10 Unpopular Austin Opinions by Publius- in Austin

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I always said the same thing until I bought a truck. It's much easier to reverse in a spot.

I've also always hated truck drivers. I still do.

Identify This Weed by ZeroChad in Austin

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I can't tell from the pic but compare to https://aggieturf.tamu.edu/turfgrass-weeds/

in the Grasses and Grass-like Weeds section

10 Unpopular Austin Opinions by Publius- in Austin

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Or you can just get an old wooden door and float on top of it. Titanic-style.

10 Unpopular Austin Opinions by Publius- in Austin

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I just did this too. Definitely wasn't that great. I had to focus too much on standing on the damn board. I got on the water to relax. I much prefer my kayak.

Midtown Commons charging to have packages delivered. How is this a thing? by joshualefevre in Austin

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It's where they charge you 30 dollars a month to take the trash from your front door to the trash can.

Erwin Center hosting "Harvey Can't Mess with Texas" benefit, featuring Willie Nelson, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and more by Levarien in Austin

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It was great until about 2:59. I was able to score some tickets too! It was loading just very slowly. I had to be patient. I'm happy with my seats too.

Just moved into a new house and this is in the backyard! How do I use it? by dimemarie in grilling

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Seems like a simple grill. You can use wood or charcoal. The ceramic bricks indicate that only that center part of for cooking. I think the sides are just decorative. Seems pretty small. Maybe it was used for something else.

Video showing racist bully getting kicked out of casino then continuing to threaten victims until they shoot him; found justified under Florida's Stand Your Ground defense. 3:59 by KeyedCarr in watchpeopledie

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It seems pretty obvious to me that the white car was trying to cut off the shooters car. He creeped down the aisle and yielded to the first car. and waited for the shooters car to approach. He had a stop sign and tried to roll through it to cut off the shooters car. You can see him slow roll and then accelerate as the shooters car approaches the intersection. The shooter car stopped to avoid the accident.

Is the Arby's on Ed Carey open yet? by LHalperSantos in RioGrandeValley

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Man, back in the day, I drove to Harlingen for Arbys when they had just closed the one in McAllen. Turns out they closed all of them in the RGV. I ended up eating at Chilis.

Pretty Much by Glad_Hander in Austin

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I'm thinking it's Palo Pinto Mountains. Although calling it "mountains" is stretching it. Would have been more appropriate at Guadalupe Mountains.

Gas shortage. by [deleted] in Austin

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They said all their stores are out or very low on fuel 4 hours ago on Facebook.

Burn ban in effect for Bastrop, Fayette, and other nearby counties by ClearlyInsane1 in Austin

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Maybe removing a burn ban isn't a top priority when the area is flooded?

Anybody want to join me in collecting down limbs for diy woodworking projects? by dadbodrockstar in Austin

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I don't have any of those :(

I'll buy some milled wood from ya'll y'all though.