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I don’t have access to the paper right now. What was the “hunch” that motivated going off-label like this?

Edit: I read the paper (PM if you want a sci hub link).

The “hunch” described in the article was that they had previously tested the idea in two previous patients and seen promising results.

That doesn’t really answer where the “hunch” came from, though. So, I read that paper as well (PM if you want a sci hub link). Tbh, they don’t do a good job rationalizing the choice of therapy - really the best they could do was saying that immunocompromised patients are at higher risk of SCC driven by HPV (these patients weren’t immunocomprised though).

Edit 2: I’m seeing a lot of people down-thread confusing prophylactic vaccines (trying to prevent a disease from occurring) and therapeutic vaccines (trying to treat a disease once it has established). This case report was therapeutic vaccine. It is one thing to propose that a vaccine will lower the incidence of certain virally driven tumors, it is quite another to propose that the same vaccine will have an anti-tumor effect in a patient who for all we know of not infected by that virus. The authors themselves are a bit puzzled, concluding the paper:

It is not known what part, if any, the systemic doses of the vac- cine played in the therapeutic benefit that we observed after the intratumoral injections in the patient. The prophylactic role of HPV vaccination is well understood; however, the mecha- nisms of its therapeutic efficacy in cutaneous malignant tu- mors are not yet clear. The potent therapeutic benefit may re- flect a combination of immunologic, antiviral, and antitumor effects of 9-valent HPV vaccine.

If people are interested, I’m happy to do a discussion post on this sort of immunotherapy down the road. It’d probably have to be on a different subreddit, though.

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I would like to discuss the realism of the tv show “House” with you lol

awww poor thing

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I saw it was removed because I accidentally used a redirecting Url instead of direct so its cool

whew glad we got that cleared up

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Lol what do you get out if being a dick to a random guy on reddit?

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Reddit admin, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster6.5k points · 3 days ago

Agreed, this was a ton of fun for all of us at HQ! It even compelled me to finally go see the movie.

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Honestly man Iv’e never even see admins speak on reddit before so it was really cool to see that level of engagement from So many admins on reddit.

What a time

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Being reasonably nit-picking. If you can analyze the situation and point out the flaws and are willing to have a conversation about that, that is my ... Well button to press.

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Holy fuck this

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Lots of people think rolexes are the most expensive watches. Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille, just to name a few make more expensive and interesting/complicated watches.

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How could you forget breitling man

Beats by dre

Real Audiophiles know they’re trash

coldwhipzx in this situation is like that dude who tries to high five a bunch of people waiting in line but starts from the back so no one sees him and it all just turns to shit from there

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Literally how it felt

When you add an edit, you don't delete thw original messege u nut lol.

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Lmaooo my bad

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Children Of Thanos

1.3k points · 6 days ago

There's something really cool seeing reddit admins shitposting like this.

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Its pretty humbling

3.9k points · 6 days ago

I was one of the first to get snapped. I don't know how to feel.

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I’m glad

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They are a football team on a trip with their coach. They were out on a cycle when they decided to enter into a cave. This decision seems to have been spur of the moment, as giving the rainfall season being in effect, it was an incredibly dangerous decision to make.

They were reported missing, and during the search, the bikes left outside the cave entrance were found. 2+2 suggested the boys and their coach had entered the cave. Giving the amount of rainfall thst had now flooded the cave, hopes were very slim of finding anyone alive.

Efforts began to search the cave, but the conditions were, and still are, extremely treacherous for even the most experienced cave explorers and divers. However, early into the search handmarks were found under the water level, confirming the group had entered the cave.

The Thai government decided to double, or even triple, down efforts to find the group alive. Experts from across the globe were flown in to assist in the search, as anxious families waited outside for news.

After nine days with no food, trapped in a small alcove, the entire group were found alive by an expert British diver.

They are trapped so deep into the cave that they are running out of oxygen fast. The first casualty of the rescue mission was a thai diver who gifted the group too much of his own oxygen supply, and lost consciousness on his way out of the cave.

It is expected that the group will have to wait around three months for the water level to drop enough for inexperienced divers like themselves to make an escape. In the meantime, food and medical treatment is being supplied, whilst a three mile cable to supply oxygen, and lighting to mimic day and night, is trying to be installed.

Not much has been said about the coach. His decision to lead the group into the cave was wickedly reckless. His ability to keep the boys together and alive in what must be the most terrifying of experiences is outstanding.

The story is far from over.

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So they walked all the way in and not out when it started flooding?

They couldn't go out because the way was blocked by water.

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Yeah I read further down and saw they had walked something like three miles into the cave

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Every time a woman does this, the world becomes a better place for every woman.

  • And for good men. Thanks for pointing this out, guys!
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Lol this guy sounds weird but I think you took it a little too harshly as far as thinking he was saying you were a bitch, I highly doubt thats what he wanted to convey

Moderator of r/thanosdidnothingwrong, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 7 days ago · Stickied comment

Dread it. Run from it. u/The-Jedi-Apprentice still arrives

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All the same

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Please gold me too lol

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