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Not at all. Everybody who I've ever known that talked like this in real life was completely full of shit and the actual opposite in their actual actions. This type of pseudo-enlightenment talk is usually some type of projection.

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he wants; allegedly

  1. Your money.
  2. Your wifes pussy.
  3. Your tender asshole itself (if you believe Travis Newaza). #himtoo? :(

You guys washed your car windows yet?

The uniform soot accumulation that I couldn't even see before washing was intense, it made coal black rivulets that were shocking.

Original Poster10 points · 3 days ago

Yes. It's going to be about Joe Cumia. I think there will be 6 parts. Maybe 7.

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every time you make one an angel gets its wings

I've always thought that apex was particularly un-intimidating.

"Oh no, here come the comma-heads! Hide your run-on sentences!"

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Absolute riveting masterpiece, this documentary does a great job capturing the rise and rise of comedienne extra-extraordinaire Joe Matarese, it keeps the viewer glued to the big screen with your mouth agape.


I know you're joking and everything but the air outside where I am is literally choked with ash and smoke... I can literally smell burning wood.

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same, livin' BC and breathing california (ash)

Does a real man groom young girls with cash and gifts?

Does a real man buy a nice house and put up a lifelike statue of a dinosaur?

Are real men obssessed with Twitter and livestreaming their karaoke nights?

Do real men live alone, with no family, paying friends to hang out on weekends?

Do real men look forward to getting drunk only so that they can pout about people on Twitter?

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Do real men live alone, with no family, paying friends to hang out on weekends?

woah chill

this is one of those "I remember the summer of '18" type events we get to spout at family gatherings for years to come.

(I just sneezed while typing this and my chest hurts damnit, shit's like living in a freakin Wheel of Time book)

sheesh, a body language expert isnt needed to see how women feel about the worm.

3 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Buy only brand name, 3M, klingspor, etc. there's no industry standard for sandpaper, you gotta trust the company and they should specialize in abrasives.

dont buy cheap paper, it's not the abrasives that are expensive, it's the glue holding them to the paper. cheap sandpaper uses grade-school paste it seems liek sometimes.

more steps is better and start with <40 if you need to.

calcium carbonate in a small gravity sand blaster, starting with stupid low psi

TBH I'm a little surprised it's under $2 billion. I'm sure that will change soon enough tho

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it's already up to 9.3 billion, surely you dont mean higher

Yeah you’re right you can see how he would be flung there from the impact.

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and the freakin driver woulda lost his head if he stayed in the truck, the corner of the deck goes right into the cab

I’ve done all the drugs, either he’s just jacked on caffeine and nervous, or it’s engrained into his speech pattern or that and he’s fucked up.

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7 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

millennial speedball; adderal and benzos

*being facetious btw, dont think he's on anything either, he's got that Brody Stevens PUSHIN mental health energy

Joe is being a bit of a cunt, or is it just me?

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Mac made the mistake of being funnier than Joe within the 1st minute.

20 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

Poor myceliums just laying there watching/feeling you walk up to its head...and rip it off. :(

It was even smiling at you.

(I gotta quit taking charles dowding videos literally)

Are golden swords effective when fighting?

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gold's about as "soft" as aluminum...just watched Cody from Codyslab chew on a bunch, so it's fresh in my mind.

Predatory mites if not too far infested and like the two others suggested above; diatomaceous earth, neem and elbow grease.

start soft work up to the big guns

I have seen similar setups in a few states. It's used as a thinly veiled loophole to get a Polaris RZR street legal by putting a vin numbered shell on it, then getting it registered as a 'constructed vehicle' in many states. The car is basically torn down to it's skin, under 300 lbs, and placed over the rzr with some modifications.

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Hmmm, are wheelies illegal?

0 points · 15 days ago

Such as?? Maybe a link so I can use as a reference??

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Fascinating and you have a great point.

China doesnt have a record of any assassinations, a semi-detailed google and only china's disgust at N.Korea shows up in regards to assassination.

I remember before 9/11 the west was equally abhorrent of using state but Bush and Obama kinda changed the culture into one of normalcy.

Any Anik and Kenny listeners here?

does he go into any degenerative details on his podcast?

mma betting podcasts are hard to find...and is prolly something I should ask on monday....

Polyana has a symmetrical face, very nefertiti'esqe, Joe.

put some respect on the neck

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Original Poster2 points · 16 days ago

I will look into that

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/r/succulents I love my lil succs. it's a whole new world (that requires little water and is cheap) and the people in that sub kick ass.

and if you keep it ethical; /r/proplifting growing something badass from literal trash is a kick

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