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All I know is that including phrases like this, “but it still does not give one feeling of high-end or high-quality.” and “A cheezy toggle switch in the back turns the unit on and off.” at the beginning of your Bifrost “review” before giving a fail rating to a DAC you didn’t even listen to for actual review are just a few of the many biases against this company you exhibit. The list goes on. Whether you realize it or not this is obvious to many. Perhaps it seeps into your experiments. More on this later.

Whether your measurements or theirs are more correct is immaterial to the fact that scores of people enjoy these products on some very high end systems. But I question the results and say verify before vilification. You publish opinion as fact and injure a brand’s reputation. Responsible journalism and all, who needs that?

It can’t possibly sound euphonic! Only a nut could like it, right?

That’s how you paint things while presenting as audioScience review. You present things in a way that seem to connect on paper perfection or lack there of to absolute sound quality without presenting any correlation to if those measurements impact the experience in a negative way. R2R is not about on paper perfection nor are tubes, the latter of which nwavguy similarly bashed while claiming to be a moderate between objective and subjective experience. Overload with “facts” and throw in some opinion as fact too. Sensationalism. Only a nut could like that terrible distortion rating, my objectively designed amp and DAC are the be all end all of performance. It started an online audio cult that can’t decipher between where electrical fact and opinion collide.

Reddit eats this shit up, they love drama and love to slam things that they view as too ubiquitous. You have vilified a brand to a world wide online audience and several of its products that many people who aren’t using an analyzer to examine enjoy. With their ears. Your approach attempts to discredit them all by equating them with a nut, even if unspoken, it is implied. Those pesky flat earthers again! The same argument someone I talked to recently used whom also said for something that hasn’t been proven positively, that the negative argument is a default fact. When in reality, facts are facts whether they have been proven or not. It’s a form of ad hominem attack to attempt to discredit critics with extreme examples.

I was curious about the poor results you showed for the Bifrost because I own one that I bought because it seemed interesting in an esoteric way. Saying it sounds good when people that come in claiming “science” has yielded so much bullshit over the 2 years or so that I’ve had it. I’ve defended it against others that insisted it was “dishonest” at a time the forum here insisted no sonic difference exists between any DAC. You come along and bam, it measures “badly” therefore it can’t possibly sound good or proper. A doubt you planted about my own enjoyment of the product led me to buy a Pre Box S2 Digital that got the coveted ASR pass rating! Great jitter, lower distortion! It sounded nice and I liked it. A little bit crisper than the Bifrost. Fact remains that the “fail” DAC still sounds good in direct comparison to a ”pass” DAC. I had to return that DAC due to a screen glitch but I liked it enough to invest in a Brooklyn DAC+ that will arrive soon.

If an actual listen is less valid than some numbers (that often have methodological fuckery such as omitting balanced output measurements on a balanced DAC because in your mind Single Ended is more widespread. Intentional or not it presents the worse of two sets of data. A result of this bias you hold against the company?) so be it. I will trust my ears that something is enjoyable or not over a chart.

It’s one philosophy to achieve on paper perfection and use that gear. Another perfectly valid approach is listening to what one finds pleasing, numbers be damned. Or a combination of the two. And beyond.

Attempting to act as an authority while using “science” as a shield from scrutiny I’ve seen before. Someone’s numbers are more in line with reality, but they don’t really matter if you are going to use them to degrade a product’s reputation without actual scientific exploration of perception and enjoyment. Pass/fail without even a “taste” of the dish.

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Gee it's almost like has a focus on scientific audio reviews.

Original Poster2 points · 6 days ago

I used P21S 100% Carnuba Wax. The ideal way to do it is this (disclaimer I made this up just now): Rinse the car thoroughly, getting rid of loose dirt Wash the car with DISH SOAP - twice if you have the time. Rinse it down. Clay bar by spraying diluted dish soap or the clay lube of your choice onto the car and using light to moderate force to rub the clay bar across the surface. When the clay bar gets nasty, fold it over and continue. Wash the car again. Dry the car thoroughly preferably out of direct sunlight or even better in a garage. Open the car doors and trunk and hood and get the water there. Use a hair dryer on the cold setting to tease out the water under the fender garnishes and under the mirror stalks. Apply sealant aka synthetic wax first. Wax on. Wait until it gets hazy (or longer, no repercussions). Wax off. Apply wax. Wax on. Wait until it gets hazy or longer. Wax off.


Enjoy a beer or a nap, whatever you feel like more, because you just spent at least 4-5 hours on cleaning your car.

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Wash the car with DISH SOAP

Please don't.


19 points · 25 days ago

Radar detector

Thankfully most PDs here haven't moved to laser yet.

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Are radar detectors legal in the US? Because they are illegal as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck in Australia. Cops actually have radar detector detectors. If they detect one, they will pull you over and seize it, becomes property of the crown and destroyed. Probably charge you with something too.

21 points · 25 days ago · edited 25 days ago

Haha it's also not a burning stick.

But seriously, going by your car I'm assuming you're Australian. Do you guys call flashlights "torches" there?

EDIT: For real people? Don't downvote him. He was joking around.

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I've heard Americans in movies say "flashlight" but I didn't realise it was a commonly used term, I thought maybe it was a regional thing. TIL Americans don't say "torch" to mean a light-shining thing.

i didn't know how easy they were to drive the amp was almost useless i am not an audiophile unfortunetly i didn't know i would prefer the sound out of my edc 70$ in ear headphones

i think its not so great to use an headphone that make you hear any defect in the music you are listening to. cant eq much because they get distorted pretty easly

for some reason i fucking love them on electronic music or trance/dubstep they sound great for my taste and the bass is right unfortunetly most of my music is rock

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cant eq much because they get distorted pretty easly

If you're distorting your headphones with EQ it means you're EQ'ing wrong.

10 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

The passenger seat lower to the ground than the driver's. I hear plenty of complaints from girls climbing out of it not entirely happy about it.

Also, unpopular opinion but this car rusts... Especially stone chips on my roof that i didn't notice all winter and suspension linkages that weren't rust-proofed.

My windows squeek on the way down when they're wet.

Stock tires are drift-city rubbers. Terrible in the rain.

A lot of sounds... From the chirping fuel pump, to the high levels of road noise, to the mysterious clunking tranny/drive train/etc.

These are all small things tho. Who am i kidding this car is worth it!

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The passenger seat lower to the ground than the driver's.

Why though? What design purpose does this achieve?

I've been interested in something like this from them to drive my HD600. Did this amplifier require you to burn it in?

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No amplifier requires burn in.

The absolute most efficient way is using those hours to work, rather then grind gold and simply buying the LS.

However, there's also a psychological factor: even if less efficient time-wise, some people enjoy farming gold to then unlock something instead of just paying cash because it gives that feeling of "I played the game and earned it there".

Game reward purity principle, so to say.

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some people enjoy farming gold

I always considered "farming" to be an inherently negative term. Can people "enjoy" farming?

I could use less added sound effects and cut noises

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That's kind of the entire "thing" with this series.

Archer was so funny back when it was funny.

I find it to be one of the most consistently amusing shows that I've ever seen.

FWIW, my sense of humor is definitely not typical though.

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It was one of the funniest shows ever until they dropped the spy angle for the random imaginary worlds. I guess to me it's just not funny if it's not real, like the funniest part of Archer was the chemistry (or lack thereof) between the characters, now it's all just in Archer's head.

Duh, it's a cartoon, it's not real, but what I mean is that right now the show is not real even within the show itself. It's literally one character talking to himself. Meh.

If you have to think about how much you can afford everyweek to buy a car like this, you should really be doing something else besides buying a car...

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Comment history. You literally just shitpost in this sub insulting the platform with a couple of random troll comments in other car subs.

In fact

subreddit commented in count %
ft86 276 54
cars 98 19
Total ... ... ~73%

With the remainder just about 100% in random subs insulting people about car related subjects.

Dunno brother. I hope things turn around for you and start looking up.

1 point · 29 days ago · edited 29 days ago

Brah. It's 25k car. If you have to go around skimping on insurance and seeing if you can afford premium gas every week, op is in no position to buy anything. The last thing he needs to a car with an loan on it. This is 25k, not 100.

I'd you have to break out the excel spreadsheet to see if you can scratch together 300 a month, you prob should wait.

This is exactly how you get underwater on a car loan.

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You're not wrong. I don't think I sugar coated anything. If he can't afford it, he can't afford it.

Peace out. Hope things turn around and you start feeling better about yourself.

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This is why I'm too afraid to try scuba diving.

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I just love how it's like, "It's so pretty under water, colorful fish, there's only a minimal chance a shark will bite your cock off or your lungs will explode if you drift upwards a couple inches!".

I'll stick to David Attenborough.

I mean I get it, adrenaline rush, some people are into that shit, I dunno I guess I'd rather not die.

Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago

I figured having SOMETHING in the holes would not only look better than open holes, but would be safer for the body as well...

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Surely they sell white screws somewhere?

10 points · 29 days ago

I hope its not more expensive than current gen.

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I'm assuming that it will be at least for the first year or so while all the cryptominers junk their 1080's for 1180's.

I also highly suggest Shiritaki noodles as I will never go back to any other noodle after trying them the other night for the first time.

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Don't shiritaki noodles make your bowels implode?

You totally forgot the necessary 2 minute facecam where you talk about how amazing the experience was, followed by you eating the thing while mumbling inane descriptions between bites and the outro of like/subscribe. This does not follow the guidelines for street food videos on youtube. I mean, there was not even a comment about how it was the best/freshest/real thing you've ever had. 9/10

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Pretty sure you could cut the audio from a hardcore gangbang porno and overlay it onto most Youtube street food videos while they're reacting to the food they're eating and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

I love completely stock 86/BRZ with 200dB exhausts.

BRZ waiting at a stop light ... waiting ... waiting ... light goes green ... !!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART !!! ... soccer mom mini-vans and Camry's idly overtaking you in every lane, children in the back seat with permanent hearing damage from the drone ...

I think you are confused on how loud 200db really is... The car is pretty quiet without the muffler. Sounds like factory boxer engine.

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There is a possibility I was exaggerating with 200dB.


I'm talking about these baby boys not the giant fuck off wing on the TS edition.

I actually prefer the look of the trunk without the spoiler but if there is an amazing aero benefit from it then I'm not opposed. I don't hate it I just don't love it.

On a related note if I go to a dealer and buy an edition that comes with the spoiler by default, will they sell it to me without the spoiler if I specifically request it? Swap the trunk out at the factory or something?

39 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

It's an interesting because the ENTIRE ensemble was amazing (and better than the "lead"). Even Cece shone when she was doing mess arounds with Winston and, despite being brought into the fold very late, Aly was an incredible addition.

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Said it before, will say it again, Jess was never the lead character. The show is titled "New Girl". The show was always about the guys. She is the "new girl" in their lives.

They literally swap her out for a totally different character for a season and a bit.

3 points · 1 month ago

Season Eight was birthing pains for the comic phase. The following seasons are better.

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Are you trolling or for real

Serious question, I am not a "comic book" person in the slightest but still spent real life money on the comics after I finished both series. All I can remember is something about Dawn turning into a giant and random lesbian Buffy sex that didn't really make any sense?

I tried watching the first season of Buffy but never really got into. Maybe it’s worth a try again. What season of Buffy does angel break off?

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I tried watching the first season of Buffy but never really got into.

The first season is shit compared to the rest of the show. One of the best TV shows ever made but it started out real rough. From season 2 onwards you will laugh and cry a lot.

You can watch Angel without Buffy but that's kind of like ... I dunno. Burgers without cheese?

You will probably "get it" but you won't have anywhere near the emotional connection you were supposed to have as a viewer in the 90's when they first spun the show off.

Imagine one of the most heartbreaking moments on TV leading into the very first episode of a TV series, and you have Buffy leading into Angel. It's just not the same otherwise. You won't "get" the atmosphere.

So you guys just have bots posting these every time they're released? Weird.

My Youtube says this video was released 18 minutes ago, Reddit says you posted this 19 minutes ago. I'm guessing that's the few seconds between seeing it on Youtube and then checking for Reddit comments, right now as I post there are no comments at all but by the time I type this there will probably be a few.

EDIT: lol doing a quick search of /r/videos there are right now 3 submissions all within a minute of each other. This post beat the second best by about 25 seconds. Third place was a full 1:20 late - c'mon son y'all need to buy better bots.


I know that you can get RCA > XLR plug adapters etc but obviously this is not making the unbalanced signal into a balanced signal.

I've tried to google this, I've found a few products that claim to do the job but details are minimal and untrustworthy.

For example this pre-amp: that claim "Unbalanced to balanced conversion (when RCA input selected and XLR outputs are being used)" so I'm guessing it must be possible, but I don't really want a 4 figure pre-amp to do a simple job.

I'm also wondering what effect it would have on the fidelity of the sound?

4 points · 1 month ago

Possible? Yes, absolutely. But I have to ask, "Why?"

It won't eliminate noise that's already on the signal but it could prevent more from entering. So, for example, if you need to make a long cable run (especially if through an electrically-noisy environment) maybe it makes sense to convert to balenced first. If it's just to say you have balanced...don't bother.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Possible? Yes, absolutely. But I have to ask, "Why?"

100% for the purpose of noise rejection. I just wonder if running a very short RCA cable from an unbalanced DAC to a balanced converter would be equivalent to XLR outputs of a balanced DAC.

It could be similar, depending on the circuitry quality of the DAC and which converter you use. Unbalanced to balanced Converters either use a transformer (passive, like most cheaper DI boxes; Google "balun") or opamps (an active design) to achieve the balancing.

But why? :-) What noise are you rejecting? Are you trying to solve a specific problem? Even with all the variables in you application that I don't know about, I'm confident in saying that converting to a balanced signal is almost certainly not necessary in your application.

Converting to balanced can color the sound (attenuated lows and highs, for example).

Does what are you sending the signal to have a balanced input? How far is it from your source? What is the source?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yes, balanced input. Hypex NC400 monoblocks. From the source ... maybe 10 feet?

No specific source at this point, it's mostly a thought exercise for the future, whether it's worth going fully balanced or not or if I can get away with converters. I am lead to believe that Class D amplifiers noise is a much bigger problem than with typical Class A or A/B.

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92 points · 1 month ago

Everyone has their own subjective interpretation, but OztalksHw has actual benchmarks of multitasking performance on Ryzen vs Intel.

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I mean, can't argue with the data, but he only tested two games. Not very conclusive.

Also do most people really leave Spotify, Twitch, Reddit, Youtube, etc open at the same time while gaming? Why? I don't think I'd buy a slower CPU just because I can leave Chrome running in the background.

10 points · 1 month ago

I have a few VMs running in the background too while gaming. Why? because it's my workstation. I work on it and sometimes I game.

Also I may have a Twitch stream running in the background, I may switch to it if something interesting is going on or if I am taking a pause from gaming.

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I don't think most people run multiple VM's while gaming though. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, I've never been part of this "massive multitasking" crowd, I don't even have more than maybe 5 tabs open on my browser at any given time but people are constantly begging for addons that help them manage 100+ tabs. I just don't get it, why can't you just open them later? Why do they need to be open all the time?

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