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6/10 or honestly 5/10. I doubt they can save it in a couple more episodes.

Alternative on the other hand has me brimming with anticipation. That was a damn good pilot, great girl characters for an anime, and beautiful animation. Loved how everything felt like it had a green hue.

Live in: Temerant, because sympathy is awesome and I want to go to the university.

Avoid: Berserk. Because behelits, Griffith, and God.

Berserk during the time of the manga right now is actually a pretty good place to live for the common person, especially over how the world was originally. It's just that we follow Guts instead of a common person, so it seems less than ideal.

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True. But because of that I know Falconia is too good to be true, and there’s probably some real bullshit right around the corner for all those subjects.


I read this in Ed's voice and it was amazing.

The Leningrad Cowboys Go America.

Amazing Finnish film by Aki Kaurismaki (watch all his movies), about an eccentric pointy shoes, pompadoured polka band who travel to the USA to learn Rock n Roll.

Saving Private Ryan. I’m always disappointed with war films.

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No one in this thread mentioning The Hurt Locker or Jarhead. Two very different, very modern, and IMO two of the absolute best war movies ever.

Maybe y’all aren’t fans but I’m just saying.

It’s not even a great one because Gibbon’s are still pretty intelligent, especially compared to common market squid (what fried calamari is on menus). Octopuses and Cuttlefish are supremely intelligent creatures, showing a range of behavioral traits, varying personalities, and nuanced problem solving skills. Squid on a whole (nautilus as well) don’t really boast this. They’re intelligent, sure, but there is much more of a case on the ethics of eating octopus as there is for eating squid, especially market squid. Think of them as sardines that die after mating.

That being said, don’t get me wrong I love squid. Dream about even being a teuthologist one day. For instance the Vampire Squid has far and beyond the longest recorded lifespan of ANY cephalopod, up to eight years and could grow older, we simply don’t know enough about them yet. This is amazing considering most cephalopods, especially our highly intelligent octopuses, don’t live very long at all, 6 months to a year and a half, (two depending on the species and luck).

Pretty cool, there needs to be more people like him in the world, his intentions seem to be in the right place.

Hate to be the one to point it out but his business (Giovanni's Fish Market) still sells squid... which are the same cephalopod subclass (Coleoidea) as cuttlefish and octopuses that are thought to be the most intelligent invertebrates in the world.

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Market squid are not the same thing as octopus cognizance. It’s sort of like comparing a gibbon and a bonobo.

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Hahahaha oh jeez, you’re so sad. Need a hug?


Anime and manga series, literally about this, written in the early 2000s. Top tier futurism, I highly recommend for any more science minded types who maybe don’t read that many comics/watch cartoons.

Berserk. Not a novel though, but you should read it anyway.

Epic, two words, “time bubble”

Thanos should be able to throw up a green sphere of energy wherein bullets (and other players) slow to a crawl.

Make it happen.

Godzilla Raids Again. Not a very good Big G movie, but the second ever made.

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The Walking Dead. It’s a snoozer to me.

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The comics are amazing everyone! Amazing, nothing like the show! Please give them a chance if you haven't or are on the fence, I don't want to see them hurt by the reception of a b-grade tv series.

Beautiful artwork, always cool to see monsters v monsters...

But damnit Miura you're being a troll.

Thank you. We're all on the same boat, we're all seekers of truth. Let's put our heads together rather than fight.

I went from 190 to 160 over the course of the summer I started taking fitness seriously. You can totally do this. Eat clean, all the time (weekend cheat day is fine and necessary) and lift weights everyday, with some interval training thrown in every other day.

Amazon is poised to blow every other streaming service out of the water when it comes to genre/speculative fiction TV: Lord of the Rings, Lazarus, Ringworld, Snow Crash, Good Omens, The Boys, The Peripheral (my god I hope this leads to a Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive series)... and now East of West.

I'd tell you to take my money Jeff Bezos, Emperor of the Nerds, but you already have it.

Blame! (forget the cel shaded CGI shit on Netflix)

At least just for the architectural lines. They draw dilapidated, dystopian, cyberpunk city scapes very similar.

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I actually watched the Netflix show & thought it was OK. Or at least interesting! I’ll take a look at the original.

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I didn’t hate it! I just really doesn’t do the art style of the author justice, especially being 100% from a computer.

Going through something similar, coming to similar conclusions. Can't tell you how confident and strong it makes me feel to hear the same growth echoed in your words.

Much love.

Clive Barker’s Books if Blood are always worth a glance. Run the gamut on tone, style, and themes. I think of them as a kind of ‘cool horror’, where you’re both at once creeped out upon finishing a story, but also giddy with whatever supernatural madness you got to watch play out in your mind. His writing is extremely fun to read, and visceral is one of the best words to describe him.

My favorite is easily one of his more comical ones called ‘The Yattering and Jack’.

I'm loving its visual aesthetic and overall 'Master & Commander' meets 'The Thing' vibe. Wonderful adaptation.

The budget must have been bonkers.

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