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I see it mainly in my mood. I have borderline personality disorder, and before doing Wim Hof, a lot more things use to set me off into depressive or psychotic spirals. Since then, it’s honestly helped me ‘weather the storm’ so to speak. I also have adhd and the focus aspect is real.

You’ve got to keep it up. Definitely gets harder to do each morning after 5 or so days, but it really does work.

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He also has an app on the app store. It costs 3.99. It's the only app I've ever bought. Totally worth it.

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My take on it was that Akira is outside of our perception of time. His mind lives in (or perhaps even beyond) the fourth dimension. He is literally the manifestation of 'que, sera, sera' or, to put it a little more elegantly, a kind of answer to theodicy, the question of if a benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient God exists, why do they let evil things happen to the world, or why is the world imperfect. Akira doesn't interact with reality just as a theoretical 'God' doesn't really interact with ours, because whatever will be will be, it's already happened, he's waiting on the other side of eternity in a state of enlightenment, and his physical body in our third dimensional present is just along for the ride. The only words he speaks at all are a parroting of Tetsuo's question in Vol. 5: "The moon."

He only reacts when he is directly prompted to by causality, or when he knows he must because of future events. Akira has personality, consciousness, and a soul imo, he is just a divine being looking back on his own lack of control and, I believe, enjoying his time while he has it. It's all very nirvana, breaking from samsara/returning as a bodhisattva in a way, a perverse way, but because divinity is so much of the main concept I believe Otomo is exploring throughout, it makes sense there are threads from Eastern religion to be found.

TD;LR I wrote a paper on the buddhist and shinto undertones of Akira 2 years ago. I still spend way to much time thinking about this manga.

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flamingcanine 31 points

Perhaps this is a weapon to surpass metal gear!

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Came here looking for this comment. Thank you.

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Filmmaking_Bacon 71 points

I like everything about this except turning Toto into a sword. Unless it's a sentient sword ala The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

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Hey Pat, I'm a huge fan and am working my way through Kvothe getting Caesura/Saicere as I type. I'm an aspiring storyteller. I love speculative fiction. You're a big inspiration of mine, and someone whose prose and plots I look to for guidance, seeing what ground you've broken in the genre and where as a writer myself, I should hope to subsequently forge further. It's hard since you've done so much already!

My question is this: I've done a lot of writing, and am always writing. I've come to the understanding there are three strict steps to becoming a better writer: 1. write, and write a lot 2. feedback, show it to people, workshop, and get honest opinions on your work and 3. read–read everything, because you'll absorb it, and it'll only add to your knowledge. As someone with dyslexia and ADHD, I'm really playing catch up on the last one, and devouring as many books as I can when I'm not in college.

What then, in your recommendation, are the top five books an aspiring writer (specifically someone looking at speculative fiction), should read? I'm talking genres of course, but also non-fiction, or historical, and naturally, literary too. Thanks Pat, you're a treasure.

Chaoriz 2 points

Great post mate, just like you I'm not religious in the least but I enjoy the stories, the philosophies and tragedy in them.
You have any thoughts on Griffith and how he relates to Jesus?
He has apostles, he was "reincarnated", he "brings back the dead"(not sure what's going on there, I think Sonia helps with with that), his 'father' is "God" quotes fer days...

conclusioncycle 2 points

I think he's a messiah mirroring an evil god, the way the biblical Jesus mirrors a benevolent one. A savior and pure, but pure evil. Hitler after all was loved by millions, and garnered a massive following, plus he pulled his country from poverty from shame. In the right light, and to the right eyes, a hero, misguided though that might be.

Course, the poor citizens of Falconia don't know how selfish he is. "At least Hitler cared about Germany, o-o-or something." (couldn't help a Rick and Morty reference)

SlayerX114 2 points

Really interesting parallels. Thanks for dropping some knowledge.

I must disagree that Guts is some pure soul living in a terrible reality though. He has killed an innocent, Adonis. Did he do it intentionally? No, he didn't intend to kill a child, but he certainly intended to cut down a witness. Has he enjoyed killing? The Count, the 100 man battle, Rosine, the possessed dogs (Puck even identified Guts' sensation as "ecstasy"). Raped? Pretty close, but there may be some Beast of Darkness shenans at play there, and their relationship probably deserves its own thread.

Does it matter that he's done terrible things? I don't really think so. He's not the Struggler is he isn't struggling with his own darkness. The only thing that has truly stood incorruptible so far in Guts is his humanity. He's never used the behelit nor has he become like skullknight. In that way I agree that he is hope that humans can withstand the temptation to trade away their virtue.

conclusioncycle 2 points

Great points, thank you. Adonis totally slipped my mind, can't believe that now.

As for taking pleasure in killing, yes, you're definitely correct, but to me there still lies a large gap between reveling in the kill when the opportunity presents itself, and actively seeking it for a self serving purpose. Guts isn't a psychopath by any means–he's not Griffith's torturer. That's what I meant by sadism.

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mgallowglas 29 points

Over the long haul, I think Steven Erikson will give GRRM a run for his money.

As for 0-to-warpseed, I wanna say, S.A. Hunt. New to the scene, coming out of self-publishing obscurity, but the man has some serious writing chops. If he keeps progressing, I wouldn't be surprised one of the big publishers scoops him up with a very lucrative deal in the next 5 years or so.

On the other hand, I have a morbid dream that if something terrible happened, and GRRM couldn't finish ASOIAF, someone over there would say, "Hey, let's tap that Gallowglas guy to be our Brandon Sanderson."

conclusioncycle 0 points

If I remember right, GRRM has already said he'd want his pal and fellow Ruler of The Realm, Patrick Rothfuss, to finish ASOIAF should something happen to him.

Honestly, his third person narration isn't as good as Kvothe telling the story, but damn would I be excited to see what those books would be like.

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PoorPolonius 2 points

Werewolves in the Silmarillion? Anyone have more of the story?

EDIT: Thanks /u/tipothehat, the creature is indeed a werewolf, possibly Carcharoth.

conclusioncycle 1 point

That's most likely Beren on the left, and Sauron on the right. As the lieutenant of Morgoth at the time, Sauron was much less of the Dark Lord from LoTR, but he posed a big threat to the two heroes of the story, changing both into a werewolf, and a vampire at points in their encounters.

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