Episode Discussion - Shameless - 8x10 "Church of Gay Jesus" by Sunjot in shameless

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I love that they are trying to return to a mix of comedy/drama as it was in the first few seasons, as opposed to the bleak hyper-depressing drama Shameless has been for a few years now.

would you read a book whose fantasy world was mostly based on native american and african mythos? by magna-terra in Fantasy

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With that being said, I will read just about any well written interesting fantasy novels.

I would not explicitly seek out a novel just because it was based on (insert native culture here). I feel like if you are (or are not) reading a fantasy book because of your own real world cultural biases (positive or negative), you're doing something wrong. Fantasy should help you escape this shithole planet, not promote existing cultural clashes.

'John Wick' TV Series in the Works at Starz (With Keanu Reeves Attached) by NeilPoonHandler in television

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I would argue Spartacus had a lot more substance than it did tits, which is saying something.

Your controversial coffee opinions by CommunistWitchDr in Coffee

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Try a cloth filter for it, that's what I use. That's what I use for all my filter methods, actually.

Can you please expand on this? Is the cloth filter re-useable?

New Toyota Supra set to debut at Geneva 2018 in four states of tune by airoderinde in cars

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This is what does my head in when it comes to hand-written Japanese. You put a spec of dust in the wrong place and boom.

Which is more important: good speakers or a good amp? by xXxM0RPH3USxXx in audiophile

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You'll hear flaws in the recording, mix and performance long before you hear any flaws in any decent amp


Class D amps require a great deal of filtering, as the original design was not intended for use in audio equipment, so they sound different in detectable ways


17 hours of The Ghan on SBS VICELAND (2:40am-8:30pm this Sunday) by MLVD in australia

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Ever seen a shitty bush? You've saved yourself 17 hours on The Ghan (and probably 17 grand unless you want cattle class seat where you can smell the adjacent fuckhead's breath on your shoulder)

Aussie Burger with the Lot (Aussie Takeaway Classic Hamburger) by gregthegregest in GifRecipes

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For real though it's a sweet (literally) burger, the pineapple and beetroot do a good job at that, you want shitloads of salt and pepper on the rest to balance it out

Honestly if they don't skimp on the beetroot you can live without the pineapple can be a bit (beet) sweet but if you burn the onions just right then you're all set

Ranger DEATH from ABOVE! by BalougaPOD-Bik in Guildwars2

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G'day mate

Just wanted to say that I have never played Ranger, don't intend to play Ranger, but as a big PVP player I have watched all your Ranger PVP vids since "GW2: RANGER SNIPER in ETERNAL COLISEUM" in Sep 2016.

Keep it up, I will love it as long as you love it

Aussie Burger with the Lot (Aussie Takeaway Classic Hamburger) by gregthegregest in GifRecipes

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Hello. Australian here.

99.99% of the places you'd buy an Aussie burger from are greasy run down fish and chip joints that have been around for at least 20 - 30 years. Cooks are probably the same cooks that started the joint decades ago and now they are way too old and way too over your shit to give one single fuck about your egg.

TL;DR I've never had a runny egg served anywhere on anything from a takeaway joint in Australia. In my experience , the yolk is hard and if you don't like it you can get fucked. Five star restaurant they might be able to cook a runny egg. Maybe. Brown almost black fried egg is 100% authentic and has my stamp of approval in this instance.

The 100 will not end in season 5, and the showrunner has a 6-7 season plan, promises the president of The CW. by Wewlad696969 in television

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The first few episodes are very "CW"

There's a popular theory that this was intentional, to draw you into a sense of familiarity teenage romance drama where everything works out in the end, suddenly BOOM cunts getting speared in the chest.

[GOAL] Took me around 7200 hours! by Pilami in Guildwars2

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I'm the same way mate, I think I have something like 13.5k with full world completion and a bunch of AP from PVP. Not even sure how people get to 35k?

[GOAL] Took me around 7200 hours! by Pilami in Guildwars2

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It's like i'll never catch up...

There is a cap on daily AP, so you will catch up. In fact that's exactly why there is a cap on daily AP, so that new players aren't artificially disadvantaged.

Binging with Babish: Skinner's Stew from The Simpsons by Floopadoopa in videos

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I did not know that green rice existed. For those curious like me:

Jade Rice is a short to medium-grain white rice that is dyed green with bamboo juice. The juice gives the rice a mild green tea flavour and aroma. The chlorophyl in the juice gives the green colouring.

Source: http://www.cooksinfo.com/jade-rice

What's the deal with outdated entertainment centers in 2017 (GT86) by wApzor in cars

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Hey mate, can you please put me on to your guy at Volkswagen? The one who tells you what to post and where? I need cash to pay for my caviar addiction.

JBL new 3 series. 305P, 306P and 308P by Chocomel167 in audiophile

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How far away from the speakers are you sitting? If it's more than a couple of inches then there's something not right there.

JBL new 3 series. 305P, 306P and 308P by Chocomel167 in audiophile

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But you can't plug them into a tube amplifier so nobody in the headphone world would buy them.

Only the most woke can hear the difference by crinacle in headphones

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I find it strange that these types of posts making fun of outlandish subjective bullshit get upvoted in /r/headphones. That being said it gives me hope for the future of this industry, that maybe companies are going to have to focus on improving the actual sound of their devices rather than just making up the next "multibit" marketing meme.

6 year old boy with rare form of drug resistant epilepsy receives Epidiolex by sukhihontu in videos

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I came into the comments to figure out why a video was being upvoted about epilepsy that had nothing to do with weed.

Then I read your comment which explained that this video is about weed.


Should we have a megathread for all the announcements at CES? by DEEMUHNS in headphones

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Only if you post impressions saying that everything you hear is the best thing you've ever heard.