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PeggyWithThePhatAss 2 points

Wine? Country? Coffee? Nice cars for sure!

cosmothejtac 1 point

Ah, got ya haha. Coffee shop is in the background and these guys normally cruise afterwards to a winery.

PeggyWithThePhatAss 1 point

What a life! Good for them.

cosmothejtac 1 point

If you find yourself in SoCal look it up. All cars are welcome to join. Everything from civics to Ferraris show up.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
LuxNocte 46 points

It's like you MAGA folks have completely forgotten what "compromise" means.

If you need Democrats to vote for the bill, you have to tuck something that actually helps someone into it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Like the longest ever extension of CHIP funding?

ElevatedEquestrian 4 points

Good job. Google "chromatic aberration" and see if your image processing software can remove it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Yeah, I tried to lessen it some with Lightroom, but I think it was worse because the shot came from my phone rather than my camera shooting RAW.

centuryofprogress 2 points

Urban area or somewhere with less light pollution?

cosmothejtac 1 point

I took this on top of Palomar Mountain which is a popular place for star gazers.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
RidgeBryan 1 point

Any proof of your last sentence? Nope!

And funny how you think that someone that works just as much as you do.. but is way under compensated.. deserves it.

Someone has to do that job.. you are no more deserving than any other worker.

I’m sorry that you hate your upbringing by a single mother so much that you criticize the poor.

So sad.. but you are part of the problem.

Enjoy your handout.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Any proof to that second sentence? Nope! Look at me suggesting avenues for people to better themselves. What a scumbag!

You're right man, we'll just continue making sure the poor know they are poor and there's nothing they can do about it other than suck on the teat that is the government welfare system. Forget trying to make themselves more hireable!

RidgeBryan 1 point

Or we will just take your solid avenue of tell people that’s it’s their fault and they suck.. cause that just the way to build someone up. That makes perfect sense.. if you don’t think about it.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Not what I said at all, but keep reaching bro. I'm all about informing people of the resources that will lift them out of the downturn they're experiencing.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/Futurology
Sevcode 1 point

First off, thank you for verifying your sources. I appreciate that.

I don't understand the thought process where someone won't work a job because it doesn't pay enough, but they will accept welfare.

People are trying to maximize their perceived happiness. Jobs are not "free", especially not shitty low paying jobs. Accepting one means a cost of energy and taking on stress load. If you can accept a job for 10000$ a year, or welfare for 5000$ a year (made up numbers here), it's still possible that the added stress/energy loss of working isn't worth 5000$.

Remember, when someone has welfare as an option, and the cut off is sharp, there's a huge perceived cost to taking a job. This is called a welfare trap, and there are ways to design around creating one. Badly designed welfare systems can definitely create and enforce dependence.

I'd argue if you think your welfare system is creating dependence, the welfare system needs to be redesigned not necessarily cut.

cosmothejtac 1 point

I also think having some sort of safety net is necessary, but the current system does need to be redesigned because it's causing people who are able to work to choose government assistance over an actual job. Also, I'm not just talking about government assistance programs, I'm talking about reviewing all government spending because we pay ridiculous prices for goods or fund programs that are [garbage](} because companies know the government's pockets are deep.

Sevcode 1 point

I also think having some sort of safety net is necessary, but the current system does need to be redesigned because it's causing people who are able to work to choose government assistance over an actual job.

Have you got a decent non-partisan source for this?

cosmothejtac 1 point

I guess my best source on that would be me going back to my hometown and talking to friends and family. You'd be surprised by the amount of people that told me "I'd lose my benefits" if they got a job or a better paying job.

Generally those that aren't working at all have been single mothers that are also collecting child support payments and usually receive higher benefits from the government.

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/AbandonedPorn
Abandon-All-Hope 1,089 points

It's known as the Bridge to Nowhere and is a popular hiking and bungee jumping spot. The road is East Fork Road which currently ends at the trailhead, it was supposed to connect Azusa with the mountain town of Wrightwood. The flood which caused the damage was the Great Los Angeles Flood of March 1-2, 1938

Edit : fixed bridge link

Edit 2 : Cool video about the bridge and hike

cosmothejtac 1 point

If you hike to this bridge bring plenty of water. I had to pump water for 5 people who didn't have enough when I hiked this trail. This is not a short hike on a groomed trail.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/worldnews
Durzio 80 points

Honestly, from what I see, this is just a giant floodlight on the difference between Republicans and Progressive Liberals.

ProLibs work together like a team; they write legislation together, they support each other, and all try to do what they think is best. But they have no problem holding everyone to the same standard, and You don’t get a pass for being on the team.

Republicans work together like a hive-mind Cult. You never go against the cult. You never think outside the Cult. You don’t talk to people not in your cult. Other cultists are infallible, just like you, purely because they are in the cult.

It’s honestly disgusting to me.

cosmothejtac -4 points

Saying progressive liberals hold everyone to the same standard is only true if that standard is nearly non-existent. The Kennedy's were some of the worst human beings and they're like God's to the movement. The Clintons are some of the worst human beings and, again, they are like God's to the movement. Bill was only recently tossed under the bus because Democrats realized he's no longer politically useful.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/pics
cosmothejtac 1 point

Rich people don't take your money, you take theirs. Job creators are the people that put money in worker's pockets. They don't make you poor, they literally give you money. If you don't like the amount they give you, use that experience to get yourself a higher paying job. If we just tax them to oblivion, what's the incentive to be successful and create jobs? We need more Bill Gates', more Elon Musks', more Bezos'. Why? Including their their 30+% federal tax rate, they also create jobs that garner taxes that pay for social services. Services that many people use, even if they don't need them.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/socalhiking
headsizeburrito 5 points

Yesterday /u/dima55 and I went up Iron Mountain via an off trail approach from the west after hiking up East Fork and exploring the Stanley Miller Mine along the way. Dima did most of the planning for this, I mainly tagged along and gave him a cookie. We also used this trip report as the only other description we found of this approach to Iron, although they went down and we went up: East Fork – Iron Mt – NW ridge – Stanley Miller Mine Loop


We started at 5:45am at Heaton Flat and headed up the East Fork trail. The water level is pretty low, so crossings back and forth were pretty easy and we were able to stay dry. I had never actually been to Bridge to Nowhere before, so I was glad to finally see it and that it was light by the time we got there. After the bridge we kept going up the trail, and when we reached the "hobo hut" we left the trail to go up the western slope towards Iron. We found the Stanley Miller Mine around 4000' and spent some time exploring. There is quite a bit of old mining equipment in the area, and two entrances we found. The first is caved in and dead ends immediately, but the second and less obvious hole a little south is very cool. There is an old mine cart and tracks, as well as several branches and some equipment inside, which is almost all large enough to stand in comfortably. There was one shaft that went steeply up and had a very tight squeeze, I didn't explore that one to see how far it went, but we went to the end of most (all?) of the others. After leaving the mine we found the foundation of a building a little to the north with a few artifacts in it.

After the mine the hard work starts! The lower section is very brushy and required a lot of bushwhacking. Most of the vegetation isn't too pokey, but I did end up with a few thorns and should really start wearing gloves for that stuff... The climb is steep and demanding, but the route is fairly obvious. We found the old water pipe that supplied the mine, which can be followed up fairly easy and goes up a lot further than I expected. The brush thins out as you go up and it becomes more rocky, with some pretty good scrambling sections. Once you reach about 6000' the vegetation thins out significantly the the climb becomes a little less steep. From here we just followed the obvious ridge until it joined the standard south trail shortly before the summit. We went back to Heaton Flat via the standard trail, with sunset around halfway down and a headlamp finish. At the parking lot a CalFire vehicle showed up and asked if we saw any campfires up at the campground, luckily nobody was burning anything during this time of high fire danger. Other than them, the only other person we saw all day was a headlamp moving off in the distance when we finished the trail and rejoined the East Fork Road just before the Heaton Flat parking lot.

Overall a nice challenge and a very fun day of hiking and exploration!

Stats: 13 hours, 16.4mi, 6,500ft elevation gain

cosmothejtac 1 point

Sounds like an awesome trip! I'm gonna have to get some folks together and go check it out. How far is the hobo hut from the bridge? Last time I went solo and passed the little campgrounds beyond the bridge, but I turned back before making it into the narrows because the trail disappeared. I had already had one run-in with a rattlesnake at close range and decided not to risk it. Out there in the middle of the week there is no traffic so no reason to risk getting inured by myself.

Anyways, awesome write-up and pics. Thanks for sharing!

headsizeburrito 1 point

The hut is maybe a mile past the bridge, and shortly before Iron Fork. If you are on the right side of the river following the patchy but fairly obvious route it would be hard to miss.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Yeah, I think I started heading up the hill before I got to that. It seemed like the trail had ended so I climbed up by some little grass huts next to a small campsite. There weren't too many places to go so instead of bushwhacking solo and risk running into another rattler, I turned around. I'm gonna go back and camo there again next spring/summer. Such a good spot.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/space
FanOrWhatever 410 points

I love that this doesn't seem that impressive anymore, more like 'yeah, of course it landed'.

10 years ago this was essentially science fiction.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Not even 10, more like 3. So awesome to watch. It'd be cool to see it in person.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/technology
kupus0 2 points

I checked them out. Much more expensive then I pay now plus much smaller data cap

cosmothejtac 1 point

That's just one company that I thought of off the top of my head. My point is there are options out there. The other thing you have to realize is that whatever speed you pay for through them is the speed you're going to get since there's less congestion. Whereas the major companies throttle during peak hours because of the amount of users. In the end you're getting a slower speed.

Xeno_man 1 point

Tell me how well your logic goes over when you just told a bunch of internet users that they don't really need internet because that is the option you just presented most of them. Also there were plenty of problems, you just wern't paying attention.

cosmothejtac 1 point

Never said people don't really need internet. However people should realize there are smaller ISPs available that don't throttle internet speeds because their customer base is smaller and doesn't congest their networks. Outside of throttling speeds, what issues were you concerned with prior to 2015?

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cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/worldnews
BadPlayers 8,862 points

Not only are there dangers from outside influence, it’s a bad sign when the person with the most power thinks he should only follow his personal echo chamber within the country too.

Edit: Wow, this blew up overnight. There are several comments about how hypocritical I am for this comment because Reddit is an echo chamber. Even if that’s true and I am just a big ol’ hypocrite, is it that crazy to hold the President of the United States to a higher standard than some random Redditor?

cosmothejtac 1 point

He could listen to CNN. Of course, he'd have to wait a few days to see if they retract whatever news he gets from them. Weird how all the scandals that are heavily covered, then debunked as false, are almost solely against Trump.

cosmothejtac commented on a post in r/The_Mueller
DeadDesigner 5 points

I can't wait to visit this sub when Trump is cleared. The excuses and salt will be glorious.

cosmothejtac 6 points

Doesn't matter if he's cleared or not. The folks here who hate him and want him to fail will continue with their theories until he's out of office. People don't care about reality.

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