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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
conspiracythierry 0 points

Trump always keeps his promises

imlarrybird 2 points

Like repealing Obamacare and replacing with something better, Mexico paying for the wall, closing the carried interest loophole, investing in infrastructure (no money left for it), draining the swamp, bringing down drug prices, not cutting SS/Medicare/Medicaid, six weeks of paid maternity leave, labeling China a currency manipulator on day 1, not bombing Syria, suing his accusers after the election, not taking vacations...

conspiracythierry -2 points

u know you love trump or u wouldn't come over and talk about him so much

Cyb3r-Ninja 4 points

are you sure an emu is the right choice? they did beat Australia in a war

conspiracythierry 2 points

what would u suggest and why?

banneryear1868 2 points

Buncha dum dems he says haha

conspiracythierry 2 points


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conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
conspiracythierry 2 points


WarOfTheFanboys 1 point

I dunno why he is ignoring us. :(

conspiracythierry 1 point

u/nbob20 quit chasing trolls on H4P and come talk to fam

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Continue the convo on fake media and Democrat failure at

conspiracythierry 0 points

Can't believe what MSM says about anything. Excited to see a rise of true independent journalism.

conspiracythierry commented on a post in r/TheNewRight
conspiracythierry 5 points

weak minded ppl are prisoners of Leftist propaganda

conspiracythierry 3 points

get analysis how cultural marxism permeated our society, and has stressed out an entire generation

overwhelming us in every area of society and there is no escape

conspiracythierry 3 points

the era of pc is over

hope so

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