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SW_hiker 2 points

The Gate to Lava Point is open West Rim/East Rim will be snow free. When you pickup your permits the Backcountry Desk at Zion can give you a fair idea of trail and water conditions. But be prepared for some water hauls.

As stated already the Entrance and Roads are closed in Kolob Canyon. Assuming you already have your required backcountry camping permits that includes La Verkin Creek you'll have to slog up the Hop Valley Trail and back.

If you skip that part other alternate starting points besides Lava Point could be the Connector trail or Wildcat Canyon Trail.

I've hiked West Rim Trail twice and there has never been any water at any of the springs except at Cabin Springs. Stave Spring on the East Rim will be a trickle it has been the last 2 times I've hiked it. But ask the Backcountry Desk.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Awesome, exactly what I was looking for

cosmothejtac 0 points

Prints available: IG: jcramermedia

cosmothejtac 0 points

Why the down votes?

pucks20 4 points

That is an awesome looking setup. Very classic style especially with the new cars!

cosmothejtac 1 point

Thank you! That was the look I was going for in this series.

johnson4253 2 points

What did you shoot this with?

cosmothejtac 2 points

Nikon D5300 using a 55-200mm zoom lens

cosmothejtac 2 points

Thanks for all the compliments! If you're interested in a print check out More photos are available on my Instagram @jcramermedia

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LimbRetrieval-Bot 1 point

You dropped this \

To prevent anymore lost limbs throughout Reddit, correctly escape the arms and shoulders by typing the shrug as ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

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cosmothejtac 1 point

I'm sure

Groundswell17 1 point


cosmothejtac 1 point

Nah, it's even. It looks off because the land is swiping towards the water. I used the water on the horizon as my guide.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/pics
ChunkyRhumba 170 points

there are a bunch of republican assholes and right-wing fox news commentators talking hotly about their righteous guns and the Constitution today, whereas 17 families in florida are picking out outfits for the viewing and caskets and music and plots or urns ... it is even worse than a twilight zone.

cosmothejtac 7 points

Everyone is mourning the loss of these children, not just Democrats. Thinking that anyone wants this to continue to happen is outrageous and disgusting. What are your ideas for laws that could keep this from happening?

Edited for the word this

PeggyWithThePhatAss 2 points

Wine? Country? Coffee? Nice cars for sure!

cosmothejtac 1 point

Ah, got ya haha. Coffee shop is in the background and these guys normally cruise afterwards to a winery.

PeggyWithThePhatAss 1 point

What a life! Good for them.

cosmothejtac 1 point

If you find yourself in SoCal look it up. All cars are welcome to join. Everything from civics to Ferraris show up.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
LuxNocte 47 points

It's like you MAGA folks have completely forgotten what "compromise" means.

If you need Democrats to vote for the bill, you have to tuck something that actually helps someone into it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Like the longest ever extension of CHIP funding?

ElevatedEquestrian 4 points

Good job. Google "chromatic aberration" and see if your image processing software can remove it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Yeah, I tried to lessen it some with Lightroom, but I think it was worse because the shot came from my phone rather than my camera shooting RAW.

centuryofprogress 2 points

Urban area or somewhere with less light pollution?

cosmothejtac 1 point

I took this on top of Palomar Mountain which is a popular place for star gazers.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
mustmint 100 points

Just your usual case of blaming the victim. It's so obviously their fault for not working hard enough in life and school(if they could even afford it) that they could only get a job at McDonald's. Never mind the hugely successful corporation that could easily pay its workers a liveable wage but chooses to squeeze out more profit from their labor instead.

cosmothejtac -43 points

Maybe they use their successful stint at McDonald's to slide into another job that will earn them more money because they can now prove their reliable. Then after some time, do it again for another job and so on and so on. If someone's prefered endstate is a low-level job at McDonald's then it's their fault they are making what they do. At least be the best damn employee there and move into management.

Kalidasus 25 points

Yeah, you sound really critical of capitalism. I'm sure you're in r/LateStageCapitalism in good faith...

cosmothejtac -18 points

Someone has to break up the echo in this chamber

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
RidgeBryan 1 point

Any proof of your last sentence? Nope!

And funny how you think that someone that works just as much as you do.. but is way under compensated.. deserves it.

Someone has to do that job.. you are no more deserving than any other worker.

I’m sorry that you hate your upbringing by a single mother so much that you criticize the poor.

So sad.. but you are part of the problem.

Enjoy your handout.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Any proof to that second sentence? Nope! Look at me suggesting avenues for people to better themselves. What a scumbag!

You're right man, we'll just continue making sure the poor know they are poor and there's nothing they can do about it other than suck on the teat that is the government welfare system. Forget trying to make themselves more hireable!

RidgeBryan 1 point

Or we will just take your solid avenue of tell people that’s it’s their fault and they suck.. cause that just the way to build someone up. That makes perfect sense.. if you don’t think about it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Not what I said at all, but keep reaching bro. I'm all about informing people of the resources that will lift them out of the downturn they're experiencing.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/Futurology
TD746 2 points

No troll. Your perspective is a valued one

cosmothejtac 1 point


[deleted] 1 point

I also think having some sort of safety net is necessary, but the current system does need to be redesigned because it's causing people who are able to work to choose government assistance over an actual job.

Have you got a decent non-partisan source for this?

cosmothejtac 1 point

I guess my best source on that would be me going back to my hometown and talking to friends and family. You'd be surprised by the amount of people that told me "I'd lose my benefits" if they got a job or a better paying job.

Generally those that aren't working at all have been single mothers that are also collecting child support payments and usually receive higher benefits from the government.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/AbandonedPorn
[deleted] 1,116 points

It's known as the Bridge to Nowhere and is a popular hiking and bungee jumping spot. The road is East Fork Road which currently ends at the trailhead, it was supposed to connect Azusa with the mountain town of Wrightwood. The flood which caused the damage was the Great Los Angeles Flood of March 1-2, 1938

Edit : fixed bridge link

Edit 2 : Cool video about the bridge and hike

cosmothejtac 1 point

If you hike to this bridge bring plenty of water. I had to pump water for 5 people who didn't have enough when I hiked this trail. This is not a short hike on a groomed trail.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/worldnews
Durzio 85 points

Honestly, from what I see, this is just a giant floodlight on the difference between Republicans and Progressive Liberals.

ProLibs work together like a team; they write legislation together, they support each other, and all try to do what they think is best. But they have no problem holding everyone to the same standard, and You don’t get a pass for being on the team.

Republicans work together like a hive-mind Cult. You never go against the cult. You never think outside the Cult. You don’t talk to people not in your cult. Other cultists are infallible, just like you, purely because they are in the cult.

It’s honestly disgusting to me.

cosmothejtac -4 points

Saying progressive liberals hold everyone to the same standard is only true if that standard is nearly non-existent. The Kennedy's were some of the worst human beings and they're like God's to the movement. The Clintons are some of the worst human beings and, again, they are like God's to the movement. Bill was only recently tossed under the bus because Democrats realized he's no longer politically useful.

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