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bbooker17 1 point

Hey, loving the beginning of cloudpad. Hook up the lifetime membership??


cloudpad_app 1 point


done mate cheers!

iwearlongjohns 1 point

marilyndai. And thanks, i am just starting to try the app out.

cloudpad_app 1 point

done thanks!!!

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Nasbi 1 point

Would be keen to get in on the premium if this offer is still valid. Username is nasbi.


cloudpad_app 1 point


done mate!!!!

billcody 1 point

billcody is username. cheers!

cloudpad_app 1 point

done billcody!

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cloudpad_app 1 point

We've had about 1500 extra signups from this and a few other similar posts in other reddit threads so really pleased!!

erm_what_ 1 point

I've signed up as erm_what. This is exactly what I need! Let's see if it can replace the white board in my room.

Personally I hate the popup fake chat thing. I know UX says it makes the site more human, but my now everyone knows it's not real, it reminds me of the "singles in your area" popups. Also I can't seem to use the web UI on mobile at all.

cloudpad_app 1 point

I've upgraded you erm_what!! Thanks for feedback re: chat popup. At this stage we're keeping it while we are so new and as a lot of users have questions learning the app and it's great for us to communicate new features and updates which are happening every few days.

Cheers :) Simon

PS - yes mobile is rough, very rough. will be finished as soon as android app is launched

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BeskedneElgen 1 point


cloudpad_app 1 point

done thanks very much!!!

cloudpad_app 2 points

PS - you can share pads too, so if you both want to share a shopping list or something, just hover over the title of the pad and click the share button :)

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[deleted] 1 point

Ahhh I didn't know to make an account haha! I just did un is prideandpartyjuice on cloud pad. Thanks!

cloudpad_app 1 point

glad you worked it out! love having you on the team! simon

[deleted] 1 point


cloudpad_app 1 point

Hi prideandpartyjuice I can't see you on cloudpad - what's your username on the site? or PM me your email address :)

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cloudpad_app commented on a post in r/productivity
ovaziri 1 point

Working now, thanks! Do you guys have any plans to create an app for android?

cloudpad_app 1 point

coming out in 2 weeks ovaziri!

McSneak 1 point

I'll try it out, McSneak is my username.

cloudpad_app 1 point

done mate cheers!

EsO91 1 point

Hi, my username is: @EfosaSO

cloudpad_app 1 point

done effosaSO thanks!!!

GaryARefuge [M] [score hidden]

This belongs in the Share Your Startup thread.

I have removed your post as it violates a number of rules in the side bar --->

cloudpad_app 1 point

thanks garyarefuge I will update!

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