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I'm a manager that's clueless to the work my people do, and this gave me some hope that it'll be okay. Thanks!

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That's almost better I think. Think of your role not as orchestrating what your people do but as making sure they have the resources, work environment, and structure to do it well.

It is cool! I think your lowercase would work better with your uppercase if you actually removed a lot of the slanting counters (eg your a) and replace them wth round ones (eg your o). The slanting has a cool effect on the large counters in the capitals, but is a bit much for the lowercase. I think if the lowercase were round and the slanting was reserved for the large counters in the capitals the font would be both more legible and the unique slanting element would be more appreciated instead of feeling a bit overused.

Also I think whenever you have part of a letter that is round in the uppercase, it should also be round in the lowercase. Examples where this is not the case include the Y (the lowercase should match the uppercase just with a longer descender) and the M and W.

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I mean you can wash it.

Also in the US acid rain isn't really an issue anymore. Maybe deep in Appalachia but other than that it's pretty much eliminated.

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She came to Houston Methodist hospital when my daughter was being born. She was so nice to everyone.

I think she just wanted to see babies?

(Sep 2016)

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Maybe she was there for some kid's make a wish or something? And while she was there she was like might as well go see cute babies

I was reading a write up about her and the expert said she had a lot of power, meaning she was extremely strong for her size. I’m not sure if this was a good comparison or not but they compared her vault to the vault of IIRC the top male scorer at the olympics and despite being shorter than the guy her vault height was higher than his, meaning she was able to launch off the pad and push off the vault. I hope I got this right.

Extremely powerful hips and legs.

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Totally conjecture but looking at her I feel like though she is super short, her legs are proportionately longer than normal (and her torso shorter) which probably means her leg muscles are naturally big for her size, therefore stronger, and her long legs also enable her to have longer strides which means more momentum for things like vault.

Obviously her strength is also the result of immense training, but it looks like her baseline is pretty suited to the sport.

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I had a similar situation when i was a bridesmaid for a friend years ago. Her grandmas close friend had agreed to hand make the bridesmaid dresses if the bride would clean her (the grandma's friend's) house. I volunteered to help the bride because she was my best friend at the time and also 4 months pregnant. It was a cozy 2 bed house so i figured it would take us 4 hours working together.

That was the dirtiest house I've ever been in. There was stuff and animal hair literally everywhere, on every surface. There was a trail of mice droppings around the perimeter of the living room. She had an open jar of mayonnaise on the mantle and a bucket full of disposable water bottles she'd picked up around town (literal garbage) that she was going to wash and reuse. I'll spare you the horror that was in the bathroom.

The lady had specifically requested we clean the hearth under her wood-burning stove. There was (it seemed like) a quarter inch of grime over the entire area (about 10 sq.ft) i was on my hands and knees with a razor blade scraping that shit up for hours.

Weeks later, she decided that making the dresses was going to be too big of a job for her, so we just bought some from a department store.

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Tbh though would you even want dresses that came from that house?

We have a black cat and I hate when people comment about how “freaky” she looks. She is the sweetest thing and she is so soft. She has her claws but she never takes them out, even during play.

My cousin actually tried taking 2 black kittens she found to a humane society in October, and the shelter turned her down because they said they don’t accept black cats in October!

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That's odd, I thought it was that they don't adopt out black cats in October bc people do weird ritual shit with them. Not that they don't take in black cats.

On the opposite end: Teacher that made student pee themselves, ignoring their medical condition, while taking a test.

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It's sort of a balance with standardized tests like the SAT because one student leaving when they aren't allowed can invalidate the tests of everyone in the room, and usually people pay a lot and travel to take these tests so it's massively inconvenient for possibly dozens of students. Also, the proctors often don't know the students so they don't know about any medical conditions.

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Grrr graphs that dont start at 0 suck. Its purposely designed to make her look way better. Sure, shes the best, but by what looks like 15% or so from average. In most sports being that close to your competitors' average doesn't put you anywhere near the top. Not starting at 0 is basically a cardinal sin in academic statistics.

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Um, in most sports, being 15% better than the other elite athletes who are competing against you is incredibly impressive. In this particular example, you're talking throwing a heavy object 10-15 meters further than others who are supposedly in your same top ability class! In case you're American, that's 30-45 feet!!

Have you ever watched the Olympics? The vast majority of medals are determined by microseconds, or centimeters, or fractions of a point. At this level having one person be above and beyond everyone else so consistently is incredible.

Also, starting at 0 makes no sense here because no one is going to have a 0 throw. I have never thrown a discus in my life but I am confident I could throw it more than 0 meters.

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Go on youtube and put in "TBBT with no laugh track" and watch. It's actually painful to see how bad that show really is.

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391 points · 9 days ago

Ok to be fair, if you take the laugh track out of any show that has a laugh track, it becomes super awkward because the timing is entirely wrong.

123 points · 9 days ago

Apart from M.A.S.H.

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Ah yeah probably but MASH is a fucking gem

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Wait is the only way to get this through Japan?

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You can download it anywhere.

Anyone know if there is a west to make some Okami cutscenes a little faster? Particularly, I want to feed all the animals but I do not need to spend 20 seconds watching a bird eat seeds every time.

2 points · 11 days ago

You can press + to skip scenes.

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Omg you can amazing. Thank you!!

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97 points · 10 days ago

It starts out kinda slow.

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The 25 minute initial cutscene was a bit much tbh

3 points · 10 days ago

Goodness, is it really that long? I've only sat thru the whole thing once and that was a while ago.

I don't think you really miss much if you skip it.

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It might not be but I definitely think it is at least 15.

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I'm just saying, do women think men aren't afraid of being killed?

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I think it is accurate to say that most men do not text their guy friends the name and location of their Tinder dates because they are worried about potentially getting assaulted by their date.

6 points · 11 days ago

Holy cow, it's so accurate. Do they all do that or just this cat? I never noticed this.

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They all do!

Oh man and here I am with a cat that will run two rooms away if a drop of water lands on her 😂

What was the most useful item in your dorm room that people might not think to bring?

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A stapler. Even better, a mini stapler that you can keep in your backpack. You will make many friends in the minutes before assignments are due.

This is why a love the Simpsons. Unlike other shows, they managed to have an actual impact on the culture. Haters will hate, but the show is great.

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Cromulent is especially great because it's a word that actually describes something that no other single word in English captures, and its use in the Simpsons ("it's a perfectly cromulent word") defines it so succinctly that everyone understands what it means.

I eat around 80% of my meal then take a small break before finishing the remaining 20%

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My cat does this every time. Are you my cat?

I use Illustrator and make sure everything is geometrically defined somehow. Stripes are always a proportion of the total height/width of the flag, stars and other symbols are usually centered based on their enclosing circles (could be enclosing rectangle for more boxy symbols). If something doesn't look right I'll try a new way to define it.

You know, people often say that you die twice, once when your brain stops and once when someone says your name for the last time.

People generally say this to mean that it's good to remember people and sad to forget them, but what if that were literally true and you couldn't pass into the afterlife until people stopped talking about you? What if ghosts are just people who we still remember? You could write a psychological horror story about people begging to be forgotten.

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The movie Coco has a premise built around this. Basically, when you die you go to an afterlife, from which you can commune with the living every year on the Day of the Dead. But when there are no longer any living people who remember you, you die/fade away in the afterlife, and go who knows where.

928 points · 13 days ago

No, I was not. That makes me feel just a bit better but I do feel like maybe I should have asked if he had a problem since it was excessive.

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I think it's on him a little bit too to tell you. Like when you said "try to relax" he could have said, "I am relaxed, I just have a permanent tremor." Maybe you seemed too intimidating to approach so that is something you could examine and consider, but if the tremor is actually impacting his work then you were doing your job calling it out.

Might be indirectly as it basically promotes the opposite values of critical thinking, curiosity, actual understanding, questioning faith etc

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I think blatantly saying "astrology is stupid" is more anti-curiosity than anything.

I'm a doctoral student in engineering and I certainly don't "believe" in astrology. But I got a full reading the other day and I thought it was super interesting how all of the planets and positions are ascribed meaning. I want to learn more about how that came to be. I also thought it was cool reading through my whole chart and seeing what descriptions resonated with me (and which were rather off haha). Reading them helped me articulate some things I sort of knew about myself like how I am extremely cautious in some realms but very pushy in others.

I think there is a learning opportunity in everything and being closed minded just wastes potential.

As someone who has lost every fingernail at least once, it doesn't take that long for them to grow back. Being young, it will grow back faster than an adult's would.

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What are you doing to your fingernails

They're very nice for people who like cheese and vegemite, which is most people who like vegemite, which is a whole bunch of people who base food preferences on taste not how they think it sounds. Which is why lots of bakeries and supermarkets sell them.

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Once when I was traveling I met a girl from Australia in a hostel. She was eating vegemite on crackers and offered me some. I had never heard of vegemite and so was like yes of course I love food! Took a bite and nearly vomited. Y'all are weird.

5.2k points · 15 days ago

who needs nipples anyway

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This is gonna be a great "fun fact" for him later on

When I first got braces they gave me the option of headgear and a palette expander, or have multiple teeth removed. I chose the headgear and expander. The headgear came first and I never even got the palette expander because I noped out after 2 days. Now I only have 24 teeth.

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I had four teeth removed and headgear. Neither were negotiable. Still have an overbite but at least my bottom teeth don't scrape sores into my front palate anymore, like they did when I was 10.

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