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cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
ReallyGottaTakeAPiss 23 points

I am not pro-trump or pro-impeachment. I am a skeptic trying to understand this story... However, there are no documents or anything showing what was apparently communicated at the meetings NYT is claiming to have occurred. I see there may have been payments somewhere?

I search lightly for proof that may have been published... Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to something that has been published already?

Without any of this, there is nothing to prove. I don’t trust the phrase “people familiar with the matter” by itself and without hard evidence.

cincanada 1 point

This is by no contest the most radicalized mainstream sub on reddit, it's also mostly angsty teenagers, so you'll never get an answer to a comment asking a legitimate question. The best you'll get is downvoted, the worst, shadow banned by the mods (many of which are incentivized to push a radical left wing narrative). I just think it's sad that reddit allows this kind of shit to happen.

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
CarbineGuy 96 points

How is this not higher up?

EDIT: Watching this and the parent comment get brigaded is really eye opening.

cincanada 1 point

This sub is an embarrassment to reddit as a whole. The fact that radical ideological subs that actively suppress truth exist is absolutely pathetic, and especially when the mods themselves are actively involved in the suppression. Reddit should be ashamed of themselves for letting garbage like this exist.

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
pyrowolf8 15 points

They’re just implied pedos, no big deal.

cincanada 1 point

"People are pedophiles just because I don't like them" - leftists trying to be taken seriously in 2018

0aniket0 40 points

This extreme nationalism we see today makes me think that humans in future would probably stop believing in this concept of countries and boundaries, ik it sounds a bit pretentious but it's not impossible considering how almost a century ago almost every person was religious but now they're significantly going down in number

Conservatives in different parts of the world basically hate on people 'different' from them(which includes conservatives from other countries as well), that sort of isolation ideology would never be ideal for humanity as a whole. This quote by indian writer rabindranath tagore is what Indians need to look upto now- “Patriotism can’t be our final spiritual shelter. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live.”

cincanada 1 point

The irony of someone claiming an entire group of people is the same and hates every other group of people is physically painful

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cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
cincanada -4 points

Oh boy, the sheer amount of people in the US experiencing paranoid delusions is deeply concerning. What happens to these people's psychological state when they're forced to accept they bought into a conspiracy theory for years?

cincanada commented on a post in r/ontario
Scottie3Hottie 19 points

Religion is truly a cancer. I mean it has its good bits, but then more shitty stuff like this. 2018 and we still have people like this questioning gay marriage.

Burkas are fucking stupid and hideous and so is Allen.

cincanada -5 points

Careful with that sentiment, because if you don't like religious ideologues condemning gays then you would have to condemn the vast majority of Islam, and we know how leftists can't stand criticizing Islam

ManofManyTalentz 3 points

What a ridiculous comment. Anything that's against the charter needs to be called out regardless of who it's coming from.

cincanada -1 points

I'm not sure what needs to be done has to do with what's actually done. I didn't know it was a contentious point that the regressive left has a rather hypocritical love affair with Islam

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cincanada commented on a post in r/ontario
JesusDrinkingBuddy 2 points

That is what the far left is though. It's a set of beliefs and strategies that make up an ideology. Identity politics, equality of outcome, using a perceived position of moral superiority as an argument, divide and conquer tactics etc.

If we're talking about reddit, it depends on how radical the sub is, but of course silencing any opposition is a big one for the left.

So is it a right wing strategy to pretend that only one side commits certain sins? The irony of you claiming the left acts more moral while committing the very same offence would hilarious if it wasn’t so disappointing.

You’re literally being just as divisive. Let remember our attribute all of these negative attributes to someone and label them based almost purely on if they like Donald Trump.

cincanada 1 point

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, especially the 2nd point... As far as the first thing you said, I don't think discussing the tactics a side uses is claiming moral superiority or necessarily irony... I mean if discussing the differences between two sides of something is inherently ironic or always suggests moral superiority then how are people supposed to discuss the differences between anything ever?

JesusDrinkingBuddy 2 points

I mean if discussing the differences between two sides of something is inherently ironic or always suggests moral superiority then how are people supposed to discuss the differences between anything ever?

Go to The_Donald and criticize the GOP in general not only will you be downvoted you’ll be banned. The issue I have is how hypocritical you are, you consider the left to silence your viocie by downvoting you, which absolutely is not silencing your vote, yet I can get banned from both r/conservative and r/The_Donald by the end of the day. That’s actual silence because it’s blocking in participating completely. I have yet to see you even mention that, instead you act like it’s a unique to the left. You’re either ignorant of the tactics of both sides, focusing only on one sides transgressions, or straight up lying.

cincanada 1 point

I don't really care about or participate in either of the subs you mentioned, but I sincerely doubt you could get banned from either of them. I don't think you're making as good of a point as you think anyway, you picked two subs that are blatantly and admittedly right wing as an example... Well duh, of course they prefer right wing opinions. But on reddit, subs like /r/worldnews or /r/politics shadow-banning people even a little right wing?

Come on, it's clearly infinitely more shady that some subs pretend to be neutral but are quite literally radical left wing.

Keep in mind that at no point have I stated what my political beliefs are, and everything you think is an assumption and almost guaranteed to be incorrect. Believe it or not, people can potentially be left wing while simultaneously being able to scrutinize the absurdity of how the left presents themselves.

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cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
alextheangry 10 points

I love how few upvotes this is getting. That looks to me like bad sportsmanship.

cincanada 1 point

Bruh, the mods here actively suppress comments and articles that are even vaguely not very far left wing

Online_Host 27 points

He’s making a deal. Trust me. Everyone buy MCD stock now, you’re going to see the real beginning of globalization. McDonald’s is what ends up bringing world peace. The love of the Golden Arches.

cincanada 5 points

McDonald’s is what ends up bringing world peace

You're thinking of Pepsi

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
WhoseTolerant 0 points

Can you provide some proof so I can gain a better understanding?

cincanada -1 points

Lol, I'm not from the US but I read this sub because I find the dogma entertaining. It seems every comment chain on here is basically the same.

1) No actual evidence has come to light

2) Someone says 'ya there is its eveywhere', get's upvotes

3) Someone asks for sources containing said evidence, gets downvoted

4) Comment chain goes dead

This shit is like reading a radical left-wing Alex Jones forum

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
[deleted] -5 points

What the fuck is the alt right? ive literally never met one alt right person but some how they fucking took over the country.

Russians probably made it up

cincanada 4 points

One of the primary tactics of the left is to create imperceptible boogie-men to claim moral superiority over, it's a method of legitimizing rhetoric by offering a counter-stance to a stance that itself may not exist

PhilOchsLiberal 9 points

Look, I’m not saying that all of that isn’t true. But you seem to take the vast minority of them and their actions to paint the entire group as some foreign savages. That’s what I object to.

cincanada 1 point

Why is it absolutely necessary for you to believe that if something negative is happening in the world of Islam, that it 100% has to be someone else's fault? Why can't it be possible that toxicity can exist inside a system that isn't comprised of primarily white, non-Muslim people?

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
cincanada 1 point

Really guys, you honestly believe that a group of hackers backed by the Russian government maintain their anonymity on the sole assumption that each individual hacker turns a VPN on when they start hacking shit? I mean sweet lord, there's grasping at straws and then there's this

iamsooldithurts -4 points

Because with just an ip you can identify the person using the computer.

Basically, that’s exactly how it works.

To cut a very long and technical explanation very short, dynamic IP addresses are very rare because they make it nearly impossible to diagnose network problems.

This is why people who want to get away with shit use VPNs to mask their external IP. Internet traffic gets routed through the VPN, the VPN keeps no record of which traffic came from where, and thus relatively complete anonymity.

Sadly, even the best networks and VPNs are subject to random glitches. Actually, most technology has built in error correction because shit goes wrong all the time.

So, it’s only a matter of time before something fails. And it only has to fail for a brief moment.

cincanada 1 point

Good lord, this reads like someone who doesn't speak English tried to piece together disjointed bits of text from wikipedia to make it sound like a coherent point

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cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
racksy 254 points

Please stop linking to paywalled sites.

If no one can read the article why link it?

cincanada 4 points

You're on reddit and specifically worldnews, what makes you think anyone on this sub reads articles

LetsDiscourse 1,012 points

It's a little more nuanced than that. May benefited directly from Russia's pro-Brexit campaign in the UK like Trump benefited from the Russian pro-Trump/GOP campaign in the U.S. however, May is not an idiot, unlike Trump.

I also don't believe May is compromised the way Trump is, whether it's pee tapes, money laundering, or business interests, it's obvious Trump is completely compromised when it comes to Russia. May isn't, she may be a conservative but she's a Brit first and someone just violated her country's sovereignty in a bad way.

Both Trump and May also got their asses kicked politically in elections after they won, unlike Trump, I think May has seen what that means is adjusting herself accordingly.

EDIT: Holy shit people, I never said Theresa May supported Brexit, I said she benefited from it because Brexit caused Cameron to resign allowing her to become PM. I'm not saying she planned any of it, but she did benefit from it, even if unintentionally. Nearly every problem she's had since has been caused by her own shitty choices like calling the special election.

cincanada -1 points

It's endlessly adorable that you people still cite claims made in a BuzzFeed article, by an alleged person who alleged to be an ex British intelligence officer, AND BuzzFeed states that not only is none of the information verifiable, but that it also contains errors.

You need to ask yourself if your intent is to participate in a child like echo chamber, or actually convince other people who don't already agree with you. If the best you can do is cite BuzzFeed articles intentionally created to troll people, then I honestly don't understand what you hope to accomplish.

If your goal is to make those who oppose the president sound like petulant children who shouldn't be taken seriously, then by all means take a bow.

To be clear I'm not from the US and neither approve of or disapprove of your president, I'm merely offering an outside view of how pathetic much of the rhetoric on this site is.

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
[deleted] -86 points


cincanada 1 point

The irony in this sub that everyone thinks anyone who disagrees with them is a Russian spy while simultaneously believing everything posted by similarly employed left wing propagandists is painful

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
FishingAndTennisCA -8 points

Article about Trump admin holding off on passing judgement on situation: thousands and thousands of upvotes since it follows Trump-Russia narrative.

Article about Trump saying it was probably Russia based on evidence: hundreds up upvotes because it doesn't exactly follow Trump-Russia narrative.

Reddit, you are the absolute worst.

cincanada -3 points

From what I see it's not all of reddit, but this particular sub is like reading a fuckin' left wing Alex Jones forum

cincanada 1 point

This is against the Russia conspiracy theories, aren't the mods supposed to delete this?

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cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
cincanada 1 point

lol, the standard /r/worldnews narrative

Our president is barely intelligent enough to put his pants on in the morning, but he's also capable of starting a multi-country collusion conspiracy to become president nearly a decade later

Do you people hear yourselves?

cincanada commented on a post in r/worldnews
RobotWantsKitty 1,475 points

What the fuck is wrong with people here? A regular civilian flight crashed, possibly killing everyone on board, and some idiots in this thread are already spinning the story as if it's some sort of political assassination. Are redditors really that brainwashed?

cincanada 1 point

Are redditors really that brainwashed?

Bruh, this is /r/worldnews, the story has the word "Russian" in it and you're asking if redditors are really that brainwashed?! The irony is thicker than oatmeal

cincanada commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
cincanada 0 points

I honestly don't really understand what the white knights are trying to imply, that women's esports aren't a joke compared to the men's teams? Come on guys, if you're saying its pathetic to say female esports is shit, you have to admit its at least equally pathetic to suggest it's even remotely comparable to male esports.

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