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Even though we beat Auburn I still see flashes of the same ol' Tigers that hurt my heart every year. Offense gets impossibly stagnant and we rely on the defense to save the day. Hopefully Burrow can get some opportunities with the receiversnto make some big plays because we are going to have to win some of our tougher games with his arm.

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Still too much short run, short run, incomplete pass, punt going on. If we wanted that we could have kept Cam Cameron

Auburn and an inconsistent receiver named Davis. Name a more iconic duo

This guy Nebraskas

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Keep going. I failed Audit twice and finally got a passing score last night. It was my last one and if I hadn't passed it then I would have lost Reg. Just keep going and you'll get there

Got an 80 on AUD. I’m finally free and done with the cpa exam. Breaking out the champagne and Cuban cigars on a work night, let’s goooooo!

Scores are back on the menu bois

This is some malarkey. They could have tweeted back to anyone saying it’d be normal release times but noooooo. Gotta keep people on the edge of their seat

Anyone else stalking this so that you can celebrate/commiserate with your wannabe CPA?

Bonus: so you can decide how to tell them you are finally pregnant?

No? Just me...?

back to lurking

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Congrats! Edit: on the baby, we'll see about the score!

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Auburn owning Alaska will never not look strange.

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It'll look better in Purple and Gold next week

You are correct my dear Tiger friend.

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Flair up my drunk friend

We dont need no turnover chain to know we're dbu pawwllll


Hello All,

I am pursuing a tax position in Georgetown with a Big 4 accounting firm and was hoping to get some insight on the culture down there. With any Big 4 I understand that the hours are intensive, but how are the people and the structure. Is it more of a community or a sweatshop? Are the nonbusy season periods fairly relaxed? I'm really looking for any and all information before making a big decision. Thanks in advance!


I don't understand why this isn't the second half of the fifth half.

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Harvard wants to know your location

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The 2007 season, year after year. God, that’s my dream

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Wisconsin so we can test the boundaries of binge drinking every year

Lol D Henry was a joke. Fournette had less games and was still pretty close to that dude’s stats

Please don’t actually try a high carb diet. You’re just asking to gain weight and get diabetic

We got this guy who chugs redbulls and punches himself in the face to get players pumped

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It’s been a little over a year since I was familiar with the renewable energy credits, but I would suggest you consult a professional quickly due to many credits being phased down or phased out completely.

See r/Keto. It has a fantastic community, all the information you need and more, and plenty of people in your shoes.

Reddit automatically reformats numbered lists to an ascending order. I've found that using ) instead of . after the number helps break this auto-correction.

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But I like seeing Bama as 25th much better

Yeah Dybala too, but I was thinking of Pjanić

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I still don't get why Dybala has road the bench for almost all of the World Cup

Thanks for the reminder...

I'm just thinking of a dream scenario where Orgeron's job is in life support next year and he finally gets cut for losing to A&M off a game winning play action pass to the fullback.

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Honestly I wouldn’t even be mad

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