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coybig_believer 1 point


Thanks for getting back in touch! Sounds like you're also doing well - great to hear.

Looks like observation will be a good choice for you then if the doctor is advising it. And you've found it as early as possible! How have you been feeling since the results?

My mum was a nurse so thankfully told me to take the dressing off, otherwise would have been very tempted to leave it on as well.

I'm really split just now on choosing. My oncologist didn't push me either way and said it was a personal choice. I would prefer he just told me! I think mine was stage 1b as some cancerous cells were found in the blood vessels. Not sure though. Going to do a bit more research over the weekend then talk to him again on Friday.

Generally feel ok but I never really accepted I had cancer until the biopsy results. Bit scared at the thought of going through chemo. Positives are it's been caught early and I'm so glad I checked! Also that it's totally treatable!

Thanks for your positive message. Definitely helping me out.

citro-naut 1 point


Hope things are going well and you're hanging in there. You're lucky your mom is a nurse! That must have been nice having her around to help take care of you. My sister is in her final year of nursing school so it was great having her around to chat about things.

How's the decision process going? Has researching provided you any direction to what choice will be best for you? I'm a bit apprehensive too at the thought of ever having to go through chemo but from everything I've read, while it still is a pretty unpleasant experience, it seems a bit milder than many other type of chemo treatments for other cancers and all the side effects seem temporary. If it means that the chances of the cancer ever coming back are dropped so low then one or two months of feeling crummy might be a worthwhile sacrifice. It's a tough decision, though and like you, I'd much rather have the doctor just tell me what to do!

Things will be fine, though! Like you noted, it's entirely treatable. Just a bit of an inconvenience but nothing that will really muck up the summer plans :) I suppose the hardest part would just be coordinating with work and school or anything like that but I'd imagine both being totally understanding.

coybig_believer 1 point


I’m pretty much fully recovered from surgery! Found out that it was definitely cancer. 90% non-seminoma and 10% seminoma.

Glad it’s out but I would say the biggest shock for me was that I’ve got a 50/50 chance of it’s coming back. Now need to decide whether to get 2 BEP cycles of chemo and bring the relapse odds to 2-5%. Or just go on observation (blood tests every two weeks and CT scans once every 12 weeks).

citro-naut 1 point

Hey man!

Thrilled to hear you're fully recovered! It's amazing how quickly you're back up and at it after a surgery like that. I was dumb and waited like two weeks to take the steri-strip tape off the incision so my skin kind of reacted to the adhesive but it's all fine now. How are you feeling, though?

It sounds like they must have caught it pretty early on if they're giving you the option of observation vs chemo. It's reassuring too that it's all very treatable through chemo. What are you leaning more towards right now? The odds after just two cycles sounds pretty fantastic.

Mine ended up being >90% seminoma, <5% teratoma, and a microscopic spec of carcinoma, so they're treating it as a non-seminoma. My oncologist was reluctant to put me on chemo unless I absolutely needed it. I was at stage 1a so the preferred method is observation, just like what you were describing. I actually didn't discuss the odds of it coming back with him if I'm opting out of chemo so I'm definitely going to chat with him later this week to find out.

Again, thrilled to hear you're doing well!

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citro-naut 5 points

Remember those hornets you used to make as a kid? Where you’d fold a piece of paper into a small L shape and then slingshot it on a rubber band into your friend? When I was in summer camp some idiot kid thought it’d be cool to do that using an aluminum Reese’s wrapper and shoot it from point blank range into my eye. Probably one of the worse pains I’ve ever felt. Since then I’ve been terrified of anything touching my eye. I still don’t think I could wear contacts if I had to because of that.

Go to the doctor though. They’ll give you some eye drops to prevent any infection and help it heal.

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ItsKrakenMeUp 1 point

Are the bumps super noticeable? Just rolled my balls around my finger tips for a min.

citro-naut 1 point

They become noticeable. For me it at first felt like the firmness or density of my boy was changing. It felt a lot harder than the other one but only on one side. Eventually I started to feel an irregularity in the shape sure enough I had it.

Gendo_raizen 2 points

Describe abnormalities.. I have a lump on lefty that tends too hide and move depending on what activitys im doing went to docter they can never find it then go home and both me and my wife can be like "here it is"

Tl:DR. I have a lump not sure what it is.

citro-naut 4 points

Ask for an ultrasound and put the mystery to rest. I went to my doctor for the same thing and although she couldn’t feel anything she sent me for an ultrasound anyway and sure enough my poor left testicle was being eaten alive by cancer lol nothing to fear but an ultrasound will tell all

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double-survivor 1 point

Going on my third cancer diagnosis before 30.....ya the finacials is worst than the medicine in my opinion. Social workers are awesome at fginding charities, benevolent benefactors, and all manner of donations. The American Cancer Society is a huge resource. Their are a ton of resources out there. I have never been denied treatment because of outstanding bills. Just worry about getting better and getting the care you need!

citro-naut 2 points

Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm going to do my best to just focus on getting better for now. I'll absolutely be sure to contact the social workers within my healthcare network. I'll research the American Cancer Society too! This is all great information and I can't thank you enough.

It's amazing you've conquered cancer twice already and I have no doubt you'll knock it out again.

double-survivor 2 points

Found some other

And is a database of all sorts of charities. All will get better!

citro-naut 2 points

Thanks for sharing these too! I'll definitely be researching them :) I appreciate the encouragement!!

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citro-naut 1 point

Is there a simple comprehensive guide to starting an exercise/fitness routine for someone starting from scratch? Theres not a scarcity of information on the web but an overabundance making it seemingly arbitrary to pick just one. Also, I don't have any weights or equipment but I do have access to a university gym but body weight exercises are preferable. Also, the goal isn't to increase muscle mass but rather get in shape and start healthy habits. Thanks!

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citro-naut 8 points

And if you follow these guidelines... There will be an artist who can't manage business expenses because they never learned math... There will be an entrepreneur who can't get a loan because they couldn't write well and was never taken seriously in any official correspondences... There will be a musician who won't understand the corrosive or warping effect of humidity on their instrument... There will be an athlete that pedals flat-Earth conspiracy theories... Encourage your children to be well rounded. We never mature to just be artists or athletes. We become adults who benefit the most when we're able to engage with others across a range of disciplines. I know the intent is to not take standardized testing seriously but it's important, no matter what your career ambitions are, to have an understanding of history, chemistry, math, and physics.

Dre6485 6 points

I agree with you to a certain extent, but a very big problem in the United States at least, is that schools are telling everyone that they need to go to college no matter what. We have all of these college educated unemployed, because they got degrees in fields that don’t have work. Yet there are tons of skilled labor jobs that pay great but are going unfilled because people think it’s below them.

citro-naut 3 points

You're preaching to the choir. I'm in total agreement with that. I want people to go to a tech college, take a certificate, go to trade school or vocational school. Learn a trade or even a few. College is not the right path for everyone and I would strongly discourage people not to attend if they don't think that it is the right fit for them.

Considering that this was sent to the parents of students (and assuming it's even real) I was under the impression that these students are probably in high school. Regardless of career ambition I would hope younger generations are challenging themselves to excel at this level. If you don't want to study mathematics further than the Algebra 2 course you took in 11th grade then thats fine. But do your best to succeed in this general education requirements because like I was suggesting before, those skills are usually tremendously important to being a resourceful and successful individual.

citro-naut 1 point

Also, I just realized that I am indirectly engaging with chain mail (printed out chain mail at that) that I swore I would never spare time for. FML.

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GameVoid 6,279 points

Diphenhydramine HCL is an antihistamine that you probably know as "Benadryll".

Store brand "Allergy Relief" medications with the same active ingredient are 1/10th the price.

On top of that, the same drug is also sold as a "non-addictive sleep aid" since it gets you drowsy. If you buy it as a sleep aid, it is more expensive, even if it is a store brand. So if you want it as an allergy med OR a sleep aid, buy the store brand allergy relief bottle.

Zzzquil is just the liquid form of the medicine and is almost 25x more expensive per dose.

citro-naut 1 point

I had an organic chemistry kind of debunk this idea.. although they are the same active ingredient, the molecules themselves could be stereoisomers, ie the could either be “left handed” or “right handed”. The right handed one might treat your symptoms while the left handed one doesn’t do anything or it causes some side effect. The ratio of stereoisomers could be different between the two brands, in addition to a variety of other molecular-level things like that.

Maybe I got this all wrong and I’m making it up. Idk.

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citro-naut 0 points

What spacecrafts and instruments are part of the next logical step in Lunar exploration? What are some of the major (and minor) questions that we hope to learn from these future orbiters and landers?

citro-naut commented on a post in r/OCLions
thelandman19 -2 points

Did we not underperform last year? I was surprised he was retained given the season and the fact he doesn't have a redeeming personalilty

citro-naut 3 points

Yeah, but a lot of that could be contributed to improper personnel for the formation we were playing. A lot of bad contracts on the field too. A lot of the leftovers for the Heath era held us back I think. Kaka and Nocerino definitely didn't have the athleticism to keep up and guys like Johnson had a ton of energy but weren't very good on the ball.

Almost every single player Kreis has brought in has been a fantastic addition to the team. Sutter, Spector, Yoshi, even Johnson at times and Toia were great players. In this window we're bringing in even more solid signings and depth pieces. We can't implode the team every year and a half and expect results. With Kreis I'm trying to be more patient. I'll reserve judgement for the end of the summer months.

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citro-naut 4 points

Through your study of planetary science, astronomy, and physics, what is the most profound idea or thing that you've learned.. something that really blew your mind and maybe changed your perspective about how you see the world?

joshuacolwell 9 points

Too many mind-blowing things for me to list here, even if I spent the next hour writing them. (That's one reason for the podcast - so many cool things going on!)

Here are some highlights, though. I was astonished when I first learned about how dramatically and suddenly the Earth's climate can change. The transition from ice age to interglacial conditions can happen and has happened on time scales shorter than the resolution of our sedimentary cores to measure (much less than a human lifetime). We are quite literally playing with fire with climate change. The climate is not a very stable system.

The discovery of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe (with the name "dark energy") is one of those humbling mind-blowing things that just emphasizes how much we still have to learn about our universe. Along those lines, when I learned that at some point in the future, if things continue expanding as they are, the Milky Way, our galaxy, will be the only galaxy in the observable universe. If we had come along then instead of now, we would think the Milky Way was and always had been the entire universe. Is there something else we have missed that happened before we came along? Are we missing most of what there is?

The new discoveries of exoplanets are very exciting and mysterious. So many diverse planetary systems out there, and so few of them (so far) look anything like our own. This ties in with our failure to detect any indication of alien life, sometimes expressed as the Fermi Paradox, and that gives me a lot to think about.

Outside of my professional studies, I've been reading a lot about evolution and the origin of life, and was astonished to learn (or maybe re-learn, if I got it in high school!) that genetically we have more in common with an amoeba than an amoeba does with a bacteria.

citro-naut 2 points

The exoplanet discoveries in particular really excite me. It's fascinating to me that when we look out into the universe, or even just our galaxy, we see a lot of the same stuff that we are made of. When we investigate comets and primitive asteroids we find organics, amino acids, and more of the things that are the building blocks to life as we know. Given that life here started about as early as it could have and that these same building blocks probably exist throughout the rest of the habitable portions of our galaxy, it leads to the speculation or at least the curiosity of whether or not life could be similar, at least fundamentally, to life here on Earth. Thanks for the discussion!

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crimsonc 1 point

It's more comedic than hard science but covers topics that don't always reach the mainstream

citro-naut 1 point

Yeah, they'll always have one or two comics on the panel but I enjoy the livelier conversations because of it. It's a nice blend methinks.

loki-1982 705 points

For fans of this i would also recommend the wonders of the universe/solar system/ life series by Brian Cox. All great series on the same subject matter while still also as comprehensible

citro-naut 10 points

Brian Cox also has a great podcast called The Infinite Monkey Cage. I definitely recommend checking it out!

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citro-naut 2 points

Anything over 65 is a losing battle. You're already in the highest gear and the power to overcome increasing drag kills fuel economy. Keep your spend around 40 - 60 mph on highway. Research suggests that a quick acceleration to speed helps save gas. While driving on the highway keep your distance from the car in front of you so that you can avoid frequent braking and subsequent acceleration. The best thing to do is still to a single speed and maintain velocity. Every time you brake you have to expend extra power to regain momentum and velocity.

hahrsl 1 point

How can i give love more purpose ? i need it.

citro-naut 2 points

Love more. Love deeply. Let others know they're loved and that they mean something to you.

hahrsl 0 points

They show fake love randomly and dont have time to ever , like ever say hi back . I have to stop giving love to things too.

citro-naut 4 points

We shouldn't ever love because we want the feeling to be reciprocated. However, friendships and relationships operate on that principle. Have the courage to move on to find the people that also want to invest in you.

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