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The_Donald officially compromised. No longer promoting elections. Contributing to Democrat wins. Deleting evidence.
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The_Donald is corrupted by Democrats and AltRight!

both? Democrats and AltRight are working together...?

try /r/conspiracy

conspiracythierry 1 point

as you know, each mod is diverse and has their own political slant, both are represented in TD mod team

conspiracythierry 1 point

neither are conspiracies

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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
DanWofSoc 1 point

Look. I'm just pissed you guys would put a post up like this based on some random comment that one person said. The mods are not compromised. I'm probably one of about 5 of the most active mods on T_D. It would be obvious to me if information was being subverted in a way to purposefully cause negative results to DJT's agenda. Period.

conspiracythierry 3 points

you can cry me a river all day, but you do fail to explain why this post was removed, why was it censored? Also, explain why SO MANY based MAGA peeps and conservatives are banned from TD?

DanWofSoc -1 points

The only people crying here are you guys. That comment was removed because it breaks rule 8. That is clear mod concern. You guys know just as well as I do how this works.

You're just trying to malign T_D to create doubt and drive traffic to TNR. It's pretty fucking obvious.

conspiracythierry 2 points

As a current insider within TD, a mod of 3 months, thanks for telling all of us how TD justifies silencing free thinkers on a wider scale.

The_Donald Rule VIII Ban Appeals, Suggestions, Concerns:
To appeal a ban, make a general suggestion, or voice a concern, message the Moderators here. This includes asking for a particular thread to be stickied.

This user isn't asking to be stickied, for the very fact they were a whistleblower or "voiced a concern" on the widespread censorship and mod-scubbing, a TD mod deleted their post and the parent post promoting MAGA candidates:

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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/neoliberal
MysteriousLurker42 3 points

I'm more wondering why you're changing the o at all

conspiracythierry -1 points
MysteriousLurker42 7 points

This is your brain on xenophobia.

conspiracythierry 0 points
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Here's a friendly reminder President Trump said "SHITHOLE"
8 points1 comment
conspiracythierry 1 point

Shithole is now in the dictionary lol

pmmeyourpussyjuice 0 points

Only now? Trump didn't coin the word.

conspiracythierry 2 points

Trump invents everything good, MAGA!

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Here's a friendly reminder President Trump said "SHITHOLE"
8 points1 comment
decentralised 7 points

Is it me or some ancaps here are just regular statists but with an “edgy” humor?

conspiracythierry 3 points

i challenge you and u/bearcatbird to give me a few questions so you can determine if i'm ancap or statist

OxAA55 4 points

This post is a shithole

conspiracythierry 2 points


Thanks for coming by and celebrating

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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
random_ignoramus 4 points

I’m a proud shitholer!

conspiracythierry 3 points

This country looks pretty shitty to me, dont know what the Left is getting so excited about.

conspiracythierry 4 points

Dear CNN: if you cant see that certain countries are shitholes then ur blind

conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/politics
ME24601 2 points

So you're not actually going to bother defending Trump not wanting people from Africa and Haiti coming into the US, or are you just pretending that part never happened?

Queen_Jezza 0 points

You're thinking about it the wrong way around. It's not "justify why they shouldn't be allowed", it's "justify why they should be allowed".

conspiracythierry 0 points

The Left wants it both ways. First they say shithole countries arent shitholes, then they say they cant go back home because their countries ARE shitholes.

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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
conspiracythierry 2 points

Why do you think Donald Trump's twitter acct went down for 15 mins a few months ago?

conspiracythierry 3 points

The first time I saw the two of you was when you gave a speech at a Trump rally. You said "If you want a get job, vote Donald Trump; If you want to get rich, vote Donald Trump!"

Even before he became President, you had eyes on how he would boost the economy. How would you rate how the President is doing and why?

conspiracythierry 5 points

I love your personalities and how you play off each other. Since youre sisters, have you had that banter chemistry from a young age?

Also, who was the bad sis and blamed the other one, to try to keep out of trouble?

Queen_Jezza 2 points

unrestricted immigration is simply a very inefficient form of welfare. only people who have a skill that we lack or otherwise can contribute something should be allowed in.

conspiracythierry 1 point
conspiracythierry 1 point
conspiracythierry 2 points

so true, Leftists have allowed people pour in from "shithole" countries far too long

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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
conspiracythierry 1 point

great points, the UN interferes too much and shouldnt exist. Its original purpose as a post WW2 entity was to push back communism. Now, like you said, little countries are allowed to dictate what larger ones do.

lachlanandrewhall 2 points

My rights over yours any day!

conspiracythierry 1 point

lets all be libertarians...END THE FED!

conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
hdheorrjjeo 2 points

That makes no sense. Especially since there was no way to know that there were leakers before they started leaking

These are stupid "12 D chess!" Statements i keep hearing. The same as the "sessions is secretly working to arrest hillary!" Stuff

It sounds less like Trump supporters and more like Bernie can still win!

Bannon was one of trps top advisors because he was one of his top advisers are going to campaign. And his ideas were really good. But he was a threat to the corrupt people. So they worked diligently to take him out

conspiracythierry 1 point

What I'm saying is that you're assuming a lot based upon what the fake news media has reported. Just think for one minute if there could be a different scenario than what the fake news media fed to you.

Deductive reasoning requires us to hold to what we know as fact, then make educated assumptions on the rest, without turning the entire narrative into something that sounds more like a tv reality show.

I believe we can both accept the President's statement on Bannon as fact, amiright?

hdheorrjjeo 2 points

Im not assuming anything. This timeline of events are verified facts. He was on the council. Then he wasnt. Trump supporters need to stop bending over backwards to try to make excuses for how everything is part of his master plan.

could get impeached tomorrow and theyd be talking about how it was 12d chess

And no. We cant both accept that statement.

Statement says that he barely knows bamnon his? And that he wasn't a part of the campaign? He was one of his top advisors for the campaign. And his top advisor during the transition. And then he regularly took phone calls from him even after bannon left the White House. That's a stupid impulsive statement

statement on was just does impulsive and Petty has been in statement on Trump. Two men with egos they can't control. Reports came out the bannon and was probably going to make a statement slamming that book writer but instead trunk decided to slam bannon and before he had a chance

conspiracythierry 0 points

Youve been fun to chat with, even tho im not making it easy on you. Come over to our Discord live chat

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