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thelandman19 -3 points

Did we not underperform last year? I was surprised he was retained given the season and the fact he doesn't have a redeeming personalilty

citro-naut 3 points

Yeah, but a lot of that could be contributed to improper personnel for the formation we were playing. A lot of bad contracts on the field too. A lot of the leftovers for the Heath era held us back I think. Kaka and Nocerino definitely didn't have the athleticism to keep up and guys like Johnson had a ton of energy but weren't very good on the ball.

Almost every single player Kreis has brought in has been a fantastic addition to the team. Sutter, Spector, Yoshi, even Johnson at times and Toia were great players. In this window we're bringing in even more solid signings and depth pieces. We can't implode the team every year and a half and expect results. With Kreis I'm trying to be more patient. I'll reserve judgement for the end of the summer months.

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citro-naut 4 points

Through your study of planetary science, astronomy, and physics, what is the most profound idea or thing that you've learned.. something that really blew your mind and maybe changed your perspective about how you see the world?

joshuacolwell 8 points

Too many mind-blowing things for me to list here, even if I spent the next hour writing them. (That's one reason for the podcast - so many cool things going on!)

Here are some highlights, though. I was astonished when I first learned about how dramatically and suddenly the Earth's climate can change. The transition from ice age to interglacial conditions can happen and has happened on time scales shorter than the resolution of our sedimentary cores to measure (much less than a human lifetime). We are quite literally playing with fire with climate change. The climate is not a very stable system.

The discovery of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe (with the name "dark energy") is one of those humbling mind-blowing things that just emphasizes how much we still have to learn about our universe. Along those lines, when I learned that at some point in the future, if things continue expanding as they are, the Milky Way, our galaxy, will be the only galaxy in the observable universe. If we had come along then instead of now, we would think the Milky Way was and always had been the entire universe. Is there something else we have missed that happened before we came along? Are we missing most of what there is?

The new discoveries of exoplanets are very exciting and mysterious. So many diverse planetary systems out there, and so few of them (so far) look anything like our own. This ties in with our failure to detect any indication of alien life, sometimes expressed as the Fermi Paradox, and that gives me a lot to think about.

Outside of my professional studies, I've been reading a lot about evolution and the origin of life, and was astonished to learn (or maybe re-learn, if I got it in high school!) that genetically we have more in common with an amoeba than an amoeba does with a bacteria.

citro-naut 2 points

The exoplanet discoveries in particular really excite me. It's fascinating to me that when we look out into the universe, or even just our galaxy, we see a lot of the same stuff that we are made of. When we investigate comets and primitive asteroids we find organics, amino acids, and more of the things that are the building blocks to life as we know. Given that life here started about as early as it could have and that these same building blocks probably exist throughout the rest of the habitable portions of our galaxy, it leads to the speculation or at least the curiosity of whether or not life could be similar, at least fundamentally, to life here on Earth. Thanks for the discussion!

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citro-naut commented on a post in r/space
crimsonc 1 point

It's more comedic than hard science but covers topics that don't always reach the mainstream

citro-naut 1 point

Yeah, they'll always have one or two comics on the panel but I enjoy the livelier conversations because of it. It's a nice blend methinks.

loki-1982 704 points

For fans of this i would also recommend the wonders of the universe/solar system/ life series by Brian Cox. All great series on the same subject matter while still also as comprehensible

citro-naut 9 points

Brian Cox also has a great podcast called The Infinite Monkey Cage. I definitely recommend checking it out!

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citro-naut 2 points

Anything over 65 is a losing battle. You're already in the highest gear and the power to overcome increasing drag kills fuel economy. Keep your spend around 40 - 60 mph on highway. Research suggests that a quick acceleration to speed helps save gas. While driving on the highway keep your distance from the car in front of you so that you can avoid frequent braking and subsequent acceleration. The best thing to do is still to a single speed and maintain velocity. Every time you brake you have to expend extra power to regain momentum and velocity.

hahrsl 1 point

How can i give love more purpose ? i need it.

citro-naut 2 points

Love more. Love deeply. Let others know they're loved and that they mean something to you.

hahrsl 0 points

They show fake love randomly and dont have time to ever , like ever say hi back . I have to stop giving love to things too.

citro-naut 4 points

We shouldn't ever love because we want the feeling to be reciprocated. However, friendships and relationships operate on that principle. Have the courage to move on to find the people that also want to invest in you.

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citro-naut 2 points

Hi Dr Levin! I’m curious.. we often phrase the question, “What happened before the Big Bang,” but this presupposes that there was a time before the creation of the universe. If the Big Bang was the birth of space as well as time, does it even make sense to talk about a time or event prior to there being any time at all? And what would that be like, having no time? How did things change or events like the Big Bang happen if there is nothing discerning one moment from the next?

Huge fan by the way! I love it every time you get to host StarTalk All Stars. Keep bringing the science of the universe down to Earth! Thanks!

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MayIServeYouWell 2,949 points

Starlight is from so far away, it's essentially a single point of light with near zero diameter. When the atmosphere refracts that light, you can notice it more, because the amount of refraction is greater than the diameter of the source.

Light from planets is refracted too, but since they're a lot closer the source isn't zero diameter, it's just slightly bigger. The refraction is more obscured by the diameter of the light source.

So, planet light is dimmer light, but coming from a larger diameter source.

citro-naut 1 point

This is all great but doesn’t answer the question of why Stars twinkle, which is caused by atmospheric turbulence.

So to OP, light is bent, distorted, and refracted by turbulent cells in our atmosphere, meaning that the light we see coming from these objects will appear to be coming from multiple locations ie the twinkling effect. It’s more pronounced for stars because as you’ve pointed out, it’s less light overall striking our eyes. With a larger source of light the effect is essentially washed out.

This is a critical reason, among others, of why we choose to build stellar observatories at such high latitudes. We escape much of the atmosphere that causes these distorting effects.

livmaj 5 points

Sure looks like a cockroach nymph. Not sure of species, however.

citro-naut 1 point

Sharp eye! Thanks for this!

BelfreyE 3 points

Looks like a smokybrown cockroach nymph. Comparison pic here. They are primarily an outdoor species, but do come inside sometimes.

citro-naut 1 point

This is brilliant! That seems to be precisely what it is. You guys are the best. Thanks!

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citro-naut 1 point

I’m in my last year of college and recently went though a breakup after dating for 5 years. We lived together so after we split I moved back home to finish up my last year of college and also because the rent is too damn high and I cant afford to live elsewhere without going into debt. My grandmother was visiting and her advice was to buy a motorhome and move into an RV Park. As if throwing $800 towards rent every month wasn’t bad enough, she was suggesting for me to purchase an RV for tens of thousands of dollars. I’d imagine those things are terrible to own anyway.

citro-naut commented on a post in r/AskReddit
belle_gry 4,038 points

what do you do when you turn up at an event where you don't know anyone? Do you go park up by the food and drink and stare about awkwardly at people and smiling holding onto a coke for dear life? Sit down in a corner and pretend you have friends on your phone? Interrupt a group of people and say "HI GUYS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" - all options are awkward- maybe I'll just stay home

citro-naut 2 points

Find the toughest person in the room and knock them out

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ProfessorRiffs 4,397 points

Hives from touching a sheet? Weird, I'm very interested to know the cause of that.

citro-naut 1 point

When you're weightless in space you no longer have the force of gravity that regularly causes your clothes to drape over you, applying ever so little pressure. Instead everything is just kind of floating around your body and your skin becomes more sensitized. Back on earth, everything is interacting with your skin with much more pressure and it causes this kind of skin irritation.

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ShakeandJake94 4,343 points

Posted this below but it might get buried so tagging onto the top comment

So actually that's my dad and my brother is filming. This clip cuts out the beginning, in which dad is giving us a lecture on his throw, and my brother is trying to speed him up with the comments in the video. We've all got a great relationship and yes, we give each other shit like that on the DG course. We're posting verification with our usernames and our dad later tonight. My brother's username is /u/DrPanda98

Edit: Verification is posted as a child comment to my comment.

Edit to the Edit: here's a link to his comment

citro-naut 1 point

You're brave for sharing your Reddit username with family

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