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conclusioncycle 3 points

Blame! (forget the cel shaded CGI shit on Netflix)

At least just for the architectural lines. They draw dilapidated, dystopian, cyberpunk city scapes very similar.

malak1000 1 point

I actually watched the Netflix show & thought it was OK. Or at least interesting! I’ll take a look at the original.

conclusioncycle 1 point

I didn’t hate it! I just really doesn’t do the art style of the author justice, especially being 100% from a computer.

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conclusioncycle 3 points

Clive Barker’s Books if Blood are always worth a glance. Run the gamut on tone, style, and themes. I think of them as a kind of ‘cool horror’, where you’re both at once creeped out upon finishing a story, but also giddy with whatever supernatural madness you got to watch play out in your mind. His writing is extremely fun to read, and visceral is one of the best words to describe him.

My favorite is easily one of his more comical ones called ‘The Yattering and Jack’.

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Metadeth901 0 points

Jesus fucking Christ people!

Quit using Akira as your favourite film excuse to make a shit adaptation, there is no way in hell you can make it successfully, if you did, it couldn't be the same fucking Akira we all wanted from manga or movie.

I doubt these people are fans of Akira and look for just money grabbing or to become famous. It's disgusting and I hope Akira live action never gets made.

Why isn't Otomo doing anything about this? Does he not realize, in the hands of Americans, the anime adaptations are utter fucking shit?

And the fuck was Kirsten Steward doing with Akira? Is she gonna be Kei or Kaneda or Tetsuo?


Fucking bunch of trash.

conclusioncycle 11 points

Taika Waititi is Maori... a New Zealander. Not an American.

And tbh, if anyone could pull this off, it's him. He loves the manga. That's enough for me.

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conclusioncycle 2 points

Beyond the Black Rainbow. Not overly loved by critics, maybe even by most people, but I adore that movie.

And in a similar vein, Under the Skin. Haunting visual masterpieces both of them.

Lastly I'd recommend Martin by George A. Romero, if nothing else than for its great job of taking an established genre/concept like vampirism and turning it on its head.

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conclusioncycle 2 points

Book of Lies: Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult is another great starting point as it let’s you decide for yourself where you’d like to jump to next.

Also, Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky is great for a more mundane but very practical look at what we call Magick.

Most of all, practice yourself, watch for results, and keep it up.

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conclusioncycle 1 point

As someone with BPD (borderline personality disorder), it seems your ex has it too. It takes one to know one. It's a mental illness that is different for each afflicted person, but those of us who do nothing for treatment, or cannot recognize our batshit actions as batshit, are pretty diabolical human beings and should be avoided, I'm the first to admit. It seems to me like she needs some serious dialectic behavioral therapy, and abstinence from relationships for a while as she works on herself. You should definitely not contact her, borderlines can be extremely manipulative, but if there is someone who can act as a third party and let her know she needs help and that she needs to recognize the criteria she most probably will meet (the diagnosis is going through a lot of restructuring right now in the psychiatric community and some of this is obsolete but nevertheless: it's probably the only way she'll ever improve and not fuck over future SOs, or god forbid her children should she ever become a mother.

That all being said, a TON of borderlines NEVER get better and NEVER see themselves as the villains they can be, so you should not concern yourself with helping her see the light. My ex had/has PTSD and my mental illness really ramped up while we were together. I ended up putting her through a lot of bs, even as her father was dying of cancer. It was a wake up call for me to get my shit together so I never act in such erratic, selfish, emotional states toward those I love again. Happy ending though, we still care about each other deeply and are friends, both doing what we can to help the other along their healing process. Borderlines deserve, no need, sympathy and understanding, as a lack of emotional validation during childhood is often the root cause for the disease. Some like me can observe our 'lucid' and 'borderline' states and recognize something is very wrong with our ability to control our actions, and seek help. Those who cannot (the vast majority of us I'm afraid) need tough, goddamn love until they too recognize they're stuck in the backseat of a car they're supposed to be driving.

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conclusioncycle 3 points

I see it mainly in my mood. I have borderline personality disorder, and before doing Wim Hof, a lot more things use to set me off into depressive or psychotic spirals. Since then, it’s honestly helped me ‘weather the storm’ so to speak. I also have adhd and the focus aspect is real.

You’ve got to keep it up. Definitely gets harder to do each morning after 5 or so days, but it really does work.

conclusioncycle 1 point

He also has an app on the app store. It costs 3.99. It's the only app I've ever bought. Totally worth it.

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conclusioncycle 14 points

My take on it was that Akira is outside of our perception of time. His mind lives in (or perhaps even beyond) the fourth dimension. He is literally the manifestation of 'que, sera, sera' or, to put it a little more elegantly, a kind of answer to theodicy, the question of if a benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient God exists, why do they let evil things happen to the world, or why is the world imperfect. Akira doesn't interact with reality just as a theoretical 'God' doesn't really interact with ours, because whatever will be will be, it's already happened, he's waiting on the other side of eternity in a state of enlightenment, and his physical body in our third dimensional present is just along for the ride. The only words he speaks at all are a parroting of Tetsuo's question in Vol. 5: "The moon."

He only reacts when he is directly prompted to by causality, or when he knows he must because of future events. Akira has personality, consciousness, and a soul imo, he is just a divine being looking back on his own lack of control and, I believe, enjoying his time while he has it. It's all very nirvana, breaking from samsara/returning as a bodhisattva in a way, a perverse way, but because divinity is so much of the main concept I believe Otomo is exploring throughout, it makes sense there are threads from Eastern religion to be found.

TD;LR I wrote a paper on the buddhist and shinto undertones of Akira 2 years ago. I still spend way to much time thinking about this manga.

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flamingcanine 29 points

Perhaps this is a weapon to surpass metal gear!

conclusioncycle 7 points

Came here looking for this comment. Thank you.

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Filmmaking_Bacon 70 points

I like everything about this except turning Toto into a sword. Unless it's a sentient sword ala The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

conclusioncycle 2 points
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