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Can we get a week 36 update?

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Do we know when we are going to find out what week 29's theme will be?

This will probably get buried, but, the instant pot is the best option, IMO. It is great as a pressure cooker, makes perfect rice, and can do any slow cooker recipe in a fraction of the time (30 minutes instead of 8 hours). The one we have doesn't have a slow cooker option, but, we prefer to cook our food much faster than our crock-pot ever could.

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Former bartender - try a Moscow Mule. Some places might just call it a Mule or a [random Vodka brand] Mule.

Top shelf Russian vodka, ginger beer, lime juice. Served in a copper mug. Easy enough to make and delicious, good for all seasons.

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I'd say to step your game up, try a Kentucky Mule. It's like a Moscow mule but it's made with bourbon instead of vodka.

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On my drive to work this morning they were saying that young people dislike Trump the most of any age group but are the least likely to vote. Redditors are typically in this younger group. Please, for the love of all things good, if you are reading this please register to vote and actually show up on election day. It is really easy and doesn't take much time. Younger people have the power to change this disaster but you have to use the power given to you.

EDIT: I should have added that it's THIS NOVEMBER when you need to vote! The midterms. Register now. I mean, vote every chance you get, but it's the one in just over 2 months that could really seal our fate as a country.

If you have to work on election day, look here to see if you have legal rights to take the time off to vote. Tell your employer well in advance that you'd like to vote. If you have to travel for work, vote by mail. I did it in 2016 and it was super easy. Download the forms on your state's election website.

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I am 30 now and I've voted in every major election and midterm since I turned 18. I'm doing the best I can

So, this may get buried, but if the president pardons himself, he is admitting he is guilty of federal crimes. That alone should be enough to remove him from office, right?

I think he also put his feet on a desk once or twice, seriously unbelievable

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Less we forget the time he saluted a soldier while holding a Starbucks cup or the terrorist fist jab

IMHO a simple problem with a simple solution - the KCsib is a private selection and a true LE (next pick might not be as good). If it really impressed you then go for it since it'll be gone soon anyway, then consider the ECBP, maybe by then you'll have found it in a bar to try first.

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I agree with this completely. If you find a single barrel, store pick, spend the 75-80 on two bottles of that if you can and later on, get the ECBP when you can find it for a reasonable price. Having both KCSiB and ECBP, i much prefer the KC, especially for the price.

Yes and he was briefed, before the election

No, it was during the transition, before his inauguration. January 2017.

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Im sure that Putin briefed him before the election...

Having a left knee and right knee, unlike now where it's a good knee and bad knee

I survived, mr stark!

oh snap, its happening

Let the Banos commense

I know what that I’ve heard this before but I can’t remember where

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The first was family guy

Black Label is my favorite anytime drinker...EV BiB was good too, but I've ordered a bottle of John McKenna 10 Year BiB to see how it compares to the White Label. I'm hoping for more flavor from the barrel to balance the 100 proof...with the longer aging period, I think it will be spot on.

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If you are a fan of black label, what do you think of 1783? I've found that for its price, 1783 is the best EW you can get.

If you want to lose weight, start by honestly counting your calories. You dont need to cut back what you eat, just keep track. Keep doing this for 2-3 weeks. By doing this, you are showing yourself just how much you are consuming.

From there, establish a small goal for yourself, e.g. 2100 calories per day. Keep track and measure your calories honestly. It's okay if you dont meet your goal every day, but aim for most days.

Once you are comfortable at that level, lower it a bit further down, to say 1800. Keep this up and repeat until you reach 1600, 1400, or 1200 calories per day.

Take time to work your way down. Dont deprive yourself of a once in a while treat. The end goal is not to hit a point and then go back to eating how you did when you started, it's about changing how you eat permanently. Sustainability for how you eat is what it's all about.

Personally, my goal is 1300/day and after doing this for 2 years, it has become normal. A bad cheat day for me is 1600-1900 calories, which is in line with what my body needs (BMR).

The hardest part of this process is being honest with what you are eating and sticking with your goals.

VERY IMPORTANT is to make sure you are accurately recording the amount. You cannot really do that unless you weigh/measure everything. Use a food scale.

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I couldn't agree more with this. My wife is a pastry chef and we own a food scale. Measuring all your portions in grams is so much more accurate than things like "approx 15 chips"

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I missed the opening 7 minutes - walked in right when the suicide bombers walked into the grocery store. Anyone remember what happened before that?

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CBP rounded up a number of people crossing the border before one of them running off to become a suicide bomber in the desert.

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K. So nothing major, then? (And thank you!)

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Correct and your welcome


I know that older bottles of Elijah Craig or WL Weller 12 fall into this category, but Weller is impossible to find at or near MSRP and age-stated EC is few and far between (normally found collecting dust in the hole-in-the-wall shops).


You got the answers, but why 12? There is no magic bullet with a 12 year age statement. Elijah Craig 12 was the cheapest available such bourbon that I know of, but it was over-oaked.

You can sill find Sib EC store picks that may be 12 years old and some Knob Creed Sib store picks are as well, but in my opinion, they are both generally better younger than that. 12 years in Kentucky in new oak does not equal 12 years in Scotland in previously used barrels. It's a shit ton more oak influence.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Personally, 9-12 is the sweet spot for me for aging. I fully understand that time in KY is much faster than Scotland for the effect it has on liquor. This is why places like TX can barely get to 3 years before over-aging.

I'm asking these kinds of questions to spark up a dialog and get some interesting answers for what's really out their for various criteria.

ECBP is 12. Barrel pick Knob has been running 12-14 lately too.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

ECBP is also pricey at $70-100 per bottle.

im 3 or 4 sips into my first pour of this...

I found myself at a different than my usual costco the other day and was excited to look thru the liquor store but nothing looked different or like an especially good price relative to my neighborhood store... this was the only one that piqued my interest so I grabbed it. I agree with a 5. its very run of the mill, not offensive, decent. $30 for a liter isnt bad but i'll stick with my $23 750 buffalo trace or $29 eagle rare i believe... but certainly wont let this go to waste and it will still be great for mixed drinks..

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I can agree that BT, Eagle Rare, or other similarly priced bourbons are better than this, but, in our region, these products are quick difficult to find. The best we've got is Makers 46 at $34 a bottle or Elijah Craig for 24. This bourbon is not bad for its proof and price point.

Bird Dog makes a 10 year aged stated bourbon in the $30-35 price range. I’ve never had it so I can’t speak to the quality.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

At $28, its decent. Of the ones listed, it's the lowest quality of the bunch

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I saw Eagle Rare today at Meijers for $23

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Holy crap that's fantastic, lol

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Are any of the Bookers variants worth nearly double the cost of Knob Creek single barrel?

Both are made by the same distillery, proofed similarly, and not far off in age.

With that in mind, would you consider the $86 price tag worth it compared to the $45 price of Knob Creek?

Original Poster5 points · 1 month ago

So I admit part of me is really curious. Another part of me expects this to taste like orange flavored cough syrup. Credit to Sku for posting about this elsewhere.
Edit: a word. Last night's free gin is this morning's mental fog.

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It could make for a tasty old fashioned

Eagle Rare honestly tastes like wet cardboard. I just bought a bottle of BT over ER. I heard someone comment on it and its something I can never get over. I have had a bottle of ER under my cabinet for over a year now and still can't bring myself to open it.

EDIT: To all the downvoters, do a favor to me and next time you take a sip of ER, tell me you don't taste wet cardboard and hit me up with your response.

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I mean, I'd happily take that eagle rare off your hands.

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