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I love the contrast of the red-orange/green. Beautiful photo.

I still have bug bites from shooting sunset from that area. Nice shot! Love the long expo.

I think time of day the photo shot is a big piece of the puzzle here too. Most of these photos were shot outside of golden hour in a bit harsher light.

Yeah we use Git. Just moved over from TFS. We still use the TFS web interface but it is connected to a git repo. It has been another growing pain but I’d say yeah it is definitely worth learning.

Ugh unfortunately (also fortunately). I was in npm hell all day. Full stack dev but mostly front-end. We just recently switched to an Angular stack with angular-cli/node package manager. It’s been a bit of a learning curve.

Fork yes! is about to start when does Ballers come back?

I’m 32 and made a new friend recently and was embarrassingly giddy about it. Hooray for finding someone just as excited about standing behind a camera for hours as the light changes.

I don’t need an algorithm to tell me that. I’m reminded by it constantly while maintaining my own shitty code.

I took Colbert getting The Late Show for an embarrassingly number of people to realize that his character was satire on The Colbert Report.

Please tel me this is a real quote.

Are you claiming that the number you cited would remain unchanged, go up, or go down if we got rid of existing vehicle regulations?

Nah, i don’t think prohibition works. One look at our failed drug war indicates that. It be nice if guns were regulated as heavily as operating a vehicle tbh. Let’s start there.

Masking trees is so forking hard! I don’t have a tracker (yet) so I do a lot of stacking for my astro. Just finished a shot yesterday that had a trees in the foreground, very difficult.

Nice! Glad you were able to catch some clear skies. I was thankful to get a clear night for some astrophotography while in the area.

Beautiful shot! When was this taken? I was staying in Canmore all last week and it was smoky starting Tuesday.

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Okay thanks! I’ll see if my router is being a dick.

Just when I thought the creativity in these shots had run dry...holy shit. So cool!

Because I used a bit of hyperbole? Lighten up.

This is true. And he has the experience to make them even better. Touché.

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