and the non stop Trudeau bashing. That same thing that was done to Hillary is being done to Trudeau.

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lol, this russia crap is the biggest pile of nonsense shit I've heard in a long time. People have been talking shit to each other over politics for decades, it's happening to the same extent is always has, except now because it's over the internet it's because of russia? get a fucking grip people, you all sound like Alex Jones

10 points · 1 month ago

There’s still a lot of folksy racism in Ottawa, so if you have a darker shade of skin, you’ll run into those ignorant assholes from time to time.

Once I lived in New Orleans for a while, my understanding of race issues opened up considerably. I thought I was well-read and informed, but encountered an entirely new world. I am a big fan of an apt description I picked up when I moved back to Canada:

Canadians aren't less racist; We're less challenged.

The majority of Canada is so white-washed, many people have never even met a Muslim/black/queer/trans/etc person. So their biases never even come up, until you hear that uncle from <small town> announce "75% of Muslims are radicalized" or some nonsense like that.

It helped me realize most Canadians are well-meaning, they just lack the exposure to a lot of marginalized groups.

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until you hear that uncle from <small town> announce "75% of Muslims are radicalized" or some nonsense like that.


Six guilty pleas and counting. That's quite a few witches already.

The only delusion is around morons who think that if someone literally hugs a flag, that means he's on their side?

Trump is playing his followers for the morons that they are. Enjoy your little red hat.

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Your reality is clutching to a Russia based conspiracy theory and the insane assumption that you're smarter than anyone that voted for Trump. You people have reached Alex Jones levels of ridiculousness

"You people"

The frothing lunatic known as Alex Jones is an alt-right intellectual. He's on your side. Do try and keep up.

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Nice try, but that's not how sides work. There's no shortage of racist, sexist, conspiracy theory touting lunatics that identify as democrats, but that doesn't mean they represent you. However, when you're hopelessly clutching to Trump being impeached because of a conspiracy theory, that says enough about your lunacy in itself.

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Oh man, I love this sub, the histrionic screeching of the teenagers that make up the commentors on here is legitimately one of the funniest parts of my day. I get hearty chuckles from this stuff, keep it up you delusional little guys


If so, stop. There is a massive amount of people in this game that use mouse macros/scripts to control recoil, so if you're using those people's data, that would explain why recoil is becoming increasingly uncontrollable for people playing fairly.

At this point, with a fully decked out M4, I can start shooting looking at someone's feet, and by the 3rd shot my reticle is over his head. It's completely out of control at this point

Unless you want me to get a 6 foot long mousepad and swipe my mouse down the entire 6 feet to shoot 10 shots, then fix this sillyness.


increase your sensitivity... I don't use macros/scripts and have my vert sens at 1.42 and general sens at 60 in game and use a 1800 dpi mouse. No issues controlling any of the recoils in game at all.

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Original Poster0 points · 1 month ago

I know, but that's kind of my point. You shouldn't need to compensate with making your vertical sens and DPI so high, you only have to do that because the recoil is beyond unrealistic at this point

I don't get it, this is true for a variety of products. People try to smuggle booze back in constantly, sometimes these crooks essentially want you to pay more in duty for a bottle of liquor than the bottle itself is worth. Same with tobacco, it's madness. It also doesn't sound like he was necessarily complaining about Canadians doing that, more like how it's absurd that we feel the need to do that


I recently bought my first cigars, 2 full size and a few smaller ones. I have them sitting in a ziploc bag with a Boveda pack right now, but what I'm worried about is that it gets very hot/humid in my place while I'm at work since I don't leave the AC running.

I have read that it is OK to put them in the fridge/freezer as long as they're in something airtight, but for now, I'm wondering how long it takes for the quality to seriously degrade being in my apartment like that?


Seriously, ice packs? Buy a cooler, insert boveda, add more cigar boxes for storage as you accumulate more cigars, and you'll join the vast majority of us. The insulated cooler will keep temp fluctuations to a minimum. The boveda and extra cigar boxes will keep the RH fluctuations to a minimum. Win.

If you don't want to drop the coin on a cooler, put them in a tupperware container with a boveda in your kitchen cabinets.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

The ice packs just to keep the temperature consistent? I'm just wondering because I've read some articles on making a coolidor and none of them say to add ice packs, but if it's warm in my place would it be alright to do that? I don't want my cigars to get too chilly now

Hot and humid will lead to mold growth and beetles hatching. Dark room or a cooler with ice packs would be better than nothing.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Damn, but if they've been in that weather for a few days am I too late or would it take quite a while for those issues to develop? Currently 27*C here and about 45% humidity, maybe that's not too bad

It's been like this for a while though, I don't recall any of the people on this sub getting banned for harassing anyone who wasn't an NDP supporter

Ya guys, maybe Trump should have just went to the meeting and said "you're a murderous, piece of shit dictator and I - nay - we all hate you. Please die. Oh but before you do that pls dismantle all ur nukes lol thx"

You can generally gauge how evil a country is by the percentage of their own people they have incarcerated.

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Who needs prisoners when you can just execute them en masse?

2 points · 2 months ago

It's going to be much worse when it turns out to be true. Things like facts and science do matter. Not just making stuff up and repeating it.

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Hmm, first time I've heard someone out to lunch to the point of claiming that Trump 'scientifically' colluded with Russia. Oh you poor deluded soul

3 points · 2 months ago

It goes along with your choice to disbelieve facts and think it's ok to lie every time you open your mouth. You just did EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I NEVER said anything close to "Trump scientifically colluded with Russia.", you just take random words from my post and make shit up totally out of context. It's what people like you do and believe you've accomplished something.

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I'd suggest waiting 5-10 years and then coming back here and reading what you just said.

You start by asserting I lie every time I open mouth, and then go on to criticize me for making things up out of context. I know you're not old enough right now, but in several years you might be able to grasp the immense irony in your statement. Good luck slugger, things get better, I promise

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Original Poster10.4k points · 2 months ago

Kim successfully made Trump look like the unreasonable one.

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How exactly is that the case? Keeping in mind you're in the most foaming-at-the-mouth anti Trump sub on reddit, so the upvotes mean absolutely nothing. But I am genuinely curious how you could construe Trump's reaction of stepping down after NK started talking crazy again as unreasonable

Ya that'll go well, I mean look at the state of this sub. If the amount of propaganda, groupthink and misinformation can exist in one place then we'll never have nice things on the internet

What the fuck is

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This is /r/worldnews, these people would link to an Alex Jones article if it said anything even vaguely critical of the Trump administration

I am not pro-trump or pro-impeachment. I am a skeptic trying to understand this story... However, there are no documents or anything showing what was apparently communicated at the meetings NYT is claiming to have occurred. I see there may have been payments somewhere?

I search lightly for proof that may have been published... Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to something that has been published already?

Without any of this, there is nothing to prove. I don’t trust the phrase “people familiar with the matter” by itself and without hard evidence.

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This is by no contest the most radicalized mainstream sub on reddit, it's also mostly angsty teenagers, so you'll never get an answer to a comment asking a legitimate question. The best you'll get is downvoted, the worst, shadow banned by the mods (many of which are incentivized to push a radical left wing narrative). I just think it's sad that reddit allows this kind of shit to happen.

I was one of the best Halo: CE players in the world back when I was like 14.. Was asked to join StK, I know no one knows what that is, but it was a big deal

94 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

How is this not higher up?

EDIT: Watching this and the parent comment get brigaded is really eye opening.

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This sub is an embarrassment to reddit as a whole. The fact that radical ideological subs that actively suppress truth exist is absolutely pathetic, and especially when the mods themselves are actively involved in the suppression. Reddit should be ashamed of themselves for letting garbage like this exist.

They’re just implied pedos, no big deal.

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"People are pedophiles just because I don't like them" - leftists trying to be taken seriously in 2018

This extreme nationalism we see today makes me think that humans in future would probably stop believing in this concept of countries and boundaries, ik it sounds a bit pretentious but it's not impossible considering how almost a century ago almost every person was religious but now they're significantly going down in number

Conservatives in different parts of the world basically hate on people 'different' from them(which includes conservatives from other countries as well), that sort of isolation ideology would never be ideal for humanity as a whole. This quote by indian writer rabindranath tagore is what Indians need to look upto now- “Patriotism can’t be our final spiritual shelter. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live.”

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The irony of someone claiming an entire group of people is the same and hates every other group of people is physically painful

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Oh boy, the sheer amount of people in the US experiencing paranoid delusions is deeply concerning. What happens to these people's psychological state when they're forced to accept they bought into a conspiracy theory for years?

What a ridiculous comment. Anything that's against the charter needs to be called out regardless of who it's coming from.

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I'm not sure what needs to be done has to do with what's actually done. I didn't know it was a contentious point that the regressive left has a rather hypocritical love affair with Islam

It's strange that there is a constant focus on Islam. Christians form the majority of the religious population, and the Jewish demographic has more political power, both have the same view on homosexuality.

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Boy if that's not intellectually dishonest I don't know what is. I mean go look at any polls of the Muslim world you want, they are quite clear on this topic. 52% of British Muslims say homosexuality should be illegal, and that's beside the ones that quite literally think it's worthy of execution.

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