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I appreciate the optimism but the park became stale because the vision and values of the park were never tended to. It takes a special kind of visionary to make such an ambitious park like Epcot work. It’s disappointing because the idea of Epcot, not Walt’s vision even but just the updated concept of what Epcot came to be, held so much promise for what a theme park could be; a celebration of the human condition and of our greatest achievements. In many ways it’s being taken over by lazy, half hearted refurbishments that deviate from something that could have been incredible to those that would even appreciate it. The culture has changed and that’s what sucks. Animal kingdom has retained its culture in many ways. So has magic kingdom and perhaps even Hollywood studios to some degree. However, Epcot is now just a failed vision due to the lazy sell outs.



Hope things are going well and you're hanging in there. You're lucky your mom is a nurse! That must have been nice having her around to help take care of you. My sister is in her final year of nursing school so it was great having her around to chat about things.

How's the decision process going? Has researching provided you any direction to what choice will be best for you? I'm a bit apprehensive too at the thought of ever having to go through chemo but from everything I've read, while it still is a pretty unpleasant experience, it seems a bit milder than many other type of chemo treatments for other cancers and all the side effects seem temporary. If it means that the chances of the cancer ever coming back are dropped so low then one or two months of feeling crummy might be a worthwhile sacrifice. It's a tough decision, though and like you, I'd much rather have the doctor just tell me what to do!

Things will be fine, though! Like you noted, it's entirely treatable. Just a bit of an inconvenience but nothing that will really muck up the summer plans :) I suppose the hardest part would just be coordinating with work and school or anything like that but I'd imagine both being totally understanding.


Hey man!

Thrilled to hear you're fully recovered! It's amazing how quickly you're back up and at it after a surgery like that. I was dumb and waited like two weeks to take the steri-strip tape off the incision so my skin kind of reacted to the adhesive but it's all fine now. How are you feeling, though?

It sounds like they must have caught it pretty early on if they're giving you the option of observation vs chemo. It's reassuring too that it's all very treatable through chemo. What are you leaning more towards right now? The odds after just two cycles sounds pretty fantastic.

Mine ended up being >90% seminoma, <5% teratoma, and a microscopic spec of carcinoma, so they're treating it as a non-seminoma. My oncologist was reluctant to put me on chemo unless I absolutely needed it. I was at stage 1a so the preferred method is observation, just like what you were describing. I actually didn't discuss the odds of it coming back with him if I'm opting out of chemo so I'm definitely going to chat with him later this week to find out.

Again, thrilled to hear you're doing well!


Remember those hornets you used to make as a kid? Where you’d fold a piece of paper into a small L shape and then slingshot it on a rubber band into your friend? When I was in summer camp some idiot kid thought it’d be cool to do that using an aluminum Reese’s wrapper and shoot it from point blank range into my eye. Probably one of the worse pains I’ve ever felt. Since then I’ve been terrified of anything touching my eye. I still don’t think I could wear contacts if I had to because of that.

Go to the doctor though. They’ll give you some eye drops to prevent any infection and help it heal.


They become noticeable. For me it at first felt like the firmness or density of my boy was changing. It felt a lot harder than the other one but only on one side. Eventually I started to feel an irregularity in the shape sure enough I had it.


Ask for an ultrasound and put the mystery to rest. I went to my doctor for the same thing and although she couldn’t feel anything she sent me for an ultrasound anyway and sure enough my poor left testicle was being eaten alive by cancer lol nothing to fear but an ultrasound will tell all


I was just diagnosed with testicular cancer three weeks ago! Had my orchiectomy two weeks ago and am just about back to 100% from it. Definitely played many hours of Battlefield during that first week of recovery. Chemo starts in probably two or three weeks.

Good plan in getting something fun and distracting to fill the recovery time with. You seem like you’re in good shape and great spirit though. Good luck with the surgery and chemo too! You’ll be back up before you know it.

Feel free to PM me and keep in touch as we kick cancers ass >:D


Very nice! It's amazing what the body can handle; how they can cut you open, sew you up, and send you out the door in less than what it takes to watch a Marvel movie. Probably with less pain too haha

I was just getting over a cold by the time I had surgery so I've had to deal with a cough the past couple of days that just feels brutal to the incision area. If you have a cough or you have to sneeze I would recommend holding a pillow or something over the incision to help support it.

Hopefully everything has been dealt with and you're in the clear. Wishing you a quick and speedy recovery :) let me know what you find out from your post-op appointment!


Good luck on your surgery this Friday! I'm on day two of recovery. Surgery was nothing. You'll be able to walk out of the hospital and by the next day probably won't even need the pain meds.

Let me know how it goes!


Thanks for checking up! The surgery seems to have gone really well! My doctor thinks that there wasn't anything spread and he removed everything. Blood work and CT scans also came back looking nominal. Biopsy won't get back for another week or two. I have my post-op scheduled two Mondays from now so I'll find out that info then.

Even if everything looks great my urologist was recommending at least one round of chemo to bump up the odds for me. I suppose after the post-op appointment I'll be paired up with an oncologist and go from there. I'll get a second opinion for sure, though.

Thank you too for the insurance and payment information. I plan on staying within my network for everything I do. I'm fortunate to live in a city with a pretty decent healthcare network, all of which is covered by my insurance plan, so it makes finding doctors and treatment centers relatively easy. Researching all this further it is amazing how much more expensive this all becomes when you choose to go out of network.

So in the meantime I am in recovery mode from the surgery and trying to stay positive and optimistic until that post-op checkup.


Haha! I’m sorry your chicken was attacked but glad to hear it lived to crow another day! I used to work on a farm so I’m quite partial to chickens.

Everywhere I’ve read online folks are typically saying the same thing; I’ll be tender and want to take it easy but I’ll be up again in no time.

Surgery is just in a few hours. I’ll see you on the backside of this! :)


Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm going to do my best to just focus on getting better for now. I'll absolutely be sure to contact the social workers within my healthcare network. I'll research the American Cancer Society too! This is all great information and I can't thank you enough.

It's amazing you've conquered cancer twice already and I have no doubt you'll knock it out again.


Thanks for sharing with me your experience. When I originally spoke to my Urologist about this he said the most I'd feel from the chemo meds would just be fatigue and tiredness; compared to other chemo treatments for other cancers this one is a bit more mild. What kind of effects did you experience? How did you manage your lifestyle during that time?

I'm so glad to hear you made it through the process and you're being proactive about managing recurrence. Also when I spoke to my Urologist I recall him saying that if it ever comes back, it is treated the same way with the same expected results. Good luck, though :) be strong and be healthy!


Thanks for the information! I live in Orlando and my insurance is through Florida Blue. I recall that the max out of pocket expense is something like $5000. I've never really had to use my insurance for anything other than regular check ups or quick visits for cold meds so this is all new to me. Does the max out of pocket expense also apply to medications as well? It's not clear to me the difference between how the chemo treatments (injection or oral meds) are paid for and how they're covered.


Thank you so much for walking me through all of this. I really should be taking this one day at a time but I can't help but think forward to how this will impact the next couple of months. I was informed that the chemo is also offered as an oral medication so I'm interested to see if that might be a possibility over injection. Regardless, I'm glad you're informing me for what to look out for and what to expect.

It's also encouraging to hear how well you managed the recovery of your surgery. Mine is tomorrow and I'm trying not to think about it too much. I'm just looking forward to getting it over and done with and getting this thing out of me!

I'm in total agreement with you on healthcare policy. I wish more than anything that we had a similar system where we didn't have to worry about things like this. Maybe I'll move to Australia someday to participate in that system of governance.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing all of your experiences. It really helps put my mind to ease hearing how other people were able to manage this.


Oh gosh, that must have been difficult. I'm in similar shape - 25 and in my final year of undergrad. So yeah, pretty broke too haha I'm relieved to hear that there are quality social workers to help navigate all of this.

I hope you're doing well yourself and staying healthy!

Thanks for the well wishes!


Thanks for the response and sharing your story! I'm so thrilled for you that you are cancer free now. How long was the whole chemo process and how long did it take for you to bounce back?

I'm envious of your healthcare system but I've received some feedback from others saying hospitals should have social workers on hand to help guide me through the financial stuff, which is good news to hear.

Thanks for the well wishes and encouragement. It means a lot :)


Wow.. that's encouraging! I've received a few responses detailing how hospitals typically have programs for helping folks who need it. I was totally unaware of this and it's something I really need to look into.

The biggest fear is that I would be denied proper treatment or medication because I wouldn't be able to afford it. That doesn't sound like the case from your story. I'm so happy to hear you were able to manage your treatment finances and make it through it all. Thanks for the response :)


Oh gosh, that must have been devastating to hear that they thought it might be terminal. I couldn't imagine. I'm glad you went and got the second opinion, though and that things are looking up!! The world is better off with you here in it.

The funny thing is that I'm not too worried about the losing a testicle part of this. It's the testicle thats usually getting in the way and being sat on so I don't think I will miss it too much. It's the thought of it spreading about that probably makes me the most nervous. Until I actually get a diagnosis I am try to not think about it too much.

How did you manage the mental stress of this all, especially during some of the tougher moments?

Thanks again for chatting. I'm so glad to be able to share this with you and hear your story.

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